Why Being Male Is Easier Than Being Female



Why Being Male Is Easier Than Being Female

Because Men Are Taller Than Women

Being tall and big gives the impression of authority. Women are not only shorter, but they tend to be curvier. In animations, the curves become very exaggerated and pronounced. It is possible to hide the curves by wearing a big coat during winter. Some women already hide their curves because of body modesty.

Because Men Have Deeper Voices Than Women

Having a deeper voice suggests authority and confidence.

Because Men Can Easily Make Gametes

Men can masturbate and spill the seed. Sperm is cheap.

Because Men Can Use Public Restrooms More Efficiently

Men can just go into the men's room and stand to use the urinals. There is no need to sit down in one of the bathroom stalls to urinate. Though, if men need to defecate, then they may place a toilet cover on the toilet seat.


Why Being Male Is Easier Than Being Female

Because Too Many Cultures Around The World Value Males

Many families around the world want a son. A son is an asset; a daughter is a liability. Raising a daughter in a patriarchal society essentially means investing in someone that will one day take a good chunk of the family wealth away to marry. If people are allowed to do whatever they want with their children, then, in a tough economic environment, daughters will probably be aborted, killed, or abandoned.

It may just be easier to be born with a penis. A penis is what people care about. As soon as a baby is born with a penis, the doctor or midwife assigns the male gender in the form of an exclamation, "It's a boy!" Then, the parents raise the child as a son and what it means to be a man. For some reason, parents never have a shred of thought of raising a biological female like a son, expecting male activities and going as far as using the male gender pronoun for the female son. Females have been made "kings" in history, but I suppose that's different than raising a kid. It would be an interesting experiment to raise a female like a son, but then it could also be a dangerous experiment. The kid may be scarred for life with parental-imposed gender identity issues.

Because Men Are Encouraged To Build Strong Muscles

Men are encouraged to build muscles and be athletic. That seems a lot healthier than encouraging women to become super-skinny, get a tan, and wear make-up that may be laden with toxins.

Because Men Are Encouraged To Play Sports

Playing sports increases physical activity levels and boosts overall health. That's better than standing next to the bathroom mirror and doing make-up.

Because Men Are Encouraged To Make Big Money

Making big money is perceived as a manly thing to do, even though meeting society's expectations of what would be classified as "big money" may be difficult, if not impossible. The downside is that men become workaholics and are less likely to become nurturing caregivers of their children. Meanwhile, women are expected to be the nurturing caregiver first and foremost, while work always comes second. Well, maybe the lesson for an ambitious professional woman is to not marry, or if one must marry, marrying a lesbian woman is more preferable than marrying a man, because a lesbian relationship is truly equal. Yep, I think more ambitious career women should enter asexual or demisexual homoromantic lesbian relationships.

Why Being Male Is Easier Than Being Female
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  • Chief16
    Do all men have it better than women? Do all women have it better than men? No. Of course not. People who have it easy often stems from the fact they had to work for it or someone else did in which case it never lasts. Either way, there is no specific advantage toward both the sexes. If someone wants an easy life, they must be willing to work for it, either the smart way or the hard way, there's absolutely no way around it.
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    • Yes, but there is more to it than just hard work. People are born with different advantages and disadvantages, many of which are caused by society and thus potentially avoidable. A better world is worth working hard for, just like a better life is

    • Paul34

      Marrying a girl these days isn't an easy life! Being programmed to make as much money as a guy can make and stores it in the bank for himself to spend on is an easy life!

Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    Hey, go ahead, keep trying to start some stupid "gender war" or "battle of the sexes".

    ... Meanwhile, those of us (men AND women) who realize that this isn't a fucking contest -- and who complement each other, and who make life beautiful TOGETHER -- will continue to Run Shit.

    United we stand, divided we fall, etc.
    But... yeah. It's cute watching the rest of you having these stupid little fights and shit-fits all the time.
    <3 <3
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    • Chief16

      Couldn't have said it better myself.

    • Unit1

      "... Meanwhile, those of us (men AND women) who realize that this isn't a fucking contest -- and who complement each other, and who make life beautiful TOGETHER -- will continue to Run Shit.

      United we stand, divided we fall, etc."

