Why Male Gender Stereotypes Are Better Than Female Ones

Why Male Gender Stereotypes Are Better Than Female Ones

Male gender stereotypes should be aspired by everybody. Female gender stereotypes are kind of useless. They are useless, because females always get the negative human characteristics associated with them. If you look at male gender stereotypes, then you find that they are mostly positive human characteristics. Of course, even positive stereotypes can be detrimental to one's well-being (example: model minority).

In this myTake, I will describe why I believe male gender stereotypes are better than female ones and why everybody, not just men, should strive for these attributes.

Male Stereotypes

In the United States, male stereotypes are:

Why Male Gender Stereotypes Are Better Than Female Ones

Aside from the "tough" and "less sensitive to other's feelings" and "not very desirous of security" and "cruel" and "not nurturing", the masculine stereotypes mostly seem to be good things to me. That's a 13/18. Now, look at the feminine stereotypes. The only characteristics that are worthy of admiration are gentleness, sensitivity to other people's feelings, very desirous of security, kind, and nurturing. That's a 5/18. I believe that the ideal person should have 13/18 of the male traits and only 5/18 of the female traits.


Why do I think the ideal person should be predominately masculine? Well, let's examine the characteristics.


Everybody should be aggressive to some degree. Males should not be any more aggressive than females, and females cannot be expected to be passive. The expectation of passivity may actually cause females to be passive-aggressive instead of showing their aggression directly. Direct aggression can easily be observed; passive-aggression is harder to observe, because the person is aggressive and hostile with an aura of passivity and calmness. I feel that the latter is more deadly than the former, because it can go unpunished for a long time and cause considerable damage to the victim. It's like a clever wolf in sheep's clothing, really.


Everyone should be independent, free-thinking individuals. Too much dependence on another person is a characteristic of being a leech, sucking the life and blood out of the host. There is a time when people are generally dependent on others for survival - childhood and senility. But in between, able-bodied men and women should be independent and responsible for their own actions.

Why Male Gender Stereotypes Are Better Than Female Ones

Not easily influenced

The ability to be so easily influenced is the same as being dependent on others for ideas. Such an impressionable person is extremely vulnerable to all sorts of dangers - physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc. Everyone should be somewhat resistant and skeptical to the free-flow of ideas. That's why we have critical thinking, a valuable skill everywhere.


The trait complements the independence trait. Dominance means giving orders; submission means taking them. If you are always taking orders, then you will never be dominant. Never. If you are always expected to take orders, then you will never achieve leadership positions; and leadership skills are valuable skills for every human being, as the person knows what he/she is doing and can manage the flock well. As a leader, you allow all your knowledge and wisdom to help your community, making yourself a productive member of society.


Everyone should be the doers and makers of the world, not just passive consumers. The problem of passive consumption is that it is rooted in sloth and gluttony. Gluttons do nothing but consume resources; sloths are too lazy to do anything productive. Why should females be passive consumers - the sloths and gluttons - while males are expected to be active makers and doers?

Why Male Gender Stereotypes Are Better Than Female Ones


Being more world-oriented (I prefer this term over the term used in that picture, because the opposite of worldly is in fact spiritual) complements being active, dominant makers and doers. We need productive citizens, not gluttons and sloths.

Not easily hurt emotionally

The ability to be easily hurt emotionally is a weakness. It means that one lacks the ability to protect oneself emotionally and needs constant consoling. Both traits are related to babies. Babies are completely defenseless and require constant consoling to any kind of distress. Adults are not babies. Women are not babies. Just because a woman receives an unflattering comment doesn't mean she has to sit there like a crybaby. Acting like a crybaby just exposes her as weak and too reactive. Derogatory comments occur all the time. Women must be able to immune to them by tuning them out and not paying attention to them. Sure, women can launch a grand campaign to eradicate bullying, but ultimately, the victims must learn how to be emotionally strong, so as individuals they won't be vulnerable to emotional attacks. Women must be expected to stand their ground and fend for themselves. No one else can protect them by themselves.


A classic example of stereotypical male and female behavior is being decisive/indecisive. Women are portrayed as the indecisive shopper who looks at everything in the store before settling down at the one item. Men are portrayed as the direct shopper who doesn't waste time in the store and only buys the things that they need. Honestly, the male stereotype should be applied to both genders. The so-called "female" way of shopping suggests impulsive buying, which is a waste of resources. Women should be expected to be more decisive in their shopping decisions and get straight to the point. To make sure that they get the best deal, they should research different brands before coming to the store, because comparing different products in the store is too limiting and overwhelming and time-consuming. That's the only way to be a smart shopper.

