Wwhy do girls like guys who treat then like crap?

Heres a Thing I don't understand about girls. (23 y/o male)

Why Do Girls hate nice guys who treat women good. I mean I'm a nice guy, raised well to be respectful to women, a gentlemen, sincere, passionate, loving, often compliment them, being very polite and have good etiquette around women but they aren't interested in me when I am a nice guy and I ask them out for dinner or number and its been a drought season for me altogether before the last few months.

Getting sick of not getting any action for a while (btw I'm not ugly but at the same time I'm not some Adonis either) , I went "crusin" last month at some clubs and bars, being a total a-hole, barely acknowledging any women there other then the occasional "glance", being a total schmock and dis-respectful, playing hard to get and doing the bare minimum just to get some women s pants (not being sincere, pretending to be really interested in them and being very fake) and you know what, its monsoon season for the past several months.

Why are girls like that. What is wrong with them. Do they not want to meet nice guys who will treat them right. Do they not want to meet nice people?

I mean I understand the whole thing about Girls wanting to get the hot, confident, head of the pack mentality, charismatic, not so easy to get guys who are 9/10 pretty much assholes ( I know because I am friends with a lot of them and picked up a lot of what they do during hurricane season =) ) but why is that so. I mean these types of guys are pretty much going to treat you like crap, won't give a f about you, nail you for the one hitter quitter, cheat on you if they didn't get rid of you already, make you pay for everything and mooch off you until you get tired of you and then they will get rid of you.

So the question I'm trying to ask is what is wrong with girls? Why do they think like this. Do girls like being treated like crap and only like good looking guys who treat girls like crap. (although I have to admit, my friends are very good fakers at the whole being nice guys act while being an ahole at the same time) smh. ( by the way, all girls usually think like this, the pretty girls who bang assholes and the normal girls who wished they did banged aholes, its a known fact through conversations with some of my platonic female friends of different variations (normal, good looking,hot) smh)

I mean, its been very fun the last several months but I do feel like sh*t for using women in a way I find to be very objectionable and feel really f'd up on the inside doing this , but you know what, it is a hellauva lot better than not getting any. I'm not raising this question as a matter of just getting laid but pursuing relationships with fairly good looking women( by the way, I have a really low standards). Is there something wrong with this picture? (using my inner geekness, There should really be some research done for this)

lmk you opinion girls. Hopefully I won't have to keep being an a-hole to meet women.

Wwhy do girls like guys who treat then like crap?
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