How Did We Survive The 80s?

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How Did We Survive The 80s?

In 1980 something, if you were a kid, there were so many things in that time period that you saw and did. Today those things would be outright banned and overly regulated, by an overzealous board of over zealous legislators. Things happened the way they did and it was what it was, that's the way things were done, just because, well, just because.

There were no kids with any allergies, everyone had to eat all their food, and if you died from your allergy to peanuts, oh well, screw you. Teachers gave out hugs to students, and no ill gotten will was assumed, and on occasion, your teachers were actually allowed to hit you with a broom. You were called a tattle tale if you snitched on your bullies, and when they found you after school, they would take you and beat you fully.

How Did We Survive The 80s?

Welcome to our playgrounds, there wasn't any safety plastic in sight, you got on the see-saw and damn well catapulted through the air and the night. The high slides were made of metal, that heated up in the sun, but you still went down 20 times in a row, and you still had fun. You kicked up dangerously high on the swings for an epic feat, and then you jumped off those things onto hard solid concrete. If you broke and arm or a leg, it was all part of normal kid play. Your parents didn't get pissed and sue the manufacturer or the city the next day. Your instructions were always simple, go with your friends and hang around, and you were never expected back between the hours of sun up to sun down.

How Did We Survive The 80s?

There were no such things as bumper beds, car seats, or booster chairs for any of us. You rolled off onto the floor or out the window of every bed, chair, and school bus. If you were driven somewhere, and your mom had to stop quickly in alarm, she shielded your precious body, with that infamous, "mom arm." You never cancelled a Christmas party just because the one kid didn't believe; if he didn't like it, guess what, he would have to leave. Everyone babysat by the ripe old age of 10 with the only rules being don't open the door and don't burn down the kitchen. No one seriously worried if you walked home alone at night, they just pretty much figured, meh, you'll probably be alright.

How Did We Survive The 80s?

In sports there was only one winner for every game ever played, none of that certificates for everyone just for showing up that day. Teachers ruled the classroom, while parents kept their kids in check, and kids were made to give those teachers, the utmost respect. Cold War bomb drills were still common, we had to "hide" in the halls or under our desks, but no one ever questioned how that was supposed to actually help us to survive that mess.

Those days are long gone, like a feverish nostalgia dream. Now nothing can just be what it is, or seem, what it seems. No kids can go out for an innocent bike ride, without pedophilia checks, and cell phones in stride. Schools have been sanitized, teachers fear for their jobs, because they have no way of dealing with bratty kids and their parental snobs. Parks are the equivalent of soft teddy bears, how is it your kids can play without a single scrape anywhere? There are no more winners in sports anymore, everyone is a winner, all one hundred and twenty-four! Holiday parties, Birthdays, and food served are all on mute, because everyone has an allergy, doesn't celebrate, or wants to file a lawsuit. The 80s are done and gone, 1989 was its end, but boy I sure do miss it all, I miss it my friend.

How Did We Survive The 80s?
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  • MrOracle
    Don't forget the Jungle Gym (with sharp edges and exposed bolts)

    and the Merry-Go-Round that was always on asphalt or gravel.

    Oh, and you know what I *never, ever* saw until I was in my 20's? These:

    I rode my bike every day from about 5 up through high school, and I was literally in college before I ever saw a person wearing a bicycle helmet in person - and it was a person who obviously trained for races. They didn't become "normal" for regular people to wear until the 2000s.
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    • BeeNee

      Our jungle gym was stationed at the back of the playground near a fence presumably to help catch the flying bodies, and trust me, if you flew off that thing, and you would (because that was the point, right?) you were going to hit the hard packed ground hard and it was going to knock all the wind from you, but then you got up, and you were like, I can't breath, and I might have internal bleeding, but let's do it again!

      The only people I see today wearing bike helmets are serious riders, young children... and that's it.

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  • W31rd0
    One theory to the rise of hypersensitivity and allergy in the environment is the rise of cleaniness. We are more clean now than in the past. Our bodies will overreact to small things. So, some people have suggested helminthic therapy as a treatment to allergies and hypersensitivity disorders.

