Trump Isn't Great, But This Election Has Shown Stunning Hypocrisy on the Part of Democrats

Trump Isn't Great, But This Election Has Shown Stunning Hypocrisy on the Part of Democrats

Let me be clear: I didn't vote for Donald Trump. I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, either; I didn't think either candidate would be a good president. I wanted to say this up front because I'm sure I'll see a bunch of reactionary comments about how I "love" Trump based on my observations. I don't love Trump and I'm not a Republican. Try to remember this, m'kay?

Okay, for a while now, I've seen the U.S. going in very much the wrong direction. Even though I'm an independent and I don't believe in rash generalizations, nor do I believe in assigning all blame to one political party, I think it's clear who's at fault. I mean, if a country is going in the shitter, it's only logical to blame the people in power, right? And nobody can deny that the Democrats have been in power for a while, and the Obama administration has only managed to foster more divisiveness, more fear and anxiety, less American pride, etc. I'm not saying he was a terrible president; I'm just saying his, and the approach of Democrats and liberals in general, is just critically flawed.

Flawed, as in, hugely hypocritical. Aren't these people supposed to be supportive and caring and open-minded and all that? Aren't they the ones lecturing everyone about the importance of going out to vote and how well the democratic process works? Don't they supposedly fight for the rights of everyone? I always thought it was pretty clear and to some extent, this is what they really do.

Trump Isn't Great, But This Election Has Shown Stunning Hypocrisy on the Part of Democrats

But over the years, things have gone haywire. This one political group has overstepped big time. They've long since stopped suggesting; they have been telling everyone how to act, what to say, even what to think, because it's not merely their opinion's fact. It's a "fact" that if you don't agree with gay marriage, you're an uneducated neanderthal and you don't even deserve to have an opinion. If you speak out against the immigration problems, you're not making any valid claims about protecting a populace; you're just racist (as if that has anything to do with it). And throughout this election, if you supported Trump, you're nothing but a dangerous bigot.

Plain and simple, Democrats have been pushing this message for years now: If you're on the left side, you're educated, enlightened, progressive, kindhearted, and socially responsible. If you're on the right side, you're stupid, narrow-minded, laughably old-fashioned, racist, sexist, cold-hearted and greedy. The worst part is, the media has picked this up and run with it, thereby ingraining these stereotypes so deeply into our heads that people really were starting to see these as "facts."

The result?

Trump Isn't Great, But This Election Has Shown Stunning Hypocrisy on the Part of Democrats

A whole lot of the country made it clear in this election that they're just sick and tired of the whole mess. Despite the Democrats and liberals getting all the media attention, despite their fear-mongering and essentially saying the Republican and conservative political party is dead or dying, more than half the country rose up and said, "NO." None of this has been true, has never been true, and we're sick of being stereotyped, marginalized, and totally and completely dominated by this severe leftist agenda, which, by the way, isn't working.

And what happens? Trump wins and the Democrats start showing their true colors. The hypocrisy and double-standards immediately leap to the forefront. There's grief counseling at schools, did you know that? Would we have had grief counseling if Clinton won? Universities suspended classes and exams so students could better "cope" with what happened. Protesters - or rather, rioters, which is really what they were - stormed the streets, in one giant Trumper-tantrum, primarily because they didn't get their way. Violence and more manipulation. Trying to make us believe that the election was a catastrophe and academia should treat it as a catastrophe and actually tell students it's a catastrophe...? They should all be fired, every last one of those idiot administrators and professors.

This heavy-handed way of forcing their agenda down our throats has backfired, and now they're reacting in a way they would undoubtedly condemn if Republicans/conservatives reacted this way if Clinton won. Plain and simple, straight-up hypocrisy. They haven't been interested in equality for a very long time; they only care about preferential treatment and bias, and this is just wrong.

Trump Isn't Great, But This Election Has Shown Stunning Hypocrisy on the Part of Democrats

Trump could be extremely problematic. He could, on the other hand, fix a lot of things. Either way, I have my concerns and I'm not about to turn Republican now. I'll be independent forever because there are just too many flaws in each of the two main parties. But I do believe the Democrats absolutely needed a wake-up call, they needed to fall in defeat, because it felt like we were a tweak away from our freedom of speech being compromised. "Say whatever you long as it doesn't offend anyone and if anyone does take offense, you have to shut up." Nazi-esque, no?

