8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists


This is a list from my personal experience talking to Christians. I'm from the United States, so Christians are who I typically talk to. They make up anywhere from 75% of the population all the way to 95% depending on which country you're in. I have spoken to those of other faiths, but they haven't given me any reason to talk about religion outside of learning about theirs.

So, without further ado:

Atheists are Satan worshipers.

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists
Atheism is a lack of belief in gods or gods. That means that we don't believe anything supernatural about any religion. That includes Satan, and any other mythical bad(?) guy from any other religion. We can't worship something we don't believe in.

Atheist hate God!

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists

Need I say more?

Atheists have no morals.

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists

No, we actually just try to be as good as we can be all by ourselves. We simply don't need the threat of being tortured for all of eternity in order to help old ladies across the street, give to charity, or help our siblings with their homework... It's really that simple. We grow up and learn to treat others the way we would like to be treated. No gods required.

Atheists can't prove god doesn't exist.

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists

I'll just leave that there. Insert anything you want in there. Unicorns, Centaurs, Flying Spaghetti Monster, all the other religions of the world that you don't believe in... yeah, works for all of em.

What if you're wrong...

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists

What if you're wrong? There's roughly 4,200 religions right now that we know of. Adherents of other religions believe in their gods just as sincerely and fervently as you believe in yours and most of them have mythology to back their god. How do you know you haven't been praying to the wrong god this whole time and you aren't just pissing off the real one?

Atheists never believed in god to begin with.

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists
Yes, there are some atheists that never had a religious upbringing and never believed in any gods ever. But most atheists were raised in and believed in one religion or another. Most atheists in America were baptized, accepted Jesus, believed in the resurrection, and genuinely believed in the doctrines of Christianity.

The problem comes when you study the scripture so much that you begin to see the contradictions in it. You begin to pick out parts where the scripture claims the earth is flat, stars don't move, the moon is just a light. Just red flag after red flag that this religion is nothing more than ancient myths made to govern an ancient culture and explain things about the world that they had no way of explaining at the time.

Atheists haven't read the bible.

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists
Yes, we have. It's ridiculous, and immoral, and unbelievable, and has no basis in the real world whatsoever. Reading your creation myths, and the stories of a frankly evil god that helped one ancient tribe survive, and the story of Jesus and the resurrection and all the filler in between isn't convincing. And before you tell me cool Jesus ain't about that life, I suggest you read, Matthew 5:18-19, Luke 16:17, Matthew 5:17, John7:19, and honestly if you've read through the whole thing yourself, you would know that Jesus not only approves of the atrocities described in the Old Testament, but says all it's laws are still in effect.

Here's a question for you. Have you read the texts of other religions? You deem it fit to dismiss them and then tell me I only dismiss your religion because you think I haven't read the bible. Go ahead. Pick em up. And while you're at it, read up on some books by atheist authors.

Atheism is a religion.

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists
Atheist have no uniform beliefs other than a complete lack of belief in any gods. Outside of our disbelief in gods, we differ on most everything. Atheism has no scripture. Atheism has no (serious) church. Atheism has no rituals. And most importantly atheism has absolutely zero belief in any superhuman controlling entity that created the universe and everything in it, that cares about the every day goings-on of humans, that answers prayers. Atheism is a religion just like off is TV station, abstinence is a sex position, not collecting stamps is a hobby, and bald is a hair color. By definition, it is not a religion.

Theism - ˈTHēˌizəm/noun: belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially belief in one god as creator of the universe, intervening in it and sustaining a personal relation to his creatures.

Atheism - ˈāTHēˌizəm/noun: disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

Thank you for reading! Hopefully I cleared up some misconceptions you may have had.

8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists
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  • RedThread
    As an atheist I've heard most of these things from people. Many times it's random and I don't even have to start the conversation. It's interesting because people usually think of atheists or nonbelievers as total assholes or angry or unaccepting, but I can think of no religious disagreements I've had offline that weren't first brought up by someone else. There have been polls in the US surrounding groups we distrust the most and atheists are on par with rapists. Being thought of as morally equivalent to a rapist is incredibly disconcerting considering atheists are one of the least represented groups in US prison populations. It's either atheists are the shit at concealing our rape, murder, and virgin sacrifice to Satan or we just aren't doing those things all that much lol

    It's just tiring having to defend your character to people who don't know much about you except for the fact that you're an atheist. You're always on defense.

