Is It More Difficult To Be A Guy Or Girl?


Why is it difficult to be a girl?

Society is to blame for a lot of the difficulties women face in the world. Make a list of all the bad words you can call a woman and the list is nearly endless. Derogatory words have stayed with the culture for many years and doubtful that they will just disappear. Much like the certain word that is derogatory towards black people.

Men wrote biblical texts and thus women should be subservient to men. This has allowed cultures around the world to treat women as second-class citizens. The right to vote, to get jobs, educations, etc. are what set the US apart from most countries.

Parents are as much to blame as well. Look at the toys you were given as a kid and see if they fit the gender role. Girls were given dolls and easy bake ovens. Toy vacuums and fake cleaning supplies or possibly a toy iron to play along with mom's homemaker tasks. Boys were given toys that helped build things (legos and building blocks) that also reinforced gender roles. Parents are becoming more aware of this and buying toys that will give their children skills later in life.

Gogus olculeri
Health is a big concern when it comes to gender differences. Men used to live a shorter life because they were doing more laborious jobs to support their family. Women might not have a shorter life span now since medicine and science have expanded the life expectancy of humans. We would likely see the two ages for the genders to be closer together instead of the 10-year gap we were used to.

A woman goes into the doctor to complain of chest pains and is dismissed. A few hours or a day later she dies of heart failure, which could have been prevented. A man goes into the doctor complaining of the same symptoms and they generally admit him and run tests. Even female doctors have fallen into this routine of dismissing the symptoms women give.

Childbirth is painful but a blessing as well. This is about the only thing a woman can do that a man can’t do. Don’t consider this to be a disadvantage.

Cancer is becoming one of the biggest problems in the United States with women. The HPV vaccine and breast cancer is just the tip of the iceberg. This is something man-made because of the chemicals and preservatives we allow to enter our bodies. Perhaps we should go back to having fresh foods with little to no preservatives and maybe the numbers of cancer patients will drop.

PMS and hormones. Dr. Edgar Berman said women's hormones during menstruation and menopause could have a detrimental influence on women's decision making, feminists were outraged. In England, the PMS defense freed Christine English after confessed to killing her boyfriend by deliberately ramming him into a utility pole with her car.

This double-edged sword can’t work both ways. If the PMS defense could be used, then there should be lots of deaths in the centuries before attributed to this. Opening the Pandora’s box would also allow horny guys to rape women since they were under distress from an overload of hormones as well.

The actual number of women that are raped is unknown. Many have given false testimonies to hurt their former lovers or those who denied them. Some are too afraid to come forward because the offender is in a position of great power or gave threats to do physical harm. Fear of being raped is higher in other countries and in some bad parts of the US.

Staying with the body and health leads to orgasms. Many women do not get an orgasm during sex without stimulation to the clit or hitting the g-spot. Society has deemed masturbation a taboo subject though men openly admit to doing it. Women should be more comfortable talking about it and doing it to better understand how their body reacts to certain sensations.

Being cheated on might get thrown in here as a difficulty being a girl but the numbers are about the same. Women cheat on men just as often as men cheat on women. Women are more methodical and don’t get caught. Females generally cheat because their relationship is lacking attention, emotional connection, etc.

Why is it difficult to be a girl?
  • Derogatory phrases won't go away
  • Gender roles are defined at an early age
  • PMS and hormones
  • Cancer is more prevalent
  • Women are objectified
  • Salaries are lower
Guys tend to go for certain physical qualities in a woman. Call them shallow but men are more visually stimulated. This is not a difficulty for those who have these desirable qualities but those who lack these feel that it can be overwhelming. Genetics and diet dictate what features you might possess.

Fashion and viewing women as objects. This cannot be blamed solely on men since men and women create fashion based on what the public or society wishes to see. You buy a pushup bra to accentuate cleavage yet get upset when undesirable
men notice your curvaceous bust.