Americans value their freedom, they really do. And at least half of them have been feeling shackled for a long time, watching in consternation as the country gets decimated, and all the while the same regime is trying to tell us that this is the "right way." This is why Trump won and while hardly the best option for this - or any - country, nobody should be all that surprised he's there. This is what happens when you try to rule with an iron fist, Democrats...that's exactly what you've been doing and exactly why I used the word "hypocrisy." The very thing you're supposed to be against is the very thing you've been doing.

This Trump guy scares me sometimes. But even as a woman, he doesn't disgust me as much as the one-sidedness and hypocrisy of a certain unbelievably egotistical political group that, thankfully, lost.

Trump Isn't Great, But This Election Has Shown Stunning Hypocrisy on the Part of Democrats
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  • Rissyanne
    Well I voted for Trump. I know my vote wouldn't be worth a damn voting for third party. And I was never going to vote for Hillary. I did think about Bernie at one time. He seemed like an ok guy. A bit to socialist for me though. I am a moderate conservative. I think Trump can get this economy back on track. And I think he can keep us safe. I know there are a lot of people who are still in shock. But they need to get on with their life... they are only hurting their selves. It is kinda like a divorce. I know I have been through one.. you can wallow in your loss or get back up and get on with life. He is our president and we should treat him as such. I was against Obama... but I didn't go out and burn down the cities.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Prof_Don
    I'm a black American independent from California, I voted for Clinton.

    All this rioting is so ridiculous! Why? Because the American people have spoken. The majority of voters in most of the states, wanted Trump to be their President.

    Now that the liberals lost, now there is outrage about the electoral college system being "unfair".

    What most people fail to realize, is that the most populations dense areas in the country tend to be liberal... which is why the USA uses the electoral college system. So that all the states, regardless of population size, get more of a fair weight of their affecting of the election.
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    • Reasonable. Well stated

    • The electoral college system has been set up since the first US presidential election. It was not set up to prevent urban "liberals" from choosing the president every election. The same goal of giving the less populous states a "fair weight" could. be accomplished without the electors. You could simply have the number of votes awarded to each state be automatically counted towards the election of the president. A big part of the reason it was set up was to prevent a populist tyrant (i. e. Trump) from becoming president. If the electoral college doesn't prevent Trump from becoming president, then the electoral college system might as well just be abolished.

    • Mfj1919

      @AverageJoe74 you're proposal is actually a popular vote you Baffion ! You kind look so silly stoking the flames of discontent. Man up and accept the system as it is. This writer got it right and you can't handle the truth.

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    so true. trump was voted in because it's painfully apparent that the boat is sinking and the holes need to be fixed. balance needs to be restored.
  • Library
    Bullshit. It's a democracy, we can protest all we want about the election results. That's what liberals support. Conservatives would've reacted the same way if Hilary was elected and conservatives typically protest against things THAT DON'T AFFECT THEM. This election will impact all of us and it will strongly impact people who are already socially disadvantaged (transgenders, gays, muslims and etc.). Maybe if you didn't live inside a cave you would've realized that by now.
    • Fathoms77

      There would be no "grief counseling" if Clinton was elected and if anyone even whispered that there should be, they would've been mocked or even attacked. And peaceful protesting does not equate to violent rioting in the streets.

      I think that's sort of the point of this article, right? :)

    • Protest yes, riot and block traffic... NO! And just FYI this is the first time such widespread riots (not protests) have broken out after an election, Democrat or Republican.

    • We aren't a democracy, we are a republic.
      Protesting itself is not illegal, but being apart of an unlawful assembly is illegal.

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  • TuMeManques
    The hypocrisy has always bern there but people are being forced to acknowledge it now. For 8 years I've been called a racist simply for disagreeing with Obama on policy. They aren't open minded or open to discussion at all.
    • @TuMeManques You're a smart woman!!!

    • That's a stupid reason for someone to call you a racist. Obama's not the worst president or anything but he's not the kind of president I preferred to have and I'm someone who falls under being an ethnic minority in the US. By these extremist leftists' logic, that would make me a self-hater because I don't like Ted Cruz (who's half Cuban/Hispanic) because I'm of Latin American ethnicity.