    I like modern life as it currently stands. But Earth is constantly changing. Who knows? Maybe in 1000, 10000, or even 100000 years from now, the world will look very different. Will it still sustain human life? Or will humanity fall in an apocalypse, allowing some other kind of intelligent lifeform to rise?
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    • BeeNee

      I think it's less a hypersensitivity to our new cleanliness, and has to do more with the fact that as compared to say the 50, 50, 100 years ago, we are eating foods that are genetically modified and engineered, with antibotics, pesticides, and preservatives. A loaf of bread should NOT be able to last 2 weeks sitting on a shelf if its fresh and natural. We have no clue what the long term effects of all this fake food have on us, but if your body has no means of processing all these chemicals, what does it do... I think it reacts with an allergy or sensitivity because it's not supposed to have those things, especially not on the regular basis that we eat them.

    • W31rd0

      You are entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to mine. I also believe that even though cleaniness and GMO products both may affect our health negatively, extreme cleaniness is a much bigger threat than GMO products.

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  • Fathoms77
    Yes, but at least I felt safe at school. Not a soul would've ever entertained the possibility of such horrific things as shootings. The doors to my school and every classroom were wide open all day... we all felt it was just as safe as being at home.

    I'm glad I grew up in such a period, that's all I can say. It must be so damaging to childhood to go to school afraid.
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    • Are you fucking kidding me?

      3 in the 80s including one at a school. Remember the phrase "go postal"? Where do you think it came from?

    • Fathoms77

      @ProbablyTooMature Dumb list. I said schools, first of all, and that list includes all of 1 incident, in 1989. How many have been recorded from the 90s on? And here's the only list you need to know about:

    • No you didn't.

      "Not a soul would've ever entertained the possibility of such horrific things as shootings."

      Nowhere in there is "at a school". 90s on? Fuck, why not include 80s on if we're going back almost 30 years.

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  • AlwaysBelieving
    OMG!! I LOVE this take. I'm to follow it for the truth and hilarity of it all. This. Is AWESOME! *does happy dance internally (since I'm surfing the web from 36,000 feet and apparently t-mobile gives free wifi up here).

    Side note, did you ever see the movie "PIXELS"?
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    • BeeNee

      Thank-you. Glad to entertain you on your flight, safe travels. No, I have not seen pixels. It got such awful reviews, that I skipped it.

    • Gotcha. I never listen to critics,' reviews anymore. It was corny, but a good corny. Definitely reminded me of when I grew up.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  • zagor
    Meh that's nothing. My uncle told me about growing up in the 60's - when he was 5 his uncle would ride him around on his Harley, no helmet on either, and sometimes after a few beers. Redwood bark was considered appropriate for playground surfaces. Riding around in the back of pickup trucks. Seatbelts optional, and sometimes non-existent. Duck-and-cover drills in schools (I'm pretty sure they were completely gone by the 80's).
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    • BeeNee

      I'm speaking from experience with the Cold war drills. The Cold War actually lasted until 1991, and all schools in our area routinely ran drills. Like fire drills they were just another fun way for us to get out of class for a few minutes, so it was like exciting when they happened. That Harley thing is so true too. At family reunions, my mom had two cousins with bikes, who would take all us kids around the bends no helmets and everyone where my grandma lived rode on the back of someone's truck all the time. It was great to feel the summer breeze. No one thought, we might die if the truck stops suddenly or we're in a crash. They happened, but it was like, okay, stuff happens, but you get back up and keep going.

    • FatherJack

      I remember the Cold War paranoia , grew up ( UK , Eastern England ) with 2 RAF bases & a USAF base also close & a civilian ( Luton Airport ) not too far , made a lot of targets for the Soviets all very close. Remember the sirens being set off accidentally & people getting very scared !! We were only 7 mins missile flight time from western Russia !!

    • BeeNee

      @FatherJack Seven minutes! I can't imagine. Well, I guess, really, that's how South Korea may feel right now.

