19 Reasons Why I'm Voting for Trump

19 Reasons Why I'm Voting for Trump

In light of recent events, it seems everything is set up for Hillary to win so that's very unfortunate. I'm still voting for Trump and here are my reasons:

1. No more nation building in the Middle East. He openly called the Iraq War a mistake even back when it wasn't cool to do so.

2. He wants lower and middle class tax cuts.

3. He wants to reduce student loan debt. Is against the government charging interest on student loans.

4. Wants to audit the Federal Reserve... And really, who doesn't want that?

5. Doesn't have any special interests groups funding him unlike the other candidates. Has called for all candidates to return the money they're getting back to Super PACs and to remove special interest groups from our election process.

6. Likes universal healthcare, is open to replacing America's broken system with something similar to Canada but better...

7. Moderate on social issues (e.g. affirmative action, women's health, gay rights).

8. Focus on broad-based American nationalism instead of narrow and divisive race and gender identity politics.

19 Reasons Why I'm Voting for Trump

9. Acknowledgement that political correctness is obnoxious.

10. Desire to put America first in trade deals instead of pure Wall Street globalism that exploits third world workers abroad and destroys domestic jobs.

11. Realist based foreign policy. (e.g. deal with Putin if it is in our national interest to do so, even if he isn't perceived as a nice guy).

12. National pride. The man loves his country and thinks it is the best. Every country should have a leader like that.

13. Diversity: he employed women in leadership roles before it was popular to do that. And he did it in the construction industry of all places.

14. He has absolutely nothing against legal immigration, he's encouraged it many times. His grandparents are immigrants, his wife is an immigrant, several of his closest business partners in New York are immigrants. He is against uncontrolled, illegal immigration.

15. Unlike other candidates, his economic plan actually makes sense. It would result in "an 11 percent higher GDP, a 29 percent larger capital stock, 6.5 percent higher wages, and 5.3 million more full-time equivalent jobs".

16. Not only is he very knowledgeable in economics and investment, but the tax structure he offers up back in 91' seems relevant even today to help alleviate some of the complaints we have about 1%'ers and wall street.

17. He's genuinely against TPP.

18. Acknowledges the danger of allowing mass refugees from places governed by fundamentalist terrorist groups, even if such acknowledgment is not politically correct.

19. Trump's idea is about middle class welfare is more libertarian, somewhat. He's more about free enterprise providing for your needs than the government...

Healthcare is provided by, as I recall and don't quote me on this, a system where insurance programs work across state lines. This is intended to boost competition and bring down prices. His plan for greatness is less personal burden from tax... Trump's tax plan is significantly even lower than what Bernie had and is intended to allow the middle class to keep more of what they earn... This is also intended to boost business opportunities so there are more jobs available...

19 Reasons Why I'm Voting for Trump
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  • Kiwedin
    I'm Canadian, but y'all are fucked this election. Trump's an all around douchey human being and Hillary's a liar. It's like choosing the lesser of two evils now. I feel bad for you guys.
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    • Same here. The two candidates doesn't seem promising.

    • lericah

      The thing is that Hillary may be your typical politician who will do what ever she has to to get elected (in some cases do what the populace wants over what she wants) and will push the facts that support her but Trump lives in his own reality, suffers from advanced Cognitive Dissonance, and has proven to be a blatantly greedy Narcisist. This isn't Turd Sandwhich vs. Giant Douche, this is Grade C produce vs radioactive sewage

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  • pineappleshortcare
    I'm in the #StraightOuttaOptions camp. Here are reasons I find it hard to support him:

    His support of "Stop & Frisk" is unconstitutional

    He's flip flopped during his own campaign on several issues. He also has denied saying things that are recorded that he said. He also has trouble keeping key players in our foreign policy straight and this has been well documented.

    His demagoguery is a problem.

    As much as I don't want the energy industry to fail, the environmental impact of coal is very real. Plus, coal companies speculated in Chinese markets instead of investing in alternatives, lost big, and are pushing the blame wholly on government regulation.

    Can we trust him? He campaigns using NAFTA as a point, but exploited it for profit. He campaigns against outsourcing, but has goods made in China. He talks about taxes, but doesn't pay them. He retweets neo Nazis and "accidentally" endorsed a white nationalist as a delegate - out of opportunism to help secure that faction's vote. He has a reputation of screwing over contractors working with him and bullying landowners into selling cheaply for his developments. Etc.
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    • john52461

      amazing how everyone is a constitutionalist all of a sudden when it comes to stop and frisk, can you came off the top of your head without looking on google what other unconstitutional policies each candidate has?

