Why Haven't You Solved All the World's Problems Yet?

Why Haven't You Solved All the World's Problems Yet?

A group of friends and I were sitting around having a lighthearted conversation about a story we'd heard about a celebrity, when this random guy came up and was like, "this is the problem with this world. Everyone's worried about things that don't matter when we have wars and turmoil all over that people aren't doing anything about."

Um, first of all, rude. Second, just by some conversation he eavesdropped on, this guy has no clue who we are, what we do, or what we care about. Third, so why hasn't this guy, in all his apparent wisdom, solved all the world's problems yet? This whole constant trying to lay guilt on everyone for supposedly not caring enough about this or that...doesn't actually do any more to solve the problems we do have in this world, than us having a conversation about a celebrity. Don't get me wrong, I think people should care about something other than themselves or the gossip mags, but what does admonishing someone for not caring about this or that cause more than the rest, actually do?

Why Haven't You Solved All the World's Problems Yet?

No one human being can do it all, care about it all, or do everything for everyone. These people who have a habit of making remarks like that or the whole, everyone else has bigger problems than you so therefore your problems don't mean a thing, then need to show up with bullet by bullet plans on what not only they are doing to solve whatever problem they want to talk about, but how others can help, otherwise it's just words in the wind. Even if they did have all that, well, that brings us to the further point...well, what about everybody and everything else ALSO going wrong in the world? Because you see, the minute I or someone else starts to care about this one organization, or this one world issue, or this one disease that this stranger wants us to care about, well...what about that other organization, and that other world issue, and that other disease that someone thinks should be more important than the first. It is a battle you cannot win.

I'm not in the habit of spending every waking minute of my days talking about how bad the world is and how everything should be everyone's problem. The amount of times I've heard, "American's just don't care like Europe or Asia" or wherever is to suggest that Europe or Asia or wherever have actually managed to do the impossible and cure the entire world of all it's ills just by supposedly caring more. Anyone can know about all the problems on earth, but is just knowing about it actually doing anything to solve it?

Why Haven't You Solved All the World's Problems Yet?

Genuinely, you want people to care, because people with their own or combined efforts, can affect change in so many positive ways, but insulting someone or telling someone how much you care and therefore everyone else should too, is not really a good selling point, especially if you aren't even doing much yourself other than to just talk about random problems. I personally support with my donations and with volunteering my time, my local blood bank, Doctors Without Borders, and a local charity that seeks to get women in crisis back on their feet through job and educational programming.

That is what I can do and what I have time to do. It doesn't mean I don't know there are other problems in the world, nor does it mean I'm going to stop having a private conversation with my friends about this or that celebrity, nor does it mean I think you can do or should do everything I'm doing with my own life. People should get involved if they chose. They should help who they can, and if they don't, so be it. You see people all the time who volunteer that don't give a crap about what they are doing and what its for, so how is that helping enrich their lives or help others exactly?

Why Haven't You Solved All the World's Problems Yet?
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  • btbc92
    What the guy is actually doing is not making people feel guilty but have an acknowledgment that our life style is riding on the lost of others. I have been a volunteer for the National MS Society and I love what I did at the time when my late mother was living, and I would do it again. The point is sacrificing yourself for another's needs. How many are actually willing to give half their salary to make a difference in something? Or give up their home for another who doesn't have? Let alone offer. We either do something now or waste time. We cannot go back and change the past. Life is real and people are dying, getting sick and losing their lives in real time. Its people's heartless attitudes and the mentality of: Well its not my problem or As long as its not me. Some care, and a lot don't care who gets hurt. That includes of its their parents or family too. Its competition, and everybody is out for what they want even at the lives and expenses of others.
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  • madhatters4
    there is a saying by Bernard Baruch "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind."

    this quote sprang to mind when i read this post. we simply can't worry ourselves with the beliefs and criticisms of people who don't matter, like the guy who was critical of you and your friend's conversation. as you said he doesn't know you and i imagine he isn't doing any more in his life to solve problems of the world
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    • Anonymous

      I couldn't agree more. I think to add to that, I'd add the old idiom, you can catch more flies with honey, than you can with vinegar. If you want people to care and rally behind you, you talk to them like people and state your case in a way that isn't condescending. In my own volunteer work, you get a lot more done when you state your cause and actually allow for things like feedback and sharing of experiences, and how a certain problem can relate to someone you want to volunteer for you, and how they can then help.

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    i need more time
  • NedfromtheNed
    First off, that is impossible.

