The idiocy of people saying that 'everything they need to know about islam they learned on 9-11'

The idiocy of people saying that 'everything they need to know about islam they learned on 9-11'

The sad fact is that in this world there are people who actually believe the saying below

The idiocy of people saying that 'everything they need to know about islam they learned on 9-11'

The astounding ignorance and hypocrisy of people saying this is through the fucking roof.

That's like me saying, 'Everything I need to know about Southern Protestants my Ancestors learned when the KKK planted Bombs and burned crosses and lynched them for being Italian American'

The idiocy of people saying that 'everything they need to know about islam they learned on 9-11'

Seriously, if you ignorant bastards want to say shit like that. Go ahead, but be prepared to be written off as a KKK member because Al-Quada is to you Average Muslim to what the KKK is to your Average protestant.

Then you have the assholes who use this as a reason to say that religion is always bad.

Anyone remember these assholes

The idiocy of people saying that 'everything they need to know about islam they learned on 9-11'

Timothy McVeigh perpetrator of the oklahoma city bombing, the largest incident of domestic terror and second largest terror attack in the United States well, "In McVeigh's biography American Terrorist, released in 2002, he stated that he did not believe in a hell and that science is his religion.[93][94] In June 2001, a day before the execution, McVeigh wrote a letter to the Buffalo News identifying himself as agnostic. However, he took the Last Rites, administered by a priest, just before his execution. "

So I wouldn't really say that he was a christian considering that while he took the last rites, he was fairly adamant about being agnostic.

Add to that all the white supremacists that happen to also be hardcore atheists. That whole white man's bible and church of creativity, IS A NON THEISTIC AND NATURALISTIC RELGION, "Creativity is a non-supernatural religion that fundamentally rejects the supernatural while affirming a pantheist[10] view of Nature, asserting "everything is in nature", and defining Nature as "the whole cosmos, the total universe, including its millions of natural laws through space and time."[11][12] According to Klassen, "A Creator is not superstitious and disdains belief in the supernatural. He will waste no time giving credence to, or playing silly games with imaginary spooks, spirits, gods and demons." As such, Creators do not believe in an afterlife, that upon death they go to oblivion, and that life on Earth is the only life. Their only true "immortality" is genetic and memorial. Creators believe they should view life and death on Earth in a "rational, fearless manner", and in so doing may concentrate on the positive aspects of life.[13]"

I honestly couldn't really call it an actual religion more like a philosophy for racist fucktards.

Seriously, the only people who can throw stones about violence happen to be the Jains, CAUSE JAIN EXTREMISTS ARE SO FUCKING PEACEFUL THEY WALK WITH A BROOM TO NOT KILL BUGS BY ACCIDENTALLY STEPPING ON THEM.

The idiocy of people saying that 'everything they need to know about islam they learned on 9-11'
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  • Elarra
    I think this really needed to be said. I hate that we've become a society that feels the need to 'take back' the country just because someone looks different or practices a different religion. Being Muslim doesn't make you a terrorist anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.
    Is this still revelant?
    • BenignCzar

      You might want to read news articles from around the planet to see how filled with hate Muslims are... against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus... even each other. I do find it amusing that the same people who decry the mythical Christian fundamentalist seems to have no problem with Muslims who actually WILL kill you if they get the chance.

    • Waffles731

      "mythical Christian fundamentalist "
      The KKK killing Catholics, Italians, Blacks, Jewish people, and Hispanics because they don't fit into their very narrow view of protestantism doesn't sound mythical, it sounds like it happened and that sometimes this shit still happens.
      You know that Joseph Kony guy from Kony 2012,
      He heads a terrorist organization called the Lords Resistence army that wants to establish a Christian theocracy.
      Dear god, there are more than one form of Fundementalism in each religion and hell even the lack of religion.
      The Christian Fundies like Pat Robertson are awful human beings and evil, they just aren't as evil as the people like the KKK or the LRA

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  • springocelot
    Yes. You can't understand islam from one event. You need to have at least read quran AND at least a good islamic biography on Mohammad (since the quran says nothing about him other than to obey him) before you can say anything.

    Or at least get info from someone who has read both. Ideally, they would have read the Hadiths (Mo's traditions) too. But that's thousands of pages long. Most muslims don't even read hadith or his bio due to its sheer volume. They leave that up to the sheikhs.

