Does Modern Feminism intentionally stifle creativity?


So first let me be clear on a few things.

1: I am not a feminist or an Anti Feminist I simply believe men and women are different and creating conflict and controversy about it is stupid and those who do deserve punishment for being so ridiculous and short sighted.

2: Just because I don't believe in feminism does NOT make me sexist or an MRA.

3: I have nothing against Feminism as a whole or the Men's Rights Advocate movement as a whole. I have problems with groups of people or individuals within these groups.

4: I believe men and women are different and they are different for a reason. If you disagree that men and women are different and they are that way for a reason you're stupid. The easiest way to prove my point is men have penises and women have vaginas.

Without further ado lets go,

So, does Modern Feminism intentionally stifle Creativity?

My answer? Yes. My reason? Anita Sarkeesian.

Now allow me to explain.

I believe that Modern Feminism stifles Creativity because anything and everything that can be taken remotely sexist or offensively is immediately attacked. For example, Harley Quinn. She is a hyper-sexual character who utilizes her sexuality as a part of her character. This character has been attacked by Anita Sarkeesian and other Feminist Extremeists repeatedly. Allow me to explain how Harley Quinn is a perfectly acceptable and 100% understandable as a hyper-sexual character.

If Harley Quinn had no character and was simply Jokers arm candy she would be a very sexist character. However, Joker treats her like crap and this is 100% OK. The reason this is OK is because Joker is a VILLAIN! He's specifically designed to give the viewer/reader/player a million and one reasons to hate him and wish death upon him. Being an abusive boyfriend is a very clever way to do that and sparks some degree of honour into the young boys and men who consume the media. Harley Quinn has very strong feelings of love and attachment to the Joker. This feeling is gone into in serious depth and after (SPOILERS FOR BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Joker dies at the end of Arkham Knight you can see it on her face that she is extremely emotionally distraught and even starts crying. Now enough about Harley Quinn.

So why do I believe that it intentionally stifles creativity? Because if I write a book or make a game I WILL DO WHAT I WANT! Look at how hard Feminist Extremeists have been hitting video games as of late. Anybody ever played the game Destiny?

Anita Sarkeesian said that the fact that male characters sit like this:

Does Modern Feminism intentionally stifle creativity?

And female characters sit like this:

Does Modern Feminism intentionally stifle creativity?

Gives off the impression that the male characters are superior to the femal ones. I have a couple things on this:

1: If you still support this women you do not deserve the free time and money you have and should consider donating to an actual charity to like Extra-Life, Children's Make a Wish, or Able Gamers instead of bloating her pocketbook.

2: I actually think people think that this was a conscious decision on the part of the person who spent countless hours coding, drawing, rigging, making the animatics for, and animating the sitting animations.

How this kind of things works in the world is, the reason the female and male sitting animations are different in the first place because female players are supposed to pick female characters making a female sitting posture would make it easier for a feminine women or girl to impose herself on the character. It's also to encourage people to make multiple characters to experience all the game has to offer. Frankly I think these people see how badly they messed up when attacking the gaming community and have decided to turn tail and run evident by Anita Sarkeesians new series "Ordinary Women doing Extraordinary Things" in which she points out 5 ordinary women in history who did amazing things. One of those women was a pirate which made me laugh because pirates were thieving maurading murders and not really someone you'd want to utilize to prove a woman's strength. It proves the point of the actual sexists. That women are hostile and damaging to society (male pirates are also like this. Don't get me wrong. Pirates were bad all around).

As for why its detrimental to creativity is simply people don't want to lose their audience because a feminist took offence to it. Evident by Call of Duty introducing female characters or "Linkle" the female version of "Link" from the "Legend of Zelda" video game franchise. Look at all these AAA developers bending over backward for these people then they STILL get uppity about it. Why can't you be happy about getting special treatment at all? There is absolutely NO REASON for developers or writers to do these things IN FACT their art is protected by law as long as it is not insinuating anything that can be considered a hate crime. So why not be grateful you get special treatment at all? If I write music does it mean if I say Horny Whore I can't make my music and I need to change it? Absolutely not! The problem is, I would! And I would because you aim to please the majority. If 90% are happy with your product you're golden. As long as you are 51% satisfied and over screw the minority. When it comes down to it feminism needs to acknowledge what it gets and accept the fact that sexist men aren't sexist because they are men. They are sexists who just so happen to be men.

People can not be put into a model. That is the major problem and biggest logical fallacy of Modern Feminism. People can not fit into a model, they're too diverse, they don't fit. It's the same thing as Women aren't bitches because they're Women. This particular Woman is a bitch who happens to be a Woman. My standing is people need to stop dicking with each other and see just how freaking stupid this whole argument is. Nothing is ever going to change in terms of society. Change your attitude to suit society because society will not change to suit you. You can't generalize a whole gender either because people are so incredibly diverse that each individual person has their own version of their native language.

Anyways, I'm done with my rant for now. Leave your opinion below and if you liked it give it an up vote!

Ta Ta for now!


P.S: Feminism has officially caused the English language to regress by adding the word "mansplain" to the English language. Yes. That's right. Officially the word "Mansplain" is a part of the English language instead of being considered slang.

Does Modern Feminism intentionally stifle creativity?
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