White Women to Blame for Not Shattering Glass Ceiling in the US? Absurdity at Its Finest


White Women to Blame for Not Shattering Glass Ceiling in the US? Absurdity at Its Finest

Why do the liberals and Hillary Clinton supporters blame US Women for "not shattering the ultimate of glass ceilings?" I am sorry, I am a white woman, successful, educated and smart, and I voted for Trump. Let me say that again, I voted RED! Why is it that there has to be finger pointing to something all the time? Why are people able to make assumptions that a woman should have voted for a woman?

Yes it is true that in most sectors women make up less than a full 5% on Board of Directors or Corporate Officer Positions. But the new trend in corporate leadership is showing that women are thriving in work team environments because they are team builders and all about consensus. If a woman deserves to lead, she can, and she should. Did the Democratic Party ever think that just maybe it was their candidate who wasn't strong enough?

White Women to Blame for Not Shattering Glass Ceiling in the US? Absurdity at Its Finest

Lets take a look at something: The 25 Most Powerful Women in the World List; there are 18 of 25 right here in the US (keeping in mind that 3 who sit on our Supreme Court all tie at 23). That says a lot of our Country. Hillary Clinton was # 2- Running for President of the US. But the rest of this list is impressive to say the least:

#3 Janet Yellen, Chair of Federal Reserve, #5 Marry Barra, CEO GE, #7 Sherly Sandburg, COO Facebook, #8 Susan Wojcicki, CEO YouTube, #9 Meg Whitman and the list goes on. I think that women by in large are standing up and being noticed for the skills and leadership that they have to offer. Some of this Country's most dynamic and innovative technology companies are being led by women. # 15 is Angela Ahrents, Senior VP of Apple. #24, Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin. Women are advancing. I wish people would stop using the term Glass Ceiling. By using the "crutch" we are perpetuating the very thing we as women are trying to overcome.

Six very smart and talented women just won in this election. Three of those women were of color. From California, to Illinois, to Florida, to Nevada, to Washington and Minnesota! Thank you for recognizing the strength and leadership that women offer. Now lets also look at Kellyanne Conway, the Campaign Manager for Donald Trump, an awesome woman of strength and power. She has been an American Republican Campaign Manager, strategist and pollster. She has been involved with The Polling Company, in 1995. Conway's company has consulted on consumer trends, often trends regarding women. Conway's clients have included Vaseline, American Express and Hasbro.

I found a Forbes Quote by Ellen Fondiler that reads: "Every Door Can Be Unlocked"

White Women to Blame for Not Shattering Glass Ceiling in the US? Absurdity at Its Finest

We women need to stop focusing on the ceiling made of glass, and start focusing utilizing our powers and strengths to keep the momentum we have built going forward. We are strong, we are smart, and we need to quit being about excuses, and keep moving forward to enhance and showcase the Woman! We are mighty!

White Women to Blame for Not Shattering Glass Ceiling in the US? Absurdity at Its Finest
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  • madhatters4
    who are these liberals blaming white women? i've truly never really heard this. aside from US presidency nearly every other ceiling has been shattered. and outside of the US more than a few countries have had female prime ministers/presidents
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    • Read the Huffington Post- Left Wing Liberal Media- wrote an entire piece about this!

    • oh. ok. so some liberals are blaming not all. i certainly don't see it that way and most if not all of the liberal women i know don't feel this way

    • No, I am not saying the entire group is blaming the White Women, but I was just writing this piece in response to the Media Article by the Huffington Post following the election. How insulting it is for anyone, let alone the media to put blame on one class of individuals.

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  • Izumiblu
    Ill never vote for a woman just because she is a woman. There is no reason these days a woman cannot be president, it's just a matter of time til the right one comes along, but Hillary was not it.
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    • Exactly. I would have voted for a female Trump over a male Hillary, gender is not an issue to me. My favorite authors are women, best friends are women, and so's my mom for that matter.

    • @Bananaman177 Great answer, you are a friend to women as I am to men!!!

    • I kinda thought it was supposed to be us against the world.

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  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    There is no glass ceiling. The sky has been your limit since the CRA. It's up to you if you want to make that next step if you feel ready. But you WILL be judged by the same metric as men when you are responsible for both genders. That's the way it has to be.

    Besides, Trump was criticizing Hilary for her POLICIES, did he EVER once say she shouldn't be president because she has a vagina?
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    • I totally agree with you! I am about women and men both being judged equally. Corporate America is finally realizing that women can be leaders as good as or better than men. We will see a woman President in our Country, this was just not the right time, or the Right Woman!

