Why I Am Positive For The Future Of American Society

Why I Am Positive For The Future Of American Society

In my daily life I am a hardened Conservative. I have voted based on Conservative values for the majority of my adult life. I have a great amount of respect for what the United States stands for, or what I interpret that it stands for; Liberty and Justice For All. I'm a Catholic, a Supporter of the Armed Forces, and a believer in the Constitution.

For most of my adolescence I grew up in a society that was anti-Republican, or had a bad impression of Republicans based on what they had heard, what some leaders of the party believed themselves, or yes, legitimate scandals and corruption. Most of my peers considered themselves to be "Liberal" or it's synonymous political party, "Democrat", not that corruption or scandals have never been found there either, but somehow it was always "Bad to be Republican".

I often kept my pro-capitalist, pro-nationalist, Patriotic outlook to myself based on the fear that I assume the Left feels towards Conservatives. They want to hold their views and values without discrimination, and as do I.

As I grew from a child into a man, I noticed that politics was often a subject best left at home because of the fact that it was liable to cause division and persecution of a particular sect if that particular sect was in fact out numbered. I've seen politics destroy friendships, even families over the years, something that I believe is a tragedy.

So, much to my surprise these, let's say last 5-7 years, I noticed that politics was taking a much more aggressive approach and that it was continuously being covered and propagandized. A welcomed relief for some, an headache for others.

Ultimately, it all came to a head this year, with Socialist Bernie Sanders, Conservative Donald Trump, Leftist-Capitalist Hillary Clinton, and Religious Conservative Ted Cruz being shown on American and World Wide media daily, with much division and trouble ensuing between sects because of it.

As time wore on, dissatisfaction grew among political fence dwellers and Trump began to gain more and more traction which lead up to him being elected as POTUS over Hillary Clinton. Tensions had reached their peak and they had now erupted. Catharsis for some, disbelief and anger for others.

However the more I look at what is happening across the world, with tensions rising and boiling over, there is one thing that I believe will come to pass. At some point we will realize to not allow our political ideologies, views, morals, principles define who we are.

While some may gloat now and some may be angry, I truly believe, or maybe I should say hope, that we all want a better America, and the only way to create it is to work together.

At that moment we will all come to the bargaining table to move forward from any and all destruction that has ensued to this point. If history has taught us anything it's that even the most combative enemies can reach an agreement if they so will to do so.

At the end of today, tomorrow, and the day after that, we are all still human, still American and I think regardless of what we believe, we truly only strive for what we believe is right, and doing what is right is the American way. If we can try to work together and allow each other the freedom to think and act on our own accord without infringing upon the rights of another citizen which I believe at some point we will (Otherwise we'll see this country torn apart from inside) we'll realize that we are only hurting ourselves by pulling apart, and if we just try to fix the problems that exist together without being told by the elite that we are somehow different and at odds, we'll all find what we're looking for.

I think there's nowhere to go but up. And that gives me hope for the future and for this country.

Keep believing in yourself. And God Bless America.

