How'd a woman act around these guys and do they allow some men to get away with more based on them being less "good material"? (READ DESCRIPTION)?

Within the social circle (she met both when she had a boyfriend, and now she's single), how would a SWEET, GOOD girl act around:

Guy 1
-more attractive (fit)
-kind and confident
-refreshing, unique, talented
-sweet and good natured
-texts her specially, compliments HER qualities/style
-fun/witty in a subtle, respectful way

Guy 2
- less attractive
- very in your face/brash
- fun in a group/loud way
- objectifies women (e. g. posts pics of everyone around him on fb and labels them 'daboss' etc),
- tells EVERY girl she is pretty/hot
- texts her in group chats, general talk
- not as "good" (as a friend or potentially more unlike the other guy)


- With guy 1, she poses more innocently (arm around waist), act sweet, innocent, except when alone where she acts fun and wilder. She texts him deeply.
- With guy 2, she joins other girls in posing around in very suggestive poses around the guy for FB Calls him by his surname, has never slept with him


Do some women allow some guys to GET AWAY WITH MORE?
Is it about congruence, and why do women do that, isn't it perverse to essentially reward less good behaviour with sexuality? So:

A) Who would she give head to in the backroom of a party and take a c**shot on her face with?
B) Who would she want to have sex with and be friends after
C) Who would she be friends with later on in her life
D) Who would she appreciate telling her she looks hot and how should the guy say it?
In part 3 for instance, can some guy say things like

"All I can think about is my c**k in your mouth" when talking to her

Or in the bedroom say things like:
"Suck my c**k you slut!", tap his D on her face, at the backroom of a party.
Just act sexual?

And why?


Most Helpful Girl

  • These are not good men! Seriously? All of that is plain clear that they are no good. Especially with part 3. It's all an ACT to get into her pants. These are not good men. And you have some pretty crazy imagination about what a sweet good girl would do.

    A good girl would ignore both of them, and NOT get involve with such men while she is already in a relationship with another. Period. Too much porn man, it's already twisting up your brain. Get out into the real world and see women for yourself. Because its not this.

    • Part 3 is a hypothetical scenario. Please READ the description properly.

      Parts 1 and 2 are based on real life. Please answer each part as instructed and this is much easier lol.

      Based on the description of the guys and the girl in part 1 and part 2, what do you make of their and her behavior to them? And as for being more than friends sexually and then friends afterward?

      If you read the question, you'd see she is SINGLE now. But met them originally when she wasn't. Your thoughts?

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    • I'd appreciate you just reading part 1 and 2 and actually answering what I asked in the DESCRIPTION - i. e. what do you make of her relationship with each, the posing and types of guys

      Part 2 - about how guy 1 and her could be more and still be friends after. How he could voice attraction


Most Helpful Guy

  • That's really hard to say. I am not going to answer your questions in your way.

    But it looks guy 1 is confident in himself and doesn't care about the opinions of others. AS LONG as he isn't TRYING to be a nice guy in order to get the girl. He probably has a life outside of talking to girls. This is far more attractive.

    Guy 2 is INSECURE believe it or not, he has to objectify women in order to hide his insecurities about them. Also constantly texting every girl is another sign of being desperate. He has no life outside of texting them.

    I don't know if guy 1 or 2 are guys that you know or if it is 2 ways that you like to act. I have no idea.

    But I can tell you that guy 1 comes over as a confident guy who could probably subtly indeed get to having sex at a party with her AND then stands a chance at being her boyfriend.

    Guy 2 is ridiciliously insecure and desperate. There is nothing sexy about constantly talking all the girls you know to get their attention. At the very most some will friendzone you.

    • Haha ok, well so long as you can answer. I thought breaking it down sounded better given that some (primarily girls) people were posting generic obvious statements about other people. To your good points:

      Yes, you are right. Guy 1 is GENUINE. He isn't pretending to be nice. He is a good man who she has respect for and likes. Yes he has a life and yes is attractive personally and physically. He is only unsure how to hit on her now she is single. e. g. he genuinely liked her qualities and told her that which she loved. Now she is single, he doesn't quite know how to tell her she is cute too.

      As for guy 2, that's interesting! So he's INSECURE, that kinda makes sense. Yes I mean it's not just texting, but in person he tells everyone they're hot. He also posts fb pictures of all the girls around him in poses and labels them "daboss". Why do you think women would do that around him though? And pose closer to guy 1 either in group or alone?


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    • @bedroomdweller Haha feel free to post your own opinion notification wise!

      As for your points, yes I see your point. It's just given she has become single, how do I position myself as someone in her mind for sex? I think I am positioned as guy she admires and finds exciting/likes his sweetness and drive/genuine man vibe.

      It's like this, I dunno about how she wants to date or be single atm. I know atm I'm a bit busy to date, running startup etc and I kinda help out aunt/uncle out of the city compared to earlier (sigh timing eh I had a bachelor pad before). But I can meet her (or other women as I just recently did). And I would be up for being intimate with her/having sex. Though I do see her personally as someone I would like to be friends with after still?