    That's pretty much the thing that bothers me the most. People treat you like a poor lost soul or a danger to society specifically for being an atheist. It's something I feel like I have to hide especially in certain circles. You kind of have to pretend to do the religious ceremonies of those around you to avoid conflict and condemnation. It's also socially acceptable for old family members to try to convert you at every turn, but if I was to actually try to have a civil discussion with them about philosophy or reasons I don't believe in their particular belief system, I'd be regulated to asshole atheist status. Hell, half of them who have tried to convert me probably don't even know much about philosophy or religions outside of their own.
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    • Overthrow

      "It's either atheists are the shit at concealing our rape, murder, and virgin sacrifice to Satan or we just aren't doing those things all that much lol"

      You forgot eating babies... Some people think we eat babies. When we actually just sit around and talk about space n shit

    • RedThread

      Hey eating babies is the biggest perk

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  • ginny_weasley
    I totally agree. Just yesterday, a Christian tried explaining morals to me and how society doesn't follow them, but they should because the bible says so. I ended up telling him I am an atheist not a murderous vampire and that was the end of the conversation. I actually was a Christian at one time, but I converted and this is true for many other atheists.
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    • Overthrow

      *De-converted. :-)

    • I guess you can say de-converted. 😀 I must say it's been liberating as I became more open-minded and started doing things that the Christian faith didn't approve of, I was constantly wondering, "is it okay to do this? Is it okay to do that?" To say it's been liberating is an understatement.

    • Overthrow

      I remember wondering if I was going to go to hell if I cursed. Indoctrination is a vicious thing and yes, it is so SO liberating to let go and learn about the world and the universe and life completely untethered from any doctrines that require you to believe things one way and one way only.

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  • Elarra
    Your arguments are pretty flimsy and don't really have a lot evidence to support what you're saying. For instance, if you willing commit sins that are laid out in the Bible, have no desire to change your ways, and continue to do them with no remorse, then you are worshiping Satan. That's literally what it means to worship the devil. Also, you called God evil, but before that state He isn't real. But according to your logic, something that isn't real can't be evil, right? Also, loving how you post a picture that insults someone's belief system with the unicorn and fat scripture but pout when someone dares think of Atheism the wrong. Hypocritical. And, to top it off, you ask how do we know if we aren't praying to the wrong God. If you actually (bother) to do any type of research before writing this, you'd know that several religions share the same God as Christianity does, such as Jews and Muslims. They all worship the God of Abraham. And you don't know that you not praying to any god, whether Christian or otherwise, is right or wrong, so your response to that situation is simplistic and therefore cannot be taken seriously.

    Also, you left out a definition of a god, which is a person or thing that is worshiped, admired, adored, or overly influential. A god could be a President, CEO, or even a friend or a dog. So, to say Atheists don't believe in the existence of gods is technically wrong. You don't believe in the existence of a supernatural being. So... maybe at least know what Atheism is before schooling other people, will you?
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    • goaded

      He knows about the God of Abraham (read the bible, remember?)

      Where did you get that ridiculous definition of god? Are you saying Trump is equal to the God of Abraham?

      This one comes from wiktionary:
      God ‎(plural Gods)

      An impersonal and universal spiritual presence or force.
      creator of the universe (as in deism).
      The (personification of the) laws of nature.

    • Elarra

      @goaded Merriam Webster: a person or thing of supreme value

      Merriam Webster: a powerful ruler

      Dictionary. com: (lowercase) an image of a deity; an idol.

      Dictionary. com: (lowercase) any deified person or object.

      Oxforddictionaries. com: A greatly admired or influential person.

      Oxforddictionaries. com: An image, animal, or other object worshipped as divine or symbolizing a god.

      Anymore questions?

      Also, you didn't read my answer. I never said he didn't know about the God of Abraham. What I said was is that several religions worship the same God so to ask how do I know if mine is right when other religions worship so many different gods is a bit incorrect.

