5 Things to Be Grateful For as an American


Since Thanksgiving season is coming up, I think this is the perfect time to show our gratitude for being Americans. Here are things that we should be grateful for.

Note: These are things that the average middle-class American probably has. These are obviously not things that the poorest of the poor or homeless people have.

Things to Be Grateful for as an American

Clean Water

The necessity of clean water is what most Americans take for granted. The water is clean, because it has been chlorinated. The water is easily accessible because of the pipes that run through buildings. Without this easy access of clean water, cities would not be possible, and human settlements would be very dependent on collected rainwater or spring water or well water. Humans would die every day by cholera. With a shortened lifespan, humans would have to marry earlier, maybe in their teens, and it'll be the teens that replenish the population with more people. Though, lack of clean water means lack of proper hygiene and sanitation, so it is possible that women would die of infections during childbirth, making childbirth extremely dangerous and risky.

5 Things to Be Grateful For as an American

24/7 Food Supply

In America, there is food everywhere. Food is a necessity and a commodity. Though, some stores sell stuff that looks like food and tastes like food, but really, it's just a large amount of sugar and milk. For example, ice cream can come in so many varieties, but the varieties are just different formulations of sugar, milk, flavors, colors, and preservatives. The abundance of food is comforting. Americans never have to go into the wild and trap a rat for supper or pick berries or migrate to a different part of the country to follow the food supply. They just have to go to the store and buy the food with metal coins and valuable pieces of paper and handheld magnetic stripe cards. With someone else supplying the food (usually in the form of a corporation), many Americans have no idea where their food comes from. They just know that it's there, and they eat it. It's a no-brainer. If they want to know what's in it, then they can just flip the product and check out the FDA-regulated label, but they probably don't know half of the stuff on there anyway, and with busy work schedules, people just want to buy the food and enjoy it.

5 Things to Be Grateful For as an American

Indoor Plumbing

Many Americans likely have indoor plumbing. Having indoor plumbing is totally better than having an outdoor "toilet" that does not take the human wastes anywhere. The sewage water would be treated at the sewage treatment plant before dumping it back into the environment. This infrastructure is vital for any modern society, because without it, people would literally be living in their own wastes, and cities would be the most dangerous places to live in.

5 Things to Be Grateful For as an American


Americans are extremely reliant on electricity powered by fossil fuels and other electricity-generating sources. Electricity is needed to turn on and off the lights, so that businesses can open stores around the clock, that street corners can be properly lit to deter criminals, and that people can see where they are going in the middle of the night. Electricity is required in the alarm clock that wakes people up in the morning, in the stove that heats up food, in the car that takes people to work or school or elsewhere, and in people's cell phones to make contact with other people (or just to play games). Electricity just makes life comfortable, but it is not required to survive. It is possible to survive without electricity, but many people do not have the necessary survival skills, such as trapping small prey (house mouse and Norway rats), knowing what type of wild plants are edible, and knowing how to cultivate domesticated plants for human consumption that would produce a sustainable yield. Even if people did have those skills, then the next big impediment would be eating the unusual food. Americans are so accustomed to buying the edible parts of the plants and animals in neat little packages in supermarkets that eating anything other than the familiar would be a joke. Besides, who has the time to catch prey that bounces around all the time when one can just get meat from the butcher?

5 Things to Be Grateful For as an American

Fast Transportation

Americans ride in buses, trains, subways, airplanes, personal cars, motor homes, etc. The vehicles help people move faster, allowing people to commute to work/school in a faraway location. No longer are people stuck in one area and can only work and live in that area for life. If the economy is sluggish in one location, then the residents can move out. Moving out just means getting inside the personal car and driving to the new destination. There are usually no dangers except traffic violations. With such easy and fast transportation, who needs to walk anymore? Nah, let's just grab something at the Drive-Thru and eat on the go! The best part about Drive-Thrus is that they provide extra convenience without ever charging you extra for the convenience! What a bargain!

5 Things to Be Grateful For as an American
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  • NearlyNapping
    This is true in most of the world. Although clean water is becoming more of a problem in some places. The US does have a good food supply, and it's cheap.

    One thing I've realized only recently that took me by surprise is how many countries don't have libraries like we have here.

    In general things in the US are cheap. For example you can compare the same exact item at Amazon US with Amazon UK or DE. The price for the same item in the US us significantly cheaper. I have a friend in Europe who regularly buys stuff in the US, has it shipped to me, then I ship it to her. Even after paying the extra shipping it's still significantly cheaper than buying in Europe.
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    • Reason why everything is more expensive in the UK is we are taxed up to our eyeballs even our TV whether we watch sky or not is taxed with a licence... with that we get free healthcare so if America taxed everything and had free healthcare they'd be on par with the UK...

    • @Brokenheartedx
      Yea I know a lot of it is because of taxes. But I also think we have a lot more competition which keeps prices down. I'm not so sure if taxes in Europe are any higher than the US anyway. They are structured so differently, and we have so many different taxes, that's it's very difficult to compare. The US has extremely high taxes. It's just taken from a thousand different places which tends to hide the total.

