How Minorities Can Succeed and Quit Bitching About White People


Nowadays it feels like everywhere on the news there's either a terrorist attack, a cop killed by another Black guy or Black Lives Matter spreading lies about unarmed Black men being shot by police.

So I decided that it is time for a Public Service Announcement.


How minorities can succeed and stop bitching about White people

Well I can't speak for group X but I can speak for the Jews. The Jews who were historically the MOST persecuted group on the planet, who happen to be White and are currently the most successful group of people.

Every disadvantaged group on the planet has smart people within it. These smart people realize one very important fact, if you're trying to succeed then you need to work harder than everyone else to prove your worth.

Now unlike in the video above very few people are lucky enough to have a teacher invest time and energy into their students being successful. Usually successful people must put in the extra effort themselves to get somewhere in life. It isn't easy but with hard work, education and a little luck anyone could be successful.

It doesn't help when the schools don't prepare people for the future anymore but as Mark Twain once said:

How Minorities Can Succeed and Quit Bitching About White People

I believe it is important for every group of people to know the history of their people.

A while back there was a question on GAG asked by a Pink Anon (which I can't seem to find probably because it was deleted) about whether Black people have ever accomplished anything.

This really goes to show how bad the education system is since it completely ignores the accomplishments of an important demographic.

The current education system is racist towards Blacks because it paints them as simply victims of slavery, apartheid, and segregation while never focusing on the positive contributions made by Black people. This is the very idea behind Black History Month.

A bad education system leads to a stupider public but information isn't something that you can only get in a book at a school. The Internet is a massive resource of information of almost limitless potential.

It's easy to play the blame game to point your finger at someone that did you wrong and crawl up in a ball at any moment things don't go your way but you must understand that life is like a card game.

How Minorities Can Succeed and Quit Bitching About White People


I know RESPONSIBILITY is a scary word but that's the way life is regardless of what your socialist professor or the mainstream media may tell you; most things in your life are under your control.

There is no evil boogeyman that wants to bring you down because you're Black or gay or Hispanic or a member of any other group.

How you play your cards is up to you.

How Minorities Can Succeed and Quit Bitching About White People
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  • TayTay21
    Great take. I'm so, so tired of hearing black people whine about the unfairness of life when they won't take any personal responsibility for their own actions. Black people put forth the least effort in school, yet they're the first to whine about how schools are broken and standardized tests are racist. Everyone who's been through the American public school system knows that black students are more prone to fighting and acting out and less interested in excelling than any other group.
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    • rsstanford

      I'm going to correct you, you should say some black people. No need to generalize the entire race. As far as the school system it could be better. Just for kids in general, because it doesn't prepare them for the real world. They tell kids in order to be happy you have to have a degree. Make at least 60,000 a year. They don't tell you about the debt and once you graduate you won't get a job right away. You don't need a degree to be happy if you want to paint and that makes you happy that's ok. If you want to be a hippie and be in nature then that's fine. Public schools put expectations on kids. About how you should live your life.

    • @rsstanford I thought it was common knowledge that you'd be in debt.
      Plus if you want to go paint but can't pay the bills then you need a real job. A job that can allow you to have your basic needs met as well as some luxuries.
      It's not always about being happy. Happyness is a bonus.

    • rsstanford

      Most people on this earth seeks happiness. I know someone who has worked as a nurse for 20 years, and she is miserable. She thought being a nurse would make a lot of money. Now she hates going to work. It's about doing something you love and not this expectation people have of you. they tell you once you get a degree you can pay it back. But how I know people with two degrees and still hasn't got a job. No one will hire new graduates unless you know someone.

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  • somebodysaycheese
    No, the jews aren't white my friend. Read the bible and see exactly where the Israelites came and its not from not Europe.
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    • Askenazi are White.

    • Right, but doesn't make the jewish people white at all.

    • I guess not all Jews are White but most are.

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  • Emberremembers
    It depends on where you live too. I'm Chinese and people don't pick on me for being Chinese where I live but if you go to some ghetto places everybody just hates everybody whose not part of their group
    • Asians have done really well in America even though they faced a lot of discrimination.
      Just another example of a group that worked hard and became successful.