    • Overthrow

      "Your arguments are pretty flimsy and don't really have a lot evidence to support what you're saying. For instance, if you willing commit sins that are laid out in the Bible, have no desire to change your ways, and continue to do them with no remorse, then you are worshiping Satan."

      I don't need evidence. I'm not the one making the claim. Adherents of the three great monotheistic religions claim that a god exists that created the universe. They claim this deity is an all powerful, all knowing, all benevolent god, that cares about the affairs of mankind. To this I respond, show me verifiable empirical evidence of this god. They can't, because no one can.

      That is your definition of a satan worshiper. Satan worship is the worship of satan as a deity. You would be steeped in confirmation bias before you found the definition you're giving.

      What you're defining is simply anyone who doesn't adhere to the scripture of the bible.

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  • btbc92
    While I understand many of your points, but you also seem to have a misunderstanding with Christians in general. Your making it out like its every Christian or a person who believes in God is like this.

    1. Atheist Worships Satan: Not exactly. Doing sin in general worships Satan because it is not of God. By humans being underneath the subjection of sin, we fall short of God's glory everyday. This also applies to Christians as well as ALL human beings. There are those who do sin deliberately knowing that it is, and those who don't know.

    2. Atheist Hate God!: There are people who I met who are atheist or claimed to be so that did hate God. Some didn't know why, but they do. And then there is those who did know God, had a relationship with him. And just like a dating relationship broke up with God and abandoned him to living a sinful life. If you don't hate God because you don't believe in him, it doesn't account for ALL Atheist either. If seen plenty of other Atheist who hate on each other just like other Christians who do the same. Especially carnal ones.

    3. Atheists have no morals: There is Godliness and ungodliness in all people. It doesn't mean all Atheist lack morals. I know and have friends who are non believers who have great morals because of how they were raised and taught. Its not that people need God for that. But God is already working through people.

    4. Atheists can't prove god doesn't exist: The fact is this debate has been going for so many generations its not even funny. God is not concerned about people who wants to disprove his existence. He is concerned about people who wants to get to know him. He already knows what kind of person who believes this are. So if you have to drive yourself crazy to convince a group of people he doesn't exist, your wasting your time. I'm not going to care what science has to say about this topic, I just laugh at those who is trying to prove that he doesn't exist.

    5. What if you're wrong...: Religion is about confusion. In fact, God has never said to create a religion. He makes it clear that there is many gods, many Jesus', and of course antichrists. If your heart is not in the right place, of course you can be praying to something else. But its not about making God angry. Prayer is powerful, even science have proven that. But you also need discernment. Which a lot of people, Christians and all don't have.

    6. Atheists never believed in god to begin with: This is far from the truth is right. However.
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    • btbc92

      God's word and commandments does not have contradictions. What the problem is that the original texts was in Aramaic [which is considered a dead language as old latin], Latin and Ancient Greek. Every time the bible gets retranslated, they add in words, omit things, and make it very confusing that people don't even know what their reading. It was done intentionally by the ones who mass produced and translated the scriptures. Some Christians knows this, but many do not. Some don't even bother to care to look it up. Others are just simply carnal minded.

      7. Atheists haven't read the bible: That I know to be very ignorant. Because there is many scholars who are Atheist and knows the Bible better than I do. But again this is your belief. Can't tell you what to believe or don't believe.

      8. Atheism is a religion: This is basically true in many ways. Anything that is against his design for humanity and a belief system overall is a religion. Money, Idols [Actors, Musicians, Artist, etc]

    • Overthrow

      This is a long post and I'll reply in full later. Let me make a quick points for the time being. I didn't mean for anything to come across as a generalisation. People are people and we're all flawed no matter what side of any argument we fall on. I know that some of these points do apply to some atheists. But, they are a minority in the atheist community. Just as the christians I am speaking of don't speak for all christians. If you want you can follow me and I'll follow back and we can message about this stuff at times when it's more convenient or just reply when there's time okay? :-)

    • btbc92

      @Overthrow Not a problem. When I will get the chance I will. I'm very busy and worn out, I have been overworking myself for months since losing two love ones in less than a year. And yes I understand what your saying, that is why I pointed it out.