    What the sheikh says is often dependent on circumstance. A lot in the west preach a peaceful message. Then you have guys like this sheikh:

    Shaikh Abdullah Faisal, in his book 100 Fabricated Hadiths: "However, the best method for spreading Islam is jihad and not da'wah. Thus the Holy Prophet (s. a. w) spent thirteen years in Makkah giving da'wah and only approximately one hundred people embraced Islam. But when he (s. a. w) entered Makkah with military might and Shawka (power) two thousand took their Shahadah in one day."

    Interpretations vary of course. Some may honestly think it's good. I don't doubt them. But I find it curious that in any region where islam gains political power, it always eventually follows the model above.
    You raise many good points and the overall message that Islam cannot be judged by 9/11 alone is true. However, I am going to take a different approach and argue that Islam is an inherently violent and backwards religion by virtue of its own precepts, statutes, and history. My friend Dr. Isa Almsiry for example is/was PROFESSOR of Arabic and Early Islamic Studies and even he concedes this about Islam. Not surprisingly, he is not a Muslim. The Hadiths for example sanction the way the Qur'an is to be interpreted, and it is not pretty. Adherents of other religions will always be inferior and when they are not to be exterminated - only Christians and Jews - they are second class citizens who must pay a special tax for their very existence. Slavery and especially sexual slavery is perfectly acceptable as long as it is non-Muslims and the women are captured in war etc.

    I know the common rebuttal is to point to the Old Testament of the Bible. However, this falls short for two reasons: 1) the Christian equivalent of the Hadith - the Church Fathers, Canons, and like - do not interpret it in such a way, unlike the Islamic Hadith. And 2) Christianity does not affirm Divine Command Theory the way Islam does. In Islam their statutes will ALWAYS apply because they are right by virtue of Allah's very Command. In Christianity there will always be room for improvement, because the very message of the Incarnation is God gradually illumining our hearts and minds. Hence why the Church Fathers, Saints, and Canons DID eventually outlaw practices like slavery, as Europe and the West bears witness to unlike the Islamic Middle East and Africa.
  • RegularTK421
    I thought you were a critic of organized religion in general? I don't think anyone in the 21st century should be apologetic or accepting of those who adhere to 7th century ideologies. You still have people preaching that the Earth is flat, and that Muhammed is a prophet of God. Give me a break, he was just a powerful 7th century warlord. To be fair he probably married Aisha for political reasons, solidifying Abu Bakr as an ally. Either way man, stick to your guns.
    • Waffles731

      No, I only criticize religion when its used to control people or when it encourages bigotry.
      I do believe in a deity myself

    • Waffles731

      I got no problem with anyone who follows that whole live and let live thing, but when someone starts imposing their views on others, that is when I draw the line

  • UpsideDownTableLamp
    Except for the fact that Islam explicitly says to kill members of LGBT and nonbelievers, and I know that not every Muslim does this, but it still is preached.

    Also, the fact that you say not to judge Muslims by the worst ones, yet you judge atheists by the worst ones.

    I'm not saying I disagree with your statement, I'm saying you're a hypocrite.
    • Waffles731

      I'm not judging atheists by the worst ones.
      I'm pointing out why we shouldn't judge people by the worst ones cause then no one looks good

    • alright then, I guess I took you the wrong way

  • kellyg83
    that is rather foolish. if you're going to have issues with something, there should always be a good reason.
    • kellyg83

      may i ask you a question about what you said about italians. since i am italian as, based on what you just posted about them, would you consider italians "white?"

    • kellyg83

      stupid grammatical errors... i need to stop typing so fast.

    • Waffles731

      Italians are white, the meme is the only one you can find about the KKK killing Italians so i used it and as someone who is italian American. I just like to remind people about that sometimes

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  • JenSCDC
    That people mindlessly believe crap like that is just more evidence that a large portion of the population lacks critical thinking ability.
  • cth96190
    I learned what I needed to know about Islam by reading the Quran and then watching the actions of those who called themselves Muslims.
    Evil. Pure evil.
    Begin with Mohammed marrying Aisha when she was six years old and consummating the marriage when she was nine years old. There is a word for such men. That word is paeodphile.
    Then there is the mass murder, banditry, sex slavery and theocratic tyranny that is recorded in the Quran and the Hadith.
    Islam is pure evil, founded by a mass murdering paeodphile who, apparently, thought that he had a direct pipeline to God through an angel.
    • cth96190

      Fear Muslims?
      The Australian Army used to pay me to facilitate introductions to their 72 virgin goats. I would have gladly done that job for free and may do so again one day.