  • Blackzenith
    Funny that you say the majority in power is most likely to blame. Republicans controlled the House and Senate and stopped most everything. The Democrats had little power. And you say that more than half the country comes out in support of Trump. Well, as a matter of fact, that's a lie. Hillary had more votes than Trump. I'm an independant, and yes, i am protesting. But not because Hillary didn't win, but because twice in 16 years this has happened. More people wanted one person to win, but because of the broken electoral college, the lesser wanted candidate won. I see that as wrong. And I also don't like it when Liberals tell people they're wrong for not believing in some things. But I see where they're coming from. Times have moved on, and we have to accept that gays have feelings, and they deserve to be married. Not discriminated against. We're all human beings. It's a sad fact that some Conservatives (SOME, not all) are stuck in the traditional ways. And we're a country now based on equality, not racism and hate. For this country to go on, we need to change and evolve. We're based on politics, not the Bible. The fact that the KKK is having a celebration about this should tell us something.
    • Fathoms77

      The Democrats have had IMMENSE power. Just because Obama didn't get insane things past the Supreme Court (like allowing those without a valid ID; i. e., illegal immigrants to vote) doesn't mean he didn't get his way a lot of times. And the media has incredible control, and that's almost entirely liberal, which is why a lot of people were shocked by the results of the election. If you listen to the media the last five years, it's as if the Republican party doesn't exist and even if it does, those who belong to it are nothing but dull-witted relics of the past.

      The KKK can celebrate all they want. The Trump campaign made it abundantly clear that they rejected KKK support and will always reject that support. And the Electoral College is in place because the popular vote is NOT accurate enough. We don't go by the number of states won for a similar reason; if we did, Trump would've won by a landslide.

    • AndyO

      No, not really. We have laws and a constitution. That's how it works.

    • Well, The reason hillary won the "popular " vote is because she took states like California, and New York, intense population in a small area so it could make sense that she could win the popular vote and still lose the electorate, It's honestly not unheard of , the problem most people have with it is they see this as not democratic, and most people are under the misconception that we live in a democracy. We , however, do not. We live in a republic, It is set up this way so that we don't have a mob rules sort of government. I'm sure minorities would not enjoy majority rules, because then they would have no voice. If all you had to do was win the 2 or 3 most populated states, then honestly there would be no point in the rest of the country to vote because as long as someone can carry California , New York and maybe 1 other, they would always win. So the rest of the country would have no voice. No point in even involving the rest of the country in the process.

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  • ovixs90
    I am not American, but at least what i see it's Yes Obama do seems like a cool guy and makes jokes :) But in his presidency he invaded Syria, Lybia, Egypt and killed dictators of this countries. Yes maybe they weren't the most nice people , but those countries had peace. Especially Egypt was most of European destination for holiday. For many years they didn't bothered anyone until Obama decided that we need to get ride of them for some reasons. Which lead for chaos in this places and mass migration to Europe and making chaos in European union for sometime. They send thousand of migrants to my country which after few weeks took a bus and moved to other more rich country. :D So about Democrat reaction that Trump won. I didn't support non of them neither Trump or Hillary just if democrats shout and wear signs LOVE NOT HATE or something and then they go and pull innocent people from cars, robbing them and doing violence right now in USA. Then i don't understand How Hillary supporters are anyway better then Trumps?
    • Actually the US did not invade Egypt.

    • What, you have a problem with us wanting to remove murdering dictators from controlling their people? A country having peace has nothing to do with it, dictators do not belong in this world, and if no one else will get rid of them, then we will, but we should do it by bringing back assassination as one of the things the CIA is allowed to do, it would be much simpler to just kill the leader then send in the military.

  • Darrett
    All the violent attacks, vandalism, whining and tantrums before and after the election is major reason Trump got elected.

    Notwithstanding, HRCs PROVEN corruption, lies, and deception versus unproven and baseless accusations leveled against Trump just proves who is actually the uneducated retards in America.

    most Americans are sick and tired of the labels, accusations, offended but hurt crybabies in this country.

    People that voted for Hillary are either the most moronic idiotic automatons in the world, and/or the ones with absolutely no integrity, character, or honor.

    they're more worried about Trump saying mean things than Clinton is proven lies and corruption.

