My Theory on Obesity Among Religious Christians

My Theory on Obesity Among Religious Christians

There is a psychiatrist who said 80% of obese women were molested as children, meaning it happened before their late teenage years.

I believe obesity and food addiction is caused by cognitive dissonance, where there is a conflict between what you experience and what you desire, or what you are and who you say you are.

I know having recently losing a lot of body fat and being suddenly attractive, I hate the reminders I get that I am now considered pretty good looking cause I was not trained to handle attention from others.

A lot of Christians are trained to lie about their sins and hide their failures by a collective society that shuns people who have flaws and emotional needs or desires that are not categorically religious and this unfulfilled desire for validation expresses itself through food and dietary abuses and many deliberately sabotage their romantic value because they are terrified of emotional exposure and being known and fully embraced.

This is why there is a higher degree of obesity among religious Christians. Their performance pressures in social groups make them compensate for their guilt in unhealthy ways.

My Theory on Obesity Among Religious Christians
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