    • hereiam___

      Chinese girls are hot to be honest:) you are lucky to be one

    • @hereiam___ thanks😊

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  • BigJake
    Personal responsibility is fading from American life. No one wants to be accountable for anything any more, and no one is worse about this than minorities and the hucksters in academia and the media who make a living off of their self-pity.
  • UncagedAgent
    Very interesting Take, I'm glad to see you made this more about how these opinions spread and steps to counteract them than just branding people as reverse racism.
  • VictoriousSausage
    Unfortunately Xenophobia is an issue that we still deal with today, and the political acts recently committed by some countries aren't helping, China's persecution of religious minorities for Organ harvesting purposes and Britain stating to leave the EU has ramped up racism, and at the moment the world is trying to hold together everything. also, i appreciate your attempt to make the achievements of black people more well known around the world, when i read this article i thought you might be stating why white people are superior to black people or wanting people to stop being racist to white people, but i share your belief that all people should celebrate their achievements and remember their downfalls. plus i think the reason many of the things taught about the persecution of black people is because they were devastating to those minorities and many people in the home countries of those states committing the acts didn't know what was happening.
    • I believe that persecution of a group should be mentioned but more focus should be put on the achievements of the group.
      Brexit is an incredibly naive desire (which I wrote a myTake on). I understand the desire to limit immigration but the problem with the right wing is that when someone speaks up it makes the Nazis feel like their views are acceptable and chant them the loudest.
      China is a country that we need to have a whole conversation about as a society. They're the Saudi Arabia of East Asia.

    • i know right? we've had so many racist attacks here, recently I've been fearing about a girl i like because she's from Poland and lives in a city 14 miles away, which recently suffered an attack when some assholes tried to burn down a families shed, luckily she isn't in the country at the moment, but it's really concerning how bad this is getting. and china, sheesh, china is awful at the moment, they keep committing acts of violence, using it as a way to "promote the regime" and asserting themselves over other nations because they think the more democratic nations won't fight it, even in the international ruling against them they completely ignored it (about the south china sea). it's a really worrying time, especially with the rise of trump too.

    • When it comes to Trump I would much rather he get elected because he will address the key issues of Radical Islamic terrorism, corruption, political correctness, putting sanctions on the Saudis, trying to get better trade deals especially with China, and I like his tax plan and his idea of removing state lines to increase competition for health insurance companies.
      However, he has A LOT of bad baggage. His stupid wall, his far right supporters who feel that their hatred of non-Whites is justified, his plan to give nuclear weapons to Japan and South Korea, his like for Putin and complete abandonment of Ukraine, his constant flip flopping on social issues and I'm sure there's much more.

      Although Gary Johnson seems like a decent alternative I doubt he'll get many votes and I would hate it if Hillary got elected.

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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Ok all of this progressive or black lives matter or black achievements is bs. When a white guys or black guy invent or do something good, it's an individual achievement. Not a every one with the same color as me gets this achievement also bullshit. There is no Jewish or black race. Only the human race. Skin color is just like hair or eye color. It's just a freaking feature, get over it. It doesn't mean your smart if your Asian, athletic if torn lack, or successful at everything you do if your white. I've met ugly white chicks who thought they were the shot just because they were white. Same thing, your pretty if your pretty, not because of your skin tone.
    • The human race is divided into a categories for a reason. There are innate differences between Whites, Blacks, Asians and etc.

    • All of which are superficial. Race has no base in biology.

    • Lol are you kidding me?
      Race is purely a biological division.
      Go learn something about cladistics and phylogenetics.
      Or at least read this article

  • TheButterfly
    So many things wrong with this take
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    • Please list them

    • Things do boil down into personal responsibilty, but what happens if you dad walked out and your mom is on drug and you have to take care of your siblings? A lot of people aren't dealt fair cards

    • There are many people with these types of situations that find a way.
      It isn't easy but if there is a will there's a way.

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  • alor1an
    Thank you!
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Ew wtf was that one girl's behavior? xD
  • unpleasentruth
    Minorities are the real racists
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  • frecklejuice
    I think Asians are doing quite well, no?
    • Yes they are :)
      That's because they work hard.

  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I liked the ending video describes cali perfectly
  • Anonymous
    Sure, but note that some minorities are also white.
  • Anonymous
    The first and most important thing they can do is to stop making everything about race. They say we shouldn't see color but bring it up every chance they get.
    • Actually they want you to see colour now.
      They see it as racist to expect the same thing from the as with White people without accounting for their struggles.

  • Anonymous
    They are the real racists, and what was the other thing? Aha yes black shit matters.
  • Anonymous
    funny thing, i wonder why people are repeatedly persecuted by every single culture they try to fuck with?
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