Why I Am Against Fat Acceptance

First off, no I don't hate fat people.

A summary: I hate it cause it spreads lies, and its toxic.

Well second of all. we all know you can't be obese and healthy. I don't care if you are a little chubby as long as you are maintaining and not taking things too far. But this people (well its mostly women tbh) in this movement need to realize that no, you can't be healthy and fat. You can not even be attractive and fat. Yes I said it.

People all over the world, men and women, are naturally attracted to healthy bodies. Again, no. healthy is not obese. And there is no such thing as genetics. And only about 2 percent of fat people actually have a condition that makes it hard to loose weight. And you know what? Even those people CAN and HAVE lost weight. With the proper diet and recipe from a doctor you can do it. That condition is hypothyroid and it is fixed by taking some pills to have your thyroid work normally and then a normal weight loss. The biggest cause of death in America is obesity. It is linked to diabetes, cancer, heart failure, etc.

So now that we know you can't be healthy and fat, here is why you can't be attractive either. Unless that person has a fat fetish. Also, being fat doesn't meant nobody will love you I mean yes there are fat people who get married of course and get into relationships. But to be generally attractive nah. The excess of fat makes your look more like a blob and disfigures your shape. Let's talk about what physically attracts a man to a woman. The jaw line, neck, chest, waist, hips, legs... All of those get ruined by the excess of fat and a man will no longer be naturally attracted to you. And no, you are not curvy, you are fat. There is a difference.

in fact, thin women have more curves than fat women. Lee explain.

See this ladies

Here we have Scarlett Johansson, Kendall Jenner, a Plus size model whose name I couldn't find, and Famous plus size model Tess Holliday,.

Why I Am Against Fat AcceptanceWhy I Am Against Fat Acceptance

Why I Am Against Fat AcceptanceWhy I Am Against Fat Acceptance

-Okay so to me and to most people I'm sure the body Scarlett Johansson has is the most attractive cause she has a great hip to waist ratio which is what attracts men cause unconsciously they think ''those hips can carry my baby'' and she looks healthy, not very thin but not overweight at all either.

-Then the Jenner girl has the body type we usually see on runways. Long thin legs (thigh gap), narrow waist, hips and bust. I don't think this one is very attractive either and is not what men or anyone sexually attracted to women are drawn to cause remember: Who is in the majority of the fashion industry? Women and gay men. So not really the people normally sexually attracted to women. But still I think she looks good and men will find her more attractive than an obese woman cause she still have legs in good shape, a neck, and healthy overall.

-Then we got the plus size model who I think she still looks good. Im sure most people will agree with me, she doesn't look like a blob, even though I'm sure it has some photoshop and cellulite removed, even with some of that she looks healthy, so its fair enough.

-Then Tess is a big no no. You see any curves? cause I don't. Rolls don't count as curves. Scarlett and the other plus size model have curves, Tess has roles.

This is not about who looks better so much tbh. Its about health. Who suffers the most going upstairs? Tess. Im sure neither Kendall nor Scarlett do. Probably the plus size model doesn't either. But Tess definitely does. It is not good that you got her motivating women to look like her. ITs not healthy. I don't care if your boyfriend has a fat fetish. It is killing you. Too much unhealthy food have chemicals bad for your brain too. No matter what Tumblr tells you, the consequences won't care. No matter how much self love you got. Also: You can love yourself while improving yourself. I know this. I used to have an eating disorder. And you know what? Fat acceptance played a part of it. I was a 14 yr old girl who had her insecurities and getting into this I felt like binge eating was ok but then I felt bad and developed bulimia. It turned into a cycle. Then tried to loose weight by self hate. Cause this type of media convinced me that loosing weight is oppression. It is not. Then boom! I discovered the secret: You can love yourself while working on improving yourself. IN FACT you improve yourself cause you love yourself and want to be happy.

Don't fall into this toxic ideology. there has been cases of plus size models being shamed for loosing weight which is stupid cause if they did it healthily: hooray!

This blogs were full of hate and bullshit like ''skinny bitches'' ''real men like curves, dogs go for bones'' (true men like curves but remember: fat is not curvy and healthy women are not bones) and ''beauty comes in all sizes'' well no. They say ''eff your beauty standards'' yet they do everything else like makeup, hair, nails but not weight loss cause it takes time and its hard.

And no, weight loss is not anorexia. You don't have to have a thigh gap, strong collar, bones, and all that shit. That is just bullshit stupid girls got into trending. Nobody cares if you have a thigh gap. Seriously, as I said before, all those women who are underweight in the catwalks are chosen by women and gay men, not straight men, nor by doctors! So girls don't worry you don't have to be a size 0 nor a 2 or anything! Just don't be too fat nor too unhealthy. don't stress too much about it. also with summer coming I see a lot of girls on ig posting pics on bikini and its crazy! it looks like a competition to see who is thinner!

