Where A Perfect World Isn't So Perfect


Where A Perfect World Isn't So Perfect

If the world was perfect:

Everyone would look like gods and goddesses, yet they'd still find ways to complain about being ugly, about who's more perfect, how to become even more perfect then they already are.

There would be no stress, no worrying, no cancer, no wars. Everyone would believe in the same things and get along well.

If there was no war, that'd be great.

If there was no stress or worrying, that wouldn't be as great.

What is life without problems? There'd be no meaning to life if everything was the same, if everything was perfect.

Where A Perfect World Isn't So Perfect

Inspired by this question, here, everyone tends to see the perfect world as one being carefree, no stress or worries, full of fun and excitement. Here's a snippet of my opinion on there:

"I'd rather have a life full of stress and pain because it helps develop me as a person. To me, if there's no meaning in life then what's the point? What do I do, just kinda go about my day, doing nothing significant except for playing all day?

Sure, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", but all play and no work is not a way to live in my opinion. I am all about making a name for myself, I'm not going to amount to anything in my life if all I do is fuck around and never try for anything.

A life with no meaning is... literally and figuratively meaningless."

Now, everyone wishes for a perfect world, and of course perfection is in perception, so what would truly be a perfect world?

My perfect world for example is one where life is as usual, but there is no war, no terrorists (of any kind), there's peace between every religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, music taste whatever. Everyone respects everyone, even if they disagree or don't understand.

But to someone else, their perfect world would be where everyone likes pop music, everyone goes with the flow, everyone smokes pot, and everyone is agnostic. That would be terrible in my opinion.

I want everyone to get along, I want everyone to believe what they believe and mind their own damn business. I want everyone to be kind and respectful. I want everyone to be their own damn person. But this isn't a perfect world, now is it?

Where A Perfect World Isn't So Perfect


Where A Perfect World Isn't So Perfect
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  • Cccgala
    A perfect world would have no twists, then. Bland and not amusing at all.

    "Perfect", to me, is subjective.
    We wouldn't learn to accept differences, much less respect others. We won't learn from each other.
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  • Waffles731
    It would be boring wouldn't it
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  • JudgmentDay
    Having meaning is subjective and can also be a delusion. Because someone can also ask, well why does having any meaning at all ever actually mattered?

    A "perfect" world would be a world of complete utter "redundancy" with neither anything good or bad to ever had existed, existing and yet to exist. No good and no evil. No pleasure and No suffering. No pain and No comfort. Without suffering, compassion would never had existed and would be redundant. Without suffering, we'd never ever be bored. Without boredom, we would never really have any real incentives to ever actually bother to ever do anything. We'd always remain constant and completely indestructible and we would never ever die or ever be capable of dying and there will never be any struggles ever and without any complaining ever. We should be bored but we'd never be aware of boredom or aware of the concept of boredom, thus we won't be bored. Refer back to suffering, boredom is part of suffering. No suffering means no awareness of boredom.

    Even a "perfect" world is subjective and depends upon how everyone's perception, interpretation and definition of what a "perfect" world is to them. Mines is jus an example. But is it "perfect"? Only from my perception of what a "perfect" world would be. A world that is of complete utter redundancy, where nothing ever mattered, will matter, or will yet to matter.
  • Zorax
    Boredom is the least of our problems, I would still rather live in perfect world.
    • A perfect world would be meaningless.

    • Zorax

      I don't think so, and you would probably love some kind of perfect world ;)

  • sixnineanon
    It'd be yawning 😴
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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    I'd still rather live in a perfect world.