Fashion magazines show thin models (recently changing) that are not the average woman in the US. This makes women more self-conscious about their bodies and the false need to highlight their body parts. Sexy written across the butt of sweat pants is giving men the wrong idea that it is acceptable to admire a butt instead of the whole body.

Auto stores and other technical/mechanic shops may try to pull the wool over a woman’s eyes. They feel that a woman doesn’t know much about cars and can bullshit their way to making some cash. This is not a gender based difficulty though since the same place might try the same on a guy, depending on how the situation.

If a woman goes into the auto body shop with the problem and tells the mechanic “I have a loud rumble when my car starts up” they might think she doesn’t know that much about cars. If she goes into the auto body shop and says “I have a hole in the Y crossover of my exhaust” they will tend to think she knows what she is talking about.

Lastly is the job market. Women demand equal pay for equal work and I respect that. If the job requires a person to lift a 60 lb toolbox to work on vehicles, perhaps a 100 lb female shouldn’t be hired for that job. Is that job discrimination? No since the toolbox is a necessary part of the job and lightening the toolbox would lower the efficiency of that mechanic (having to return to the shop to get a tool that was left out).

Women should be promoted to higher positions and are frequently passed over. They reach a glass ceiling where they cannot advance any farther. Studies have shown that women are better at communicating which should allow them to be possibly more effective managers/leaders then their counterparts.

Why is it difficult to be a guy?

Society has also dictated what it is to be a man. We are facing role ambiguity as the gender roles are being whittled down. Men are expected to provide for their family though stay-at-home-dads are becoming more common. Society still views those men as not being able to provide for their family. Many companies won’t give a guy paternity leave or time off if their child is ill.

Society also view men and fathers as suspicious. A man holding a little girl’s hand on a bus is investigated with no other reason than he was a man holding her hand telling her to ‘Please be quiet’. The public feel that mainly men commit crime but not all crime is reported.

Men are ashamed to come forward if they have been raped or abused by a woman or raped by another man for that matter. A man claims to have been held at gunpoint by a trio of women and forced to have sex with them. No one will buy that story because they feel that he had to be a willing participant. The male penis can become aroused without the desire for sex. A massage from a family member to the thighs (sports injury) can cause an erection when not desiring intimacy.

The courts favor women when it comes to divorces, custody battles (though changing), defense for murder (PMS defense, etc.), rape, sexual harassment, etc. Society feels that women tell the truth more often and will be more sympathetic. A guy gets stabbed in a domestic dispute and people find it humorous but if a woman would have been stabbed it is a different story.

In some states a guy that deposits sperm in a sperm bank might get sued for child support and the courts approve this. One in particular had a separate contract with the individual and the standard one with the bank and both were thrown out of court. Guys are at a severe disadvantage in the eyes of the law (court).

Gays are not acceptable to see making out but lesbians are. Society is more comfortable with the female actors (politically correct term for actress) coming out of the closet but it is career suicide for a male actor usually (may be changing). Maybe it has something to do with art as well. We typically think that the female body is sexy with the soft flowing curves and a man’s body is sharp and rough.

Men are supposed to be strong and not show emotion. A difficulty when that bottled up emotion causes physical problems such as heart attacks, ulcers, etc. Society also views men as shallow, forgetful, and foolish. A picture described guys as being either pigs or dogs. There was no other choice.

Why is it difficult to be a guy?
  • Gender roles are ambiguous
  • The courts favor women in many cases
  • Gay men are discriminate against
  • Men are expected to perform
  • It's hard to know what women want
  • Fear of sexual harassment charges

Education is a difficult topic
to easily breakdown. Men are good at math, spatial relations, science, etc. because they are right-brained if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately institutions don’t seem to provide the visual stimulation to keep boys interested in the topic and retain the information. (That might be why guys tend to drift off in long conversations because of little visual stimulation).