      Reading this... makes me want a girlfriend right now and cuddle her :(

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  • peachblossomluck
    Both my parents wanted a son. Being female and girly while I was growing up was discouraged. However, I was still treated like a second class citizen in my own home. I got a lot of mixed messages. I wanted to wear dresses but made to wear pants. I got the rough end of being female with none of the benefits. I rebelled by embracing glamour and being pretty. My parents didn't want that for me.
  • bcromartie

    1. Can choose to be housewives and not work in society without strange stares and overwhelming ridicule.

    2. Gain the most out of relationships and long-term social elements like marriage.

    3. Are considered the sex to take care of and value based solely on their physical state of being female.

    The end.
  • AriadneSky
    no one is forcing you to not do anything you really want to do-if you want to do something do it. if you want recognition fight for it.

    this is not why its easier being male. its just an indication that people should stop following bullshit stereotypes like sheep, and blaming it on 'society. we are all part of society. society functions based on what we accept and what we reject.

    if you dont like something then dont give into it. dont blame it on biology. you have a fully functioning consciousness. use that.

    i do agree with you though im not marrying but if i was going to rather marry a woman. most men are too puffed up because they blindly follow self serving stereotypes about men & women instead of thinking rationally. very obnoxious in relationships, lots of guys. not all but enough im not going to bother wading through. just to have to re teach him. then have him get pissed bc im trying to 'change' or control him. well if it needs fixing it needs fixing. but i dont want to control anyone so im not marrying a guy bc id have no choice but to fix him.
  • Venusss
    Just deal with it omg people. If you want something hard enough, you will do whatever in your means to achieve it. We all have expectations to fulfill, as an individual, just work with your "disadvantages" to your advantage. Brains over bronze people. Be comfortable with yourself and you'll be fine! Equality is an ideal and not a reality. If people continue to perpetrate this sort of gender theories, we can forget about bridging the gap.
  • ClassicRocker
    "Sperm is cheap" is not an advantage in modern society. It's actually a disadvantage. You can get like 40 bucks for some jizz, but females can get 4 figures for their eggs.
  • GraveTruth
    If men have it so easy then there wouldn't be high masses of trannys who were men wanting to be women.

    What is the stats on that anyway.
    For every 100,000 trannys who want to be female there 1 female wanting to be male?

    Also, the word Encouraged is wrong. it's actually PRESSURED. Women have been taught they need to do nothing in life and men have to prove themselves everywhere.
  • RedVulcan
    Yeah. About that raising a child as the opposite gender experiment. I heard about such an experiment from somewhere (im sorry I don't remember exactly where) but it killed itself before 20, after it was tild it was the opposite gender than it was led to believe. So not a good idea.
  • John_Doesnt
  • Brodicus
    Your reasons for this article are catastrophically opinionated and generalized. There are hudreds of thousands of women who are taller than men, more masculine too. Some women have deeper voices than some men too, rarely but it is still there. Nobody has ever made it a rule that women have to take longer in the bathroom, ever. I have seen women who have no shame in peeing behind a bush when they are camping or hiking. Women are encouraged to build strong muscles too especially all the women who play sports. Finally, have you not ever heard of Oprah?

    You took zero time to actually think about what you were writing. To think that being a male is easier than being a woman because ALL women are made to be skinny, low income, bathroom occupying, dainty super models is ridiculous and misandrist. I guess all the women doctors are lesbian, all the men who have kids and make good money are terrible fathers, and every new baby born who doesn't have an exclamation point after the welcoming slogans is automatically a girl.

    The military has let women serve with men since 1775. There are thousands of women athletes with millions of fans. Cultures around the world value women as much or more than the male counterpart, look after, and make sure their future is secure. While, a male is much more likely to have to "earn" his own way. You can easily get married and the woman can keep her last name.

    I dont even know why I am wasting my time responding to this retarded post. You are perpetuating a stereotype that is only true in the minds of idiots like you. Why dont you try harder if you actually think all women are set under men and men have it easy and women dont. Everyone has a hard life not just women. Nobody said you had to do anything or be subject to any of the crap you posted. If you can't see the evidence of how women are equal to men, and that one instance does not define reality than you are beyond help.

  • Anpu23
    It's interesting to me, that people try and make this comparison. A woman can never know what it's like to be a man, or visa virsa. We only live in our own skins, and have no way to objectively compare. I do know that there was a social experiment where a woman lived as a man for 18 months, not because she was a transvestite, but because she wanted to prove once and for all male privilege, that men do have it better then women. Her conclusion is startling...
    I won't spoil it for you, the experiment is Norah Vincent's self made man
  • Scrambledagain
    Women have it MUCH easier in the sex and relationship game though. The rest are all arguable;)
    • They have it easier overall in life.

    • @BubbleBoy69 not a fuck. Barring the sex and relationship thing, woman are up against it too. I have loads of female friends and family members who are struggling out there. The only difference is, lol... those struggling friends of mine get laid loads more than my "non- struggling" self.

    • No they overall have an easier time.