    Second of all, people seem to forget it is ONLY the year 2016.
    Let us do a brief rewind to show everyone where we really are at in history:

    These are some cars from 15 years ago:

    This is a picture from 30 years ago:

    This is from 50 years ago:

    This is from 70 years ago:

    This is from 100 years ago:

    150 years ago:

    ONLY 300 years ago:

    Life only 400 years ago:

    You may say we have come a long way, but in reality we have barely progressed. The clothes you wear today are only slight variations of what was worn in the 1980s; the clothes of the 1980s was only a bit different from 1960; the clothes of 1960 barely different from 1940 and so on and so forth until you realize that the clothes you wear today are based on the same concepts as what was worn 4,000 years before the Common Era.

    A calculator is just a more complex version of an abacus.

    Your Iphone is just a more complex version of the traditional telegraph.

    Your stereo is just a more complex version of a record player, which is just a more complex version of a player piano, which is just a more complex piano.

    We are living in the future, but our ideas have not changed; we merely innovate.

  • posted
    One person obviously can't fix all the worlds problems, complaining and bringing attention to things can get more people involved. Though when all you can do is complain with no plan, you're just whining.
    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. There are far better ways to get people involved than to interrupt their private conversations with what amounts to whining. I know this, which is why I am actually apart of a few organizations that approached me in much more civil and respectful ways.

  • Anpu23
    We can't even agree on the problems. Let alone the causes of those problems and we'll never correct what we don't understand.
    • Anonymous

      Another solid point.

    • Anpu23

      You know, I have just recently written a 4 point list of ideas that I would like to see changed. I published it on both Facebook and Minds but what effect we will see. But this is a good example, my points are anti-feminist but egalitarian in nature. Some would find that regressive others not so much...

  • lumos
    I've never understood that mentality. That just because someone spends like 10 minutes doing something maybe a bit "shallow" and "braindead", such as discussing about the Kardashians or whatever, it somehow means that person has no life, doesn't do anything good in their life, and doesn't think about serious and life-changing matters. You can do both, you know. One does not exclude the other.
  • mikemx55
    Well, I say it was just an expression.
    Like, sometimes I hear some people talking and I just want to get outta there.. cause some convos are pure cancer

    I bet that was what happened, and nobody's expecting you to care about real problems of the world, it's just that some things are really stupid to hear...

    (usually what people call "women's talk"
  • Paris13
    I am Master here and although I have Solved over 6,000 Best Answers to those in Need, Not counting the Millions of other Ones, hun, Outside of Gag Town, I Never thought of Running for President.
    Maybe if I did, with the Help of Better people in the White House to Assist me, I Could have Gotten this Job Done... Much Better.
    Good luck and Great question. xx
  • Rilect
    Then let me ask you this you cannot save everyone that may or may not be true in context to that why do you respect humanity and most of its commands and opinions? If history is anything to go by I don't like the fact that humanity is a master of power, knowledge, and strength lately I've even been thinking about betraying humanity. Listen humanity needs hope to survive hope doesn't need humanity at all because they are fundamentally a very weak species FALSELY CLAIMING TO BE THE MASTER OF POWER, KNOWLEDGE, STRENGTH ETC. WELL THEN MY FELLOW HUMANS LET ME TELL ME SOMETHING YOU won't LIKE TO HEAR YOU ain't THE MASTER OF INTELLIGENCE, STRENGTH ETC. HOPE IS THE MASTER OF IT ALL. YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A PATHETIC, UNWORTHY WIELDER OF HOPE AND THERE ARE DEFINITELY MANY LIFE FORMS INCLUDING AMONG HUMANS WHO RESENT THAT HUMANITY HAS POWER AND WOULD GLADLY STOP LISTENING TO YOUR RIDICULOUS DEMANDS IN HOPE OF YOUR STUPID RECOGNITION OF GLORY AND FAME AND DESTROY YOU WITHOUT MERCY. It may be that we can or cannot solve all of the worlds problems but that's not decided yet but under no circumstances does anyone who wields something as magnificent as hope be allowed to ignore and slander the cries or agony or pain, suffering, misery of some one else with such impunity.
  • pervertedjester
    I've found one charity that I donate to if I have money to give. Otherwise I try to make people laugh whenever I can. That is what I can do and it's enough for me. I would count G@G but that's more about the exercising the bodies in my head.
  • WhateversCheapest
    I gotta get this off my chest- this kind of bothers me. People posting these things anonymously. Why? Makes me feel like I'm responding to a troll. I understand why people go anonymous sometimes, but in this particular instance there's nothing the least bit incriminating in this MyTake. And seeing how usernames aren't your real name nobody could trace it back to you even if there were. Those are just my thoughts. If you have something to say, say it- loud and proud.