The movies show a couple having sex (or making love) as this fantasy setting that rarely ever takes place like they describe. Women tend to have this idea that it should be magical just like the big screen and get disappointed when it isn’t. There might be some issues putting on the condom, or while it is in use. Stress from work or the expectation of performance can make a guy go soft.

Dating dos and don’ts are not really the same for each woman. A guy finds those out when he doesn’t do the right thing and then it is probably too late. She has crossed him off her list of viable partners because he didn’t….. open the door for her. Some women get offended if you do open the door for her. Be kind, tell him what you like/dislike before confrontation.

Guys don’t know what women think. The logic doesn’t seem to be there. We get yelled at or punished because she had a dream that we cheated on her. I’m sorry, that doesn’t make any sense. Guys are easier to understand and what we would like. Yes, a large part is intimacy so it’s not difficult to please a guy.

When you hear the word whipped you think of a guy. Well, it really only applies to guys since they seem to be the only one whipped in a relationship. Women aren’t whipped because they can go for another guy who has more: money, a fancier car, a new motorcycle, a house, a better paying job, etc. This may be instinctive to find a mate that could provide for her.
Gogus olculeri

Office romance might not happen because men fear the accusation of sexual harassment. This vague definition could include just about anything. Guy #1 tells guy #2 that he looks good in that business suit and girl #1 is uncomfortable. She feels that it is sexual harassment and files a suit. Has it happened, yes and she won. The definition should be something like the flirtatious advances of people you deem unattractive. There are some women out there that still might find you attractive but are greedy and want to get your (and the company’s) money.

The gender card is one to be feared. It doesn’t work when pulled out on a woman so you are at a disadvantage already. Be really scared if you are a middle-aged white Caucasian straight Christian male. It isn’t a matter of ‘if’ someone will pull a card on you but ‘when’. You may see the following cards: race, gender, disabled, veteran, senior, sexual preference, religion, and others I can’t think of right now.
Is It More Difficult To Be A Guy Or Girl?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • aurasprw
    WAY, WAY, WAY more difficult to be a girl. Double standards all day.

    Women are expected to be submissive. An assertive woman is called a bitch; an assertive man is admired.

    Women also have to deal with being physically weaker, and have to suffer menstruation and childbirth. And if a woman gets pregnant, the man can just walk away. The woman can't.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • kdizzleforizzle91
    This is an EXCELLENT and very well-researched article. I already knew all of this, but have forgotten some. I agree that it's just difficult being a person at all. I'm sick of people thinking that one gender has it worse than another. And I'm also sick of moviedude714. I want him to get hit by a bus.
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  • motocat
    In general, I think young women (15 to 30) have it easier then young guys. With age, the advantages women have decrease, and may even disappear. Many women do not know this until it is to late. Youth and beauty serve women best, while experience helps men more. Of course, these are generalizations; there are many excpetions to the rule.
  • darcierae
    Looking at these points in the article... I can't decide who has it harder. Women have respect problems, and guys have expectation problems. It's almost like we all face the same amount of hardships, but different reasons. Guys have a hard time with relationships and girls have a hard time with getting a job, or for example the mechanics illustration. Great article! I thought Women had it harder, but now I'm not so sure..

  • krrishtiano
    Its difficult to be a good person, but I have a general feeling that guys have it a little easier. Of all the things that are expected from us (taking initiative to make the first move, planning when we go out on dates, converstaional skills), most of them are within our control and can be developed over time even if we are bad at them. Same is not for girls. Especially the emphasis on physical aspects. Often genetics has a huge role to play in this lottery called life.
  • satish
    You know, I did an experiment on this at Second Life. I created a beautiful female avatar and a dorky male avatar (in the image of myself) and sent them to the Second Life communities. With the female one I found that unless a guy avatar approaches her, she has hard time striking a lively conversation. I had to work harder on my female avatar's appearance to obtain similar attention from the opposite sex to my dorky male avatar.
  • sophiardi
    I'd say it's harder to be a woman. Hello, there's that monthly annoyance we have to face. And then there's sexism, THAT'S annoying, and then there's the stereotype that women do work around the house, and then there's HAVING BABIES, like I doubt a guy could go through that.
  • Sorrow
    Moviedude714: Guys don't have to pursue the girl always. The only reasons you may feel that way is down to the past when most men spoke on behalf of women (most of the time) and the media. It depends on circumstance as to who goes after who and the persons personality, some girls may be shy or play hard to get because it's their personality, or the opposite can be true and the girl may be more out going and such and ask they guy out. On that note, some guys may see this as odd and reject her.
  • Killfest400
    Overall, I like the article. It is generally true.

