Do you have any examples of trusting in God?


Earlier this year I had people stalking me and sending death threats and I was worried about being harmed.

And then my water supply was low and our families wanted to plan a hike in a park for a full day where there was no place to buy water for a lot of the places.

Then I needed a washroom break and the only washroom was up a hill in a monastery and I did not know how high the climb would be.

And recently my mom and dad are giving me problems and instead of fighting or demanding my privileges I am waiting for God to smooth things over.

Also when I did not download the arrive can app which most people say is mandatory for Canadians who wish to reenter Canada and we were scared we would be stopped at the border, and my dad and his friend wanted to smuggle weed killers into Canada and we were worried it was illegal and we would be discovered.

Do you have any examples of trusting in God?
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