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  • somebodysaycheese
    Lol. Um you just proved all your points to show atheist kniw nothing. Hebrew and aramaic are two of the 5 oldest languages.
    Lol and Isaiah 34:7 reads
    " And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls;and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness ".
    The fact that atheist try to insult christianity but dont even get the scriptures right when trying to insult is laughable. Your arguments loose all of its momentum.
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    • goaded

      Learn what an ellipsis (...) is for.

    • @goaded lol. And who are you to tell me what to do? Noone. bye

    • ChickenJo

      Dumbass they were proving you wrong. An ellipsis allows you to shorten a quote. Which means they were correct in there statement.

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  • SunsetLover
    Best part : "religion is nothing more than ancient myths made to govern an ancient culture and explain things about the world that they had no way of explaining at the time." Thank you.
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  • true_love_lover18
    Dude, thank you. I agree. This is why I'm afraid of telling my family (all Christians) that I have considered myself a non believer for several years now.
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    • Overthrow

      Been there. Still there. My Wife (also atheist) knows I'm atheist and that's it. I have my safe space with her.

    • Well it's good that you guys have an understanding. I would like to find a girl that is non religious like myself, but with that being a pretty slim possibility, I'd be happy to just find someone who can accept me as I am.

  • bloodmountain1990
    Great take. Luckily as an agnostic/atheist I don't get this talk from family members and friends who are religious. They respect my beliefs just like I respect theirs as long as they don't shove it down my throat.
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    • Overthrow

      Lucky you! Where I'm from, any answer other than "Lets go wurship jeesus!" is met with disdain.

  • G-Daz
    Some of these are just too overly sensationalist but you kinda take a very hypocritical approach... Claiming that people shouldn't make these claims about atheists and then misrepresent opposing beliefs

    1"Atheists have no morals."
    "Good" is a subjective concept. Atheists are generally raised within Christian cultured societies (although the majority of the worlds atheists are in China where that morality is highly questionable) so their concepts of "good" and "bad" are generally speaking non foundational. Inconsistent with the worldview of naturalism. In your attempt at mockery, you presented a highly misconstrude concept of Christian morality... as the common atheistic dismisall presumption goes "you get your morality from a book". Nope... and neither do Christians claim that. They believe in an objective moral law, that every human being (yes EVERY) is made in God's image with an innate moral compass which the atheist equally posses. But atheistic concepts of morality have yet to have a self reflective rational

    The rest of the statements really didn't provide much substance for discussion
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  • Redstang88
    Or my personal favourite- "You can be saved"
    Saved from what exactly?
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  • DarkHumorRUs
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  • LunaLawliet
    Lol Very recently, I was accused by my dad of worshipping Satan just because I am not religious (unlike him obviously). So frustrating.
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    • Elarra

      Whoever said that is a moron... that's not Satan worshiping at all, you can't control the actions of another lol

    • That must be an interesting household.

  • Elelei
    Religious people are notoriously uneducated. It's astonishing the basic facts and history and even geography these poor people simply do not know. They are taught to be suspicious of science and knowledge. I think it is a modern form of abuse and hate that should be punished. Certainly children indoctrinated into a religion are suffering child abuse and it should be punished and the children should be removed from that environment. Whether it's the USA or Iran, Pakistan or France, religion is the same, it's a celebration of ignorance and abuse of women and children and positions of power.
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    • Overthrow

      I agree 100%!

    • uneducated. Did you go to some kind of special school? Otherwise you got the same education that everyone did. lol People who beleive in religion did what you failed to do which is question what you where taught. lol Your intellectually lazy

    • Oh the irony

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  • rjroy3
    Agree with all except for the atheism is a religion part. It kind of is for a lot of atheists. It is a variant of the definition, but:

    Religion - " an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group "; "
    a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance "; " a particular system of faith and worship "

    Worship - " adoration or devotion comparable to religious homage, shown toward a person or principle"

    The belief is that there is no god, along with the system "Big Bang Theory". Which requires faith because you don't know for sure and it cannot be tested without time travel. And the scientific ideas of evolution are what you worship. The principles of evolution so to speak. There might be variants on what many atheists believe, but that's how it is for different sects of any other religion.