    They still don't realize all those emails are factually true, the one Democrat (Donna Brazile) that tried to say they were edited and doctored was already proven an idiot by several IT specialist who said they were true.

    Not withstanding project veritas with their videos on there hidden investigation that literally prove with a full confession on how they commit voter fraud, voter intimidation, and voter manipulation.

    not withstanding project veritas with their videos on there hidden investigation that literally prove with a full confession on how they commit voter fraud, voter intimidation, and voter manipulation.

    Hey liberals, how does it feel to show just how stupid and easily manipulated you are?

    most of these bitchy little whiny pussy's grew up in the daycare generation and didn't get enough of mama's tit as they were crying and whining and throwing tantrums by competing for attention against 20 other brats to one daycare worker.
    • So you consider racist, sexist comments to just be "mean things"? And NO, corruption related to Hillary has never been PROVEN. You must be confusing Rush Limbaugh and Hannity with a federal judge. You might want to rethink your choice of media outlets if you want to learn FACTS.

    • Mfj1919

      @AverageJoe74 nothing was "proven" because she had the Justice Dept in her corner. You don't seem to want to acknowledge her corruption and never will.

    • @Mfj1919 Yes it is always some "conspiracy" when you right-wing nut jobs don't get the results or answers you want. When are you people going to learn that every time we get a Republican president we end up with a recession! Y'all are a bunch of closed minded sheep following blowhards like Rush and Hannity.

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  • EiNei
    America is great because of its freedom of choice. 60 million American citizens voted for Donald Trump so he deserves a chance. I am absolutely disgusted seeing the violent protests/riots where my fellow citizens feel they have the right to tell me who I should have voted for, talk about violating my constitutional rights. Trump may be a maniac but I would have chosen him over a strategic elitist detached from even understanding what the American people want, again 60 million voters. I am a minority pushing to live day to day taking care of my family, not on welfare or on any government benefits because why should I be a burden on my fellow citizens. Protesters and Rioters, how can you fight for your "Illegal Immigrant Friends". Why are they still illegal, instead of protesting you should help them become contributing citizens since they feel entitled to take off the plates of our hardworking voters. Help to be solutions instead of hanging your lips and crying holding your ridiculous signs. Get out and work for change, don't just yell about it.
    • Telling you who you should vote for is not a violation of you "Constitutional Rights". You might want to actually read the Constitution some time.

    • Well stated.

  • Jxpxtxr
    To be fair it's an understandable reaction. The rational population of any country would demonstrate if a total lunatic became their president.
    • Waffles731

      What the past day or two has shown is just how amazing Obama is,
      Obama should be up for sainthood cause thats a fucking miracle

    • Jxpxtxr

      @Waffles731 it actually is!

    • Waffles731

      This means, that gives me hope,
      it means that in two years from now when the mid terms come and the opposite party from the president takes the house and senate (which is generally what happens)
      They won't have to completely fix everything.

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  • TheFlak38
  • TadCurious
    Americans who are concerned about the direction their country is going in don't like being told that those concerns make them racist, sexist, bigot, homo-, Islamo-, xenophobes. Especially by the elites in the mainstream media and the Democrat Party. Those labels the SJW Left love to throw out just aren't going to work anymore, because too many people see through that tactic now. There's nothing wrong (and in fact it's a healthy thing) for a people to want to preserve the country they grew up in and not see it spiral down into a hellhole like we see happening in much of Europe.
    • Bemore

      How many people actually even knew what xenophobic or mysoginistic was before the left started calling republicans those names? Lol

  • AverageJoe74
    This article could hardly be more biased. You make generalizations about democrats being elitist and hypocrites. Just because you call yourself an independent doesn't mean that you aren't biased in your political beliefs. You fail to mention that people on the far right have been trying to delegitamize Obama for 8 years, and have been largely successful. You conveniently fail to mention that the Obama administration could get absolutely nothing accomplished the last 6 years because of the gerrymandered House of Representatives. If Obama had had an ounce of cooperation then perhaps tweaks could have been made to the ACA. Instead, the house spend taxpayers money taking 60+ votes to repeal it. You also say that the media attention ALL goes to the Democrats. Does that mean that you don't consider Fox News and Breitbart legitimate media outlets? Because unlike CNN and the major networks, those networks spend 90% of their time either bashing liberals or promoting a right-wing agenda. If you really cared about this country then you would spend whatever time you can addressing Trump''s authoritarian philosophy and what was his BLATENT pandering to white supremacists groups and other extremist groups. Was I happy that Hillary got the nomination over Bernie? Absolutely not. But I knew Trump was TEN times worse and an actual threat to Americans' way of life. If you didn't vote for Hillary then you are partly responsible for what is to come under the right wing fascist style leader, Donald J. Trump. I'm
    • Mfj1919

