Actually, All Lives Don't Matter

Actually, All Lives Don't Matter

It's two in the morning on some dilapidated street long ago rid of it's once bustling businesses and it's pride. There, just off to the side on the cracked sidewalk, lying face down, limbs helter skelter, blood pooling onto the cold concrete below, is the body of some fifteen year old gang banger, shot and killed for doing what gang bangers do. The police arrive some minutes later, not in the least bit surprised by the scene or the age of the kid given the neighborhood and the street they are on where this happens two to three times a month, maybe up to five times a month in summer months. They question a few on lookers who of course, heard nothing and saw nothing. It doesn't even register on the news in the morning as being newsworthy despite the usual mantra of, if it bleeds it leads. They can't really "sell" the story of the same types of kids ending up in the same place every night without some new angle, and there really isn't one.

I think it makes a lot of people sleep better at night if they can stand up there and say to people that all lives matter, not just certain lives. However, each of us knows those lives don't matter to the same degree, or for some, certain lives have no significance at all. For something to matter, it means that we consider it to be significant or of importance, worth actually doing something about, but "a gang banger doing what gang bangers do," and getting killed over it is hardly something any of us have ever actually put much thought into. I mean, what did he expect given the life he led, we say. Oh, yeah, you hear about shootings all the time, there, we remark as if we were talking about the amount of blue jeans we saw people wearing on our afternoon jog through the park.

Actually, All Lives Don't Matter

Anyone can say anything and hold up a sign in some protest, but just merely saying all lives matter doesn't actually do anything, and the same goes for holding up black lives matter posters unless there is action behind it. The reasons BLM came into being initially, was to shed light on a lot of the inequalities in the judicial system in regards to people of color, to address racial profiling, to speak about poor education in undeserved neighborhoods, to deal with police injustice and the like, and at least for me looking at the situation now, those ideas, though still there, and held by many, have disintegrated under the weight of attention seekers, under the weight of those not actually a part of the cause and wanting to cause trouble, and a lack of any sort of formal or informal leadership much the way the 1% campaign did not to long ago. I'm not here to discredit the thousands of people who really are and do advocate for change and do have noble intentions to help their fellow man or woman, but as a movement, the cause is not what it was once hailed to be and may be hurting more now, than it is helping.

Actually, All Lives Don't Matter

All lives matter protestors are no better. It seems all they want to yell about is how they either feel somehow that they have been excluded from the movement or want to impose the name upon the movement rather than actually use their platform to talk about the problems we all face under the umbrella of all lives matter. On either side, there have been no real tangible long lasting effects of the protests like improving neighborhoods for all people, improving the educational systems for all, challenging a broken and unfair judicial system or challenging the police officers across the nation, the actual few, who are corrupt and abusing their positions. On both sides it's just turned into a screaming match for which there have yet to be any winners of any kind.

We don't live in a world where people are equal. We like to say it a lot, like holding up these protests signs, but any of us sitting alone without the crowds, without the signs, without the media, being asked whether we believe we live in a fair world that treats everyone as equals would be very hard pressed to check that yes box. If we are being honest, which most of us rarely are with ourselves, we don't really and truly in our hearts believe all lives matter.

We say stop dividing us, stop putting labels on us, stop separating us, but at every single conceivable turn, we separate ourselves from others in so many ways even beyond just whatever our race happens to be.

We don't actually want to be equals, we, specifically thinking of ourselves and our families, want better treatment for ourselves. We don't want the poor living in our well off neighborhoods and schools. We don't want some grandmother who can't afford her life saving medications on her own due to failing health, to receive assistance if it means our insurance rates go up. We don't want token minority kids or the token white kids to get the opportunity to attend our schools if it means we or our children don't get a spot.

We don't want our son or daughter to get the same long sentence for petty crimes as the dissimilar race teen sitting on the bench next to them in an effort for equality. We don't want men to be allowed into our all girls gym. We don't care that some waste management plant has been pumping toxins into the air for years giving children in a disadvantaged neighborhood cancer for decades if that means, we don't have to have it in our neighborhood. We don't care about the one or two corrupt cops on the force if basically everyone else is doing their job. We don't care that the internet is filled with people who routinely make racist or sexist remarks as long as they aren't directed at us.

