The Myth of Revolutionary Cuba and the Hypocrisy of Western Leaders


In the weeks following Fidel Castro's death we've heard historically weak assessments of the leader the Fidel Castro was, lionizing of the wonders of Cuban race relations, health and literacy efforts under the dictatorship of the Castro brothers. In the west, revolutionaries have been romanticized along with the socialist platforms that on the surface appear to help the tired masses make it through a tough life.

The Myth of Revolutionary Cuba and the Hypocrisy of Western Leaders

Had anyone taken the time to do their homework, it would be clear the former dictator deserves no such recognition.

Race Relations

The Myth of Revolutionary Cuba and the Hypocrisy of Western Leaders

While not the most touted benefit of the political and social system of Cuba, the race relationships there are oft mentioned, enough so that it's worth taking a look. As of May 2016, all of Cuba's nomenclatura was Hispanic or Caucasion decent....100%, yep that's right. Not one single Black person could be found in the Senior ranks of the one party system of the government. How's that for race relations? Additionally, numerous blacks could be found at a disproportionate rate in the country's prisons. Though obviously the government doesn't report on it there are numerous examples to be found. Race relations I guess are best when the minority races are kept out of governing positions. Is that the conclusion we should gain from this?


The Myth of Revolutionary Cuba and the Hypocrisy of Western Leaders

There are some truths to the talk on Cuban literacy. Under the Batista regime literacy rates were reportedly as low as 30%. In Cuba now, literacy rates are reported to be 99% or higher. The Cuban government has clearly made efforts to improve literacy rates. But Cuban literacy rates are higher than the US!! Maybe, maybe not. The standards of measure for literacy used in the US and the ones Cuba uses, if you can even trust what the Cubans say, are much different. After brief periods of education and reading at a rough equivalent 1st or 2nd grade level, Cubans are determined to be literate. Whereas in the US a basic level of reading is considered to be roughly 4th grade and higher and is reported to be 86%. No one knows the real literacy rates based on the same standards. According to the Washington Post, by societal and relative measures, America is #7 in literacy rates and Cuba is not in the top 50. So apparently, it takes a murdering dictator to improve literacy rates in Cuba from 30% into somewhere comparable to any number of countries that don't have murdering dictators.


The Myth of Revolutionary Cuba and the Hypocrisy of Western Leaders

Again, an improvement from Batista, but something like saying that getting shot in the head is better than being drawn and quartered. Let's take a look.

The Cuban health care system is broken into three tiers.

One is governmental for profit effort. Medical travel. Foreigners come to Cuba and for cash the Cubans perform medical procedures at a level comparabe to the finest western medical care. That's all good, but doesn't say much for socialist system.

The second is essentially healthcare for the government and party members. Yeah, the one that doesn't allow blacks to participate. Again, fine healthcare for anyone at the right levels of the party or government that is similar to any western healtcare you can find and it is all provided for free. Yep, that's right if you are a member of the nomenclatura, the one that doesn't allow minorities in it's ranks or just regular members of society, you can get free healthcare.

The third level is everyone else. What kind of care do you get? Bring your own supplies. Yep, you heard it. BYOMS, bring your own medical supplies. Healthcare at the bottom rung of anything you can find anywhere on earth. Ironic given all we hear about the wonders of Cuban healthcare.

The Myth of Revolutionary Cuba and the Hypocrisy of Western Leaders

Infant mortality rates in Cuba? Among the best in the world. Yes, that's right...the best in the world.

Ohhhh, but wait a second. That child died 23 hours after birth so it doesn't count. Yes, thats right. If a child dies within 24 hours of birth it's not counted as an infant mortality. It's like a miracle of nature. Death doesn't actually happen within 24 hours of birth.

Ohhh and guess what else. Forced abortion if your child has a health condition or you are considered a high risk for giving birth. The good news though is that this is part of that healthcare system everyone keeps talking about and the government provides all the supplies for this one. Abortion rates in Cuba.....7 out of 10 pregnancies....yes, 7 out of 10 pregnancies, among the highest in the world.

BUT BUT.....Life Expectancy is very very high in Cuba, that shows healthcare is good!!

