What I Think About Gender Maturity

What I Think About Gender Maturity

I know, I know. A lot of people are gonna take this as a "sexist" post, even though it isn't, but a lot are already tuning this out, so for the rest of you interested in hearing a different perspective, let's walk and talk.

We've all heard it said that females mature faster than guys, according to studies, and that overall women are just more mature. But I beg to differ. Using the "studies have shown" argument to me just seems like a blanket way to dismiss the whole situation and say females are always above guys in this area, and especially when females themselves try to use it to prove their maturity, that seems immature to me.

There is a difference...

I think there is more to maturity than just a gender write-off of genetics or brain development. Both genders are actually mature/immature differently. Scientists (and females) like to note silly behavior from guys to denote our immaturity, when there can actually be a difference between silly behavior and maturity at times. A guy can make jokes about penises or joke about girls' bodies and play video games, while a girl doesn't do any that and has an appearance of maturity because of the way she talks, yet the guy's maturity could be tested and shown in a very serious situation where the female didn't have enough maturity to handle it or make a good judgment. For example, he might do all that silly stuff, but would maturely and courageously know how to stand up to somebody gossipping about him or someone else, while the female dildn't because she's worried about people disliking her, and because she herself is a gossip. Or, he might do all that silly stuff, but realize that a relationship he's in with a girl isn't working because she's toxic and actually hurting him, and he has the courage to tell her about herself and break it off; whereas a girl in a bad relationship isn't mature or courageous enough to walk away from it, even though she knows her guy is a cheater or abusive.

Also, society tends to be deaf and dumb to immaturity in women. We're programmed to not say anything bad about females and to see them as having superior maturity, even when they're acting dumb. Whenever a girl does silly stuff like a guy might, we as a society no doubt think she's being stupid, but we don't think of her as being immature because of her gender, and we will also think she's just doing that stuff to impress guys. Her gender's maturity doesn't come into question, just her behavior gets criticized. And at other times, people will even think it's funny when a female does the same immature stuff a guy might, but we'll think it's stupid when he does it.

What I Think About Gender Maturity

Females have immaturity in their own ways...

Most people don't really think about it, but females have immaturity in their own ways. We're taught to zero in on any immaturity guys have, and don't even recognize what goes on vice versa. We may call these female immaturities silly or ridiculous, but won't recognize them for what they really are. But I'll tell you what I think:

I think it's immature when females have a particular dislike for someone and try to influence their girlfriends to dislike them too. I think it's immature when females want to call a guy "sexist" and "butthurt" for every little thing. I think it's immature that females gossip - and will hate it when guys talk about what girl they slept with among each other, yet women will talk about what girl they think - or may really know - is sleeping with everybody. I think it's immature for females to be so desperate for commitment yet are the ones who call for divorce 80% of the time.

I think it's immature when a female wants to have sex with other women under the guise of "experimenting" because they're irritated that guys they slept with didn't know how to get them off, so now she thinks sleeping with women will be better.

I think it's immature that females don't want people knowing their age because they want to look young forever, which is funny because in teenhood females love it when people say how grown up and developed they look, but then get older and want the reverse. Not to mention they think the male "midlife crisis" is a joke, yet they fear getting wrinkles and looking old and want to turn to Botox, hair dye, and younger men.

I think it's immature that females attempt suicide so much, turning to that for people to pay attention to them or because they can't deal. We talk about how male suicide rates are higher - which is true because males' methods are more full proof, but women attempt suicide at far greater rates, and if their methods were as successful as men's the female suicide rate would rival men's 3 to 1.

I think it's immature for women to want men of such high value - "having standards" they call it - yet don't even look at themselves to see if they're even worthy of such men, but will think so because a study said they're emotionally capable.

And I think it's immature when females are pretentious and want to convince us that soooo many guys hit on them or are into them more than they really are, just because a guy was polite or acted very kind or even got a bit flirty. Chill. We do it with lots of females because we just like being charming.

What I Think About Gender Maturity

It isn't about biology...

It's also been said - and mostly by women - that females are more complex than males, and if this is really true it would actually indicate that it takes them longer to mature than guys. Brain sizes and brain growth differences in genders really means little at the end of the day, it's more about what goes on on the inside. Some people say the experiences we have can determine maturity in each of us, and I think that's true to an extent. Some people will have experiences that are supposed to mature them, but it ends up not working that way. It's about what's in the inside that makes us develop.

So I think maturity and immaturity differ with the genders, beyond just what experts like telling us.

What I Think About Gender Maturity
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  • juliaanita
    So, what is your definition of maturity?
    • ManOnFire

      Being able to think and act with good judgment, developed character and understanding, and thinking for yourself.

    • juliaanita

      I like that. Do you think that being self aware as well as being able to empathize with another person or gender should be included in your definition?

    • ManOnFire

      @juliaanita You could say that, yeah. But if you're trying to imply that this is already females I wouldn't entirely agree with you.

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  • IceEverest
    I have heard girls get matured faster...
  • Anonymous
    Many guys tend to do the same exact things you said immature females do such as attempting suicide, hiding their age<---(guys also get botox, facelifts, hair dyes, and hair transplants as well), having higher standards <---(according to a survey I found online, most men were afraid of meeting someone "fat" online while most women were afraid of meeting a serial killer), and gossiping<---(there is nothing more gossipy than a male locker room). Do you deem those scenarios as "immature" when a guy does them? In that part, I disagree with you.

    However, I do agree that maturity and immaturity differ with genders as there are both mature/immature males/females. Although, studies conducted by neurologists and psychologists have confirmed that the female brain tends to develop faster than the male brain, supporting the idea that girls mature quicker than boys.
    • ManOnFire

      Males definitely can do those things you stated, but I think it's more common among females, was the point.

      Faster brain development is a physical thing, with no link to emotional or character development. Just like how girls can look grown and mature physically, but don't act like it.