Not at all talkative

Being talkative is not a virtue. The more one talks, the less one listens. Women should not be expected to talk so much; in fact, women should be more reserved and be active listeners. No one wants to hear your half-hour rant when you can condense all your words into a few sentences. Speak clearly but tersely. Don't use useless, redundant words that do nothing but fill up time. Not being talkative should be the golden standard of communication for everyone.

Rarely cries

A tear here and there is a release of tensed emotions. That may be tolerated. However, an outburst of tears for every single distress, no matter how minor, shows that the person is extremely emotionally weak and can't fend for himself/herself. Crying should occur rarely. Sometimes, it is important to cry when you are cutting an onion. Other times, it is important to cry to release emotional burden, but this crying should not displayed in front of another person. Women should be expected to hide their tears, because tears indicate that they are weak and defenseless and can be taken advantaged of.


Being logical is better than being emotional. Emotion can't solve problems; logic can. Women cannot be expected to be emotional; they must be logical and use reason and critical thinking to solve their own problems.

Why Male Gender Stereotypes Are Better Than Female Ones


Being analytical is more valuable than being verbal. Using words is only one means of communication. The other means of communication is visual. Women should be expected to be more analytical, visual critical thinkers. If women are mostly verbal and talk and talk without getting to the point, then that's just useless talking, which is a waste of time for everybody.


While some degree of tactfulness and social politeness should be taken into consideration in any kind of social relationship, it is still far more important to be blunt, or honest, about your true thoughts. Sometimes, the truth stings, and people must realize that. A truth that hurts is much more valuable than a lie that comforts.


I believe the gender stereotype traits should not be connected with any gender. Instead, they should be seen as human traits that are positive or negative. By seeing them in that light, we can stop viewing ourselves as masculine or feminine and start viewing ourselves as human beings with positive and negative traits. Everybody should aspire the "masculine" traits, because they are far better than the "feminine" traits. However, everyone should also aspire the "feminine" traits - kind, nurturing, sensitive, cautious. They are indications of a strong, smart, humane human being, and everyone likes that.

Why Male Gender Stereotypes Are Better Than Female Ones
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Completely cherrypicked all of that. Here are some others, masculine: violent, rapist, never victims, tough (to the point of never needing or being allowed help), sex crazed/uses women for sex
    Feminine: compasionate, gentle, loving, nurturing
    See the problem? You cherry picked all of it and even threw in others that are non existent or simply repetitions of the others. I find it particularly interesting that a woman would talk about male stereotpes and try and weigh in on the subject despite never actually having been male. Nora Roberts was a woman who spent a a little more then a year as a man, she had to stop because it turned out being a man sucked and she liked being a woman more. The fact is your looking at it through a very distorted lens. "Oh men are tough" yeah that is a trait but why? Because women don't want a weak man no matter how many women claim other wise. men are ambitious too, why? Because no woman wants a man who isn't. See the problem? He has to be a certain way and its largley due to women forcing these characteristics on him (yes men naturally gravitate to these thigns but again thats because evolutionarily speaking all the men who didn't would never reproduce). Its a one sided and quite frankly unfair appraisel.
    • Tdieseler

      ... dont forget pedophile too... or creep.
      i was at the playground with my little cousins one time one male and one female and we were playing around in the sand and when i went to sit, they both came to sit on my lap and i started getting side glances from all the females there...
      Hell, I've seen fathers that can't even be fatherly to their daughters in public because of those stereotypes...
      This article is not completely wrong but like you said, it IS cherrypicked.

    • @Tdieseler That too. I would also agree, its not necessarily entirely wrong but its cherry picked to the point where its irrelevent when some of the things are accurate. Its like claiming its unfair that an athlete went to the olympics while you didn't completely ignoring the part where the athlete spent their entire life training for that chance while you didn't go to the gym even once. Its just an illogical complaint.

  • AriadneSky
    stereotypes do not give you information about how people act or aspire to act. they just tell you about conventional bias. i dont think many women aim to be weak irrational frivolous frightened paralyzed and useless but cuddly and nice smelling.. even if difference exists there is nothing innately pathetic or impervious in 'difference'... yet this is the only available dichotomy existing for public consumption.

    the worst insult to throw at anyone woman or man is to call them a woman. yet women are also supposed to embrace conventional views of 'femininity' which are the very same traits making a person weak and ineffectual and earning mountains of disrespect daily. then somehow women are said to 'hate themselves' if they are not embracing a servile behavior, i. e. other peoples view 'femininity' as it is popularly culturally engineered, subsequently understood to be.

    and it is not just united states. your list of ingrained bias spans cross culturally. studies done about belief in behavior not about actually behavior, recycle this list of adjectives over many cultures all over the world.