Actually, All Lives Don't Matter

Most of us don't really and truly care about anybody else but ourselves and our own because all we ever do is say these or those lives matter, but we do nothing about making that so other than to say we are in an effort to convince ourselves and others that we care more about the world, it's problems, or it's people any more than we do, which is very little.

Actually, All Lives Don't Matter
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  • krash2002
    Great MyTake. We live in a world where selfishness is not only tolerated, by praised. On average, someone's value is built upon their own personal wealth, and accomplishments. Often times, those who succeed the most. Are also the most selfish; as they can't think too greatly of others to get where they are today (This is to be pointed towards the business world. Athletes teeter totter on this subject.)
    The world has also made it very difficult to not be selfish. If someone tries to stand up and do the right thing. Then the world criticizes that person and makes them regret doing good. Look at the individuals who are white and attended Black Lives Matters protests in support of Blacks. There's countless video's of people questioning their motives, and one lady went as far as yelling at them to get in the back. Showing that their just cause doesn't matter and they aren't important. Even though they are attempting to do the right thing.

    As a Christian, it makes me think as to how far we've all fallen. A world that could once be easily preached to. Is now taunting other's to dare step over the line in front of them and put their hand stating "or else". Within the bible, it is spoken that selflessness is one of the hardest paths to follow and in today's society. I think it's even more so. As someone who stands up for a cause; is not only ridiculed by those around them, but ridiculed by millions of people amongst the web as well.

    Any who, sorry for the long rant. I enjoyed your mytake and think it was well crafted.
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  • helloitsmethere
    Thank you so much for this myTake.
    People need to realize that, if a group of people who you are not a part of is protesting and asking for equality on rights, it is not a threat to you.
    Also, how about y'all be glad that you don't have to have protests to fight for your own rights? People were protesting for LGBTQ+ rights about two years ago before gay marriage was legalized, and it wasn't even considered a threat to straight people because EVERYONE knows people who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community were being treated unfairly, and IS STILL being treated unfairly. Just because there are certain laws put in place for equality, LAWS DO NOT CHANGE PEOPLE'S MINDSETS. This is why racism and prejudice still exist.
    Also, the shootings of the policemen in Baton Rouge is not what BLM is about. Majority of us do not agree with it and we're sorry that happened but do not categorize all of us as being hateful towards whites. We just want equality in our judicial system and to stop generalizing us. What's so hard in asking for that? My male cousins shouldn't be afraid to wear hoodies at night because people might mistake them as 'thugs' wanting to cause trouble when all they want to do is get home safely.
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  • hellionthesage
    All lives don't matter and not every one cares about all lives, that's why blacks kill so many other blacks, that's why when a black cop killed an unarmed white teenager no one cared yet a white cop who killed an black man who assaulted him caused the entire town to riote. Their are a lot of inconcistencies in what is said and what is done but lets not pretend its one sided. Racial profiling should be implemented for a very very good reason, it works. Blacks statisticly are far more likely to commit violent crimes then any other group, in fact over 50% of all violent crimes are commited by blacks despite the fact that they only make up 12% of the population. Whites are more likely to embezzle and commit fraud and various things of that nature, far more then any other group etc etc. We know this to be true so why not use that knowledge? Its the logical conclusion. If the black community doesn't like it then they have the solution to the problem, start giving a fuck about their families and their communities. So many of them simply do not care that's why you see many successful blacks cutting themselves off from the black community because they simply get used by the people their. Its not really their fault because no one has ever held them accountable, its always some one elses fault whites fault an unfair system that mistreats them so much that it makes them murder their own etc. This is the problem. As for police, sure their are problems but when you look at the statistics again you don't see it occurring to a specific race, black police officers have the same arrest rates by race as white police officers, the same incident rates, the same statistical occurrence of killing unarmed people (which is almost always due to the person not cooperating for what ever reason, police are trained to expect violence after all). So we know its not racial, in fact blacks are actually more likely to kill whites then whites are blacks by a large margin (I believe 80%) and are actually more likely to kill Hispanics comparative to Hispanics killing blacks as well. Their are plenty of poor white people, in fact their is actually more poor whites then blacks yet the poor whites manage to not be as violent as blacks, same with poor Hispanics and Asians etc etc. We know its not opportunities because black immigrants earn considerably more then black natives despite all the obstacles they have to overcome (in fact they do better then many white immigrants and native whites).
    • So we know what the problem is and its excuses. We do not hold blacks accountable, we try to make excuses for the poor (been poor all of my adult life was abused as a child still managed not to kill any one, not to steal not to rape not to assault a police officer etc etc) we try to make excuses for every group out their (well except for whites whom we blame for everything hence the all lives matter people). So this is an easy fix, treat every one the same hold every one equally accountable for their actions. Problem solved. As for not caring, speak for yourself, your the one making excuses even as you see where that leads. I do care, that's why when I have to interact with a black kid who is told that he failed all of his classes due to racism I inform him that its not due to racism but because he didn't do his homework, because he slept in class, because he refuses to try. I want him to succeed because being poor sucks but people like you are telling him to give up.

