Do you relate more to your Tropical Zodiac or Sidereal Zodiac?

"Tropical Zodiac" is the one you've probably already heard of. Here's a link to calculate your Tropical Astrology Chart, and here's a link to calculate your Sidereal Astrology Chart.

I relate more to my Sidereal Zodiac.

I guess my Tropical Sun Sign (Libra) is somewhat accurate, but it also says that I'm charismatic, outgoing, extroverted, and flirty, which is far from the truth. My Sidereal Sun Sign (Virgo) is more relatable.

The most inaccurate part of my Tropical Zodiac is probably my Rising Sign. "Rising Sign" refers to how people see you. My Rising Sign is Leo, which would mean people think I'm popular, outgoing, I'm always the center of attention, I'm a natural leader, and I'm a queen bee. Yeeeeeeah... hell no.

According to Sidereal, my Rising Sign is Cancer, which perfectly describes how most people (who know me in-person) see me: gentle, quiet, shy, sensitive, innocent, and sweet. I took those words from the zodiac description from CafeAstrology, and they're all words that people have used to describe me.

I do have a bit of an inner fire, but it's usually not at the forefront, at least in-person. So it's accurately placed in Sidereal as my Moon Sign (Aries).

You guys are probably most familiar with my Mercury in Leo. "Mercury" refers to communication style. People with Mercury in Leo speak authoritatively. Sometimes, they can come across as know-it-alls. Numerous people online have told me I've behaved that way.

Anyway, I'm still not sure how much I believe in Zodiacs, but I found it interesting and cool to have found a zodiac system that totally resonated with me. I've heard that a lot of people relate more to their Tropical Zodiac Chart, though, hence why I'm making this poll.

Whether you believe zodiacs are real or not, it doesn't matter. I'm curious about which of these 2 systems you relate to more? If you're not familiar with your charts, calculate them using the links in the first paragraph.
Do you relate more to your Tropical Zodiac or Sidereal Zodiac?
I'm not familiar with my charts /OR/ I'm only familiar with one, so I can't compare
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I relate to my Sidereal Zodiac more than my Tropical Zodiac
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Do you relate more to your Tropical Zodiac or Sidereal Zodiac?
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