    • Waffles731

      Aren't you an odinist?
      I could say the same thing about some fucker who killed 40 kids at a Norwegian summer camp

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  • Jubejube
    I don't know very much about Muslims or Islam, but I don't think Countries should open their borders to a group that seems to have a radical portion to it (Note I am not saying all Muslims are violent). Simply because there is no way to determine who the radicals are, and once they are in the Country, they can cause tons of problems.

    Most terrorist in North America have been white males. But I wonder if that stat will change if you bring a ton of Syrian refugees in the country...
  • bloodmountain1990
    Well said. There's good and bad muslims, good and bad atheists, good and bad men, good and bad women, good and bad christians and so on and so on.

    I'm an agnostic myself but that does not inherently make me good or bad.
  • gobsmacked3
    The sad aspect is that people feel the need to say what all should already know.

    Ignorance abounds and the hysteria that rages from it when fuelled by the propaganda of lies and eschewed truths from the power brokers.

    Noone ever questions or challenges anymore they only ever blindly accept
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take but you will get people who agree with it, the rest will be like talking to a brick wall - They are as indoctrinated as any Muslim Terrorist at this stage.
  • Skadouchebag
    1) "The Christian and the atheist make different claims about the universe. They can't both be right. The one who is wrong will act in a way which simply doesn't fit the real universe, and consequently, with the best will in the world, will be dragging their fellow creatures to their own destruction." --C. S. Lewis.

    2) https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=9DChl7GR-ow&t=381s
  • sailorjupiter
    Good Take Sir.

    A clever person will never trust things they read from a media blindly without actually done some homework to know if the fact is true or false. But sadly, most people are too lazy to do the fact check nowadays, hence there's a bunch of ignorant and prejudice, racist and spread hatred based on narrow knowledge of their own, put a mean stereotype to a group of people that they don't even know a liitle bit. That's why media is such a powerful thing to spread anything, to manipulate or to influence others, without doing much i guess. that's the danger of "fitnah"
  • white_heart
    good one. needed it coz I was feeling like All people hate All muslims
  • skeptic002
    anyone who actually studies and watches everything knows ISLAM did not destroy the buildings common sense
  • Phoenix98
    If you want to learn about Islam read the book and look at history that tells you all you need to know.
  • jacquesvol
    We know the exact numbers, we know the name of every 9/11 victim. That's OK.

    BUT we don't even know the number of Native Americans killed since the Pilgrim Fathers landed. Or since the Declaration of Independence.
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    "Slay the non-believers". Let's go the other way and quote me ANYTHING positive from the Quran. All I generally hear is negative.
    • I can give you more
      Than one verse which actually Talks about mercy towards all beings of this earth, and quote you hundreds of verse on the Bible about slating the infidels too ;)

  • Love_Is_Eternal
    If you want to know about Islam just open up the Quran and Hadiths and you can read all the violence and terrorism. Forget 9/11, just read the Quran and Hadiths. Muhammad, piss be upon him, was a racist, a sex offender, and a war criminal. Not all Muslims are like him, but many are. Since mass muslim immigration, hundreds of thousands of women and children have been raped by these muslim gangs, as well as an attack on free speech. Islam is NOT a religion of peace and is the biggest threat to the West. Screw Islam and screw all the anti-white liberals.
    • Where did you get your knowledge From? Oh wait the internet yes cuz if it's in the internet it's straight up true Lol!

  • goaded
    Nicely put.
  • SlightlyCrazy
    I have nothing to say because you put t perfectly
  • Adigelunar
    good take
  • AmericanDude
    The modern liberal ones are the good guys
  • MissSakura
    nice one
  • bruce3
    the first pic is so true
  • Anonymous
    tbh i think the world should have ended in 1999 because it was nothing but downhill from there... world would be better if we all died
  • Anonymous
    It's ignorant to assume that a small, extremist group is representative of a whole religious group.

    It's also ignorant to assume that violent, religious ideology plays NO role in people's behavior.
    • JenSCDC

      I think I'd use "stupid" instead of "ignorant".