      You are a complete idiot ! All you kind just follow the lead of the liberal press that just moved to stoke the flames by creating false generalizations about Trump that are now ingrained in your pin heads. Learnt I think for yourself and I think perhaps you might be able to accept reality and have an open mind to change. Those in the right didn't much being lied to and obfuscated by Obama's slight of hand with Ibamacare and other Executive cram downs. Thank Gid they were there to check his wanton condescending dictatorship.. Obamacare can't be tweaked as it defies rational market viability.

    • @Mfj1919 The kind of "change" Trump and Pence are talking about is more tolerance for racism and sexism. If you can't see that then you must have the the same mindset. And you think the "liberal" media creates false generalizations about Trump? Trump's own words are what creates his negative image. How often did you hear from the right-wing media over the past 8 years that Obama was a Muslim and not born in the US? Talk about hypocrisy! And Trump is going to do just what you said was impossible and tweak Obamacare. He ran on a lie saying he was going to repeal it and you ignorant conservatives fell for it. You also fell for him saying he was going to deport 11 million illegals. That will never happen. Lol.

    • Carolina88

      Well. You actually completely made her argument valid. Lol

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  • kellyg83
    i never voted for either of them either, but i am tired of watching the left breed more racism, more hate, and watching them turn adults into "babies." i am tired of watching them bully, tired of watching them destroy masculinity while whining about where all the "men have gone," tired of watching them trying to call pedophilia "another sexuality" while trying to turn little kids into transgenders before they are even old enough to make that decision. i am tired of watching them bully, and harass because someone has a different opinion. at this point i could honestly say that if clinton had been elected, i would help people to go to war against these people because i believe they are evil cultists. i hope trump gets rid of gender studies classes, and throws this behavior out once and for all.
    • Who in the hell ever called pedophilia "another sexuality"? Please don't tell me you heard it from Rush or Hannity. You know the don't actually tell you facts, right?

    • kellyg83

      @AverageJoe74 no. It was all over the Internet after that pedophile guy made that video about the 5 year old girl. The one that was twirling in the purple outfit. After that video, people on the left started saying that.

    • So you saw it and on the internet a few times and that means the "left" was calling for that new sexuality? That'a exactly what conservatives like to do. They like to take one or two examples of something and say "look at what liberals are doing". And liberals are trying to turn kids into transgenders? That's just some made up alt right-wing propaganda There might be a few psychologists that are WRONGLY advising teenagers that they are transgender but that doesn't make it a liberal thing. I know Rush has convinced you that any media source besides him is evil, but that's not actually true.

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  • Saoirse_Nua
    I agree the Democrats needed a wake up call but would have preferred if it wasn't a nightmare in the form of Donald Trump maybe an internal revolution like Bernie Sanders.
    • Democrats only have themselves to blame for that.
      They should not have conspired against Bernie to steal the nomination from him - they are stupid.

  • QuestionMan
    If you know LGBTs who are scared share this with them
    • Um, explain our new vice president then

    • @thissiteisforpervs The VP is a sidekick with no actual power who is there as an appeal to the Republican base.
      So make sure Trump doesn't die.

    • I'd rather have Trump, than Pence, of course, but, you realize Trump CHOSE pence as his vice president.. it's basically saying, I pretended to be pro gay, but really, I'm anti gay

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  • Iron_Man
    How do you know Trump not great? He hasn't even started yet give the man a chance
    • ksoma

      "Trump could be extremely problematic. He could, on the other hand, fix a lot of things."
      Try actually reading the piece.

    • Iron_Man

      Way too long-winded I have things to do

    • As an American citizen I don't have to give him a chance... isn't that great!