    I'd like to add another court instance to the mix. A male teacher who was caught sleeping with his student was fired permanently, jailed for several years, and put on a list of predators. A female teacher who did the same thing was put on probation for 9 months. No job loss, no jail, no predator list. The imbalance in the court system is the double standard that annoys me more than anything else.

    I don't have any links, sorry.
  • kcoolkittie
    "Girls were given dolls and easy bake ovens. Toy vacuums and fake cleaning supplies or possibly a toy iron to play along with mom's homemaker tasks. Boys were given toys that helped build things (legos and building blocks) that also reinforced gender roles."

    I agree its true in general. I got 3 dolls (boring), but I also got legos, building blocks, remote-control car, helicopters, dinosaurs, tennis balls, marbles, 1 airplane, and I threw away my pretend kitchen things. And I am a girl! :D
  • the-love-guru
    Is it bad that right after reading the part about the women who ran over her boyfriend with a car that all I thought was "well, did he deserve it?" Terrible. I never write stuff like that. But I believe men are still told to be the "breadwinners", but women are held to some impossible standards. It's challenging to be an adult, no matter what gender. Very well researched article.
  • SmarmyMarsh
    Moviedude714- You just don't want to listen to anyone else's opinion so you can keep pitying yourself. I'm really tired of it.

    Try being an ugly woman; the kind that AREN'T asked out, AREN'T noticed, and make every effort to be ignored, because they've learned their place. Charisma doesn't matter, you don't have the opportunity to approach someone you like because that makes you look desperate. They're invisible with no opportunity to change it (which you COMPLAIN about?!).
  • SomebodyToldMeh
    . Anyway, lol, I really like how you're not biased in your question. This kind of helps me understand guys abit more. I really enjoyed reading it. But, most women don't like the gender roles because they see it as a way to be turned into someone's house slave. I'm sure it's untrue for some. But, I think that way sometimes. I just don't know why. ;~; Thanks for putting this up, though!
  • SomebodyToldMeh
    But, you have to understand that girls don't know what guys think either. I've also known guys for dumping me because I: A, wouldn't have sex with them or B, because their mommy was racist. I'm KINDA getting what you mean, but a 'whipped' guy is like an abused girl. We have it, it's just a different word. This gender role thing just makes me so upset. Should the women always stay at home and never have a choice? Most guys that say home do so because they want to, not because people say he should
  • anacoana
    Tell me about it. Another thing that girls have to go through? Two of the most hated words ever: Beauty. Pagents. I was in beauty pagent after beauty pagent when I was 4 until I was 8. PURE TORTURE. I was 'cute cuddly and adorable' for 4 YEARS IN A ROW. Someone kill me. Think glitter, bows, teddy bears galore, and pink pink pink pink pink. And the sterotype of cut throat moms ready to do anything to win? SO TRUE Girls have it harder. I speak from experiance. ANd it wasn't just the pagents either
  • KERMlT
    Almost all of what I wrote is a generalization about the genders which should have went without saying. Also, I never said that women are weak. Strength is not a prereq for a serial killer. It doesn't take much to seduce a guy, drug him, then kill him.
  • Standingpretty
    I liked it but there are a few problems with it. Guys do cheat for emotional reasons too, and most guys who I have seen cheat have cheated down. Some women are really strong, did you ever hear about the first female serial killer? She would kill men of average size (160-200lbs) and stuff their bodies in barrels and get rid of them. Some women are strong enough, I happen to be a girl who is stronger than all the girls I know and can easily beat a lot of guys arm wrestling too.
  • Jeanw
    Lots of things to consider. I don't know who has it harder, but it sometimes seems that educationally, men have it harder because the system is geared more to how women learn. More men learn by doign things, and classes are not always geared to allowing that. As far as progress in the working world, men seem to have it easier.
  • sum1fun
    I think its hard for both in their own ways, at least from my own xperiences it seems that way. Growing up as a guy, I have to say guys have way more pressure and hard work to deal with. Girls have a lot of pressure too its mainly from social situatuations and societies push for girls to act and look a certain way. After my my interest in becoming more and more submissive to girls, then finding quite forcefull domme girls for a lot of years...I had bo choice really but to let them feminize me si
  • delicatedreams
    This was good except that men are usually left-brained. People who are left-brained are good at math, spatial reasoning, etc. People who are right brained are good at the humanities. (English, philosophy, history, foreign languages) This is also very general... There are obviously women out there who are more left-brained. It's probably not as common though.
  • moviedude714
    Well it's like this, I think it's easier for a girl to get a boyfriend, than it is for a guy to get a girlfriend. Because traditionally it's the guys initiative to get himself a girlfriend, eventhough there are some girls that do pursue guys and ask them out, which I like, it is a good thing, but it is rare, most women still feel it is the guys job to initiate the date and relationship. If a girl asks a guy out, and the guy says he, it does not mean he will not take her seriously.
  • GoodStuff
    @MovieGuy ""Why do people think ugly women have it harder than ugly men do when it comes to getting a date or romantic partner?""

