4 Great Benefits of Tiny Houses

4 Great Benefits of Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement has been growing in popularity worldwide for the past couple years. These tiny living spaces are easy to maintain and can be energy efficient. But, that's just the beginning to all the benefits to tiny house living.

No Mortgages or house payments

Tiny houses are way more affordable than brick and mortar homes. Even so that you don't have to take out a mortgage or go through a sometimes depressing housing market to obtain one. A typical tiny house can be bought for less than a new or used automobile most times. They are very easy obtained too. You can buy them from a utility shed dealer, Home Depot,Lowe's, or even just use a utility shed to make a tiny home of your own for just pennies on the dollar!

Very easy to maintain

Tiny houses do not require much electricity or gas as much as bigger houses. So utility bills may be less than what you would pay with a typical house. They are also easier to keep clean and maintain. Smaller spaces with less people mean less utilities and maintenance is needed.

4 Great Benefits of Tiny Houses

They are very moveable.

One of the biggest benefits of having a tiny home is the ability to just hitch it to a truck and drive it to a new location.

Whether you’re trying to move to a new spot of land or just go on vacation without having to pack up some suitcases, having a tiny home makes it surprisingly easy to see new places.

Different tiny homes are built in different ways. Some are equipped with rainwater collection and solar panels. They are designed to live completely off the grid and can be parked just about anywhere you want. Other tiny homes are built more traditionally, needing power and water hookups. They are better suited to dedicated plots of land or RV/mobile home parking.

No matter how you design your tiny home, its potential mobility is a huge benefit. So yes you can take it travelling.

You can be environmentally friendly

Because your house is going to be so small, you can make a lot of it out of recycled, re-purposed, and salvaged materials. In addition to making your house look cool and unique, it also saves that same amount of new materials from being made.

Like I mentioned previously , you can also set up your home to live off the grid. Using solar or wind resources to give your house power, using a rainwater catch and filtration system, and installing a composting toilet are all steps to enabling your tiny house to be functional anywhere in the world.

4 Great Benefits of Tiny Houses
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Smmyskittles
    Honestly, after seeing this. I spend at least 20 minutes looking up tiny houses.

    They're adorable, seem cheaper than an apartment, if you're single or a couple with no kids.

    The bigger ones get up there in cost rather quickly.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    As long as it has a bathroom and a kitchen, an wifi
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  • YourFutureEx
    5. You don't have to complete a marathon to reach the kitchen for food or to pee in the toilet, from your bedroom.
  • Darkfairie17
    I love Tiny houses! I am planning on buying a small house when I save up some money! :)
  • dave1558
    you forgot the number one reason..

    when you majored in gender studies its all you can afford!
  • renogaza
    space has always been an issue were i live and we've always lived in a small place because of that (and hated it), so if i had a choice i'd go for a moderate sized house instead, one that is not massive like a mansion but not tiny like a chicken coop

    i may not be an engineer or architect but i did aspire to be for some time so i studied a lot of things that could make a medium sized house as convenient as a small house without being absurdly crowded and claustrophobic

    solar panels, wind turbines, insulation, triple layered windows, vacuum sealed foamed walls, ammonia/argon refrigerated rooms, house wide water cooling system, underground wells tapped directly into an underground river, etc etc,

    there are plenty of ways to make a house much more convenient, all you have to do is get a little creative.
  • tyber1
    If I was going to invest in alternative housing, I'd get a yurt. Much more bang for your buck than these.
  • FrankReynolds
    I am hoping to get a 20x32 shed and turn it into a home in a fixed location If possible I will have a geothermal heating cooling system. Plenty of solar and wind power so the excess power goes back into the grid. The electric company has to bay back the power. that would offset the cost of water use. I would try rain water collection barrels and see if that helps in the long run. One good use for rain water is for fish tanks. Be warned out one problem many cities have restrictions on homes on wheels and in order to stay in that spot you will have to remove the wheels and anything associated with wheels. The limit is 120 days to do so. I 'm glad the tiny house movement is taking off. It gives people more options in the dream of home ownership.
  • AynonOMouse
    I looked into this last year and did research for hours 3 days straight. they cost more. At least to have one in CA it does.
    With all the regulations, you are not even allowed to have one unless you detach it and attach it to a foundation on a piece of land. Same with mobile homes since 2014 have to be attached to a foundation on land and meet the same codes as a regular house now.
    Utilities are expensive to get hooked up to it/brought in from the street.
    There are expenses that will add up to more than the tiny house costed.

    It's cheaper to just buy an older house that is already set up. Look into the zoning codes and you'll see what I'm talking about. Some other states it can cost less though.
  • ginny_weasley
    I already really want a tiny house. Great take!
    • I really do too even though I have a bedroom that was made out from a utility shed

  • Maazin
    Only if there are no other small houses cramped up. Right?
  • legalboxers
    does it have decent electricity and plumbing?
  • BorisJohnson
    Is there room for my chief mouser there?
  • John_Doesnt
    Where do I keep my pet elephant and my gym?
  • Prettyapathetic
    Literally moving houses brah
  • Anonymous
    After reading this, I still don't want a tiny house. I'd rather live in a big house.