  • ThePetSquirrel
    Liberals: "Be tolerant of others! OMG THINGS DIDN'T GO MY WAY! OUTRAGE! PROTEST!"
  • Me17954
    First of all you appear to be clearly slanted against the democrats in this essay. I think the picture of beating the dead donkey gave it away, maybe?
    In particular you note that people don't appreciate having political correctness pushed down their throats----well that is only a concept not a law chipped into the books...
    I think others may not appreciate having a certain brand of religion pushed down their throats and going back to free speech -- why should I feel shamed when I slip up and say "happy holidays " instead of Merry Christmas? Why is my religious belief questioned by a message of good cheer? I feel I am being shamed for not being the right kind of Christian...
    I don't think republicans are dumb---most all I know have a college degree---but I don't think democrats are elitists either. I sense a distrust of academia in this piece and other pieces and readers comments on these pieces? This seems to be part of how democrats are viewed as elitists---idiot professors and administrators should be fired, you say, for what? having an opinion? How does calling for their firing not make you an elitist and also shoving your opinion down the throats of others?
    As for the media and this past election: because of the media I was subject to hearing Donald Trump's message at his rallies every single day--he certainly got more coverage than Hillary did.
    And as for the democrats being in power --- the president is only one branch of our government--- the star of the show--- one could argue that the speaker of the house actually wields more power in the actual business if governing...
    The republicans have clearly been the party in power, for the most part , for decades...
    I truly have no way of knowing if people would have taken to the streets or cried it required grief counseling if Hilary had won----how can you be so sure they wouldn't have?
    Isn't it elitist of you to assume the Trump supporters wouldn't have----just because you believe they are not that kind of people?
    "Heavy handed way of shoving their agenda down our throats " you say---it is such a light touch Mitch McConell has used in keeping the process of nominating another Supreme Court justice---the conservative side just decided they weren't going to do it until they wanted to do it ---- some may view that as showing strength and resolve --- but you can also view it as a temper tantrum if a toddler : "I am not going to do it because I don't have to" Really?
    • rjroy3

      Considering there are riots being done by Democrats I think it's fair to call them out on their shit. Most papers written about WW2 are slanted against Hitler... doesn't make him an angel.

    • Republicans didn't commit acts of violence when Obama won in 2008, and then in 2012 again. Dems and liberals alike are rioting like animals and destroying property... they are using violence... as @rjoy3 said it's fair to call them out...

    • @rjroy3 So you think Hitler just gets overly criticized for killing millions of innocent jews? Wow. Here we are folks! Our first holocaust denier of the night! Trump's white supremacist following.

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  • DaddyRollingStone
    Liberals are already working on getting Trump reelected.

    The leftist elites unapologetic arrogance and the commoners' delusion coupled with violence against policemen and Trump supporters is what push people over the edge. The majority feels like the elites do not care about them, white working class people are tired of constantly being shit on and look what happened.

    At the end of the day America decided that they would rather have a candidate that acts in the best interest of the working people but occasionly says mean things rather than a money hungry sociopath under investigation by the FBI.
  • Elarra
    I think everyone has shown hypocrisy in this election. The republicans have shown just how divided we really are as a country and the democrats think the republicans are idiots.
  • Belgie
    It really has. Protesting a legitimate election but doing nothing while the DNC rigged their primaries against Sanders, denouncing Trump for not pledging to accept the results, but not accepting Hillary lost.


    It's like they want him to do horrible things so they can justify their outrage and fear instead of realising political campaign promises are bullshit to get votes, no matter who says them. Now stfu and BE GRATEFUL he isn't building a wall, you eejits
    • pooper89

      Ill never understand why people think campaign promises are a real thing

  • pooper89
    I'm against the two party system. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't believe the campaign riffraff in the slightest. Politicians say whatever they think is going to get them elected. I'll believe it when I see it
  • Tacoloco
    I share the much of the same thoughts and sentiments of this well written piece. Good job
  • NYCQuestions1976
    As long as the Democrats continue to ignore blue-collar workers and their families living in the Midwest and Ohio Valley on a national level, they will not win another presidential election in the foreseeable future.
  • ACrazyHaggis
    yeah form a non American we are beginning to think you are all going bat shit insane if we being honest

    especially how most of your "liberal" ( is that what you call it?) news medias kept on hyping up up Clinton and crapping all over the voters who voted for trump and trump from what i have observed so far that seems to have cause some what of a back lash

    its pretty interesting
  • TripleAce
    Take the fight to the voting booths, that's how you win. This movement would require 41 Faithless electors - which is a pipe dream at this point