    • cipher42

      @john52461: I'm legitimately curious, what exactly are the unconstitutional policies that Clinton has?

    • john52461

      @cipher42 I'll put one, supporting the AFA or obama care, there isn't constitutional authority to allow the government to force people to purchase health insurance and then penalize them with a fine for not complying. If you care about the country and being a good citizen then it's up to you to study the constitution.

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  • pnl86
    5. Doesn't have any special interests groups funding him unlike the other candidates. Has called for all candidates to return the money they're getting back to Super PACs and to remove special interest groups from our election process.

    That alone is why he has my vote. We are long overdue for campaign finance reform. The US gives foreign aid to countries in Africa, Israel, Turkey, etc., and then some African countries buy weapons from Russia (and Russian funnels $$$ into the U. S. through charities and private foundations that throw $5,000 pops and sprinkles into select candidates' campaigns), ditto for Turkey and Israel (and Israel just got tired of hiding it and is quite blunt about it now).

    China is infamous for this. Our politicians aren't STUPID, they're CORRUPT. The Chinese literally bring private airplane loads of people to "gamble" at particular casinos, who then siphon off the laundered funds into the campaigns of select candidates (e. g., those who will be lax on implementing or enforcing balance trade standards against China diluting the US markets on certain goods).

    Right under "ad" spend on use of campaign funds is "data mining." It's like a level below the NSA. They buy and mine for data on the Internet and see the kind of words and rhetoric people statistically respond to more strongly and positively (or negatively), and then tailor their positive or negative ads accordingly. Votes can literally be "bought" when people are so robotic and predictable by the droves. So, "votes" no longer win elections, "money" does.

    People are left voting based on the little they have to judge the candidates on, which is awfully lacking in actual substance.

    In theory, if there was just one centralized website that candidates running for office were limited to using to get their message across, with identical budgets capped at some dollar amount that allowed more than just two major players in the marketplace of ideas the opportunity to convey the substance of their platform, the right to "vote" would actually be meaningful. As the system currently stands, we have a "hollow" democracy. We just pay "lip service" to our democratic system of government.
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  • Luci92
    All I can say is empty promises. You do realise what politicians do best is to make a nice list of all the great things they want to do for their country to get people to vote for them, but when they're elected and it comes down to the crunch, many don't follow through. Do you honestly expect me to believe Donald Trump is any different?
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    • john52461

      He's probably not any different but he hasn't proven that yet. Hillary has already proven it since she's been in politics longer than most of us have been alive.

    • Luci92

      @john52461 valid point.

    • I was going to write a take on this. I may just go ahead and do that :P

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  • Nice_Guy_Last
    He wants to lower taxes on the middle class, yet his tax plan would increase taxes on the middle class. He also wants to roll back gay rights and create anti-LGBTQ laws, and also wants prison punishment for wonen who get abortions. Donald Trump has exported more jobs than he has created here (at a net loss for American workers), and he is Wall Street. His current tax plan (updated since 1991) would give those who make over $250,000 a tax cut. Hillary is also against TPP, so that's a mute point.
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  • GuysGuy
    Trump is a complete asshat.

    And the US is NOT the centre of the universe you short-sighted pompous asshole. There's bigger responsibilities the leader of a massive and arguably wealthy nation has, than just to itself. So typically American. (Yes, believe it. The rest of the world looks at US citizens with a large degree of disgust for the most part).

    Look past your own f**king noses, because if you dummies end vote this disgustingly unfit sorry excuse for a human being into office, prepare for a serious shit-storm. He has the very real reactive potential to destroy everything... for many more people in the world than just Americans you celf-centred jackass.

    You just spent the last 8 years shitting on the most fit-for-office for-the-people world-respected presidents you've had in decades.

    Clinton is not ideal either, but look at the ridiculous situation your isolated education and segregated political system has gotten you all into. This election and its electoral candidates have made the US a global laughing stock. You have many many reasons to be utterly embarrassed by this ordeal.
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    • DanoMR

      Sorry, but what kind of person would vote to be led by someone who didn't make it clear that their interests were being put first. Being rich doesn't mean we owe anyone anything.

