Real Men vs. The "Men" of Today's Society

Real Men vs. The "Men" of Today's Society

This myTake is my belief on what a real man is and how most men today are NOT real men. I believe a real man is someone who is strong and is a man of honor. As an example of a real man I like to think of Maximus from the movie Gladiator. I'm not saying a real man has to go and and fight people with swords, I'm saying that for thousands of years men understood what a real man was. A real man should be strong, loyal to his family, and be a man of honor and respect. I'm not saying a strong man should never cry or show emotions, but a strong man should be able to lead and take responsibility.

However, being a real man isn't the same as being a white knight, or a thug. There are a lot of strong, tough men in society, but they have no honor, respect, or morality. A thug or a bad boy likes to act tough, but they don't have much honor or respect. They can't be trusted to look after their families and remain loyal to their woman. A white knight is a weak man who might as well have been born with a vagina. They pander to women and feminists at every opportunity. These are not real men. These are nothing but pansies.

My idea of a real man, as I like to describe myself, is a man who is strong, faithful, loyal, honorable, respectful, but at the same time does not pander to women whenever women are in the wrong. So in other words, a man who believes in being faithful and looking after his woman, but does not allow himself to be a doormat and isn't afraid to stand up to his woman whenever she treats him badly.

Real Men vs. The "Men" of Today's Society

Once upon a time, men understood what being a real man was. And despite the repeated lies and myths of feminists about men oppressing women for thousands of years, what they don't tell you is that for thousands of years men have been sacrificing their lives to protect women. Husbands, and especially fathers, were greatly honored by society. People understood that fathers were very important for strong family units. But in western society today, fatherhood has almost died. If couples split up today, a father has to ask permission to see his own children. It's up to the mother and a stupid man in a wig sitting in a family court whether a father gets access to his children. Once upon a time, men and fathers would never have put up with such injustice.

But it's not just men, it's also women. Most women have also forgotten what it means to be a lady. Thanks to feminism and media brainwashing, more and more women are becoming like men and men are becoming like pansies. There is an agenda to emasculate men and empower women. I don't know how any honest person can deny it. It's happening right in front of our eyes. It's all around us.

Real Men vs. The "Men" of Today's Society

In society today I mostly see two kinds of men: the arrogant idiot, and the pansy white knight. I see an awful lot of men today who just want to go out, get drunk, take drugs, have sex, and cause trouble. They act tough, but deep down they're not real men. They're just arrogant clowns who have no honor or respect. Then there are other men who seem nice, but they're nothing but pansies and white knights and male feminists. The kind of men who are weak and have no balls. Both of these kinds of men are pathetic.

Like I said, my idea of a real man is a man who is strong and tough, respectful and honorable, but isn't a doormat and does not pander to women and feminists. A real man does not blindly defend a woman. A real man isn't afraid to put a woman in her place whenever she starts behaving badly. Areal man will defend a good woman, but not a bad woman. A real man is willing to die for what he believes is right, to protect and defend his family. A real man is despised by feminists and white knights, just as real ladies are despised by feminists. So as a real man, think of a strong, honorable man like Maximus out of Gladiator. Do not allow the media or the feminists to take away your masculinity.

Real Men vs. The "Men" of Today's Society
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  • Tdieseler
    Good Take man... but yours is just a polite version of what mine is gonna be about. Mine leaves more of the definition of Real men and digs more into that
    "Thanks to feminism and media brainwashing..." aspect. Oh, its gonna be brutal.

    Too many candy assed men out there now... and because of them, women are running rampant... and we all know women are emotional... and i would like one person to give me ONE example where emotion was used in a decision making process that didn't blow up in the end. And these candy assed dick carriers are letting emotion ladled women run them.
    We need real men back, who are fair. Know when to listen and know when to tell a person to shut the fuck up.
    Lol... mine will be without the soft touch. Again though, nice take, but it barely breaks the surface.
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    • well said. Look forward to reading your take.

    • Tdieseler

      going for max female down votes... me and a few guys are starting a thing lol... blunt truth and see how many down votes we get.

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  • Anonymous
    I agree with you. A real man is rare to find these days.
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  • Vargulf
    Or, now hear me out, there's no such thing as being a "real" man and all of this hullabaloo about trying to be something others want you to be is more detrimental than helpful.
  • genericname85
    the whole "real men" - rethoric construction is just a way, conceited idiots use to state their disagreement with other men in an insulting way.

  • ScottSummers
    loved the Spartacus series, enjoyed every ep
    on and by the way iam a real man , iam a man and iam real fgs
  • cth96190
    There are the sort of traditional man you describe, but you will not find them among the hipster beards, the effete leftards, or other versions of the politically-correct mangina.
    Nor will you find them being produced by the education systems, which have been re-engineered to produce people who are undisciplined, ignorant and almost incapable of critical thought.
    Traditional men can be found in areas of endeavour such as martial arts and the military.
    A significant and increasing number of such men come to the conclusion that the modern female is a liability that they neither want, nor need, in their lives. . . so they go their own way.
    Forming a relationship with a woman who carries with her a 50 per cent probability of divorce and financial and personal devastation at the hands of the state, does not survive rational scrutiny.
  • SlightlyCrazy
    Could I have a glass of water
    My god that was salty
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  • Jeeevan
    Lol a real woman is hard to find these days too.
  • Nah.
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  • Anonymous
    Seeing a written movie role as what man should be. Seems kind of counter productive yeah?
  • Anonymous
    Primitive garbage. Human stupidity has shot the Earth to shit, people are killing each other over bullshit, Bigots are running the world and people are so wrapped what this or that should be. Total order is the way. One world one society is the way. Human race time to crawl out of the sewer of stupidity.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent take! I totally agree! Too bad most of this site is nothing but "alpha" thugs and sexist feminists.

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