  • GirlNextBored
    I'm an independent and as such I never have a chance to vote in primaries. I was drawn to Bernie Sanders and wonder if he had a chance to defeat Trump. I disliked Hillary and honestly felt she had little chance due to how many people seriously dislike her. See this campaign - she would leap ahead in the polls every time Trump did something stupid (which was a lot) and within days or weeks he would come and be within a point or two. She could never put him away , never deliver that finishing blow, because no matter how f'ed up that man is Hillary is so damn unplopuar America kept giving him a chance.
    If the Democratic Party didn't have its head up its rear when it came to her and understood this, they could have buried Trump before the election that when actual voting day hit it would have been over before the west coast polls were even closed.
    Instead we have Trump
    • The answer is he had a better chance than Clinton:

    • @genuinlysensitive you know, I respect the people who wanted to vote for Bernie but regardless he turned his back to his supporters and turned into Hillary's lap dog... he showed no leadership in the end even though I liked the guy

    • Well, that is what you are supposed to do. Whoever is the winner you put things aside and unite behind, just like you are supposed to do for the president.

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  • Rachelrosee
    Lets see basically the dumb thirsty idiots voted for his dumb ass. Oh and lets not forget the thirsty idiot women that would suck his dick for cash lmfao sad world isn't it they love being called hoes.
  • Bemore
    Thank you for your candid and non-biased article. You hit the nail on the head as to what happened in the election.
  • Pinkbeauty
    I don't like trump ether but one thing I don't agree with on your take is that you mentioned people who don't support gay marriage are uneducated and I don't agree with gay marriage but when I was homeschooled I was a fast Lerner when I did homeschool and I'm tired of hearing people say people like me who don't agree with gay marriage are uneducated or homophobic or intolerant or bigoted and let me just disagreeing with gay marriage doesn't make someone uneducated bigoted intolerant or homophobic
    • How does two people who are in love getting married change your life in any way? Oh. It offends your religion? Well fortunately we don't follow religious law in this country. Try Saudi Arabia or Iran if that's the kind of government you prefer. Homophobe!

    • Pinkbeauty

      @AverageJoe74 rude and second as for your question it makes me feel creeped out and uncomfortable to see to men or to women holding hands with each other look you can hate and call me out all want but it says about homosexuality in the Bible is true and I don't make the rules only god made the rules so I suggest you look in the Bible sometime and you'll see what I'm talking about and second I'm not a homophob

    • You just admitted that it "creeps you out" to see same-sex couples holding hands. That IS homophobic! It makes you uncomfortable because you have judged them for being gay or lesbian All you "devout" Christians are such hypocrites. You pick and choose Bible versus that justify your bigotry. What about "love thy neighbor"?

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  • chrisbigman
    I agree. I didn't vote for either of them, either. Both parties have been showing their true colors for a while now. Not everyone has been seeing that.
    • This election has shown ugliness from every direction.

  • starryeyedkitten
    Like Republicans did not moan and whine and block Obama before. .. yeah right
  • Kiran04
    More like stunning idiocy and willful retardation. The Democrats sealed themselves within their mainstream media echo chamber and refused to listen to the voters or take a look at what the country was actually like. Their ludicrous ideology failed to provide them with an accurate model of American reality and they paid for it. In fact, they are still paying for it, and they're even stupid enough to double down on the very ideology that lost them every ounce of power in the federal government to begin with.
  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    That was good, Don't ever compromise the truth as you see it plainly.
    But, The Donald is great! :P
  • bedroomdweller
    Best take I've read in a long time. Awesome
  • Jager66
    It's Feminism/SJW's
  • Adigelunar
    thats right
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Yup! Tyrants will fear monger...
  • Chas917
    AMEN to that!
  • Anonymous
    Republicans would have done the EXACT same thing. He said he would have "looked" in to it. Besides she won the popular vote. You can't complain
  • Anonymous
    Just stop. You know if Clinton won there would be riots and shit on your part too. Every group of people has crazy people that take it too far. Don't act like you guys are innocent too.
    • You do realize that the people who say "Make America white again" are anti-Trump right?