    • Meh, women on the whole tend do very poorly in leadership positions <-This is coming from other women too. You guys tend to be unstable, and girls hate that in a professional sense. Leadership roles are stressful and you have to think under fire, you guys struggle with this. Guys are kind of used to it.

      You don't want Hilary being your first. We might not see another black president for a loooong time because of Obummer.

      Corporations will prop up some of their women as CEOs or some s*** and surround her with men to advise her. So be wary of the hype.

      That s*** being said, the smartest person in my graduating class was a woman, she was masculine (had a mustache), but a woman nonetheless.

    • @mostwomenshouldstfu Leadership roles are stressful, don't make me laugh... people bring stress upon themselves by not know what to do, worrying about stuff they have no control over and what others think. A successful knowledgeable leader knows that you have to surround yourself with capable people so that you can delegate all required work to the appropriate individual and that it will get done properly and on time. Do you think Tim Cook is under high stress all the time? The President's job is different from Corporate America, and might be stressful for some people, maybe even all that have held the office... I don't know, I've never held it, but then again I don't let anything stress me out... ever.

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  • WhirlingWinds
    It's funny how Margaret Thatcher smashed this glass ceiling back in 1979 when women didn't have the kinds of rights and support that they have today. She also never once championed for feminism or women's right. She went into a male dominated environment and brought down the walls on her own with her husband standing behind her.

    America will have its first female President, it just won't be Hillary Clinton, but it'll happen.
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    • I SO AGREE!!!

    • Thatcher's leadership qualities are so thoroughgoing that they made her "fucking sexy" in the eyes of my dear husband.

      This, from a man who is literally the incarnation of every dirty fantasy I wrote from age 10 onward, and who effuses dominance from every living cell of his body.
      She's fucking sexy.
      The Iron Lady is fucking sexy.

  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well their is no glass ceiling, at least not one that is put in place by any one other then women. Their have been less then 15(if memory serves) women who have run for president in the united states. Obviously thats going to prevent a woman from becoming president simply because of numbers, thats 15 over the course of over two hundred years, their are more males running for presidency in one election cycle. Same goes for CEO's and what not. That takes insane amount of time, time away from families that most women do not want to sacrifice (unfortunatley despite what is stated you cannot have it all, being at the top requires insane amount of time and that means by extension less time for family. This is actually quite common as women will make more money when single then men do yet when they are not single and have families women make less and men make more specifically because men gravitate to providor roles and women to nurturing ones). The fact that the first major contendor for female president was clinton a person who lets be honest is less then scrupulus didn't help. I think people wanted a female president so badly they just picked the first one they thought could win regardless of whether or not she was actually going to be good for america.
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  • coolbreeze
    A woman can vote for anybody she wants. And achieve and do anything she wants. It would had been nice to see a women president but a lot of people felt Hillary wasn't the right choice. In the future it would still be nice to see a woman president. I think women have come a long way.
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  • TadCurious
    I'm sexually attracted to women because I'm a straight guy. But I also like and respect women in general. And I wouldn't hesitate to vote for a woman to be president of the United States if I admired her and agreed with her policies. My vote for Trump wasn't a vote against Hillary because she's a woman.
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  • VomitV
    All this glass ceiling shit is getting really goddamn tedious.

    As evidenced by Hillary's post-election crying fit, women belong nowhere near the office of Presidency.
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  • RationalMale
    It's simple. The Democrats wanted to play identity politics. Women and people of color against evil white men.

    Problem is, identity won out. White women have a far stronger bond to their own people--whites as a group--than they do to "you have a vagina! vote for the country to turn brown!"
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    • This, although instead of the silly race propaganda, I think the true bond and for that matter the true thing that made Western civilization great and superior to the world was Christianity. I would argue that when the religion is allowed to thrive as it did in antiquity and the Middle Ages, it transforms a culture and enables it to reach great heights. Hence Scholasticism, Thomas Aquinas, and Western thought. This is evident by the way that the Middle East USED to be the pinnacle of civilization back when white people were still pagans living in caves, but then as Europe became Christianized and the parasite known as Islam took over the Middle East, we swapped roles. Finally, I think that the reason the West is declining so much is precisely because white people have abandoned Christianity, and that only a return can restore our former glory as the greatest civilization in the history of the world.

    • @JRICHARDS1996 if it's christianity, you must think black communities are awesome. Blacks are very religious you know.

    • Notice I said "thrive." It takes a few centuries for Christianity to transform a culture. With the sole exception of Ethiopia - which actually was once a great Christian empire - most Black people have barely been Christianized in the past 150 years or so. It took about 300 years for Christianity to transform Europe from pagan barbarians to the most advanced and successful civilization in history. Give the Blacks another century or so and then we will talk.

