Beautiful Doesn't Mean Better

Beautiful Doesn't Mean Better

This take is my opinion (rant) on how some people use the word beautiful as a compliment when it isn't relevant e.g. I remember there was some sappy Facebook post about a girl who had some kind of skin condition on her face (I don't remember the specifics) but the comments were going on about how she's beautiful and such. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but no, just no. I don't want to be the douche here (yes I do) but not everyone can be beautiful.

Some people have warts growing on warts, some have horrible burns and scars or tumors that look like a second head and yeah, you can go on about how it can mean other things but come on, we all know we mean physically attractive. You can say it's subjective which is true, but I do feel like there is some general consensus that not everyone just is. I have two main problems with people saying "oh, they are so beautiful" when it does not matter (when someone is asking about it or in a date scenario I guess its fine).

Beautiful Doesn't Mean Better

Beautiful Doesn't Mean Better

Your attractiveness shouldn't affect your self-worth

(The picture above is the common uninspired quotes I found on every fat shaming activist profile on Tumblr; thankfully I fixed it with my masterful MS paint skills)

The culture we are in values looks so much that beautiful is now something that is a positive character trait. This is mainly only directed at women when I've seen it said, but it is nonetheless still a bullshit positive that not everyone applies to yet can have it said to them. When people say, "you are beautiful" to someone to make them feel better, it shows they clearly think being beautiful is something that shows you're a good person or a good character. People think that being beautiful makes you better and it should just make you instantly happy, but it doesn't.

I get that it makes people feel better but that's my problem: you shouldn't change how you feel about yourself. It shows people are really shallow and you should say something else that is more worthy of appreciation. Everyone has their own flaws, so no need to just gloss over that but I hate seeing these crappy inspirational quotes: "You are really beautiful; you just don't know it/" Do you have nothing better to say? Being beautiful isn't worth shit and I hope I'm not coming off bitter here, because I've accepted my flaws physically and it doesn't bother me. I know it doesn't mean anything.

Beautiful Doesn't Mean Better

(It's not flawless, you goddamn cretins; not everyone is, and even if they were, why do you put so much value on needing to be? You are the problem.)

It is a terrible compliment

"Beautiful" is a terrible compliment. All it means is that they can't say anything genuinely nice about you, so they just resort to the same bullshit that everyone else says. How about some actual compliments that matter? I'd much rather hear things like, "you are smart, funny, interesting, caring, honest, brave, exciting." These are much better character traits, yet big companies like Dove (God I hate them) keep pushing narratives about, "oh you should feel like you look amazing and are beautiful; stop putting yourself down because everyone is just as beautiful."

People don't want to accept their own problems and just want some rubbish to make them feel better about themselves. Stop that horseshit and accept you don't look beautiful or not incredibly attractive. Not everyone does, so stop being so pitiful and stop worrying about superficial garbage which brings me on to my next point.

Beautiful Doesn't Mean Better

Accepting your insecurities

I think this is something that everyone should do: we should stop placing so much value on being flawless or beautiful and just say, "yeah I'm average and my teeth look like shit but so what?" When we stop placing value on these things we can become a less superficial society and actually strive to be better people, rather than just be perceived a better person.

Notes: I accept that beautiful can have different meanings but when people use it they generally mean physically attractive. I also accept that it's subjective, but that makes it even more worthless, if anything.

Beautiful Doesn't Mean Better
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    True. Beauty is clearly a social construct.

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