    • Anonymous

      @Thisperson98 actually it was Trump supporters so check your facts.

    • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    This was a great article. While I did not like the final two candidates, my vote really came down to who I disliked the most... and voted for the other candidate. I agree with most of your points, but to me one of the biggest issues that you left out and seems to get swept under the carpet is all the democrats who supported Bill Clinton, even after he finally admitted to all the affairs but raked Trump over the coals for the same behavior and character. I was tired of hearing "everyone does it", "it has nothing to do with his presidency", or "all great leaders have been known to cheat; JFK, MLK... it's part of their makeup", etc., etc.. when Clinton was in office. Now the woman that was married to him, the party that puts him on a pedestal, the people who voted and continued to vote for him are now upset because the Republican Candidate has all the same characteristics as Bill. Why is it such a negative for Donald but not Bill. Can you spell "Hypocrite"!!! While I personally think both are reprehensible, I find it amusing (and scary at the same time) that people are so quick to condemn one and make the other a heroe! Again, thanks for writing such a good article.
    • You seem to have forgotten that Bill wasn't runnning for president. Hillary was.

    • Mfj1919

      Agreed. This article was spot in. And kiosks to her for taking an objective. view of what is going in.

    • @Mfj1919 Kiosks to her? What does even mean? A kiosk is cubicle. And you obviously don't even know what the word objective means if you think this article was objective.

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  • Anonymous
    Liberals are hateful, bigoted, intolerant people! Without a doubt. They are scary.
    • One woman, before all this madness started, was crippled due to bullies in school. She became an advocate for programs to end bullying. She was an inspiration to many, even almost found her way onto American Idol.

      Fast-forward to today's election cycle. She is so beside herself that Trump won, that she picks a fight with an elderly man on the street at random over the results. When the man has an answer for every accusation she makes, and she starts looking like a fool, she lashes out and brutally beats the man until his forehead is beating and he's lying on the ground. He was too old and weak to fight back.

      Of everyone at that "protest," she was the only one police explicitly arrested.

      The supernatural hatred of Trump has now turned anti-bullying activists into violent assailants.

    • Yes, the party that includes 90 percent of the minorities in this country and most LGBT people is bigoted and intolerant". Try again. It's funny how most bigots don't even now the meaning of that word.

    • Anonymous

      @AverageJoe74 lol, how is it that minorities and LGBT can't be bigoted? Here is your definition, look it up:

      having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one's own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others.

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  • Anonymous
    It's a democracy. People have the right to protest as much as they want. I think it shows a lot of strength to go out there and stand up for what you believe in.
    • We aren't a democracy, we are a republic. Also they are breaking the law by blocking streets and committing other crimes.

    • Anonymous

      I still think people should be able to protest however they want, unless there is violence inflicted upon another person.

    • There is already violence. And blocking the streets is illegal because it prevents emergency crews from responding to calls.

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  • Anonymous
    Agree with everything you said. This should be nominated for Take of the Year! :D
  • Anonymous
    I'm not giving Trump any credit.
    Which fool would give credit to someone who had four bankruptcies?
    • You know dumb pathetic women have voted for that piece of shit makes them more of a dumb piece of shit. They love sucking trumps dick for cash. Basically whomever did vote for him are thirsty idiots

    • Abraham Lincoln had 11 bankruptcies, and was a great president

    • @Rachelrosee so voting for Hilary who laughed st a rape victim was should have been president? Knowing the rapist was guilty.

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  • Anonymous
    Thank you for this! I am an Independant as well, and I think although the Republicans have a lot of problems, the democrats have been pushing this fear mongering just as hard, but with different targets!

    "If you're on the left side, you're educated, enlightened, progressive, kindhearted, and socially responsible. If you're on the right side, you're stupid, narrow-minded, laughably old-fashioned, racist, sexist, cold-hearted and greedy. The worst part is, the media has picked this up and run with it, thereby ingraining these stereotypes so deeply into our heads that people really were starting to see these as "facts.""

    This^ Thank you for This! Excellent take keep it up!
  • Anonymous
    Not surprisingly the Black voters were unwilling to vote for a candidate with links to the kkk.
    • Really? They voted for Clinton in landslide numbers

    • Anonymous


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