Well, let's take a look at that shall we?

Suicides don't count against life expectancy in Cuba, (Cuba is ranked 28th in suicide rate, where Canada and US are ranked 41st and 43rd respectively)

Remember that child that died right after birth...oh yeah, that also doesn't count.

Remember 7 out of 10 abortions all those people with congenital defects or high risk pregnancies, they get killed before birth, so they don't count!!

The Myth of Revolutionary Cuba and the Hypocrisy of Western Leaders

Michael Moore, while being a talented film director is a complete and utter moron, played like a fiddle at the hands of the Castro's.

President Obama, Justin Trudeau and other leaders across the world are all a bunch of fools pedaling a false narrative of the benefits and ideals that Cuba brings to it's citizens and the world.

Forget about the over one million people that have fled the island since Castro took over, forget about the well documented atrocities that have occurred at the hands of the Casto's. Look at the hypocrisy of our western leaders in wiping this information aside and attempting to paint a narrative that shows there is somehow some romantic benefit to the disctatorship on the island. It's utterly ridiculous.

The Myth of Revolutionary Cuba and the Hypocrisy of Western Leaders
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  • AleDeEurope
    The fact the UN had a minute of silence for these piece of shit is ridiculous.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      I wasn't aware they had a moment of silence for him. Ridiculous really.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • madhatters4
    i don't think it's westerners that simply love these revolutionaries. as most americans despise castro but may love che.

    i think people love and romanticize the idea of revolution and thus idolize the revolutionary. but as most people know the revolution and post revolution are very different things. Castro's rhetoric prior to the revolution sounded like everything anyone in favor of human rights and freedom wanted. he always spoke about wanting democracy, free elections, human rights, etc. and in comparison to the status quo in Cuba (Batista) it was a beautiful idea.

    of course once he came to power he was nothing but ruthless and in many ways just as bad as his predecessor.

    but the idolatry of of Che Guevara remains because he was also a revolutionary who eschewed government titles and instead went from country to country as a representative for revolution... although he too has his questionable qualities
  • WhiteSteve
    Well, I definitely wouldn't argue it's all sunshine and rainbows, for sure, nowhere is like that. But I'd at least offer this perspective: my girlfriend goes to Cuba fairly frequently for religious reasons, and she has "family" there. This is obviously a handful of citizens, but according to them, they're very happy in Cuba, and they are dark-skinned for the most part. Their biggest problems come from the US embargo, as their selections for items at limited. For example, if you need shampoo, it's not like other places where you can pick a brand, it's like "ok, this time around we have Head & Shoulders, take it or leave it."

    I don't want to get in a whole long thing, but the way it was broken down to me in the perspectives of these particular Cubans: the light skinned Cubans were racist and comprised the upper class. Castro won out in the revolution, the economic system rendered the rich not rich anymore, and they said "fuck that, I want to be rich", and left.

    My other friend, he got married to a Cuban-American guy. That kid HATES the Castro regime. He's also light skinned. He got very fired up at one point, as he's a dentist, and he said you can go to school for it pretty much for free, however once you are in the profession, your salary is capped at like $15/hour or something... basically not allowing you to be rich.

    Did Castro kill people? Yes. But that happens in pretty much every revolution ever known to man. We had a revolution here in America in 1776, and we killed a bunch of British guys who had lives and families, etc, but we celebrate those guys as heroes and the cause as noble, even shooting off fireworks once a year in celebration. Why is OUR revolution good and THEIRS is bad? Also, "dictator" is sometimes perceived as a little more sinister than it needs to be. I'm not a huge democracy guy, I don't have enough faith in the intelligence of the average person to rely on "one man-one vote." A benevolent monarch or dictator is probably a better option, in my opinion. Look at this US election we just had too... the country is completely polarized, almost 50-50, so whether Trump or Hillary won, half the population is left dissatisfied. And we probably should be dissatisfied with either of them, both candidates were jokes this year.

