Why People Need to Stop Using Religion as an Excuse for Ignorance

Why People Need to Stop Using Religion as an Excuse for Ignorance

I've seen a lot of people use religion as an excuse for ignorance and that BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME.

Now I'm just going to go down the list.

Lets start with evolution.

So the whole young earth creationism shit.

So let me first point out that early Christians didn't interpret the bible literally, that only started in the 1800s

So now lets talk about evolution, Evolution is pretty much fact. Now when you use the bible to point to something that early Christians didn't do. Now lets get to the REALLY juicy part.

Now, God is supposed to be omnipotent correct, so that means he can do whatever the fuck he wants including creating the world and humanity. So therefore by insisting against fact that he did it a certain way is essentially denying gods power, which by your own religion is

Why People Need to Stop Using Religion as an Excuse for Ignorance

That's right, by denying science and proven fact you are essentially committing a huge sin. You are holding back both science and religion and I'm sick and tired of it. I'm spiritual but not religious and I do believe in a deity but you are just morons.

So to sum it up, science deniers:

Why People Need to Stop Using Religion as an Excuse for Ignorance
Why People Need to Stop Using Religion as an Excuse for Ignorance
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  • helloitsmethere
    Thank you... it gives religion a bad name...
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  • SlightlyCrazy
    Damn right !
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  • Borginborg
    Gotta disagree on a few point.
    1. Evolution and creation are bothy unproven theories.
    2. It isn't religion vs science it is religion and science. Just that religion has been so skewered by humankind that it no longer exists in its pure form. Science just came into public favor so fast due to most major scientific breakthroughs happening in a relatively short amount of time given the how long humanoids have walked the earth. Even the Pope declared that evolution probably did occur and should be believed and evolution does work along with biblical teachings. People say that 'God created the earth and man in 6 days' okay here is my thoughts.
    So the earth started whatever, then the big bang (created the heaven and the earth) an uneven water magnet flung through space and it was sucking the water off the other planets as it whizzed by along with building blocks (amenities acids and such) of what now make up different dna strands (without form and void), volcanic eruptions started in the core due to the intense magnification and the pressure from the water liquidating it (and he made dry land appear out of the water). This caused the blob of water to take the form of the planet, liquidating most of the water so that the planet was surrounded by a heavy mist (biblically there was no rain as we know it at all until Noah's ark), slime balls started crawling out of the water and depending on their mixture of DNA became the different creatures when theat dna strands came in contact with various forms of 'solid earth' (clay, sand, pumice, rock) it was the final building block needed. Now a day and night now take 24 hours, back then it could have been thousands or millions of what we consider years. It wasn't until the meteor hit, the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, that the earth came to its present orbit. due to the traumatic shock of moving threw space the earths flora changed thus obliterating the dinosaurs food chains. The meteor also caused the earth to take its present orbit but it was still slow as molasses due to the need to right itself by its new poles yet again and stabilize itself. By that time we were just getting ready to walk on two feet consistently and we survived (as well as some of the creatures) due to our ability to adapt. So in conclusion I believe pure science and pure religion are both equals heading in the same direction. (Hope that makes sense I am not rereading it)
    • Waffles731

      Your answers are always so well thought out.

    • Waffles731

      I mean that in a good way.
      Good answer

    • AssJacket

      Evolution is very much a proven theory. Creationism has not been proven, nor is it a theory in a scientific sense. They are in no way, shape or form equal. However, I do agree that they aren't at odds.

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  • AskNaz
    Evolution is a theory. It's not a fact, and definitely not a proven fact at that. Sounds like the only ignorant one here is you.

    Secondly, It's not a matter of what method God used to create the universe, but rather whether it was from his hands.

    Christians don't believe in evolution, because it implies that everything was made out of nothingness.

    You think that we're perfectly distanced from the sun by accident? That the universe somehow "accidentally" made us at the optimal distance so we don't burn or freeze?
    That the universe "accidentally" made a day and night cycle that perfectly aligns with our need to sleep and recover. Trees to produce oxygen; what our bodies need. Rain to water the plants. Soil to grow food.
    That it made our complicated minds with capabilities to create amazing things. With our hands to do things and our legs to walk. Our mouths to eat and communicate. Our eyes to see.

    Earth looks beautiful. The animals and humans don't look deformed. Each body part plays a complicated role to our survival and being. If all of this was an accident, wouldn't we see more flaws with all of this?

    We're TOO perfect to just appear out of nowhere.
    Do you know what the chances of our existence even is if the Big Bang was true? Essentially nothing. One simple variable off out of thousands and our existence wouldn't be.
    • Correction: we wouldn't exist as we are now. Theoretically, billions upon billions of physical configurations could lead to life in different forms. We just happen to be one configuration that works on this little rock.