      I'm all for the world getting better, but why is it our responsibility? Other people can fix their own problems.

    • GuysGuy

      @DanoMR... spoken exactly like the self-centered, narcicisstic, fuck everybody else 'American asshole' most of the rest of the world already perceives you all to be. Nice work.

      And dude, since when does the US mind their own business and let "other people fix their own problems" as you say?
      L. M. A. O.

    • DanoMR

      It's an unfortunate reality that we've had neocons infest both of our political parties since the late 80's. However, Trump is not a neocon.

      Truthfully, I would much rather Paul won in 2012 and this whole mess be avoided. He was the only candidate who really wanted to leave everyone else alone.

      And fuck me for wanting the money ripped out of my paycheck to benefit me, right?

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  • Errhh
    You do know there are other options other than those two weirdos right?
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    • cipher42

      There really, really aren't. Not realistic ones in any case.

    • You know that the other options are not good either. Johnson is INSANE and Stein doesn't really have any solutions. Really with this election we are just screwed from all angles.

    • Errhh

      @homegirl123 rip USA ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  • KindHeartedBeauty
    Hopefully he doesn't "grab your mom by the pu**y" 😭 he's a billionaire he could care less about your poor ass
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    • Typical sheeple. What Donald Trump said was stupid I admit. However the take owner is looking at his economic platform (which directly impacts YOU and ME). But I realize that's too much truth and details for simple people like you.

      Just stay distracted. You better get back to watching the Kardashians...

    • @sdistotallyme and im guessing you're mad ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • @sdistotallyme and like I said he's rich! All of his economic policies will be geared towards favoring him and his rich sick friends, so that they continue to pay little to no taxes! He's a pervert, so NO he will not be getting a vote from me!

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  • openthedoors
    The only reason I'm voting for Trump over Clinton is your reason number 18.
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    • john52461

      wow my main reason too! It's what turned me on to his campagn. Also #5 was a big one. I saw what happened to women in Germany, I don't want women here to get raped and groped by refugees. Or worse terrorist attacks. I know most aren't terrorists but even if it's 1/1000 it's too much.

    • @john52461 5 is also a big one I agree but ya 1/10,000 is even too much I'm extremely afraid of bombings especially cuz I'm in a big city.

    • echoaj

      You're more likely to be struck by lightning than be killed by a terrorist. We need to take these powerless people in. It's a humanitarian crisis. We would be saving countless lives.

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  • KTY897
    He also thinks that China made up global warming and that more countries, like Japan, should have nuclear arms,
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    • lericah

      Why not pushing the world closer to Armageddon is how you court the religious right.

  • llorando
    Your forgetting one thing, Trump is a Clinton/DNC plant to divide the republican party and ensure Clinton wins.
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    • where's your proof? references? i mean, im listening but we need to have proper conversations...

      as policies go at least... i DO NOT want muslims inside america... i DO NOT want open boarders and i can prove to you right now how that isn't trump agenda but hillary's, to name an example... i can also prove to you right now that the trump "sexual victims" were planned ahead months ago as a last resource weapon to defame trump... i can show you all of the schemes and criminal acts from hillary clinton... i was glued to my computer during ALL #wikileaks podcasts and i happen to have the ones that got my attention the most bookmarked in my browser... hillary is a criminal, and a murderer and that's smth trump isn't...

  • 67ChevyImpala

    America please stop this. I agree you were one of the first countries with working democracy, but it needs a system change. Time to cut it with your abusive gouverment.
    Politics is not a game, it is not fotball where the winner takes it all and losers go home. It is about what the majority wants without leaving out the minorities.
    You have two really bad candidates and only two parties to choose from. That does not for fill your right to pick and vote as you want, instead it forces you to pick a side.
    How about you all work togheter to change this by not having two parties, but multiple parties that vary on opinions so you can pick the politics that you think represent you. So that America can join as a whole and stop letting yourselves being two sides of a coin.
    Have a countrie where the percentage of voters shows how much power every parti gets, so not half of your countries belifes gets thrown in the ocean because one parti won with a tiny marginal.
    Stop letitng yourselfs being pushed around every four years with candidates that give you promises that are going to be broken with in the next year.
    Stand up and take a stand before your country falls apart in the hands of power hungry and rich people.
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  • LittleSally
    The thing is... like all politicians... they say ONE thing, and then do another (or don't do anything at all)...
    Can't win with any of them.
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    • Did you forget? Trump isn't a politician...