    Point is: remember that almost everything you know about Cuba is hearsay, from sources other than Cuba, and sources who have political rivalries with Cuba. Not saying Castro was Mother Theresa, i'm just saying that there are...
    • WhiteSteve

      ... two sides to every story, and that governments --even YOUR government--does not do things based on the best interests of people, it's all based on geopolitical strategy, influence, and power. Literally everything I ever knew about Cuba was taught me by "America", and most people never bother to question that, because America has brainwashed us all to think that we're the best country in the world and everything we do is right and in the best interests of our citizens. I'm not saying Cuba is perfect by any stretch, just don't take the word of the American gov't, they aren't your friend.

    • Anonymous

      those things above aren't hearsay, they are facts, easily researched

    • WhiteSteve

      Every fact has sources, and most sources have a bias. Who did the info come from? Anti-Cuba/anti-communist sources, most likely America. I'll take my gf's first hand accounts with actual citizens of Cuba as fact, shouldn't I? America doesn't want you to like Cuba, and it has nothing to do with the treatment of Cubans. That's all I'm saying. Anything the US tells you about them is suspect, just like Cuba's self-proclaimed 99% literacy rate is suspect.

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  • BubbleBoy69
    Would you date a young Fidel Castro?
  • Valkyrie1
    I've never heard Obama say any of those things. If you can give me a source I would appropriate it. Obama supporting the Castro government's propaganda sounds troubling.
  • Righttobeararms83
    I can't understand liberals holding cuba up as this magical place full of unicorns and rainbows and all the kids have gumdrop smiles. If Cuba was so great cubans wouldn't have spent the last fifty years escaping on rafts.
  • Blitzkrieger
    nice informative mytake. i enjoyed it a lot.

    you know i believe various western politicians who thought Fidel Castro was a good man and a good leader are the people who are biased towards extremist socialism and a totalitarian society. i disagree with that. i can't live in such a system and it seems many cubans could not either.
  • Phoenix98
    O I know it, Castro was a horrible human being I'm glad he's dead and I bet his brother murdered him for sole control of Cuba.
  • MickyMouse1231
    Thank you. Someone had to say it. I really enjoyed this MyTake
  • TadCurious
    Great myTake. The romanticization of the Castros and Che by Western liberals makes me want to puke. I guarantee you that none of the idiots who do this would actually want to live there. Under Castro Cuba became a Stalinist dictatorship that committed mass murder of the Cuban people. During the Cuban Missile Crisis Castro pushed Krushchev to launch a first strike nuclear attack against the U. S. We know that from correspondence between the two leaders that was made public after the fall of the Soviet Union. Even Krushchev had to tell Castro that that idea was insane. Hopefully one day soon the Cuban people will be free.
  • SnowHearth
    Are you Cuban, or have lived in Cuba?
    I ask to know from what perspective you wrote.
    • Anonymous

      No, i am not Cuban, nor have i lived there. These facts are available through various sources and takes a bit of research. I simply wished to put the opposing point of view that went a level deeper than the typical "Castro is an evil dictator" discussion.

    • SnowHearth

      I spent about 18 months living in the island, and saw many things people won't talk about, not all of of them were bad, some were good, but still people will always focus on the negative areas and sadly will exaggerate about them.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, i here more talk about the dictatorial nature of Castro's personality... which i dont really care about and some about the poverty of the economy and of course the cuban transplants

      Here, we here mostly about the positives in the healthcare system, race relations, etc nd how good it is. When you really break down the numbers, they are not as good as the general media would have us believe. I have not seen one story that breaks down the measures of how Cuba achieves what it says and its generally not very impressive. It may be fine with some people, but to laud Castro for the wonders he has achieved without in the same sentence talking about the violations he hs committed is a disservice to all.

  • Marinepilot
    Michael Moore is a fucking idiot ! Castro was a common thug and a murdering POS !
  • sweetshyguy
    Die kommunisten? Ich mag es nicht!
  • lost_alice
    yes!!! I love this, great take
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, and Hitler was a "savior" of Germany, according to this, right?
    • Anonymous

      Im really not sure where you are going with this. It almost sounds like you think the story was favorable to Castro... but im really not sure.

    • Anonymous

      of course it is. you just tried to paint castro, as a good guy

    • Anonymous

      did you even read the story? i mean, before you go on talking about how i made him look good, go back and read the story... really...

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