      As far as health care. The problem here is that it's expensive as hell. One reason for that is because it's TOO good here which makes it expensive. That's not the only reason, but it's a big one. Our health care alone is close to 50% of the entire GDP of the UK.

      Also, contrary to what you may have heard, a huge portion of our population is already covered by some form of government insurance. That's been true for a long time. The number of Americans without insurance is much lower than sometimes portrayed.

    • One thing for sure is if governments cut out a lot of pen pushers and middle men more countries people would have more value for money

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Brokenheartedx
    That's not good.. you have taken parts of America that people around the world stereotype.. adding fast food places in your take.. ice cream basically making out America is full of burger eating fatties that makes them great to be Americans..

    As America is still a relatively new country compared to Europe etc you should of included cultured things and inventions things that Americans do
    Appreciate more rather than a Big Mac and food..

    What about your TV film stars, you're nature reserves.. how big your country is with different sorts of people.. your Disney lands
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    • Waffles731

      actually the country that eats the most ice cream per capita is Australia.
      According to the guiness book of world records

    • Waffles731

      Sorry but I learned that years ago and I rarely get to pull that tidbit out

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  • Kiran04
    1) Donald Trump as president
    2) Hillary not as president
    3) The DNC imploding.
    4) The fact that we aren't overrun with Muslim immigrants like the EU
    5) Guns, guns, guns (probably should have been #1, but eh)
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  • D1rk13
    Rather be thankful for better employment rates than most 3rd world countries, a strong currency, proper education, lowish crime rates and decent health care.

    Most countries have what is described in the OP.
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  • Righttobeararms83
    As an immigrant often I have to remind Americans when they are running there mouth about their lot in life and crying over their first world problems (Trump getting elected) just good they have it and how privileged they are being born in America.
    I read somewhere that the average American consumes twice the water per person as Britain.
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  • goaded
    Clean water may not last long, if the EPA gets closed down, or the DAPL leaks near the river, or if there's more fracking.

    The last one puzzles me, I'd prefer to live close enough to facilities to not always need a car. Also, moving out may just mean jumping into your car, but where are you going to move into when you get there?
    • Waffles731

      not always an option, the country is absolutely massive

  • Loveherbut
    In case u didn't notice 90% of the countries around the world live this way they dont live in 3rd world villages lmao
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    • zagor

      You are wrong about that; the number of countries where the tap water is safe is far less than that. In most countries the locals won't drink the tap water. And in a lot of countries the electricity supply is less than dependable. You seem to think 90% of countries are Western Europe.

    • Loveherbut

      @zagor sorry to say thay but u r an ignorant and seems to live in a little bubble Asia middle east north and other countries in Africa do live this way u need classes in geography

    • zagor

      How many countries have you been to? I've been to rural Mexico, East Africa, Cambodia, and there are a hell of a lot of people who DON'T live this way. You need to go down some of the side alleys (if you dare) and see how people live. Japan and Dubai aren't typical of the non-Western world.

  • snai7
    Most European countries have all of this, I was expecting something more "typical" like driving at sixteen or the lockers in the high school (I always wanted one)
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  • Castleguy25
    You dumba**. Have you looked at Flint. Our transportation system sucks compared to European countries and Asian countries. You probably never even travelled before. Ignorant American
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  • Outofthegrey
    I'm also thankful for the thousands of hours of porn available at the click of a button.
  • heyitsjenns
    Also a roof over are head and people that love and support you in your life.
  • Lorenz965
    Do you realize that almost every country has those things?
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  • John_Doesnt
    I'm grateful for our government of checks and balances. Trump will never enforce his tyranny on us!!!
  • reixun
    Every middle class person has access to these things.
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    For sure. I try not to waste water (leaving the water running when I brush my teeth, flushing after every small piss, etc).
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  • AynonOMouse
    The majority of countries really don't have clean healthy water or safe food to eat.
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  • Pilulu
    Did ou know that other countries have these things too? Fascinating, isn't it

    On a serious note, thie is pretty obvious.
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    I'd be grateful for golden silence from the rest of the world
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  • LaFemmeFatale
    :D Most countries have these things
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  • _HimigNgKalayaan_
    Clean water... Except Flint.. Flint is fucked
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  • Adigelunar
    we must be always thankful for what we have
  • MissSakura
    ım always grateful for what ı have
  • legalboxers
    Like the clean water thing.. But what about Flint?
  • Anonymous
    Yea, because the rest of the world is living in mud huts and walking 20 miles to fetch dirty water right
  • Anonymous
    Well... If you set the bar low enough , you'll always be satisfied. It's true what they say, ambition is the enemy of success!
    All countries could afford these and many more if they weren't run by corrupt stupid politicians.
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  • Anonymous
    God Bless America!
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  • Anonymous
    I'm thankful for, people with no morals and ethics, that got us, well, exactly what we got
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    • Rissyanne

      Get over it.. he won.

    • Anonymous

      I don't need to accept it if I don't want to

    • Rissyanne

      What are you going to do moan and bitch for four years? You know all you cry babies gives conservatives a lot of entertainment. I love watching the reactions to the Hillary supporters when they find out Trump won. So go ahead... we enjoy you liberals make a fool out of yourselves.

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