    • Waffles731

      The catholic church has never opposed evolution and has promoted it since around the 20s

    • AskNaz


      Life by itself has the tiniest chance. It doesn't matter what configuration. The chance of sustainable life is incredibly incredibly slim, even more so the way it is now. Our "configuration" would be INCREDIBLY low chance.

      Just look at the little tiniest details that keeps our life life.
      Like bees for example, they're a just an extra "configuration" of life right? Of our life. Well actually they're a VERY important to the survival of our "little rock". Just imagine without bees, a single "configuration" among us would not allow us to survive and the earth would be dead.

      This was one mere example. The list goes on and on.
      We can barely comprehend the complexity of our existence.

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  • Brokenheartedx
    I grew up with a very catholic gran who'd threaten me as a young kid if be going to the *bad fire* if I stepped out of line..

    My dads side are all Catholics and my mums mum was a Catholic who raised her daughter with no religion as my gran was beaten by nuns with a cane for being late for chapel at school... that's what they did back then her back was terribly scarred.. my dad didn't want me going to a catholic school because he wasn't religious even though he went to one himself and all my cousins are Catholic.. but I was raised an atheist which makes me see all religions and all their faults.. to me religion is the cause of all troubles in this world.. growing up it was Catholics v Protestants and still fights in way of football bigotry, you're either an orange bastard or a Fenian bastard even if u don't care for religion..

    Religion is ignorance, religion should be a personal belief not a status symbol... now we have Muslims coming over to stir it up with their full face covered and Muslims areas that's taken a country to slightly curb sectarian Hatred backwards to when it was Catholics v Protestants..

    that's why I'm glad I'm an atheist I don't need this crap
  • Library
    Religion shouldn't be an excuse for anything besides taking off from work or school.
    • Waffles731

      Not even taking off of work all the time.
      Buzz Aldrin took Communion on the moon

  • skeptic002
    have fun believing a lie bro

    GENESIS 6:4
    There were GIANTS in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the SONS OF GOD came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them


    And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children



    • Waffles731

      you're the one whose evidence is a couple of photographs, an egyptian hyroglyph and a sketchy newspaper article from nearly 100 years ago.

    • skeptic002

      and your evidence is zero have fun bro

    • Waffles731

      my evidence is all the scientific evidence to back my claims up, oh wait you don't believe in science

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  • Dred1614returns
    Was this inspired by the moron who thinks that the world is flat? He makes us religious folks look bad.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Nothing intelligent to say from me, but I gotta get my boy Stephen a
  • JenSCDC
    People also need to stop using religion as an excuse for hatred and bigotry.
  • Belgie
    What you dont get, is that for them, that the Bible is inerrant is a matter of faith.

    If Genesis is a parable, then why not the resurrection? Why not the whole thing?
  • Ahersheykiss
    Thanks for the Take! I totally agree, too! How about this... in Genesis, the earth, night, and day each take a day to form. The word, day, however, can refer to any span of time, like, an eon.
    • JenSCDC

      So, if we don't have to take "day" literally, while do we have to take anything in Genesis literally?

  • Dimmu
    Evolutionist: religions is silly cause they say things just happen

    Evolution: life just happened and them evolved
    Me : lol

    So now lets talk about evolution, Evolution is pretty much fact

    That's against science principal , science is a refining process , so it's always incomplete and partially or totally wrong , that's why it's always keep improving
    I didn't find a scientist say :OK that's topic is finished we know everything about it as a FACT

    There's always something a theory can't explain , when you treat something as fact then you don't mean science

    by the way we used Newton model to get on the moon , then he was wrong
    It's getting funny
    • skeptic002

      dude he is a fail don't listen to him

    • Dimmu

      @skeptic002 lol I know

    • goaded

      Evolution is one of the most verified scientific theories of all time.

      Science doesn't say it knows everything about how it works, but in 150 years of looking, they haven't found anything that shows it to be wrong, and any details that aren't understood are unlikely to do anything more than refine small aspects of the theory.

      Exactly like Newton's laws. They were close enough to being right that nobody noticed the differences from reality for hundreds of years. Einstein's theories predicted slight differences from Newton's laws, in cases of extremely high speeds or powerful gravitational fields. Experimentation (e. g. observing gravitational lensing during a solar eclipse) showed Einstein's theory to be an even better fit to reality.

      That's what science is about; not finding an absolute truth, but getting closer and closer to understanding reality (and discarding ideas that don't match reality on the way).

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  • Paris13
    Jesus Christ is the Answer.
    Subject closed.
    • Paris13

      lol God told me to Press "No Anon."xxoo

    • Waffles731

      I keep meaning to disallow anons but I always forget

    • Paris13

      lol Aw, c'mon, I allow Anons with any of my questions, and even people I Know, Everyone has a right to their own opinion. xx

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  • Adigelunar
    . Good post
  • Anonymous
    Religion shouldn't be an excuse for anything. So tired of religion controlling everything.