    . i dont think many people are actually this way at all. i certainly doi not think more women than men act this way. and most people, according to majority of official studies despite pop culture sensationalists try to manufacture, women and men fall relatively equally somewhere in the middle of being a machine and a wet mop.

    so the interesting question to me is why women accept these stereotypes about themselves even perpetuate it when it does not reflect reality. its pretty obvious to me why men would support stereotypes that make them look amazing independent of how they might actually act. but why does anyone accept shameful association when they are free to reject it.
    • AriadneSky

      a person can be strong and nurturing in fact difficult to nurture at all successfully if you are weak.

      a person can be caring and courageous, in fact courage does not exist without compassion. then its not courage but narcisism.

      people are not a block split in half. im not saying you are saying they are, i think anyone who truly examines themselves, they see they are not one or the other, yet these lists prevail. why the acceptance..

  • NexAngelus
    lol first off, doing half of this is going to get a girl into a fight, which guys get into. the difference is that the guy is 2x her size. regardless of what u think that does matter. no matter how good u are, it only takes one person to have some skill to put u back in ur place.

    i myself DONT see anything wrong with the female tree u got going there. people TURN to chicks for particular issues because of their traits. when people get hurt, do they go to guys? NO ooo soo sexist... lol. everyone wants a chick to take care of them. and as far as how u think? there are problems that can be solved with chick logic. they are just different than normal guy or typical stuff. again u are trying to PUSH ur way into stuff u dont belong or can't be apart of for no reason. why dont u enjoy being who u are? when i was growing up and had to do the shitty outside jobs i didn't WISH i could be making sammiches or something or some other chick job.

    i dont understand girls now adays who want to be something they are not. there are guys out there who want to take care of u, who want to protect u, and who want to be cared for by u. all the while trying to keep u happy as possible. yet u want to be the OTHER person.

    but i guess ur not fully alone, i had a few friends that always thought it was funny to joke about the easy life of a chick. i always told them i couldnt do it, i would never do the side things chicks did to be a chick. so i never wanted to be a chick, i just never thought that way. but clearly some guys think this way also. everyone should enjoy who they are and embrace the differences in each other. its so much easier to get things done when there are two of u doing stuff anyway. cause u have both sides of the coin. yin/yang :)
  • cross98
    i agree, there's one thing for a person to deeply believe that but to enforce someone into that role or hire them according to gender stereotypes is crazy. one moment looking feminine is put on a pedestal by society but feminine stereotypes are used against us by guys/ society as well.
  • mistixs
    "Women should be expected to hide their tears, because tears indicate that they are weak and defenseless and can be taken advantaged of."

    and you people think that women aren't, already? (expected to hide their tears)

    by the way studies consistently show that men talk more than women, look it up
    • I haven't seen the studies but i agree we seem to talk more on GaG at least and actually same irl as well i think.
      I mean I often feel the temptation to write a short essay to questions and i'm dyslexic.

  • Blitzkrieger
    Waaah waah😭😭😭 im a victim of society waah waah😭😭😭 .

    Stop whining.
  • LadyTerror
    Not really. I agree with some of them but for some of the stereotypes you mentioned, guys actually have it harder. It really depends on which one you're referring to.
  • FakeName123
    The grass is always greener on the other side. Especially when you leave out a ton of negative stereotypes about men.

    I suggest you to read my past take: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a10510-why-do-women-have-penis-envy
  • FatherJack
    There are a lot of unkind & cruel women too. The rates of sociopathic type personality disorders are proportionately equal in BOTH genders. Neither gender is perfect. In Western " societies " men are portrayed far more negatively than women are , men are viewed as sexual predators & perverts , as a single dad , know these assumptions only too well. Also , being male , I am also assumed to be a less capable parent.
    I fit most of the male gender stereotypes and I don't always think it's always a good thing. I'm too insensitive and I've had urges to hit people. For the most part, I think stereotypes are stupid and anyone who buys into them is stupid.
  • GoodLuckCharlie
    According to these stereotypes, I'm a girl...
    I honestly don't get why you think male stereotypes are better. I mean, they can be better in some cases but it actually leads to people having higher expectations of me, and it just doesn't work out. I'm extremely sensitive and can be hurt easily. Now, that's not a good thing to be if you're male...
  • Paul1236
    Good luck getting that around. This is the norm, your mytake can't change but to prove why we should change. I'm an industrial electrician, I make 100k+ a year. Do you think I'd get married when the court system is corrupted and the society is awfully misandristic? Hell no. I'm a financially successful mgtow.
    • Anonymous

      How do you get to be a 21-year-old industrial electrician making more than 100,000 a year?