    • lericah

      @BruceJender My predecessor isn't an IT manager. You know what? He did a mediocre job.

    • @BruceJender Not until now... When someone gets involved in politics - they're automatically a politician.

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  • echoaj
    He says this but you do you really believe him? He is as big a liar as Hillary. I would take everything he says with much skepticism now that he is a politician and has flipped flopped non-stop.
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  • JohnDoe3000
    1) there's a video proving this to be false. Also he wants to fight ISIS and that qualifies as a Middle Eastern intervention.

    6) really? Seems to me like it's just one of many subjects he continues to flip flop on and offers no details on.

    7) moderate for Saudi Arabians maybe...

    15) BS: there's no way he can reduce government spending by $1 trillion per year, especially since he wants to increase the military budget.

    16) he is knowledgeable because he used it himself and he's a Wall Street player himself too. He does have super pacs supporting him and has proposed no campaign finance reforms.

    18) is moot: the US doesn't face mass immigration from those places under Clinton either.

    17) so is Clinton.

    14) no different than Clinton

    11) then what would you call Clinton's style? She's been pragmatic AF as secretary of state and is respected by foreign leaders while Trump is seen as a clown or a useful idiot. Trump is not pragmatic when it comes to Israel/Palestinians or China, the biggest economy in the world and more important than has-been Russia.

    10) except all those times he profited from these practices...
  • RainbowFanGirl
    I'm kind of glad I can't vote in this election because honestly both of these candidates are horrible.
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    • I'm agree. Glad I live in Norway where we hasn't such president candidates like that. :)

    • Waffles731

      That reminds me, didn't you have a president assassinate in broad daylight where the assassin has so far still unknown?
      Thats weird dude. \
      I'm not ragging on norway but that kind of thing interests me

    • @curiousnorway can you take me to Norway?

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  • tyber1
    Half of those things aren't even true. He's just as dishonest as Clinton. You can't just take what he says at face value. And given that he is down by more than 10% in some polls, you'd be better off voting for any of the 3rd party candidates.
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  • jakebrake7
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    • l o l what the point of this video? i can do that too look:

      BLM riot


    • jakebrake7

      Trump is a hate monger and a racist and so are his supporters. As for the video you posted, I agree what they are doing is wrong and they should be prosecuted, but they are acting alone and not because a presidential candidate is telling them to do so.

    • trump hasn't told anyone what to do dum dum if their racists their racists if hillary supporters are racists their racists just sayin hillary has said the same thing trump is sayin now, you see?

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  • Dred1614returns
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  • Phoenix98
    I agree but you forgot to mention he's going to crack down on the corruption in the goverment and start getting rid of politicians like Clinton who are massively corrupt and a threat to our allies and us.
  • DizzyAster
    Politicians do nothing but talk. Anything they say is either false, not going to happen, or they can't make good even if they tried.
    I look at the politician that I like and go from there.
    Also, the electoral college is the one that makes the decisions who becomes president, not the people.
  • IceCubedude
    the only people not voting for him are gays and those who are not American to begin with they are immigrants from other places. normal American people will vote for him because he's got balls, you need someone like putin to lead you.
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  • TiffyPuff
    Moderate on social issues? :/

    You have a weird definition of moderate...
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    • lericah

      moderate in many republican dictionaries is keeping you thoughts to yourself.

  • Amanda2
    I am not American but from my observance both are evil, and untrustworthy.
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  • Djaaaaaay
    Those who don't understand this ; will undoubtably attack because of thier compelling desire to be right over facts otherwise.
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    • Djaaaaaay

      Three blue up votes and three pink down votes , how ironic is this... my exact point !!