    As shitty as it sounds, the only way to not have an atheistic religion is..
    1. Don't believe there is a god.
    2. Don't give a damn about where it all began and how. Aka, don't perscribe to the Big Bang and evolution as your belief system.
    3. Live your life day by day not giving reverence to anything in life to guarantee the lack of worship.

    Because humans worship. It's ingrained in us. You're going to worship something. You can choose to worship something or you'll happen upon it naturally. Just because you don't sing and dance to something doesn't mean you don't worship. Hell, even going to a concert and rocking out is a form of worship.
  • Phoenix98
    Atheism is a religion.
    Ok then you might want to look up Atheist megachurches then and Atheist bible camps then lol because there are quite a few of them around lol.

    Atheists can't prove god doesn't exist.
    True because they can't prove he doesn't.

    Atheist hate God!
    Some actually do, not all but some, I've come across them before and others just hate religions and those that practice them so much that they view them as a plague almost there's one atheist who at that point that he's outright threatened to murder all of us if given the chance. Your not all like that of course but some are.

    What if you're wrong...
    It's a valid question though in our minds it's not a matter of if same in your minds as well.

    The rest of your points are valid though to a degree.

    Also as for the Unicorn thing there is actual fossil evidence to prove that the Unicorn actually did exist, and it's not a magical creature with powers it's just a flesh and blood animal, in fact there are quite a few scientifically proven to exist animals that it could have been, and it most likely was a horned horse or bull of some kind, there is also a ancient species of rhino that had fur and were horned that could be a candidate.

    We're all perfectly able to and is our right to believe in whatever we'd like to believe. But it isn't your right or place to say that what we practice isn't real or right, just like it isn't our place as Christians to say that to you or what you practice, believe or don't believe in is right or wrong.

    I personal think it's best for Atheists and Christians to just not mix to easy to blow up into a argument or worse, people get hurt, etc. Just to volatile of a topic to mess with.
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    • "Atheist mega churches" Lol what a dumbass. Atheism is a religion as much as abstinence is a sex position.

    • Phoenix98

      @Wolfstarking I don't have an opinion on them, I'm just saying if it's not a religion like they say it is why are there atheist churches and bible camps.

      It's a simple and legitimate question, don't get so triggered by it.

  • Borginborg
    All hail the flying spaghetti monster! Damb where is my cauldron. Lol
    Good myTake. Everyone is allowed their own beliefs and atheists should not be stereotyped by religious individuals that just need to fling mud at others with different views.
    That being said my personal choice is to play he safe bet and believe in God, i would rather be safe than sorry. I will also never say someone's religious views or lack of are wrong. Unless you are fanatical christian then I will debate my own beliefs with you any day! I like knocking the wind out of people's sails
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    • Overthrow

      If you don't mind me asking, do you believe in any specific god? There's been many many religions, so I understand where you're coming from if you're a deist, but not so much if you believe one specific god.

    • Borginborg

      I believe in God as in not a diety but as in an omnipresent energy that exists in and around all.

  • YourFutureEx
    Why do you worship satan and hate god so much? Don't you have morals? You literally can't prove that god doesn't exist. Yeah, you can try but what if you're wrong? Unfortunately, you never believed in god, try reading Bible, dude and ditch that silly religion of atheism :)
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    • Seriously tho, you can still be religious being an atheist.

  • PrincessofNohr
    Thank you for putting this out there. I've heard these many times as an atheist, and it drives me up a wall. Just because one doesn't believe in a religion doesn't make them an amoral asshole.

    Perhaps the one that gets me most is the morals argument. To say one ancient book is the source of all good, especially when said book contains copious violence, rape, and mass genocide, is blind. Sure, that may have been okay 2000 years ago, but much of what it trumpets as right would now be considered egregious. Christians like to get around this by ignoring th Old Testament, but sorry, you can't selectively ignore half of your sacred text out of convenience.
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    • Overthrow

      Especially when Jesus approves of it all in their own holy text.

    • Overthrow

      The only reason christians ignore the old testament is because science dragged them kicking and screaming out of the dark ages. Wasn't too long ago christians were burning "witches" at the steak and slaughtering infidels and heathens.

