Non-Politically Correct Reasons Why I Don't Want The Donald

Non-Politically Correct Reasons Why I Don't Want The Donald

So, basically, most opposition to Trump comes from the political correctness side of things. I, however, have a different view on him.

His Tax Plan Would Increase Taxes On Middle Class Families

According to a Bloomberg report, Trump's tax plan would give major cuts for upper class individuals ($250,000+), but would increase the taxes on a majority of people within the $250,000 - $45,000 bracket, the largest portion of American families today. While I don't necessarily believe in class-based tax rates, of all the classes, we need to preserve the well-being of the middle-class, and a tax hike will push more and more people into poverty.

He, And Especially His Running Mate, Are Anti-Union

Now, full disclosure, I am in a Union, and it's the best thing to ever happen to me. So I may be a bit biased, but Unions are the reason why there is such a large middle class today. By working for the rights of the employees, they have ensured ethical business practices, leading to better quality of life for the workers, and not just union members. They set the bar higher in the industries they affect, with better trained workers and more reliable employing.

Non-Politically Correct Reasons Why I Don't Want The Donald

Not only do they provide workers with jobs and better pay, they provide them the opportunity to make a positive influence in the local economy: by building up rainy day funds, when times get tough, unions become the backbones of the companies that work with them, providing them compensation when they have to underbid to get a contract, amongst other things. They also maintain relationships with medical companies to ensure not just their members are covered, but that their families are as well. In essence, they do all the things that the government had tried to enforce over the past 8 years, but responsibly and privately.

He Would Increase The Debt by Five Trillion Dollars

This is a huge one: according to another Bloomberg report, Trump's budget would end up adding $5 trillion to the national debt by the end of his first term. Even Hillary's plan would only increase it by $200 billion. Not saying that's necessarily good, but when a Republican would have more deficit spending than a Democrat, something is wrong.

Non-Politically Correct Reasons Why I Don't Want The Donald
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  • PrincessofNohr
    This completely. I think his supporters really are blind to just how awful his economic policies would be. He's Reagan 2.0, and we all saw how well trickle down worked. I also bet you that that 5 trillion includes his stupid wall, which would apparently be the most expensive piece of American infrastructure ever built...

    And one last thing that bothers me. People say "he isn't sided with Wall Street like Hillary is". HE IS WALL STREET! He's the exact shill billionaire that these people decry, so I don't get the argument at all...
    Is this still revelant?
    • Same. It's like, he lives and built h was empire in new York... That's literally where wall street is. He even says his friends are other billionaires who take advantage of the system... Like he's not even hiding it 😑... People are fucking morons

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  • Rissyanne
    Not all unions are good. The union where I work lie and cheat the employees. They take dues then they offer very little support. You dont have to be in the union to receive the same benefits as the union employees. I am anti union in the company I am in. I am actually management. I see how they are treated by the union officers. They have come to me and want out of it. I can't say a word and the union refuses to help. Just remember not all unions are good.
    • I have to agree with this. I'm currently a Teamster, and while I was against it at first, it's been pretty beneficial to all of us by ensuring a raise and giving us some job security since we are part of a grant program. My mom dealt with a crap union when she was an education paraprofessional. It was a really small "union" where the officers only served their own needs and ignored everything else.

      I think a big problem is that we're in an economic culture where unions are one of the few things ensuring that Americans have fair paying jobs when all corporations would love to ship everything overseas to pay a cheap laborer $1 per hour with no benefits. Companies are completely focused on short-term, high-yield profits, that they won't invest in taking care of their employees, so labor unions make sure they do. Like you said, some suck, but I think most of them in general are beneficial.

    • Rissyanne

      Well dude we got him... so deal with it

  • Library
    Good job. These are the best reasons to not vote for Donald Trump. This guy literally has no political experience so it's not a surprise that he's not gonna do a good job.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Hey this is the internet - How dare you have a post on issues - I can't abuse you over that - Great post, glad to see one sane person left - I agree his policies are full of ifs and buts.
  • JenSCDC
    He's also against a free press and an independent judiciary.
  • Adigelunar
    Good post.
  • Anonymous
    You're right.
    Let's just put a con in the office, who has been hooked to Obama for 8 years, and the other two, who don't know politics from a hole in the ground.
    Sure, makes sense that no one should vote for someone who wants to make America Great Again.
    I would rather have Trump in office than any of the others. If Judge Jeanine and O'Reilly and Hannity think he's A-okay, then subject is closed.
    • Judge Jeanine and Bill O'Reilly. You negate your own validity by using those characters as qualifiers for your views.

    • Anonymous

      I have good taste in people more than follows on here, i see.

    • I'm sorry, but Judge Jeanine is a reality TV star and Bill O'Reilly is a reported sex offender.

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  • Anonymous
    Careful man. You may piss off the fuck ton of Donald Trump piss babies on this site!
    • Rissyanne

      Unlike the idiotic Hillary gangsters...