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  • Relentless_Hippie
    American women isn't synonymous with white women though. American women are of all races, ethnicity and cultures.
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    • That I understand, however the Huffington Post seemed to blame all American White Women yesterday for the reason Trump got elected.

    • Well that's stupid. Lots of people voted for him, including minorities. However I will say, I'm certain there were more white people who voted for him than anyone else. I mean minorities are called minorities for a reason. Even if all minorities voted against him, I doubt there would be much change.

  • Saoirse_Nua
    Yeah I agree I think playing the blame game for vote getting is a bit negative and a bit foolhardy - It is not like HRC needed 1 or 2 million more votes across the board but she needed maybe 200,000 votes more in probably 5 states, rather than the blame game just say she didn't hold the Obama Coalition for a number of reasons and there was a huge silent Trump vote.
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  • Djaaaaay
    What's even more disturbing... (the Bible says nothing in regards to women in power anywhere ) . I just wonder why not , I guess GOD forgot to inspire man to write about it.
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    • And yet EVE is the reason we are all here!

    • Djaaaaay

      Asker Correct in the beginning. , although your on a good roll... keep going...

    • Elarra

      @miamigirl1970 Um, no, you're wrong about that. Adam is the reason we're here because he was in charge of the entire garden, including Eve. Eve was a gift, not a leader in any sense. If Adam hadn't eaten the fruit, he would've gotten a new wife. But sin is passed through man, not woman, and I believe that's stated throughout the Bible in several verses. Numbers 14:18 is the only one I know off the top of my head, though, from the King James version.

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  • PT1911
    This was nice to read :)

    I've had some female friends block. me and call me terrible things because I voted for the donald.

    And. maybe this was my fault, but as they were insulting me, I just flat out said "stop voting with your fucking vagina".

    I admit, I lack tact somtimes. But the first company I worked for was. female dominated. President and CEO, Vice President, HR, my Boss, her Boss etc etc.

    Twas a good place, until someone made the call to fire me, and met very heavy resistence.
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  • kickme
    Apparently, voting for someone with no accomplishments after 30 years in government based on their gender is not sexist.
    Liberalsism is a mental disease!
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  • Scrambledagain
    Just my journey, but I owe all my business success to powerful women who helped me out. They kicked the males butt. Men have held me back. This is not a generalisation but rather the people in my life up to now.
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  • Jager66
    Because, apparently, if you don't vote based on gender your a sexist...
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    • Rissyanne

      A lot of liberal women did vote for Hillary simply because she was a woman.

    • Jager66

      @Rissyanne I really wish that wasn't true.

  • Kiran04
    I've always wondered how Hillary's face looks smashed up against that glass ceiling she bought to give her acceptance speech under. I'm not sure whether the thought is amusing or horrifying (Hillary has an exceptionally unpleasant face).
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  • John_Doesnt
    Dumb people, of all races, are to blame. Mostly dumb millennials who didn't read Trump's agenda or the ones who threw their vote away on a third party.
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  • MrShinyPants
    Yup, need to find and hone in and forget expectations and take a leap of faith and gain determination and have fun while doing it
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  • TheFlak38
    People assume that the women should have voted for the woman because she was the worst candidate ever. One that besides her criminal record, would only serve the masters who funded her campaign and transform the US into a degenerate cesspool.
    We will all see in France's elections how Le Pen will be gaining the high ground. The same people who told you, thou should vote for Hilary will then tell you that you shouldn't vote for Le Pen, simply because she goes against the marxist, globalist agenda. And then you'll have just another example of leftist hypocrisy among so many others.
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  • bubbletrouble
    White people period voted for him because they feel like they are losing America. Nationalism is rising all over white countries.
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  • Asiantrash
    It's all because of Obama. People are sick and tired of him
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  • RegularTK421
    I love this, perfectly stated and well thought out.
  • Adigelunar
  • bcromartie
    But why did you vote Red. What's your gain?
    • @bcromartie two words really: Supreme Court

    • bcromartie

      So what laws do you want to see passed or repealed?

    • I am interested in Moore V Texas- regarding the Atkins Exemption to the Death Penalty, and the deportation case of Lynch V Morales-Santana, but actually this term there are many important issues before the court

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  • Anonymous
    You forgot one GLARING pot hole in your analysis. True there are some women who claim you or any other woman should have simply voted for Hillary because you have a vagina, but there is also the idea that in turn, you voted for someone who has a track record of treating women poorly and not supporting women's issues/causes; in essence, you are, or rather you have voted against your own self-interests.
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    • It is the more complicated, “Why did Hillary fail to convince me the white women—who, in aggregate, typically vote Republican—to switch teams and back her instead?”

