Why Being Female Is Easier Than Male


For some reason, not many people really liked or agreed with the previous Take, even though the purpose was to glorify males for being males. All right. I am going to make this one. This time, I intend to glorify females for being females.


Why Being Female Is Easier Than Male


Females normally have two X chromosomes. Males normally have an X and a Y chromosome. Granted, some females are XY, because they lack the SRY gene or insensitive to androgens. There are also individuals who have a mix of male and female parts. I think they are sterile, though. The advantage of having two X chromosomes instead of one X and one Y is that it serves as a protection to X-linked recessive conditions. The female does not manifest the trait herself, but she may be a carrier if she reproduces.

Female Hormones

Although both sexes generate testosterone and estrogen to some degree, what makes the sexes male and female is that males generate more testosterone, and females generate more estrogen. The advantage of having female sex hormones for an anatomically female body is that the body develops normally. In PCOS women, they may display a variety of male-like traits, like excessive hair growth, baldness, irregular or absence of menstruation, and accumulation of abdominal fat. One big treatment is a balanced diet and sufficient physical activity emphasizing the growth of muscles, but there are medications to add more estrogen into the system.


Both men and women have breasts, but female breasts tend to be bigger than male breasts. Exceptions do exist. Some women are flat-chested; some men have manboobs. The advantage of having breasts is that women just have to use their bodies to feed babies; men have to use bottles and baby formula. So, two female parents may have an easier time raising a baby together than two male parents. When the baby is present, the female parents may be able to lactate and feed breastmilk. It is possible, considering that people have done it for wetnursing. Two male parents may need a female wetnurse for breastmilk or a lot of baby formula; alternatively, they may choose to adopt an older child because of the logistical difficulties of feeding the baby. I remember hearing a story on TV that there was one family that was stuck in the middle of winter in the middle of a forest and could not receive/send any communication signals. The family had a baby, so the mother was lactating and used her milk to feed both her children. So, even the older child who was already weaned was put back on milk. The father went out to look for help, but he miscalculated the distance, which cost him his life. The mother and children were found and rescued. As you can see, breast milk is famine food.


Why Being Female Is Easier Than Male

Protection from Dangerous Male Stereotypes

With 100-200 years of feminism, women are blessed with opportunities and freedoms. Not much has changed for men. Society accepts women to be in non-traditional female roles and actively encourages women to be in non-traditional female roles. In contrast, society accepts men only in traditional male roles and discourages any attempts to become like women. Men have a habit of forming these competitive hierarchies, and the men at the bottom are compared to women with derogatory terms. If a truly egalitarian society is desired, then there must be some kind of effort to accept men in non-traditional male roles and encourage men to pursue female-dominated careers, like nursing and teaching. Men must be encouraged to become nurturing caregivers, and society must accept homosexual male parents. Competition among men should be encouraged, but extreme competition at the expense of unity is counterproductive. It becomes even more counterproductive, when more accomplished men bully the less accomplished men by calling them effeminate terms. Therefore, the problem with feminism is that it is too focused on the needs of women. A gender egalitarian should attack the male tendency to form these ultra-competitive hierarchies and promote cooperation among males.

On the other hand, having a male hierarchy may be advantageous after all . . . if people actually respect the hierarchy and accept their place in society. Men seem to know their place in the pecking order and respect it. If they want to move up, then they will try to move up. Moving higher up in the pecking order may be only desirable to attract the opposite sex, but if men are perfectly content with their station in life, then they don't need to compare themselves to more powerful men. It may also be beneficial for society if women accept the male self-imposed hierarchy and earn their place by merit. By merit, I mean join the men's club and play the game by their rules instead of creating special rules for women. Women would be treated like men; they would just have different body parts. They are encouraged to do strength-training to build muscles like men. They can wear make-up, but the use of make-up is to create fake mustaches and beards. They can wear various hairstyles, but the hairstyles cannot be feminine. Maybe if women were seen and treated like men with different body parts, men-that-physically-look-like-men would not feel the urge to feel superiority over the female-who-can-pass-as-a-man, because the female is regarded socially as a male. Homosexual male relationships will be celebrated, but in order to reproduce, one "homosexual male" must have functional female reproductive organs and breasts for childrearing. So, acquiring the male gender for a female-bodied person is female empowerment within a male framework.