Just focus on being healthy and eat junk food every once in a while its ok!

And don't come up with that bullshit that ''we don't care what men like!!!!!!!11'' You do, honey. Well if you are straight or bi girl lol. This women in the FA say they don't care about men yet they complain when a guy chooses a healthy and thin girl over a fat girl. Irony.

Also, they are fat and say fat is beautiful and attractive but expect a man to be built. ha ha.

*Yes, thin people can be unhealthy too but not all are, yet all obese people are unhealthy*

Even if you don't care about attractive men women or whatever, do it for yourself! You will be happier and will feel so much better after exercise! It is science! Exercise and healthy food link to a healthy mind.


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  • Great job on this take.


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  • Tess is gross... I think she has a pretty face but that's literally it.


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  • Great job on the MyTake 😊

  • I just want to say something that is based on fact. Of course you can be thin and sick or fat and unhealthy. That isn't some opinion based on political correctness. That is actually scientific fact. I can cite studies if you wish. The issue is your metabolic rate. If you have a healthy metabolism, you are healthy. Now usually weight can be a sign of that. But of course, that is not always consistent.

    We should all focus on being healthy. Not on being perfect. We don't have to evaluate or critique each other. We don't have to elect commissions to judge each other. We don't have to pretend one standard for beauty is universal. There are plenty of societies, cultures, groups, etc. where heavier women are considered to be beautiful and attractive. I can't even understand people who claim that overweight women are not attractive. They are simply. . . overweight.

    I dated several overweight women in my life. There were those who were unhealthy. There were those who were very healthy. There was perhaps one who was not physically attractive. But most were very attractive, extremely feminine.

    The one lady who was not a traditional beauty, well, she had the most beautiful mind I had ever encountered. I am a cerebral guy. I can't help being attracted to brilliant women.

    I don't understand posts like these that surface every once in a while. Almost always created by a woman, they are critiques of other women. As though, you don't understand why men are attracted to women who you feel do not fit with your standards. We are men, while it is to say most men would be attracted Scarjo or Rihanna, it isn't realistic to pretend every man has a chance at them. And on the other end most of us are not Zac Efron or Daniel Craig. We are just regular guys. And the vast majority of us just like regular women.

    One more thing. Our biggest sexual organ isn't our penis. It is our minds. So that thing that makes us crazy about a particular woman could not possibly be the same thing for each guy. For some men it is the way women talk, it could be their eyes, beautiful legs, hips, breasts, personality. . . or whatever. I hang around guys and we talk that guy talk all the time about women at work or in our personal lives. You would be surprised by what men think is beautiful or whom they find extremely attractive.

    • This. This. This. I disliked this mytake because it's primarily based on what she finds attractive. and it makes me sad to see her tear other women down just because she doesn't like the way they look.

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    • Anastasiya, you are 18 years old. If you have traveled so extensively, met so many people from different cultures, then you would have noted distinct differences in standards for feminine beauty. So no, I don't believe an 18 year old can make the argument that standards of beauty around the world are anywhere near similar.

      In many tribes, societies in Africa obese, heavy women are considered to be attractive Afghanistan, you will find the same thing. Let's see Kuwait. . . Jamaica, Brazil.

      Anyway, this conversation has devolved as you keep reaching for straws. Smoking? Really? If you only wrote about health, I would not even had responded. But you crossed the line to talk about attractiveness. And you keep going back to it. So it must mean a lot to you.

      I am sorry if there were people out there who convinced you that being heavy meant you were a bad and unattractive. I would never have done that. But don't become one of those body shamers just because it was done to you.

    • What does me being 18 yr old has to do with being observant and traveling? We all grew up doing different things. IF you didn't grow up doing what I am its another story. Of course I noticed There are different standards yes some like thinner, some like thick thighs, hair length, blah blah. but no country has a preference for obese women. And being fat is bad to a degree. Doesn't make you a bad person but still. Also, you keep invalidating my opinions with the excuse that I am 18 years old, yet you don't do the same with Lauren. If I was saying anything that fitted your agenda, you would say something like wow a smart 18 yr old.

  • Good job for not hating fat people, but I guarantee that those who do or who believe it's right to treat fat people like shit and that bullying will make them skinny will love this take, just for the generalizations of how fat acceptance people are.

    It really is just like feminism. There is a first wave - fat people trying to convince people to accept them as human, because treating them like shit will only make them self hate and get fatter and unhealthier. This includes getting fat people represented in aspects of life, even modeling, because yes they are real. To be honest we aren't even past this first wave. It's still needed and without it we would probably be condemning fat people to labor camps and punishment, which I guaranteed that a lot of people here would still like to see. But because the internet makes all things cultural happen at insane speed, we already have second and third wave fat acceptance people - those that believe that any talk they don't like to hear on obesity is some sort of oppression, and those who actually might want to encourage others to be unhealthy like them because it's the cool thing to do. These probably started up just about as soon as any kind of fat acceptance because of the internet.