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  • Loveherbut
    U r right males regardless where they were born government doesn't tale away their rights females around the world suffers daily can't enjoy life because of bad rules against them
    Plus yea men are more encourged to do all that
    And lets not forget how males cam walk at the steeet in the middle of night feeling safe while females are freaked out
    U can say all what u want that men and women equal but even here is us they are not
    • Twunurn

      U are right, but I still wouldn't want my husband walking alone outside at night either, I'm overprotective but I still don't think it's safe for them.

  • Pilulu
    I have a deep voice for a girl. Does that give me authority? :D
    • Anonymous


  • GingerGuy
    There are probably just as many reasons why being female is better than being male. I can think of 3 without even really thinking about it.

    1) women hold all the cards when it comes to sex and picking a partner
    2) you pretty much always get what you want, ie, most guys will bend over backwards to make a woman happy, even if it's at their expense or if the reasons don't make sense to us.
    3) I see this daily and have all my life... I think the work place expectations of woman are far less then for guys (women get away with all kinds of things guys would never). I'm not going to list examples because I don't want to offend anyone and I'm sure people would take offense. Just sayin'
  • D1rk13
    Wow what rubbish. Counter argument: Imagine a life where your only concern is looking (healthy) pretty to marry the big boss.

    Men are not superior to women nor vica versa. So stop complaining.
  • Blitzkrieger
    "Because Too Many Cultures Around The World Value Males"

    If they would only value males it would be a bad thing. But how is valueing males a bad thing? Its not.

    At least women have full bodily autonomy. You dont have to worry about getting parts of your genitals removed in the first world.

    The fact that more men live in poverty and fail in schools than women means that men dont have it easier than women in the first world.
  • Rahdle
    You're spot on for half of the argument. Though I respect your opinion. Think that all you want. Life's not fair for anybody
  • Paris13
    Who Says?
    Not "Easy" for Anyone Under this God Lovin' Sun Today, no Way. xx
  • ThatBritishLad
    Being tall's overrated to be honest. I had a small friend when I was in secondary school and during the corridor crushes he could always slip on through while I was stuck in the main wave.
    • I feel yeah man. I'm on the smaller end (5'4") and would loose my friends that were bigger (in height or girth). It is interesting to see that each (size of) person has their own advantages.

  • disgustingweebtrash
    All I see is a bunch of shit i'm expected to do whilst you're allowed to sit on your ass living off your spouse's wages.
  • MarkRet
    Women usually have far better social skills. They also seem to be able to handle lust better than guys.
  • posted
    Apparently tall people die earlier :o.
    A girly voice and a wink can get you out of a ticket, also a lot of other things.
    Men can jizz, ok?
    Well men can easily take a piss whenever or wherever they need to for the most part.
    Cultures around the world are specific to... certain cultures around the world.
    Girls are encouraged to, you know, run and stay toned. Not get completely ripped.
    Playing sports can also cause permanent and severe brain damage, depending on the sport.

    I don't think men are encouraged much more than women. It's based on what the person wants to do. Someone telling me to go shop at whole foods, isn't going to make me shop at whole foods. Don't blame your choices on society XD.

    Women and men both have plenty of perks.
  • Jayded1
    You get someone could make a list like this around women? Its called equality, it exists. Just everyone wants MORE. Be happy with all the advantage you have.
  • tyber1
    Wow. Talk about reaching. Half of these are actually expectations that we have to try and struggle to achieve. Those aren't benefits. If a man can achieve those, they're accomplishments. That is a huge difference. We can't 'date up' by carefully applying makeup. We can't expect to be showered with affection and romance just because of our gender. We can't manipulate our way out of trouble with a nice body and some light flirting. People don't bend over backwards to impress us, or go out with us. We're generally treated as expendable until proven otherwise.
  • kellyg83
    dude, you can do all those things without being a man. my boss may be a woman, but she scares the socks of guys who are bigger and tougher than her and she doesn't need a manly voice to do it. i can do the same thing. it just depends on how much authority you can present and the way you carry yourself. almost everyone i've met has asked me if i'm in the military, and i have never been in the military.

    and as far as the money thing goes, who gives a f*ck what society says? when i was growing up i was taught to make that money because the only one you can depend on is yourself. don't worry about what they say. get off your butt and do it, if that's what you want to do.
  • NogardaCurse
    I'm sure guys have their fair share of disadvantages too, just saying. Like yeah, we have to have periods, and that is awe full, but they have to deal with the heightened emotions and mood swings when we are around them. And there are a lot of stupid expectations for guys, being fit and strong, being independent, somehow being a sweet guy and an attractive bad guy, etc. I'm not saying that being a girl is easy, but just pointing out that neither side is "easier"(most likely, I've never been a guy to really know)
    Why don't you get a sex change then? What's stopping you? Are the drawbacks of being a man stopping you? 😂
  • TheInvisibleMan
    Yes but for some guys its impossible to find a girl while every girl can find a 1000 guys easily without any effort
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I agree with you a fair bit but not the whole hog, it is getting a lot better for women
  • Unit1
    On the other side of the gender, the females have it easier in these ways:
    > Females are getting approached while we nearly are not
    > Females may be favored in society more often than males
    > Females get the most attention
    > Females choose sex partners while males work for it
    > Females are the more beautiful gender to the eye than males
    > Females are more likely to get support