Why Being Female Is Easier Than Male
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  • Anonymous
    Also different rules:

    A) If a guy reads a text from a girl and ignores it, or delays responding, he's being rude. But if a girl does it, it's not rude.
    B) If a girl likes her guy friend who has a girlfriend, and then he becomes single, it's fine for her to hit on him. But if it were the other way round, it's wrong.
    C) If a guy falls for a female friend, it's wrong. But a girl falling for a guy friend? Perfectly fine!
    D) If a girl goes through mood swings and sometimes flirts and doesn't, it's normal. If a guy does it, he's wrong.
    E) If a good girl behaves sexually forward, it's said to be wrong. If a good guy (who is confident and well mannered) flirts or is sexual, it's wrong. But if a guy who is less polite does it, that's apparently fine because that's allowed for his personality. WTF?
    Is this still revelant?
    • selmo93

      Think a, c and e parts wrong.
      Its rude if someone ignores someone else anyway. Its not wrong for either as it depends how the person acts on it.
      Because if a girl behaves like that they get slut shamed...

    • Anonymous

      @selmo93 Ok, can you explain why a, c and e are wrong?

      A) I also think personally whoever ignores is bad. But somehow it seems acceptable that girls can read and not reply (even to male friends). I think it's really bad.
      C) How do you mean 'it's not wrong as it depends how the person acts on it'
      E) WHAT? Are you being serious. Did you read what I wrote though :" If a good girl behaves sexually forward, it's said to be wrong. If a good guy (who is confident and well mannered) flirts or is sexual, it's wrong. But if a guy who is less polite does it, that's apparently fine because that's allowed for his personality". The good guy would treat her with respect and probably be far superior in the bedroom/sensually. It makes no sense to be sexual and reward people who are less good or not as sweet people? I wouldn't for instance sleep with an attention seeking female and ignore a sweet female friend, that'd be messed up

    • selmo93

      Because a) it's bad regardless of gender...
      C) it's not wrong anyone falling for anyone. It's wrong if they try force their feelings onto someone else.
      And e) well that's more unfair to women that guys get let off with that. As girls regardless how their personality is gets slut shamed for showing interest

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I wouldn't say that being female is _easier_ than being male, but it certainly is better. Why?

    The two biggies are a longer lifespan and better (and multiple!) orgasms. Guys, if you really want to live longer, there's been at least one study that's shown that eunuchs live longer. Speaking from a lifetime of experience, you don't need balls to live a great life :)

    Where do guys have an advantage? The things that I can think of are
    a) ease of getting an orgasm- for guys, the most apt phrase seems to be "any place, any time" (bastards!)
    b) physical strength
    c) being able to pee standing up

    OTOH, we have better clothes and shoes...

    Is this still revelant?
    • To me, it all comes down to boobers. Girls are softer, less body hair (although most chicks go nuts for hairy guys).

      I don't know. I don't look at us as equal, but complementary.

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  • jman46241
    It is culture.. At least here in the United States. I don't want you to think I'm complaining though. Women have the single biggest responsibility in the world and I cannot even begin to know what that feels like..
  • Unit1
    And the female get to choose their mates while men work for it.
  • bcromartie
    This is significantly longer. Probably because it had to be due to the complexity of actually being a man.
  • Adigelunar
    u r right
  • MissSakura
    nice one
  • Anonymous
    This time I agree
    Being a female is blessing and way better
    I wish I was a female
    • Anonymous

      Then get a sex change operation. It is possible, if you have the money.

    • Anonymous

      I won't be as good as a natural female is

    • Anonymous

      There are females of different types. I'm sure you'll fit perfectly in. :D