Why I Am Positive For The Future Of American Society
Why I Am Positive For The Future Of American Society
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  • likitb4istickit
    Keep thinking those happy thoughts. I think America is eventually fucked, no matter who the president is or will be. The debt (that's been growing faster than our economy for 2 decades now) is just one reason. Debt is what ended the USSR. With organizations like the UN it's no longer invasion/annexation or military conflict that ends most countries, it's debt. Who's going to bail us out when we are in the same boat as Greece? No one, our economy is far too large. Besides debt in about 50 years oil will be prohibitively expensive (ie $1000 a barrel in today's $) due to scarcity. At that point our military will be almost useless (there will be no solar-powered jets), if a budget for it even exists (no oil = our economy implodes, our current 200-year supply coal wouldn't last very long if every car on the road were electric, and solar panels take more energy to produce than they provide in their 20-year lifetime). Other than that simple history has shown no country is forever, as least not politically organized as it once was (modern China has only existed since 1949, so we are getting long in the tooth compared to that). I wouldn't be surprised if we were 50 separate countries by 2100 instead of a USA.
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  • Luci92
    Good take, great patriotism.
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  • UnknownReflection
    Amazing take. You have just said what's in my heart.
    The worst thing about our society is political discussion is usually "Profanity University" we forget and wash up our moral, respect, language and our identity.
    We start to look at each other as enemies forgetting we are from the same nation and our purpose regardless of our different ideologies is one united element which is "The best and the greater good for our country"
    We want the same thing, the best for our country but that does not mean we should see the same path, think the same ideology, believe the same belief in order to reach it. And for the most part, We forget how to be American and act like it. We became independent because of "Unity and Integrity" we progressed each step throughout generations because of these elements and how we kept them alive and believed the same as our fathers. And the only to move forward strong as a nation is to stand beside each other with Unity and Integrity and brotherhood. And we should restart educating our younger generation for worshiping our basic principles.
    The flag, The meaning, The right way of displaying, National anthem, Pledge of Allegiance. Constitution, Value of those lost their lives for us and still serving. Our father's belief and the principles of the land. The rule of law and so on.
  • kickme
    great, take liberals will hate it. they need division to thrive
    • TheRebel69

      Thank you! I was actually hoping to hear more input from the Left on this one but it seems that didn't happen, so maybe you're right with them not liking it.

  • Phoenix98
    Good take.
  • Thisperson98
    Great take
    • TheRebel69

      Thanks! I feel as though because I'm not a popular user however that this MyTake will get overlooked though.

  • grizzlyjake
    This is a great post man! I completely agree!
    • TheRebel69

      Thank you! And thanks for taking the time to read it and then follow me!

  • Anonymous
    i don't see a bright future for human being
  • Anonymous
    The conservative wing of the country is going to be the perpetrator of mass killings within the next 15 years. This administration will set the groundwork.
  • Anonymous
    you do know the world is on the brink of world war 3, right?
    • TheRebel69

      What evidence do you have to support that claim?

    • Anonymous

      just look at how unstable the war is right now. russia annexing the crimea, civil war in syria, the u. s. unsure of who it sides with, because if it sides with one, one of the other powerful nations will get angry. the u. s.'s new pres. elect, supposedly about to recognize taiwan as an independent country, something NO OTHER country has done, wouldn't dare do..

      face it, the guy's an idiot

    • So what is wrong with saying Taiwan is an independent country?

  • Anonymous
    Ah yes 8 years of republicans blocking everything and anything the president does. Now their man is in and they talk about working together.

    Hypocrites much?
    • TheRebel69

      Thank you for your input, anonymous. But I didn't block anything, as I was never elected to political office so your view on average, everyday, working class Republicans being hypocrites doesn't hold much merit. My whole point was that we don't allow the party to define the people who support it, and I don't think it's fair to say every Republican wanted to block Obama from doing his job.

    • Anonymous

      The overwhelming majority of rep. I've known over the last 8 years did nothing but bitch and complain about the president, and supported their chosen representives in their efforts to undermine the president, the government and the nation itself. From governmental shutdowns, to record number of filibusters, to even stating very clearly their intentions to block and refuse to work with the president.

      There may just be a reason why the Republican Party attracts the vast majority of the wealthy, worst corporate snakes, the gun nuts, racists of all kinds, racist organations, religious nuts who want to limit your rights and force you to do what they want, lobbyists, deniers of the effects of pollution, etc.

      Now before you go reaching for your god given' gun, and go ape on liberals; trust me I agree. They are just as bad on the other spectrum.

      It is my opinion that the system is fucked. It is clearly designed to keep the elites of one side or another in power and make the rich richer.

    • TheRebel69

      I don't like it anymore than you do, the two party system is flawed and creates the problem we had this past year where we basically had two candidates that nobody liked. And then you have to wonder if people didn't like them, how did they win?

      My hope is that while Conservatives "Got their man", we can put it all aside and try to fix the clearly broken system that exists and bring back something like the Reform Party before it was destroyed from the inside out.

      I won't respond to your comments about reaching for my gun, or other Republicans because those are your personal experiences and doesn't reflect on all of us as I already previously mentioned.