      It's tricky so any advice would be appreciated?

    • @bedroomdweller Thoughts?

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What Girls Said 6

  • This looks familiar. Lol.

    Yeah no one is going to be able to answer this, it seems like you're looking for someone to write a short novella. You can't predict a person's actions based solely on her description of being "sweet" and "good."

    • Not what I'm asking. Read and answer in three parts. The descriptions describe the people.

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    • @Negrodamuss So you're just a pointless spammer then. Gotcha. Well pls stop and go and do your thing with her elsewhere. Unless you can opine on this question. Though pls post separately.

    • @Negrodamuss Lmao this is why I like you my friend.

  • wow. you really have some illusions about what good girls are.

    as an actual self-respecting good girl, i can honestly tell you that guy 2 would get knocked straight the f*ck out. there would be no suggestive posing with him, or any of that. that sounds like some sh*t you saw on t. v. or youtube.

    guy 1 sounds like a great guy and is much better suited for a relationship.

    as far as part 3 goes:

    A) not gonna happen. that again sounds like t. v., porn, or youtube, or some guys fantasy.
    B) probably guy 2, but that's usually only if she has a self esteem problem. and yes good girls get those, it doesn't matter how "hot" she is or how much guys compliment her.
    C) again guy 2, but only because he's somebody to party around with. she could be closer friends with guy 1, but i see that as being more serious.
    D) guy 1 without a doubt, and no explanation is necessary. if he's as confident as you say then he will already know the answer. just don't come off as a shmuck. for example: don't say some crazy sh*t like "you look so good girl, i want to bathe you in butter." unless you're trying to be funny, otherwise you'll get punched.

    • and by the way, those scenarios you described in the update? get real. no good girl would actually allow a guy to talk to her that way.

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    • Well?

    • Thoughts pls

  • noone can answer these questions but her. and even her wouldn't be able to give honest and absolute answers cause sh'd might do or not do these things depending on the moment and circumstances. also your questions are a bit creepy and weird.

    • They are genuinely seeking advice on flirtation and the dynamics of meeting a girl who later becomes single who you like. Please, I do believe you do know something and could help. I'd appreciate any thoughts. Answering the parts individually helps. I am more than happy to clarify personality questions or information you wish to help you answer if requested. Your thoughts would be appreciated and it is interesting to work this out. The basic description above is self explanatory and does include the basic details required.

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    • Then why did you post an opinion on here which doesn't attempt to answer the question or help the questioner? Bit of a waste of my time.

      As for your latter point, doesn't make any sense. Either read the question and description with the accompanied instructions and answer or don't waste my time.


  • Omg blue anon this is so long!!!

    • I know, but you seem like the type of savvy and intelligent girl to answer this :-)

      I mean the details are there for clarity to avoid any generic answers, since I'm asking about this girl and these guys.

      Pls ask if you need any clarity or info?

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    • Ok basically I am asking how can GUY 1 become more with the girl. Just read the attributes and that helps you understand/advise.

    • Anything?

  • There is no way to know how or why one particular person does or doesn't act a certain way... only way to know that is to ask that specific person! Every girl
    I know could act that way with guys yet react differently to part 3. And honestly it'll come down to which she likes as to whether she accepts having stuff like that said to her or not!

    • Yes interesting point on part 3. But hypothesise, it's a psychology question based on actual people. It'd be good to hear your ideas on it. Take your time, it's very readable and the description kinda describes the girl and the guys?

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    • Ok then, or not. Didn't really read the question.

    • Spam

  • I have answered Parts 1 & 2 else where at different point so I'm ignoring them.

    PART 3:
    Her sexuality is not a reward system. She is attracted to who she is attracted to, it's not a scale that weights out who is the better of the 2 people. A guy could be amazing but if he's not for her, he's just not for her.

    A) She may not be willing to do that with anyone. If she is then I am sure it depends on a lot of things like how she is feeling that day, where she is in her life and stuff like that. More about where she and wants then the guy she's doing with in my opinion.
    B) Depends. When you do stuff like this you generally don't want to be friends after... so probably B cause if they stay friendly after she still won't mind losing him when she gets into a relationship out of respect to her partner.
    C) Probably guy 1 as long as they don't grow apart but from what you say she'd probably be willing to put more effort in to making sure that doesn't happen.
    D) That depends more on how she feels and acts that day. The when is usually more important then the who at least initially.

    • Have you? I'd still like to hear your thoughts on those two parts if you can. Just briefly.

      As for part 3:
      Ok so how do you KNOW who she is attracted to?

      A) So if it's a sweet girl, how do you know how she's feeling or whether she wants to do that with a guy, e. g. with the two guys described?
      B) I'm not sure I understand. Why can't you be friends after? Surely good friends don't use each other so they'd still be friends afterward and if anything it'd be a hotter experience. Given the description of the guys and attractiveness etc, why guy 1 or 2 and why?