    In general I agree with this post. As much as I hate celebrity gossip what that guy did is obnoxious virtue signaling.

    I think most people who volunteer do care though- because why else would you volunteer. I think a lot of rich people who give to charity don't care and just want to be seen as good people whether they are or are not.
    • Anonymous

      You reserve the right not to read or respond to posts by Anon users if it bothers you so.

      Thank you for reading it. Just because others can and do troll, doesn't mean we all do. Some us us just like being... more Anon than a screen name, and that's our business.

      I will say this about your last point: many people give money for tax breaks or credit for classes, but they aren't doing it to change the world, or for an internal need or want to help someone in need. That's empty work and it doesn't make them any more inclined to save the world if benefits aren't offered to them. I think you do what you can, and you can't forget that some people are caring for sick family, or struggling with their health, or are busy in so many other ways that they can't give all this time/energy or don't have the money, and so to just say or assume that someone doesn't care because they don't do as you would do, is ridiculous, even more so if you don't know a thing about them or their lives.

    • I see where you're coming from. I could tell this wasn't a troll but in general anon posts just make me wary because I associate anon with troll. But this was a good post.

      That's true, when community service is assigned the motivations are entirely different. I think schools do that to teach students to be selfless by forcing them to do something to help somebody else. Naturally HS students aren't always the most selfless people, so this sort of pressure might be a good thing and might have a positive effect.

      I believe if you can help you should.

  • Library
    Because I'm not the Avatar (who can solve the world's problems) www.gafollowers.com/.../haunted_hous1.jpg
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    I say let the Chinese worry about the Chinese. Only people Americans should care about are other Americans. Higher minimum wage, cheap housing, helping pay for trade or truck school or college. Bringing back our troops. So simple yet we have not even passed anything to help accomplish this in a major scale.
    • MapleFairy

      I do agree that America as a whole should fix its own problems first. However just because I'm American doesn't mean I have to focus solely on my own problems. For example, if i were to want to build limestone houses for people in Haiti. I live in FL and 3 people died due to the Hurricane. Meanwhile, 600 freaking people actually died, just off the coast of us. I feel like that's unjust and I want to change that during my lifetime if I can. But I also see your side of things... fix my minimum wage first, and maybe i'll have more money to help those people in Haiti.

    • @MapleFairy all I'm trying to say is we have enough problems here in the states to keep us busy for the next 100 years. We don't have to go sniffing else where for problems to fix.

  • cmale123
    If you think if people don't have problem, there will be no money go around. You buy a car what problem did it solve for you. House? T. v? Dredge? what solution it gave you.
  • relaxrelax
    just waiting on GOD cause i can't solve it
    cause even if i did take over the whole world and forced everyone
    there would be plenty of death
    and it would only be for a limited time until I died
    when GOD comes back who can take his place
    no one

  • chrisbigman
    Because I'm not God. I'd try to do what I can, but I can only do so much. Same goes for everyone else in this world. But collectively, we can solve all the problems or 99% of them.
  • MrShinyPants
    I'll get around to it tomorrow, lol jokes aside I have come up with solutions, but no one wants to do them, to ingrained in their psychs to change and do it
  • front2back
    It's impossible to solve every problem.
    As soon as we solve one, we create another, sometimes 2, sometimes 20 more problems. They all compound together.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    There'd be nobody left to save by the time I got done.
  • Phoenix98
    Because I got my own life to think about before I can bother with others much less the world. But I do try to help when I can.
  • rose004b
    Right? Make the patriarchy great again!
    I'm kidding. Kinda. Not. Maybe.
  • meowcow
    Donald Trump says he can fix it all...
    • Anonymous

      Yep, he can end terrorism and prevent all soldiers from dying in war, said sarcasm.

  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    Reports coming in, no one can have fun anymore. Might get worse.
  • Pyrofox
    In some ways life itself is the issue
  • TripleAce
    Because 'they' won't let us...
  • Adigelunar
    Good post...
  • Pilulu
    Um, ok?
  • Sabretooth
    talking is easier.
  • Anonymous
    I have but no one wants to listen.
  • Anonymous
    That was a masterful deflection of responsibility. Just say you don't give a fuck. Frees up your spirit a lot more.