  • SirenDep
    An atheist is usually a person who has read about religions, interpreted them with his own logic, then chose to oppose god or god, good and bad ones.

    An agnostic is one who doesn't care if god exists or not, or thinks that we can't prove or disprove his existence through human logic.
  • ThisDudeHere
    I'm an atheist and I'm offended at this because I worship the God Emperor of Mankind.
  • Nothanks700
    I hated that gods not dead movie. What a crock of shit. At the end the professor freaks out because"God took everything from him," well if he believes that then he's not an atheist.

    However, my only real concern with atheism is that there is evidence, more so in just the greater cosmos of the universe, that there may be a higher power. I'm agnostic; I just can't affirmatively say there is or is not a god, I think confidently saying either is a little foolish
  • AnonRom
    I was raised catholic... That doesn't mean I actually believed in god. When I was young I parroted everything I heard but didn't really care enough to believe myself. Took me about 3 mins when I started to question my religion to realize I never really believed in god
  • Unit1
    I agree, thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!

    This is all very true.
    I'm getting sick of theists running up to me and start explaining with their religious logic their religion to which I have 0 interest and lacks real applicable logic.

    If there was a saying for these religious fanatics to simply say "I don't care about your religion and I never will" I would say it every time they brought it up.

    Theists simply should mind their own business.
  • sparta13
    hmmm... I m not against atheist cuz some of my friend also atheist and they r also human with their own opinion n choices but is there any single day goes when u don't remember god or speak to his name even u r atheist u speak to his name "Oh my God"... that's it even atheist believe in god but not any single structure or statue
  • Loadedgamer
    Strict relgious people aren't reasonable they want me beaten to death and bow down on my knees and worship god.

    I heard that from a Christian person that used to be my friend.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Very good point - I respect people of faith so I expect the same respect in return (I am an atheist)
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    • Overthrow

      Exactly. A lot of atheists do a lot of research in order to avoid misunderstanding theists. I just ask the same in return. It's futile, but I do anyway.

  • MrShinyPants
    Yeah atheists can't hate God because they don't believe he exists and their not Satan worshipers because they don't believe in him either, I myself am not atheist, also atheism isn't a religion it's a belief, or lack of belief.
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  • Library
    I agree. These are terrible things to say.
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    • Overthrow

      Yet, I see it ad nauseum... Endlessly. And everytime these awful excuses for arguments get shut down. And they just keep coming. Oh wells... That's the internet I guess.

  • BeHappy1985
    You might like this 8 Things People Need to Stop Saying To Atheists

    source for slightly better quality: gizmodo.com/the-history-of-all-religions-explained-in-one-fascinati-1643222359
  • Wolfstarking
    "Atheism is a religion as much as abstinence is a sex position" - Bill Maher
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  • lumberman9
    Lol at the picture of Winnie the pooh worshiping Satan, and I don't have a problem with someone else's beliefs as long as they don't try to force them on me
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  • Rissyanne
    I work with a atheist and he is rude... angry and in your face. He goes out of his way to get into arguments. People shy away from him.
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    • Enter in a generalization.

    • Rissyanne

      @AlwaysBelieving enter in a person that doesn't read. Did I say all atheist? No I didn't. I was just telling about my experience.

    • every criticism we know of Christianity is based on culture so as much as there are many good open minded Christians the base of their church and religion is putrid.

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  • LadyTerror
    Perfect take! I've been told all of this at least once
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  • Tarvold

    That point about Athiests not having read the bible deserves a standing ovation.

    Sometimes I think the one group of people who have least read the Bible are Christians.
  • Omar5881
    I am relgious but I always try to explain that to my relgious friends lol
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  • Fathoms77
    I'd just like to share a quick piece of wisdom:

    The majority of those under a certain age (usually 25 or so) are atheists in modern society. That has been pretty standard for the last quarter-century or so in the U. S. But numbers often show a complete reversal as time goes on; i. e., when these same individuals are polled several decades later, the majority are now believers in some religion or another.