    • Your telling him to sit back and let the white people come in and save him instead of telling him to get off his ass stop playing video games and start making something of himself. this is the issue and as long as people continue to make excuses it will continue to get worse. You don't solve a problem by pretending it doesn't exist, you don't solve it by pretty words, you don't do it by talking and doing nothing about it, you solve it by rolling up your sleeves and doing the unpleasant task of doing what needs to get done even if everyone else hates you for your efforts.

    • Anonymous

      First, it's "there," not their for most of what you've written. Second, I feel you have seriously misread this whole take. You probably read "black lives matter," or "all lives matter," and just starting writing what you've already written on every other take with that title. Your point, I take it, is that you think I want that kid somewhere to just give up on him or herself or that somehow blacks should get some sort of special treatment, but that is literally the exact opposite of what I've said in this take. The point is that so many people like to stand there in protest for BLM or ALM and scream back and forth about how they care so much and they want this or that done and everyone is against them, BUT NEITHER SIDE is doing anything about it other than just screaming about it... hence, no lives matter, because without action, which is LITERALLY what I said, all the protests back and forth are just words. Now what about that is not true?

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  • bryon
    Finally !! An honest take that don't pander to anything but truth. It's true , most really could care less as long as it isn't some how directed or involving them
    • Anonymous

      We forget we're at base, animals. The lion on the Savannah isn't any more worried about some other lion in another pride starving to death enough to give it any of his food any more than we are as humans concerned enough about "yet another" gang banger dying namelessly on the streets to actually do something about all the ways they got to that point. So many people are so fake with it all. It's not to say we are just completely heartless individuals, but we care about specific causes, specific people, and specific situations that usually relate back to ourselves in some way or some tax break we can get from it, or something that will somehow affect our family or our jobs if we don't do something about it.

  • Reallio
  • TheEnd2
    Black people are holding themselves back by making poor decisions. The current culture promotes dependency and victim hood which will only add to all of societies problems. Personal responsibility and self reliance builds character and the current culture promotes the opposite dependency and blaming others for your problems or victim hood erodes character. Things will only get worse for blacks unless they change their behavior.
  • Accipiter
    No lives matter

    The universe doesn't give a shit about any of us insignificant meat bags.
    • That reminds me of what one of the survivors of the plane crash in South America that had to resort to cannibalism said of his choice to eat human flesh. He said "the universe doesn't care what happens to you".

  • Loadedgamer
    Their life isn't of value towards the government, so why do people should care or respect other people!

    In my opinion all these BLM, Chicano Pride, or Even Asian Persuasion (can exist at any point)! I consider stupid hate groups, who only dislike other races, but are loyal to their own race
  • NJ_Casanova
    LMFAO, the picture of the protesters fight was great... Thanks for the laughs.

    True< people don't realize how racist the "Black lives matter" movement/concept is... It's A F'King Joke. Defending the lives of Career Criminals, LOL.