      There are as many answers to that question as there are white chicks in America. But many of those reasons fall roughly into a couple of broad categories.

      Most fundamentally, women voters are complicated. It is a cliché, because it is true. In terms of providing an electoral identity or sense of community, gender doesn’t get you very far. Sure, there are touchstone “women’s issues” that motivate many gals (including reproductive rights, paid family leave, and equal pay). But there are also plenty of women who are passionately pro-life or who don’t get as fired up about, say, child care as about taxes or immigration or national security. It is the more complicated, “Why did Hillary fail to convince white women—who, in aggregate, typically vote Republican—to switch teams and back her instead?”

    • For many, the intense craving for change eclipsed the nominee’s personal grossness. He promised to “drain the swamp,” to disrupt a political system that pretty much everyone agrees is dysfunctional; everything else took a back seat. Voters reasoned that Trump isn’t really that much of a pig, or that he is a pig but it won’t affect his ability to get stuff done (might even help him!), or that, even if it does, it’s worth it

  • Anonymous
    How can you claim to be educated and successful when you voted for someone who wants to grab your daughter's pussy cuz you obviously are a 3 and not pussy gabbing marerial.
    But seriously, think rationally, how many of trumps' empty promises could ever be implemented or how could a glorious past be resurrected without destroying the country and leaving more than half of the people dissatisfied.
    You shouldn't be voting for someone because they are a woman or a man but in an ideal world facts and truth should always win over populism and hype.
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    • I just can't answer this as you are probably someone who wants a free puppy on a college campus. Best of Luck

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should try though. But then again facts and logic aren't your thing so...

    • You wouldn't know what my thing is, and I most certainly do not vote for any candidate due to gender or race. My ideals might be different from yours, but bottom line, it appears a lot of the people in our Country wanted to see it go in the same direction, so I can't be to uninformed. Why don't you write your own MY TAKE and oh by the way, put your sign on to it.

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  • Anonymous
    In this election, the "glass ceiling" was shattered by Kellyanne Conway, first female ever to run a successful presidential campaign. But everyone ignores that.
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  • Anonymous
    Trump only got one thing right in his whole campaign. There really weren't WMD's in Iraq
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  • Anonymous
    There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise?

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    • Comments like your question could be considered a point of discussion and valid, but I don't take anything seriously when people choose to be anonymous.

    • Anonymous

      Women and and their army hate anonymity... lol

    • Anonymous

      Now get back to the kitchen!!

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  • Anonymous
    If there is a glass ceiling then Hillary and tge Democrats are responsible for not shattering it. Hillary was the wrong candidate and all that feminist bullshit didn't cut much ice with white women or black women, especially married ones, then her history of supporting sexual abusers snd rapists, women are rejecting this angry illogical feminist bullcrap.
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    • Amen!

    • Anonymous

      Plenty of talented women in the Republican party capable of being president and winning an election, Hillary has held back women in the democratic party for years.

  • Anonymous
    White men and White women both are the ones who put Trump in office
    minorities stayed home cause Hillary wasn't Black but i see things this way
    i bet Trump will do a better job for President than Obama has done this
    country in 8 years this country is so divided and we need healing.
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    • I agree, and the liberal media like the Huffington Post writing articles accusing white women as the reason Hillary did not get elected is part of the trash talk. You are correct, this Country needs to come together more than ever!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah i agree and i think all these White police officers getting blamed for Blacks getting killed i think they gave them a chance to surrender. You know they like to play the race card. I think President Obama divided this country no one else. If you called the White House in DC you will get Black staff answering the phone. Obama hired more Blacks for his staff but not so much as for his cabinet cause he had to hire Whites.

    • Minorities stayed home because Hillary wasn't black? For one there are way more groups of people in the world besides whites and blacks, and Obama isn't a black man. He is equally as white as he is black whether or not you choose to accept it, isn't going to change facts. Plenty of non white people have voted, but a lot of people didn't want either. It wasn't because Hillary is white why people didn't vote, it's because a lot of people didn't want either as president. And for those who did vote minorities are minorities for a reason, because they're smaller in numbers. If you have minorities voting for one person while the majority votes for the other then obvious the majority is going to win. Also there were plenty of minorities who actually voted for Donald, my grandfather being one, while my grandmother voted Hillary.

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