"Tolerance" Is Not Always Tolerant

"Tolerance" Is Not Always Tolerant

Before I begin this post, I will say that I am a libertarian. Being a libertarian, I ascribe to the "you do whatever you want" kind of mentality. I support and care very deeply for the LGBTQ community. I generally want people to do whatever they want, as long as they are not harming others in society and are not making me pay for their choices. For example, if you want to go to college, go, but I shouldn't have to pay for you to do that. If you want an abortion, fine, but don't make me or others pay for your prior choices (through my tax dollars).

HOWEVER, I often become very frustrated about how the word "tolerance" is thrown around in this country (United States).

I think that there should be "tolerance". The United States especially was built on a melting pot of individuals from a variety of different cultures coming together to create a unified nation. Today, we are even more diverse culturally and ideologically than we were then. I think this is great. We should be open to other cultures, ideas, religions, etc. and acknowledge our fellow countrymen, even if their backgrounds/ideals are different than ours.

"Tolerance" Is Not Always Tolerant

Unfortunately, tolerance only seems to extend to politically correct and socially acceptable concepts. Contrarily, religion seems to be taking the brunt of the tolerance inconsistency. If people want to marry whoever they want to (which I fully support), then people of all religions should be able to practice their religion how they choose. If they feel like its against their religion to bake a cake for a wedding, then don't force them. It's their loss in business. If a Muslim woman wants to wear a burka, she shouldn't be shamed (another popular word today) for her religious choice. She shouldn't be told that she's being forced to wear her religious garb, and then promptly told to embrace feminism.

Tolerance is about accepting the the variety of differences between us, not just some specially selected, socially praised concepts.

"Tolerance" Is Not Always Tolerant
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    In other words, double standards is the reason why tolerance isn't always tolerant.
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    • Anonymous

      Correct :)

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  • Josht13
    why be tolerant to intolerance? These cakes you are talking about are open to the public if you can't do your job why take it and no one should be tolerant of that bullshit.
    • Anonymous

      That is not correct. These cakes are sold by a privately held business. As a privately held business, a bakery should be able to sell their cakes to the customers they want to and not have to violate their beliefs. There are plenty of bakeries that would be happy to make a cake for a gay wedding.
      How is refusing to bake a cake intolerant? They aren't questioning the LGBTQ member about his lifestyle. They're not trying to convince him that what he's doing is "wrong". They just don't want to violate their religious beliefs. In this country (via the United States Constitution), the government can neither establish a religion nor can they prevent the free expression of one.

    • Josht13

      Religious beliefs have no place in a business that is open to the PUBLIC, if someone has deeply held beliefs that they don't want to serve blacks how does that make it right if you want to be a business that gets to operate with the government you have to serve all the people it's like a muslim who would work at a cafe and refuse to serve the pork they shouldn't have taken the job then. I didn't really want to get into this but their religious beliefs go completely against the law and separation of church and state.

    • Anonymous

      @Josht13 If you read my comments carefully, you will realize the distinction that I'm making about these businesses. I am never advocating or saying that it's okay for people to turn down gay customers in every circumstance. Rather, I am suggesting that when that individual is producing goods/services especially for a service that goes against their religion, then they have a right to refuse service. I'm suggesting that a Catholic priest should not have to host a gay wedding if it's against his beliefs. A person baking a cake, taking pictures, or wedding planning should not to be forced to participate in this service as well. I AM NOT suggesting that a cake baker could refuse to bake a birthday cake for a gay person. The separation of church and state has to do with a government not establishing a religion. Read your Constitution! Since when is an individual's personal choice become synonymous with "the state"? That is totally ludicrous.

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  • Fathoms77
    Being someone who leans toward the libertarian party myself, I should clarify and say the crux of the party really isn't "do whatever you want." That's not really what Objectivism is, at any rate.
    • Anonymous

      In a synopsis it is. Libertarianism is completely focused on individual independence and especially ascribes to the Austrian view of economics. Libertarians are usually for legalizing marijuana and prostitution. As a political science major (and now in graduate school), a few simple ways to define different political ideologies:
      Liberalism values EQUALITY over ORDER and FREEDOM
      Conservatism values ORDER over EQUALITY and FREEDOM
      Libertarianism values FREEDOM over EQUALITY and ORDER
      So, yes, libertarianism involves more than "do whatever you want". I tried to simplify the ideology for the purpose of this short dialogue. However, the crux of libertarianism is placing value individual fiscal and social responsibility rather than governmentally segmented directives in these areas.

    • Anonymous

      Additionally, libertarianism suggests that individuals must deal with the consequences of their poor (or exemplary) choices and not put the pressures of those choices on the community as a whole.

    • Fathoms77

      Yes, thank you, I know all that. My point was simply that "do whatever you want" sounds like it advocates any behavior at all. That's where people get confused when it comes to Libertarians.

  • Dimmu
    I dunno why people are obsessed with NIQAB
    It's her choice , religion or not , it's her own business
    Feminists always tell women you should be feminist or you will be wearing NIQAB
    It's so disrespectful for women who wear NIQAB ,
  • worldscolide
    I agree completely with this.