    But I will not go on. My message is to bring balance to the scales. Each gender has it's ups and downs but the sad thing about it is, that we didn't get to choose between them on birth. Sooo, we just live with it.
  • BigBallerSodaPop
    I have it easier than everyone because I have a rich dad who I work for (barely work) and that also means I never have to worry about being homeless or starving
  • Donniej
    Oooooooooo !
    You are adorable
  • Vostock
    Wrong-o. To me women have it so much easier. I'm tired of getting rejected and feeling like garbage just because I want a relationship.
  • Bandit74
    How easy your life is depends more on your genetics (looks/IQ) and how wealthy your family is than it does with your gender.

    Also guys have to prove their worth more than women do. Women are seen as having value just for being women. You also have more safety nets available to help you. Men have historically been seen as more disposable. Only the top tier guys have any value.

    So I will say the really attractive or super wealthy guys are at the tip of the pyramid, but the average girl is potentially better off than the average guy.
    • dipta

      I'm not sure that's entirely true, at least not where I come from. What do you mean by safety nets?

  • Rdzivan98
    I'm not saying all the women but women like you who complain about it being hard should maybe do something about it. Maybe men found out the secret of success. I mean there are a lot of successful women out there who have more money then most men. Did they have a deep voice or were huge. No they showed authority and a different way. Money. If a women has money they are seen as higher then any tall strong buff guy because they didn't need any of those things. Women can do anything if they want maybe some countries may not allow women to have the same rights but if you really want something done then you have to do it like a women not a man.
  • FatherJack
    Men are NOT valued more than women in every 1st world Western culture , quite the reverse !! A quote from my own daughter aged 8 ..." I LOVE being a girl , because everyone likes girls more than boys & we are the pretty ones. No one really cares about boys !! " That is quite a telling quote !!

    Men are painted as the bad guys in Western " society " all the time , male sexuality especially is viewed as " disgusting , perverted , rapey " etc. We are bashed for our mere existence !! We are NOT advantaged by being born male... just ask Norah Vincent , when she disguised herself as a man as an experiment... she felt sorry for men & was glad to be a woman !!

    " Yep, I think more ambitious career women should enter asexual or demisexual homoromantic lesbian relationships." ... THAT line points to a strongly anti male attitude !!
    • What if she is really asexual though

    • FatherJack

      @shessoheavy A lot of women are , but that line really meant " Men are sex crazed vermin " Nothing wrong with asexuality... I'll bet most men wish they were !!

    • They wouldn't if they actually know an asexual person, grass is never greener on the other side.

  • mits777
    haha, nobody forces you to be skinny and not to workout, I actually love fit girls who are strong.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Nope, a lot of women are taller than I am (5'4")

    Each sex has their advantages and disadvantages
  • AleDeEurope
    Hahaha nice try, sweetheart... nice try xD
  • SovereignessofVamps
    Periods, NO periods.
  • blustar
    Feminist spotted!
  • AynonOMouse
    It is so much easier for women in the USA.
  • Adigelunar
    good dhare
  • CT_CD
    Troll myTake
  • MissSakura
    thanks for sharing ur thoughts
  • Anonymous
    Women don't need to "spill the seed" when we masturbate. Who cares if "sperm is cheap" if you don't need to expend anything at all?

    Plus, our orgasms are better, we can have multiple orgasms, we can get an orgasm from just playing with our nipples, _and_ we self lubricate. It must really suck to be a guy.
  • Anonymous
    Amen Sistah! Thank you for sharing a post like this! Also to all the men that are complaining about this post: Us females will stop complaining when the unfairness of being a female is gone. When our paycheck is the same as yours. When females can take a job that a man usual does and isn't judged for it. When guys experience the pain of childbirth and don't complain about it. When we are judged by our experience and education; instead of our looks at a job interview. And when our president of the United States is a woman and not a white man. Guys, we will never stop fighting for our rights as a women. So you better get used to it.

  • Anonymous
    What's the problem with curves? I think they're pretty awesome!
  • Anonymous
    Being a hot female is the easiest thing in the world.
  • Anonymous
    men are naturally superior. the first created humans. the husbands and leaders of women. the head of the house.