15 Words And Phrases Atheists Aren’t Allowed To Use (Humorous)

Please, don’t start debates around religion here. This is meant to be a humorous post.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Body and soul

15 Words And Phrases Atheists Aren’t Allowed To Use (Humorous)

Since bodies were supposed to be soulless, according to Atheism.

2) Celebrate Christmas or Easter holidays

So it means you cannot decorate your house for Christmas or buy Easter eggs.

3) For God’s sake

Oh please I beg you, what are you saying? , would be more correct than For God’s sake what are you saying?

4) Gift from the God/Gods

Alternately, natural talent.

5) Go to hell!

Go to…where?

6) God bless you! (when someone sneezes)

Actually I never understood why people say that. Never understood the meaning behind it.

7) He/She is a God/Goddess (in appearance)

So if an Atheist says such a thing, it has a different meaning. Like he/she is so ugly that I deny his/her existence!

8. I am in Seventh Heaven

I am very very happy, to put it simply.

9) In God we trust when (if you are American)

There’s a phrase in the US national anthem: And this be our motto: "In God is our trust".

Should an Atheist skip this line?

10) Oh my God!

It’s a phrase that comes spontaneously to most people, when they see/hear something that it’s hard to believe. But who’s an Atheist’s God?

11) R.I.P.

I think by R.I.P., we mean the dead person’s soul. So since you don’t believe in souls when you are an Atheist…

12) Sold his/her soul to the Devil

When someone has an ultra-rare talent, or he/she looks extremely younger for his/her age, we use to say this phrase. But if you are an Atheist, how can you say it?

13) This place is like Heaven

This might be valid by some degree. Like saying this placing is so imaginary.

14) You are a devil in disguise

But Devil wasn’t supposed to exist…

15) You are making my life a living hell

Actually, for an Atheist this has the same value as You are making my life a living Heaven.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Very funny. I could add a few others too, lol. I'll have to stop saying good hell all the time, and most likely holy fuck is not appropriate for road rage purposes?

    It's nice to see some humor on here, thanks.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Being an atheist myself, I liked your humor. Well written.


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What Girls Said 4

  • nice list :D

  • This is good lol

  • *claps*

  • cute humor. but very misguided person. i wonder what all of you atheists are gonna do when you see the first demon saluting you in the gates of hell. well you can also go in heaven and me in hell who knows?


What Guys Said 3

  • "God bless you! (when someone sneezes)"

    I was taught it was because the initial symptoms of the Plague was sneezing, so people basically wished them luck as they ran in the other direction.

    I prefer gesundheit (good health) from German.

    Nice take :)

  • Although I'm an atheist I do believe in souls. Atheism simply means the lack of belief in any gods. A person could be spiritual and and be an atheist

  • lol this really makes me laugh !!