    The deaths in baton rogue and in Baltimore, were the only ones that I feel sorry for the victim.
  • somebodysaycheese
    That All lives matter pic gets me under the disclaimer. How it says unless your black, hispanic, non christian. But most chritians in America are black and hsiapnic and most athiest are white. Those types of things always get me. They dont make sense.
    Anyway, I do agree with you mytake.
  • MassieMolina
    The reason white people don't support black lives matter is because they don't want black people to be treated fairly. They know good and well how black people are treated worldwide and like to say bullshit to make it seem like it's true but they know that white supremacy is real as is this white male patriarchy that is the US. White people don't want to be equals with black and other minorities. They love having privilege and being thought as superior. Its how they've always been and nothing has changed. Blacks have no trouble calling white people out for their shit.
    • Jersey2

      Actually BLM protests are FULL of white people. I have seen more whites than blacks at times. Racist much? Oh, I guess you can't be.

    • No, its because its a hate movement with false facts and lies. The number of black cops that kill unarmed whites is as high as white cops who kill unarmed blacks where is the out cry for them? Oh yeah their white they don't count. When a black cop killed an unarmed white teenager in Louisiana was their a public outcry? A national cry to arms about the injustices done? How about when the court ruled he had done nothing wrong was their a public out cry? No, no one cared. Yet we have ferguson where the entire black community (showing how nonviolent and civil they are) burned their own town to the ground during their riots and looting because of what again? Oh yeah a white cop defending himself when a black man assaulted him and attempted to take his gun. But no one gave a damn about the cop did they? Why would they he was white. Its actually ironic since the moment you call out blacks on their shit its racism but when blacks riot and loot and assault and murder and rape whites its

    • (as 52% of all violent crimes are commited by blacks despite being only 12% of the population and that 80% of interracial crimes are commited by blacks against whites, and that black on white rape is very common but white on black rape is unheard of (they don't even have a statistic for it its so rare) blacks being oppressed and mistreated. God your racist, you have laws that benefit you programs that give you free education despite the fact that their are more poor whites then poor blacs you have hiring laws that benefit you none exist for whites cops are less likely to shoot blacks simply for fear of being viewed as racist despite the fact that they are 3x more likely to be shot at or assaulted by blacks then any other group and your response is to throw yourself a pity party? Stop being racist, I know its hard, but try, try to act like an adult and hold yourself and blacks accountable for their actions your not children your adults start acting like it.

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  • alphadoggystyle
    Its true, individuals as well as different groups of people are more often than not, different and thus not equal, same with the genders, men are better than women etc. this is all fact.
  • BraveHeart97
    To be fair, "equality" is a man made concept. Nature knows no such thing as equality. All nature cares about is survival of the fittest. Though, I'll still appreciate it if we value the lives of our fellow human beings no matter of race, religion, or culture.
  • harrisja9
    you're an idiot. All live do matter and the fact that you're even trying to argue that tells me that you probably don't have much of a soul. Life is life and it's precious whether it's the life of a so called gangbanger or the life of a church lady.

    I seriously hope someone like you isn't in any field that requires actually caring for people. If so, get out now.
  • NinjaZero420
    If GaG really wanted to promote smart, edgy, and original content they would be bragging about takes like this instead of that inane fluff they jizz themselves over!
  • Rilect
    True it's my life that matters all bow down to the almighty @rilect
  • lazermazer
    Great take, but can definitely improve on structuring points.
  • Leoon
    I really like your Take ! I enjoyed reading it
    • Anonymous


  • Relentless_Hippie
    I think I know who you are.
  • TheRebel69
    Not all opinions matter either.
  • FrenchyRomain
    actually , no lives matter
  • Anonymous
    Do you really think non-Republicans are treated less fairly in society? You live in a fantasy world.
    • Anonymous

      And Asians are more economically successful in America than whites, you know.

    • He's right^^^^^

    • Anonymous

      I literally had no idea what you were talking about, and in fact, had to re-read what I wrote because I didn't remember talking about political parties, but I gather you're pissed off from THE RANDOM picture from the internet. Go blame whoever created that one.

  • Anonymous
    This is VERY close to hate speech
  • Anonymous
    send in triggly puff