Catholics have more freedom?

It made me happy to see Pope accept LGBTQ without a question. For a short time I was attending the Kingdom Hall I was treated horribly for the way I dress not only that but when I told th sisters I was in the middle of a divorce they give me the nasty ugly looks.

As a catholic I can go to mass wearing my crop top and no one would noticed. I don't have to give my where abouts to the priest.

I feel catholics are more accepting if you divorce or you are divorced guys don't care you won't be judge. I made to choice to stay catholic. I could be showing my pussy and no one would care. I was wearing a spaghetti strap dress at the kingdom hall and a elder told me to speak to him after th meeting. I tough at first I was going to be asked to be a pioneer Iwas wrong instead I got judge.

Also I started dating this guy at my job and the sister in the congregation lost it. I was looked down and other Jehovas Witness parents would not allowed their kids to play with my daughter called me a bad example. I saw how Jehovas witness kids would not include me daughter. Catholics we are more flexible.

Catholics have more freedom?
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