  • John_Lion_84
    People weren't so stupid back in the days, and there wasn't so many either.
    War never changes, it still killing people. Sports, manners and respect ! Well compare the respect and manners then with now and tell me what you think, sports are better but treating none athletes back then was worse.
    Never did hurt my self in playgrounds, and social life was awesome back then.
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  • fueledbythc
    So many people my age are a product of our apathetic society. Kids are meant to be kids. Everything needs to be politically correct now where nobody can say their the opinion unless it's anonymous. I went to the mall yesterday and i was being inappropriate by swearing lots and talking loud and nobody stopped me. People are scared of speaking up. Even parents of children. We are going in a direction of where kids are going to be weak
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  • Book_Lover17
    I wish parents weren't so worried about "child proofing" and "child safety". I understand that there needs to be some, but I think there's too much now.
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    • BeeNee

      Tell me about it. In a few weeks, my 2 year old nephew is coming, and a bed and car seat has to be shipped, had to buy a booster seat with locks for him to eat, had to upgrade the last stroller to a newer safer one for his size, and had to buy a crap tone of baby proof stuff for the house because his mom is a little crazy about him getting into stuff. Like you, I understand it a little, but my mom and I were laughing about it, because she said, literally I let you climb around in a moving car without seat belts and it was like nothing. Riding in the back of a truck down a freeway was like everybody on the way to somewhere.

  • sedrftvgyhujik
    There where kids with allergies my grandfather had allergies and asthma well before that and if they where sever enough he would have died.
    Mortality rates where simply higher some things are over regulated but if you hurt your self in the uk the government pays for A&E so its fair enough for them to want pepole to be careful.
  • godfatherfan
    amen sista. With the exception of the garbage republican presidents, the 80's were the best. best music, women seemed much hotter, clothes were great.. did I mention the best music ever?
  • chrisbigman
    Good question!!! I wonder that too. Granted, I grew up mostly in the 90s - from grade school to high school. How the heck did the world change so much - and not necessarily much for the better?
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    I do agree with an awful lot of that and by extension being so PC it creates a reaction. True good things get lost in the hysteria.
  • DooMguy
    "Those days are long gone"

    When I was growing up things were more or less the same, there weren't none of this 'elf 'an safety stuff, no car seats, no booster seats nothing like that

    My sister (four years older) used to travel around in the back of a van

    Those things became more prevalent in the 2000 > generations

    Back then glow sticks were the thing, I vaguely remember opening one up and putting all of the gunk on someone (I had no idea what I was doing). Best vague memory ever
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Cause it was pussy shit compared to previous decades... that's generally how society works and evolves. It usually gets a little smarter and safer
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  • castratedwhiteguy
    What you've described here is something called incremental tyranny. I'm glad to see a woman who actually notices and is as disgusted by it as I am.
  • goaded
    There are still trees to climb! My daughter always climbed the highest, and that 10m or more high.
  • meatballs21
    I most definitely had a car seat and a booster seat.
  • pervertedjester
    I remember the start of the "Safe" playgrounds as a kid. As the older kids we undid most of the upgrades because they weren't fun. They had tire swings 2 inches off the ground! But they built this huge interconnected 3 tower play castle which if you were between 10 and 15 the coolest thing to do was Jump from Tower to Tower. Kinda like the pic with one more tower. We used to climb on to the roofs and try a superhero jump to the next one. No one broke anything a few minor cuts and bruises but that was it. That's what I miss about being a kid the most, risking safety for adventure.

    They tried to make it safe for us and we rejected it. We found new dangers with every blunted corner. When we fucked up we didn't record it and we didn't tell any one! Then we completely sold out the next generations.
    • BeeNee

      Safety is important, but I think a lot that is reported these days, is just someone trying to make a buck or get on the news, more than they genuinely care about whether something is safe or not. Kids naturally can and will figure out a way to make anything unsafe, like jumping tower to tower. I used to work with kids, and I'll never forget the day this girl tried to squeeze her leg into a tube and it got caught, and we had to call the fabrications department to cut her out of it. Next thing we know, the whole structure had to be redesigned for a total fluke. That wood thing looks really cool though. I've never actually seen a playground that's all wood... probably because it tends to rot easily.

    • The military maintained it pretty well. Here's the funny truth of playgrounds

  • TonyRyanAgain
    I definitely miss those days; kids had respect, asexual was a term for slugs, kids weren't pussies, etc.
  • Bluemax
    Free range kids.
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  • Zorax
    80's were the best :D
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  • Adigelunar
  • Anonymous
    How about that Marilyn Manson shit in the late 1990's. That was kind of cool.