    Of course, people can argue that they're just getting closer to death, so people start to believe out of fear. But it's also interesting to note that if you polled young atheists right now, every single one - 100% - would say they will be atheists forever, and the statistics prove precisely the opposite. Just something to chew on. ;)
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    • nog6422

      No, atheists are not the majority in any age group:

      Atheism is rising, especially with young people. Just because you see percentages go down does not mean that group is losing people.

    • Fathoms77

      @nog642 That's a tiny sample, so it really doesn't prove much of anything. And I will guarantee that the majority of every college campus (outside of the religious schools, of course) consists of atheists, and of course atheism is rising. It will continue to rise.

    • nog6422

      A college campus does not have the same demographics as the entire country.

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  • Karaas2
    Well i do hate god, i mean, i can hate some movie characters.
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  • audrey_aisha
    I agree that people should stop saying these things
  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Don't worry, when Islam takes over your head will be cut off. I find atheists have a special hatred for Christianity and go easy on Islam. Atheists are just angry cowards who need to get a life.
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  • sdistotallyme
    You are putting up a post about grievances that atheists go through and yet you have all these snarky insulting memes comparing God to unicorns and werewolves?

    I don't care if you believe in God or not. In the western world you have freedom of religion. However in the past few years I've notice an increasingly aggressive ANTItheistic movement that is constantly insulting faith based organizations (especially Christians). It's not enough nowadays to simply not believe. You people have to take things a step further and constantly sneer and insult religion.
    • rjroy3

      They're the angry vegan equivalent in diet culture, but for belief systems.

    • @rjroy3 Well their too stupid to realize that you don't change somebody's opinion by insulting them.

  • Zorax
    Great Take, I agree, completely 👍
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  • CrazyCatPerson
    Perfect. I am an atheist (was born Hindu) but here in India there are majority Hindus who are so full of it when they realise I am one. These are few of the ridiculous things I have heard.
    1. You are an immoral b*tch. Read the Gita, Ramayana or Mahabharata.(Coming from the same people who haven't read any religious books while I have studied them and understood the sexism and caste discrimination)
    2. So you want to be a Christian now? I guess the Britishers were successful at turning people like you.(😑seriously?)
    3. Indian culture is great. Don't live in India if you dont wanna believe in it.
    And then my personal favourite 4. Hinduism is the most moral religion that ever existed so you better believe in it or you are going to hell (humans are supposed to reincarnate)

  • coolchick4
    So what do you think of ex-atheists who are now religious?
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    • Most of them don't actually exist or many are still actual agnostic atheist or even deists who have to belong to a church because of their upbringing or relations.

    • coolchick4

      @Wolfstarking I know one that exists

  • jakebrake7
    Being an atheist is illogical in my opinion. Atheist say that they don't believe in God because according to them there is no evidence of God. Okay, but If someone asks them to provide evidence for lack of God or non existence of God than they have no evidence. So even if you are unsure of the existence of God, it would be more logical to be agnostic than being an atheist. The great Greek philosopher Socrates used to say that "I know only one thing for sure which is that I know nothing". Many called him the wisest just because of this.
  • jacquesvol
    Really excellent take!
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  • Pilulu
    Now someone needs to make a take about what people need to stop saying to Christians.
  • ChickenJo
    But atheists can't be moral without a strict set of guidelines from 3000 years ago that you can choose which ones you want to follow. Checkmate atheists

    But in all seriousness I love that someone finally said this. I hate being told these things. This post has been kinda random so I'll end in prayer

    I most humbly thank Thee, oh Noodly Appendaged One, for Touching me with the mental capacity to adapt the mythologies of This Universe to aid and comfort me here, until that day I am able to join together with my Pastafarian Brothers and Sisters at the foot of the Beer Volcano, and enumerate my specifications at the Stripper Factory, so that happiness and contentedness and good cheer be present for all, forever and forever,
  • ClauseViter
    Bruh, the poo bear from vinesauce 😂👍
  • Adigelunar
    ıGood post
  • colourz
    Atheists should just stop talking in general.
  • Anonymous
    Makes sense to me. The hallmark of a superior civilization is citizens thinking for themselves without a god.
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  • Anonymous
    I am Christain and let me tell you we really don't give a f uck about what you don't beleive in. No one I know cares but I hear a lot of athiests preaching and complaining. STFU.
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