    If you take shy people, then yes, shy/ugly girls have it harder than shy/ugly guys.

    People who claim guys have it easier even if they're ugly, are looking at confident ugly guys, but ignoring confident ugly girls. Truth is, if an ugly/confident guy asks out 100 women, and a confident/ugly girl asks out a 100 guys, she'll get more YES-es by far...

  • GoodStuff
    Two things to add.

    1) Are we talking about average or high-status?

    2) What age?

    When we are younger women have it A LOT easier (the average young woman has it a lot easier than the average young guy)... With age however, the power shifts. With age guys get the power and life gets easier with time. Any comparison you'll see about how "men have it easy" uses old-rich guys and compares them to house-wifes... ignoring those same women had all the power over those same guys 20 years earlier.
  • suki248
    Having been both a man and woman, I can say that women have it harder.

    Just joking. I've always been a woman. All I know is that I'd rather have an embarrassing erection than be vomiting, immobile, and wanting to die once a month.
  • seradane
    So, in conclusion, men generally have a more difficult time in relationships, wheras women have a tougher time in everything else.

    Sounds about right!
  • moviedude714
    Guys have it harder, because the guy has to pursue the girl, take the initiative, make all the moves, ask her out, in order to start a date and relationship, the girl just has to approve of the date and relationship. Also us guys have to work harder, meaning that we have to have a job in order to make a living, having our own apartment or house, because girls will be reluctant to date a guy who is unemployed and still lives with his parents, depending on his age, mainly 25 and older.
  • KERMlT
    @Maddygirl: I covered that in my "Double Standards" article. link
  • Douglasswolf
    If you're going to bring this issue up, leave the Bible out of it. If you actually read the passages in context, you will find no place in the Bible where men are referred to as superior to women.
  • GrandpaSimpson
    You showed them! It needs to be the 1940s again when women were proper and not the harlots they are today
  • Maddygirl
    You forgot the double standard of how men who sleep around are players and kings but girls who do it are whores
    • That is because for a man to sleep with many partners he needs to have;
      -Attractive physically (rare genetics)
      -High income
      -Smooth talking
      -Great hygine
      -Dress smart
      And even with these things there's still a high chance of rejection.
      What women need to sleep with many partners;
      -Have a pussy
      And thats it, she will still get rejected by a few men but out of 100 would get aleast 60 while the guys would be lucky to have 1.