    • Paul1236

      Well, I went to college for 10 weeks after highschool because I really want to be independent. I know the whole court thing when a woman divorces a man, she gets half of his income. This made me sick to my stomach because my dad had paid 4 years of alimony to my mother. I don't really want to have kids anyways, they're annoying. Anyways, I went online to apply for a couple of jobs after I got my certification and then a week later, I got a job offer not too far where I live. If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, this job is really amazing and it has great benefits too.

    • Paul1236

      I wanted something quick and pays more money.

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  • spannerotoole
    Be wary of the social justice whiners that are going to come. In their droves. Remember though, that you have people on your side to back you up when they do. You seem egalitarian (or normal) as SJW's will call you a homophobic misogynist. Don't let them get to you.
  • Darkone1
    Thank God, You are safe,
    Feminists will soon convert this mytake in to active war against you, just like War on terror.
  • Skadouchebag
    Men are thought to be pervier and more sex-obsessed, despite the fact that erotic fanfiction is almost always written by women.
    • Yaoi *hint* *hint*

      Lol it's true tho

    • @EccentricRose it's weird, though. It seems there's hardly any heterosexual women's porn akin to what we all know heterosexual men's porn to be like. For example, you've doubtlessly seen many videos where he's standing up and she's laying down and she's screaming and moaning, but how many videos have you seen where the roles are reversed? There are tons of pics of three women crowded around a guy's dick, but so far no pics of three guys crowded around a woman's clit. And while it's anatomically impossible for a man to ejaculate entire pints of semen as is so often depicted in animated porn (where the heck was his body storing all that? his bladder?), *someone* should still have been able to figure out a way to visually show that James Dean (I know he turned out to be a rapist, but he's the only male porn star women ever consistently mentioned on this site) is "filling" a woman.

  • sedrftvgyhujik
    While being tough may be good being seen to be tough say can definitely play against us as now where expected to be tougher than we really are.
  • Klusa
    You also forgot workhorse and self sacrificing which I think many men dont like
    • Your right. I mean who want's to be expected to be self sacrificing. Workhorse I hadn't heard before though.

  • MysteriousDarkness
    How do you think the world would be if everyone had mainly the masculine traits?
  • Harpesian
    I fit far more female stereotypes than male ones, wow.
    Pretty much all of them...
  • Rawrzz
    I disagree.
  • Prof_Don
    I'll pass. I don't want women that act like men!
    • Touchmehxx

      Aww someone's insecure

    • Prof_Don

      @Touchmehxx A blunt, tough, dominant, aggressive women with little sensitivity to feelings... is not desirable to most men.

      Most of the other traits are good for a woman to have!

    • Touchmehxx

      So a woman's aim in life should be to be desirable to men?

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  • HoneyButterCup525
    Wow and i thought i was actually feminine lol
  • bruce3
  • Adigelunar
    hahaha the first pic. so true
  • MissSakura
    well written
  • sexcrazy12
    very good my take
  • CT_CD
    Women fit those stereotypes though.
  • Anonymous
    This is what makes us different. Feminist like to tell everyone that we are the same, but the reality is we are different.
  • Anonymous
    Hun, you're a female. Of course you like male sterotypes. I like female sterotypes... on females.
    • Touchmehxx

      That's not even what she's saying...

    • Anonymous

      @Touchmehxx Um, yeah it is. You don't understand what I am saying.

    • Touchmehxx

      Yea I do understand actually

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  • Anonymous
    No. I hate aggressive people. I hate dominant people and I work really hard. Both in career wise an physically. And I build myself up like this that way if I ever come across an aggressive dominating person. I can destroy them.

    One day an aggressive person is going to pick a bone with someone much better than them and you're going to get hurt bad. Maybe physically maybe career wise.
  • Anonymous
    That's why I hate it in the dating/mating game
    • The marriage game is a lot less cruel. Trust me

    • Tdieseler

      @NatashaBeauty you mean a lot More cruel...

    • @Tdieseler The marriage game is way less cruel than the dating game

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  • Anonymous
    I don't think feminine qualities are useless or "negative human characteristics". I even wish I had a few from the pink list.
    • Anonymous

      I mean, the ones I don't already have.

  • Anonymous
    Meh, according to these stereotypes, I'm not much feminine at all :P