    So what would I like to see? A world where fat people are seen, represented, and respected, not as the ideal body or any of that, but as people who can still be good people and even beautiful even though they have a problem. That way obesity would probably be a lot less common since people would have self respect and take care of themselves. To disagree with this and say that fat people shouldn't be allowed any media representation, should be shunned in any way etc, you would have to believe that either we should not be representing anyone with any health problems (whether it's their fault or not - sure looks like some eugenics/master race shit to me) or that fat people literally choose to be fat, like they sit there one day like "You know what would be awesome? I'm gonna get all fat so I can't walk up the stairs, have knee and back problems, high risk of diabetes and heart problems, then I'm gonna try to get others to do the same cause this is the way to live." If you see the absurdity of that, you would have to realize that obesity stems from deeper emotional problems, and is not something we should be hiding or shunning or shaming, that it won't go away if we do that, and the only way is to be understanding.

    • Yes, I think bullying is never ok and if anyone goes out and calls every fat person they see pigs they are pieces of shit. Some say that fat shaming works. The thing is it MAY work on some people but in other people it may had a negative effect, like depression, eating disorders, etc. Representation well yeah you do have representation. And no it is not like you literally decide to be fat, it is very common that obese adults where fat as kids cause there was no one to guide them into healthy eating, tips, and making exercise a habit. And that is not the kids fault. So no it is not literally a choice you make but it is a decision to make a change. And another reason I think fat shaming is not good isbecause you never know what that person is going through. Maybe they have worked hard to look the way they look. Imagine being 5'7 and 400 lbs then going down to 250 and have people caling you lazy it must suck! That must be very common and its an awful lot of progress!

    • Indeed. I think there is more hostility toward fat women over most anyone else man or woman with any kind of other health problem or disability, because of actually the same culture I discussed regarding rape culture in your feminism MyTake. Those guys really see women as sex objects, so when they aren't worthy, they have some majorly shitty things to say about it. This extends into a lot of the backlash there is out there against fat acceptance - it's just guys (and their trophy female allies) who want to hate on fat chicks so of course a word like fat acceptance is gonna get them all fired up. It's hard to see someone claim they are against fat acceptance and not assume it's for that reason, because it usually is when people say that. But if you want to think fat acceptance does mean mainly people who want to encourage unhealthy behavior, I get it. It can seem like people do that, in third wave fat acceptance if you will, with people showing off their feeding fetish or whatever.

    • But yeah most fat people are just trying to get by, or are so broken down, or as you say may have already lost a bunch of weight and still trying to lose more. To accept them as people to be treated well is literally fat acceptance. And we need that. It is far from what people on here are always saying it is.

  • Nice take.. I agree that it shouldn't be just accepted, but at the same time I shouldn't be shamed either.. People should be encouraged to take care of themselves, and healthy foods should be less money.. LOL.. Although, I do think people can be fat, and have a nice face.. As Tess seems to prove.. hahaha..

    • yes yes no promoting nor glamorizing but no bullying either. That is all I ask. Yeah certainly you can have a pretty face

    • Exactly.. Lol..

  • Great job writing this take. Fat acceptance has led to a 40% obesity rate among American women. I disagree with shaming fat women to the point of suicide but there ABSOLUTELY has to be some pressure for women (and men) to stay within a reasonable weight.

    I'm also getting sick of hearing that I have to accept women for being overweight. No I don't actually!

    • Thank you! Yes I think bullying is never ok. I'd never and I don't go around the street and school calling fat people pigs or anything and I don't think anyone should. Like you, I simply think we should get rid of that ideology and motivate each other on being in a reasonable weight and be healthy!

      And yes! You don't have to like fat women lol they want a man to be with abs and all that. double standard!

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    • Lmao fat acceptance didn't cause fat americans, our over-processed diet did.

      But why attack actual problems when you can get pissed at people for not reveling in self-loathubg?

    • @TeaMoney Well then I guess our good sure must have changed a lot in the past 10-15 years, right?

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  • yay i didn't really read the whole thing, but it sounds like you hate people. I'd understand if you took a complete health approach, but instead, you begin to talk about attractiveness which means you think people should only be allowed to like their body and make a home of it if YOU and OTHERS find it attractive. I truly hope that you're not this insecure and don't look to others for validation.
    Also lots of guys like big woman, hence why BBW porn and models are so incredibly popular. BBW women have my favorite body.
    if you don't like the way fat people look then don't look like them and don't be fat, it's not that hard.
    Also unless you are someone's doctor, then their health is really none of your business or concern. I have a lovely aunt that's lived a life of medical issues, especially hyperthyroidism, and the steroids she takes have always made her struggle with her weight. there's no reason she shouldn't be able to make a home of her body and like it.
    My friends are skinny, very skinny, they eat fast food at least3 times a week, they party hard, stay up late, and drink alcohol but yet I doubt you turn your nose up at them because you'd think they're pretty. Let's not pretend this is about health, you don't like to look at fat people and you're trying to use health to justify it.