  • theacefospades
    The toy thing is bull crap. You can throw a ball to a 4 year old boy and he'll kick it. A 4 year old girl will draw a face on it.
  • SmarmyMarsh
    Because the expectations placed on women looks-wise are infinitely higher. If you try to deny that, you're completely deluding yourself.
  • DarkASE
    1: Women have the choice to go through childbirth.
    2: Like he said, It is a blessing not a disadvantage.
    and 3: Yeah sure it's a pain in the ass, not literally, but the thing is its only PHYSICAL PAIN. It goes away after awhile.
    But if it where about physical pain and mental pain, I'd definitely say that it's harder for men.
  • DarkASE
    You wanna know why? Because men experience more mental pain than women during their women's labor. Even though women are fine after some time AFTER childbirth, MEN ARE STILL HURT BY WHAT THEY SAW THAT DAY IN THE HOSPITAL. WE CANNOT UN-SEE WHAT WE SAW.
  • DarkASE
    Obviously everyone gender thinks its harder to be the opposite gender because they know what it's like to be their selves. It is both hard to be a woman and a man. But you don't know which one is harder until you have lived the experience. And since that is impossible people think that their gender is the right gender. Continue on next comment...
  • Soundchaser
    I don't see any women lining up to have their legs blown off in Iraq and spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. I didn't see any women jump out of the lifeboats and offer their seat to a man. I have never heard of a woman standing outside of a cabin while the husband and children hide inside. I don't see any women in the mines, or oil fields doing the dangerous work. I could go on typing for 5 hours...
  • wolvesguitars
    I agree with what555. I think it's difficult to just be human whether you are male or female.
  • posted
    Men deal with sexism and stereotypes as well, boohoo someone made a f***ing kitchen joke /wrists.

  • YoungGirlJB
    Wow, I can't believe you researched all of that. Very informative!
  • ctinaditty4
    Moviedude714: That was a ridiculous egotistical answer.
  • DarkASE
    But it is not a competition. Because these troubles are what define men and women. One cannot live without the other. And that is why I believe this article explains somewhat, the indifferent to being either gender.
  • Scarecrow13
    I think it would be very difficult to determine objectively which is worse. We each bring our own experiences and with them, bias.
  • moviedude714
    Women have it easier, women can get a boyfriend whenever they want to, because women don't get rejected, women don't have to take the initiative.
  • art84
    I think its harder as a wome. You have to go through PMS, childbirth, having periods and raising children.
  • moviedude714
    Depends on what aspect of life, if you mean dating and relationships, I would have to say us guys have it more difficult.
  • moviedude714
    Why do people think ugly women have it harder than ugly men do when it comes to getting a date or romantic partner?
  • DarkASE
    Just one more thing. i know a lot of you are complaining about childbirth and UH, ITSS STHO ANNOYING OH MY GOD GIRLS LIVE SOO MUCH HARDER! But no, wait there just a second.
  • ilikegirls
    I agree with moviedude.
  • what555
    It's difficult to be a person!!! PERIOD!!
  • Anonymous
    Yeah my cousins partner laughed at a guy whose dick got cut off and said he must of done something bad for her to do that. But soon as a man is accused of something he is guilty and a monster straight away both sexes have things that the other sex can't understand we are different oh and also they did a study where they placed dolls in a room and trucks in a room on children who hadn't been taught "gender rolls" and guess what the majority of the time boys went to the cars and girls went to the dolls. In my family both my parents worked while raising my brother and i so this woman were always forced to stay at home is b. s. most friends I had both parents worked. I think going to war is a lot harder then raising children same with working on an oil rig or on a fishing boat. Why is everything a competition? We are living in a time when woman have just as many rights as men if not more. Stop with the identity politics it's not helping at all just creating more division.