Anti-Fascist and His Children Attacked by Muslims and Called "Filthy Whites"



"Writer Ghislain Gilberti and his son were savagely attacked on Saturday by a group of men shouting “filthy white”, seemingly Islamists enraged by one of his novels, police in France have heard.

Mr Gilbert and his 12-year-old son were attacked in Belfort, France on Saturday following harassment and attempted break-ins. Though an active antifascist, the writer and his family have received death threats from Salafists displeased that the prologue title of the novelist’s bestseller is “jihad”.

Police are investigating after Mr Gilberti was taken to hospital with a broken arm by firemen, following a reported street attack by Salafist Muslims.

Mr Gilberti said he received blows to his back before being called a “filthy white” by four men aged between 20 and 30 years, who held him down while attacking.

The author reported the men also kicked his 12-year-old son in the head and stomach, shouting “it’s the same price for you” and “we don’t forgive, we don’t forget” at his 11-year-old daughter who was also present."

Anti-Fascist and His Children Attacked by Muslims and Called "Filthy Whites"

I’m not one for saying “we told you so” especially not when his children were subjected to the assault as well. I suppose though he has had an introduction to his longed-for utopian dream that his children will again have to face in the future because of their fathers utter stupidity and naivety.

Those Muslims don’t care if he was an ‘anti-racist’ they viewed him as a ‘filthy-white’ regardless. They will have no compassion for the useful idiot anti-fascists who welcomed the millions of Muslims with open arms, they will rightly see them as weak and to be discarded after they have served their purpose.

It highlights the very real dystopian future that the ‘anti-fascists’ are creating for the future generations of our children. This happened whilst he was there with them, what about in the future when you are not there to protect your own children? Are you really prepared to take the risk that their future will not be one of ethnic violence as a result of forced multiculturalism?

The sad thing about this is that he still won’t learn, he will go on indoctrinating his children to believe in the airy fairy open borders Utopian nonsense. They were the victims of HIS worldview, he is as much to blame as the Muslims who did it. What sort of parent is it that endangers their own children’s futures based on the most ridiculous and unnatural ideas ever heard?

Anti-Fascist and His Children Attacked by Muslims and Called "Filthy Whites"

Already there has been literally tens of thousands if not more victims of diversity crime ie crime committed by those brought here by your politicians under the banner of ‘diversity and multiculturalism.’ Grooming, rape, robbery assault, murder the list goes on. Do you want your children to become a victim of diversity and just a statistic to the filth who occupy the halls of power and their lapdogs in the ‘anti-fascist’ movement?

This man betrayed not only his people and his country, he has betrayed his own children. Don’t be like him. Secure the future for your children not just in a domestic sense, but in a national, racial and cultural sense. They are relying on you.


Anti-Fascist and His Children Attacked by Muslims and Called "Filthy Whites"
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  • TonyC
    I'm glad I found this thread. There is so much fuckin' anti-white hatred on this website and it makes me sick.
    Is this still revelant?

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  • ModernDayCrusader
    We need warriors who are willing to overthrow their governments and regain control of their country.
    After that's down they can start kicking out all the Muslims

    It's sad because these Muslims had their own countries but because of ****** plans to conquer the world, the destabilization of the Middle East was nessacary to eliminate Europeans. Within 100 years there might not be any pure blooded Europeans left.
    • TheFlak38

      The Middle East is already destabilised and now the same thing happens in Europe.

    • You are absolutely right. The plan is to destabilize the world. They do it incrimentally over long periods of time. country by country. Islam is just a tool for them now. And the ignorant Muslim masses don't realize why their countries were destroyed and who they should actually be attacking.

    • There will be pure blooded Europeans left but they will be in the United States, particularly the South and then those polygamist Mormon coves that only "marry" each other. But that will only last so long. The entire West has been infected by "progressivism" and Europe is about 40 years ahead of the United States. In another 40 years, we will be where they are today, perhaps even sooner if Hillary wins.

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  • anonman32
    Man, i subscribe to many anarchist ideas but i won't label myself one because i like to stay neutral. BUT FUCK ANTIFA they are a bunch of whiny losers, they were originally anarachist but fuck em.

    Anarchism does not tolerate intolerance. They fight for the wrong cause. Anarchism does not believe in a uniform utopia, this man is an idiot for tolerating a racist assault on himself and his children.
    • TheFlak38

      At least you have an opinion of your own.

    • anonman32

      Anarchism is non violent until violence is done to innocents. Antifa is blind, they attack the entire right wing while it has nothing to do with fascism.

  • BlondeBlueEyes84
    If you're White and not at least far-right then you're a delusional, self-hating idiot.
    Be exactly what non-Whites expect you to be, and constantly tell you you're.
    That's especially the thing for a straight, White, blonde, blue-eyed male like me.
    I am the White supremacist they tell me I am. And that's a good thing.
    • And yes, I am a White supremacist, not a White nationalist, or ultra-conservative, or whatever. I DO look down on the lesser races.
      I also firmly believe that only the White race was created in the image of God, and that non-Whites are actually Demons created by Satan, or the offspring of the Fallen Angels, to harass Humanity, that is the White race.
      Adam and Eve were both White, blonde and blue-eyed, without a doubt.

      And you know what the funny thing is? Deep down all non-Whites agree with me. All non-Whites are White supremacists themselves who worship White men and women, especially the blonde, blue-eyed ones.

    • One World - One Race - The WHITE Race.

    • TonyC

      Thank god I found this thread. I've been going back and forth with these fuckin' anti-white jack-offs and this website keeps removing my posts. They can post all the anti-white bullshit they want but as soon as we respond we get are shit taken down.

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  • cth96190
    I wonder if that was enough of a reality check to cause that self-hating idiot to pull his head out of his arse and see reality?
    At least his children had a close look at Islam in action. It is a wonder that the little girl was not raped.
  • Dimmu

    I'm not worried that much about arab Muslims in western countries , they have the alternative , to go back to their countries
    Ok but what about the natives?

    It's shocking how 3rd world countries people are more civilized than 1st, may be cause they are older ,
    • Dimmu

      Oh by the way Islam will dominate
      It's a statistical thing

  • englisc
    These far-left anti-fascists are either suicidal or ridiculously stupid. There have been so many cases where these leftists have tried to help these migrants and have ended up raped, beaten, dead or all three. Whenever this happens their other leftist friends always seem to try to cover it up, or they themselves make excuses for the behaviour of their attackers. Do they not realise that these people see them as weaklings? That once they're no longer useful they'll be discarded like the pieces of shit these people see them as because they're white?
  • dudeman
    Europe fucked itself. Trump 2016 we can't let this happen here.
  • legs_n_sheets
    Before anyone says anything, I believe organized religion is a cancer to society. I think faiths/spiritual beliefs should remain personal, and people should merely have right to gather in modest religious community services, nothing else.

    With that said, you don't see Christians doing stuff like this, nor people from Hindustandenominations doing it either. It's all Muslims.

    Just as the first Christian crusades from Western Europe went to war against Muslims in Holy land, now the Muslims are doing that but to the rest of the world. People just don't get that's their intention and will do it whatever it takes and by force, the more power you give to them the more havoc you will see.

    I sincerely hope United States could watch over leftist bullshit propaganda, and see the errors of Europeans.
  • Dred1614returns
    That's Islam for you. Europe shouldn't have let them all in.
  • Alex88F
  • takumii
    They didn't beat up his 11 year old daughter, see how considerate Islam is?

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