5 Good Reasons To Stand Out in the Crowd


It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone ____ Hans F.Hansen

Everyone seems to agree on the fact that you should be different, be yourself, but that's just on a mental level. The fact is, everyone who tried being authentic and different from others, in other words, he didn't try so hard to 'fit in', knows that the moment others see you as being different, they start to blame and criticize you in every way possible.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be afraid of being your genuine self, whether others like it or not. You should always be innate and not let anyone convince you otherwise.

5 Good Reasons To Stand Out in the Crowd

1. Being different makes a difference

I want you to think about the general idea of what a 'normal' person is. You'll probably think of someone with average income, average IQ...and The list goes on. The problem with this ordinary person is that he's average in almost everything, but that didn't get him any where, did it?

On the other hand, if you look at all the great influential people in our era, take Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Einstein.....etc, they all had that difference and uniqueness in them, which allowed them to really stand out and make a huge difference in their lifetime.

2. It changes your perspective on life

5 Good Reasons To Stand Out in the Crowd

If you decide to really be yourself and not what others expect you to be, you'll start to see the world and life in a whole new way. You'll notice that nearly everyone you know, yourself included, has been living a dull lifestyle, always trying to sustain this image of someone who's 'normal' instead of unleashing yourself.

Changing your perspective also means simply being more intelligent and aware of who you are and what you're doing, because then, you'll be able to see that there are some stupid rules that people blindly follow for the sake of being accepted. But you'll become so mindful that it appears to be so senseless when you decide to change.

3. You feel better about yourself

There's no better feeling than being yourself, no doubt about it. You see, everyday life and society makes us forget that everyone is different, and over time we totally forget that we were born to be different, so instead of being genuine, we all try to fit in because we fear rejection. The thing is, after a while, and without realizing it, you're slowly losing your confidence and your self-esteem slowly fades away.

The most obvious example that I can use to prove my point is when you do something but no one agrees with it; when no one validates your actions or behaviors, what does it feel like? That's exactly what I mean, that feeling actually shows how fragile your self-esteem is, and that's because you spent so much time and effort in pleasing others and try to gain their approval that you forgot to build yourself up.

Being innate allows you to be comfortable in your own skin, and from there comes everything else.

4. You live life on your own terms

That's what is truly awesome about being unique and uncommon; it's that you're free from these social norms. You'll really start living your life as you want to, with no one telling you how to act or what to wear.

5. Different people have no limits

5 Good Reasons To Stand Out in the Crowd

Do you know that the main reason we fail is because we listen to others more than we should? That's because every great idea is a bit weird, or appears to be impossible to reach at first. Having this kind of distinct attitude helps you to break that mental barrier that always stops you from doing what you want, because you're careless about others' opinions and it doesn't disturb you at all.

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5 Good Reasons To Stand Out in the Crowd
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  • legalboxers
    no matter what I do, no matter how hard I push at work, I get no accolades for what I do, I dont get the recognition, I dont get the "thank you". You posted many valid points, and I whole-heartedly agree, but what happens when you play by the rules, and they dont.

    Someone I once knew said "they may have all the answers, but that is when you change the questions", that dont work when you deal with people who are clueless
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  • Library
    I hate getting noticed but unfortunately I don't have to do anything to stand out. I stand out because I'm too tall.
    • Galaxy21

      I think that's agood thing, I actually want to be tall like you

    • Library

      Thanks but try being 6'9.5" and you won't think it's a "good" thing.

  • Unit1
    I approve and this is all true.

    I was kinda myself in the early beginning and hence I had no friends as a result. Because I did not fit in like the plebs.
    • Galaxy21

      Yeah, i can realate to you, but that's just because you didn't find real friends. Real ones always want you for who you are

    • Unit1

      You say it! I rather be friendless than with fake friends, backstabbers or those, who only use me for their own benefit.

    • Galaxy21


  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
  • pervertedjester
    You'll not trick me! https://youtu.be/dTQYEkIvN2M
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Very good take - I enjoyed reading it
  • ToruMatsuda
    People always want to be "different" until they see the reality of it
    • Galaxy21


    • Lol well, maybe it's my experience but when you want to be yourself and not fit in you lose your friends and become a bit of a loner, and that kinda gets to you after a while😅

    • Galaxy21

      No, it just seems like it. I mean, would you really want to befriend someone who would give up on you if you're acting like yourself? They're not real friends anyway

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  • Anonymous
    What I learned from playing Tetris is that if you fit in, you disappear.

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