If God is all-powerful, is he just sadistic?

Let's assume that God is real.
Let's also assume that he is all-powerful.
If that's the case, is he just sadistic?

If the world of man was full of sin, but animals are just animals, why didn't he just snap his fingers like Thanos and delete those he wanted to kill with the flood, rather than putting innocent animals through torture, suffering, and death?

If Pharaoh had to be convinced to let the slaves go, why didn't God go speak to him? After all, Ramses believed in other Gods and had no reason to believe in Yahweh. Wouldn't that make more sense than killing children? Why not kill Ramses instead of his son?

If God is all-power and all-knowing, why did he need to test Abraham? Surely he already knew how Abraham would behave.

Why did the tree of knowledge exist at all and why did God allow Satan to exist within Eden? Isn't that sort of like leaving two children in a sweet shop with a paedophile?

I'm sure some of you have seen my religious questions/viewpoints before and may believe that these are "troll" questions, but I'm genuinely curious about the answers to them.

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If God is all-powerful, is he just sadistic?
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