      C) Explain? I don't get it.

      D) How do u mean when? So if they reconnect after a while, given how they've each behaved to her before, who?

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    • Any thoughts pls?

    • HELLO

What Guys Said 6

  • Guy 2 is not getting any.
    Part 2 she is just not attracted to him. He is a friend online.
    3 it is about the relationship and how she feels with him.
    Only after she get hot under the collar would a woman even let a guy talk like that to her. Sexuality with woman is all mental. If she is not attracted to you then she is not going to let you get anywhere.
    Part 4 give up on this girl and look for another one dude.

    • Yeah interesting points.

      When you say Guy 1 and Guy 2 - I mean how do you view how she behaves to each of them in the description. She meets guy 1 more personally, smaller groups or alone in person and communicates by text. With guy 2, it's group socials at a hobby club and fb. The posing etc?

      Clarify part 2 sorry?

      Part 3
      I get it. So how do you know if she is attracted to? So guy 1 could say those things right?
      What about the backroom bj and things like that?
      The sex and then still friends?

      Part 4
      Right so it's not like certain guys can say it and other not?

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    • Eh? anything

    • WTF hello

  • about the part 1, i'll say that, with the guy one. she'll act more positively and good. and with the guy 2 she won't be interested in him taht much, as the guy 1.
    but since some girls like the opposite of those guys, so the case can be the opposite of what i told you.

    now the part 2
    - With guy 1, she poses more innocently (arm around waist), act sweet, innocent, except when alone where she acts fun and wilder. She texts him deeply.
    - With guy 2, she joins other girls in posing around in very suggestive poses around the guy for FB Calls him by his surname, has never slept with him

    looks like she friendzoned the guy 2

    now coming to the part 3

    Do some women allow some guys to GET AWAY WITH MORE?
    Is it about congruence, and why do women do that, isn't it perverse to essentially reward less good behaviour with sexuality? So:

    A) Who would she give head to in the backroom of a party and take a c**shot on her face with?
    it can be both guys, it all depends on the girl. that what kind of a girl she is
    B) Who would she want to have sex with and be friends after
    in whom she have just lust with.
    C) Who would she be friends with later on in her life
    with that guy whom she's not interested in
    D) Who would she appreciate telling her she looks hot and how should the guy say it?
    i think a guy who is more attractive to her, based upon her likes.

    • Haha interesting! Ok I'll respond to your points:
      Part 1 = So from the description, do you think she is more positive and likes guy 1 more? I would have thought so, interested in the "girls like the opposite" haha. I mean so why guy 1 more, I too would have thought so personally.

      Part 2 = Haha yeah so can you explain why guy 2 is in that zone? And as for guy 1 how does she view him. She met both guys when she had a boyfriend and can you explain the difference in posing and texting/behavior when in person?

      Part 3
      A) Yeah I see your point. Let's say she's a sweet girl, who can be fun too. Had 1 boyfriend before. I mean does it depend on the qualities of guy 1 and guy 2, what do you think?
      B) Can u clarify, so I mean based on descriptions of both guys and being friends after sex?
      C) I don't get that. So say neither guy is the guy she marries for instance. Who'd she be friends with forever (whether she has sex or not)?

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    • "D) based on the descriptions. E. g. guy 1 has always genuinely complimented her character and she loves it. He's a bit nervous to say she looks hot even though he thinks it as he didn't want to when she had a boyfriend. Now she is single. The other guy primarily tells her and every girl publically they are pretty and on fb in those group photos calls them "fitties"/"Like a boss". So if she was seeing say guy 1 after a long time and there is that mutual admiration or affection and he compliments her looks, will it stand out and would she appreciate it?"

      Thanks by the way and I think your analysis is good! What do you think?

    • Well

  • Women don't act in a single unifying way, since *people* don't act in a single unifying way.

    • That's not the question. Please read the description and opine.

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    • I'm saying that she went for the dickwad because she might be an emotional masochist. a masochist is someone who gets off on feeling pain.

    • Not answering it lol. My 4 bullet points I just posted to you.

      You need to answer the question. Your latest response doesn't make any sense as no one has gone for any wads.

  • Well it depends on which type of guy she's into and what type of girl she is.

    • I see, explain? So can you answer the three parts, if you read it, it'll tell you

    • Ok, so read and explain

  • Dude this is not fucking math and its not all black and white. Just deal with it.

    • Ok, that's a new one! You managed to not answer the question in any way whatsoever, probably not having read it, and swear at the same time! Read it and reply properly or stop being some arrogant sadist who thinks they can intimidate others.

    • Lol. SPAM. Reported.

  • Some girl's just go for guys like guy 2 because these guys seem more confident. Unfortunately it takes a while to find out that they are no good.

    • But are they more confident lol. Read the description and answer the three parts pls. Both guys are confident, in fact guy 1 is confident, he's more like a bond.

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    • Didn't read the question


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