    • :) agreed.

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    • @NormaTavish It's not idiotic. It's rather self explanatory. If you were accepting of other people's opinions, then you wouldn't default to petty irrelevant insults. Literally as simple as that.

    • @Chico_brah Your right..

  • I agree with this for the most part, except for "there is no such thing as genetics." What? Genetics play a huge part in weight. No, people aren't genetically obese like Tess. That comes from overeating and lack of exercise, or otherwise, something like a thyroid condition. But whether a woman's body naturally gravitates toward a Scarlett, Kendall, or plus size model weight, is very much genetic. I don't mean to sound like an annoying bitch, but I eat burgers, pizza, and ice cream pretty regularly, in addition to healthier food. I exercise but not a ton. I'm not super skinny but have never been overweight, my figure is similar to ScarJo's. I'd like to be a little thinner but feel incredibly lucky to be able to eat what I want and keep a relatively slim figure, while most women would end up looking more like the plus size model with my diet. I also know a (very) few lucky girls who can eat like me and still look something like Kendall.
    So yeah, weight is very much genetic. I believe anyone can get healthier, but there's a lot of natural variation among "healthy" weights depending on the individual.
    Also, while I don't believe in celebrating obesity, I also don't condone fat shaming. A person's weight is between them and their doctor, and it's never appropriate for a stranger to point it out.

    • Yes yes! I missed specifying that part. Of course genetics play a role but a small one. Like, I have naturally bigger boobs and wide hips so for me I would have to basically starve to achieve a body like Kendall. And there are girls who are the other way around. Also it is genetic where you store your fat, some have it on the upper body and some on the legs and hips, so yeah. All I wanted to say is that genetics is not an excuse to be obese if a parent is fat and the kid is fat is not genetics, is the eating habits that were learned by the example the parent gave. That happens too when the kid is too skinny. So yeah I agree with you too, thanks for pointing this out :)

  • You seem more concerned with what men find attractive than actually giving any advice or constructive criticism to overweight people. Fat people know they're fat. It's also not really any of your business to harass fat people and fat people shouldn't have to bend to your ideal of what people should look like. I agree Tess Holiday is unhealthy but like does it affect you in any way? No. Does it keep you up at night that other people live their lives how they want to? And that includes doing things like eating too much? You're far to concerned with 'this is what men like and you should look like this for men or you'll die alone and unhappy'. Like there are men who like big women. I know quite a few actually. Why you so bitter that men like big women? I actually had a guy choose to ask out an obese girl over me. (I'm not obese). Did it bother me? In the end, no. Moved on with my life. According to you there's two acceptable types: Scar Jo or Runway model. Well it shows how young you are TBH with this take. You've got a lot of maturing to do.

    • Look at these men downvoting me. Because everything is about what men like right! 🙄

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    • Because you think criticizing obesity is wrong. It isn't, being obese is wrong. Obesity should be condemned by society.

    • @macix670 what does anyone else's weight have to do with you? How does it affect you DIRECTLY?

  • I only disagreed with that one line "You can't be attractive and fat" because my brother is dating someone who is just a ball at this point.

    I just really hope that she doesn't drag him in the bad habits and that he keeps in shape. She says she wants to lose weight, but she doesn't do much about it, and when I confront her about it she laughs it off, it frustrates me a little.
    I'm not perfect either. I am not fat at all, but I need to eat healthier :/

    • thank you for your opinion! Yes it is true, but I also mentioned ''Also, being fat doesn't meant nobody will love you I mean yes there are fat people who get married of course and get into relationships. But to be generally attractive nah'' cause of course fat people specially women that wear makeup and do their hair can look good and I am talking in the physical attraction at first sight, of there are people with fat fetishes who find fat arousing but those are exceptions. I assume either your brother has that or he fell in love with her little by little and little mostly with her personality. Which is not a bad thing, just proves my point. Again, fat people are not unlovable, of course they can and do get in relationships and get laid lol

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    • @samhradh_leannan Again, I don't do it to her. And also, she's not the type to cry over such things, she's strong

    • The only thing she gets mad about is that she can't count on a friend, we never got in an argument :)

  • Maybe you should worry about yourself and not so much about other people. You have way too much time on your hands. All your doing is hating. And who are you to say a bigger woman cannot be fat and pretty. This is ONLY your oppinion. Your misinformed and ignorant as far as I'm concerned !

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