  • Paris13
    Hug me, @bedroomdweller
    A Man who Knows what a another Man should Do to Make... America Great Again.
    Good luck and Beautifully Done, hun. xx
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  • Cc1234
    All very good reasons to vote for him over Hillary. If the news media focused more on what he wants to do for this country instead of the occasional crazy stuff he says or does, he could probably run away with the election. I mean its a known fact that Hillary is essentially a criminal, yet she leads because her scandals get shoved to the side while the media shoves all kinds of negative trump stories at us. Its really a shame that something he said, in what he thought was a private setting, 11 years ago is likely going to keep him from winning. If people laid off some of his antics and focused on what he wants to do for this country and how he's gonna do it, its very obvious Trump is the better choice.
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  • Aqualung
    Trump. Could never vote for HRC even if she stood for my values and beliefs. She's a blindly ambitious criminal carrier politician and complicent in many scandals as far back as the bimbo alerts and slandering Willies victims, and so much more..
  • arcticmog
    I remember a leftie told me we shouldn't remove state lines because "all the insurance companies would just move to the lowest tax state and operate there, so there would be no competition " I facepalmed, worse yet is this was one I respectfully disagreed with rather then consider an idiot
  • Library
    Trump is a liar and I don't think his plans will help the economy
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  • Raymond_Reddington
    I think metal gear solid used to be better too, but the Phantom pain was still a good game. No idea why he would genuinely be against it.
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  • Jager66
    Gee, I wonder why the mainstream system and media fights him so much...

    4. Wants to audit the Federal Reserve... And really, who doesn't want that?

    5. Doesn't have any special interests groups funding him unlike the other candidates. Has called for all candidates to return the money they're getting back to Super PACs and to remove special interest groups from our election process.

    10. Desire to put America first in trade deals instead of pure Wall Street globalism that exploits third world workers abroad and destroys domestic jobs.

    17. He's genuinely against TPP.
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  • TripleAce
    Careful who you vote for... this is a critical time in history for USA
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  • sdistotallyme
    Thanks for taking an intelligent, rational fact based approach to why you like Trump.

    Most people nowadays are too stupid to look into the details. All they care about is what Trump said back 2005 (which was sickening... but unlike Hillary he does apologize for his mistakes).

    Economics, immigration and foreign policy matter will impact me much more than worrying about political correctness. That is why I support him. His tax policy will impact me directly (I'm upper middle class and I fucking EARNED IT).

    With all that said I sadly think HRC has this in the bag thanks to mass media brainwashing. However I'm still voting for Trump out of principle.
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  • john52461
    Reason's to not vote for Trump:

    1. You can be fired from your job.
    2. You can be viciously beat by a mob. (for just wearing a Trump hat)


    3. People will call you names like racist, xenophobic, bigot, sexist.

    4. You can be bullied at school for supporting Trump. Your rights don't matter.

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  • Omar5881
    If I were an American I'd vote for Trump , hillary wouldn't just bring america down but she might start a world war that bitch
    Although trump don't want us in America but he's the better candidate
  • Dargil
    14. Trump has an actual strategy to "bring jobs back"> Call it a whip and carrot. The Whip: He wants evoke a high tariff on any company moving its production outside the USA, firing its workers and selling product into the USA The Carrott: He wants to substantially reduce needless, counterproductive regulation of commerce and reduce corporate taxes from 35% to 15%. For snowflakes here that will claim this is a tax break for the rich don't understand economics, Businesses don't pay taxes. They collect them from buyers of their products and disburse them to the government.
    • Dargil

      If Hillary is elected, the American Experiment dies after 240 years. Obama may already have mortally wounded it, but she will apply the coup de grรขce if she has time. I do not think she will. Either her afflictions will take her down or "villagers with pitchforks" willo.

  • goldfinch23
    Point Nr 5 is not true. He requested money for his campaign from UK PM members. It's against American law, to get donations for campaigns from another countries. www.independent.co.uk/.../...ll-fail-a7108701.html
    Donald Trump as businessman failed.
    1991, 1992 (3x), 2004, 2009 his companies were using Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • Guy83
    This is naive b. s. Trump is. Look, obviously you don't understand the complexity of these issues. Do some research and don't go for the simplest answer. I'll give you a break because you're 22 and just don't know enough. And did you know Trump's tax plan gives a big cut to households making $60K or more... the MEDIAN income for American households is UNDER $56k... any cut those households will see will be minimal. Maybe a few grand a year? But not enough to really change their lives. Read up on what these candidates actually have planned before you write an article. Believe nothing that either candidate says, look at the fine print.
  • Jersey2
    Trump is the only hope at this position point for jobs!
  • Thisperson98
    You also forgot "He isn't a Clinton"
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  • John_Doesnt
    You have mental problems.
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  • Adigelunar
    -Good post