Looks Matter Way More Than You Think, if You Are a Girl


I am a average looking girl. What they call a 'plain jane'. No, don't try to convince me into otherwise with the overused clichéd stuff like "beauty is in eye of beholder" and "everyone is beautiful!", "inner beauty matters more" and so on. I'm really tired of hearing these things because they are not true at all. The reality is otherwise.

Looks Matter Way More Than You Think, if You Are a Girl

If you are good looking, life IS easier for you. More people want to talk to you, be friends with you, take you on dates. In general you get treated better than the average or below average looking people. One example of this would be gag itself! Girls who are above average looking get more followers instantly, even if the content of their answers is ordinary.

Guys often claim that they would prefer someone with good personality over good looks. But that is also untrue. When I see around it is otherwise. Guys are willing to date (and not just have casual stuff) girls who have dull personality yet attract looks.

Now you may think that I am just jealous of these girls and that's why I am ranting but it is not so. More than jealous, I am sad. I am going to one of the top universities to get a degree in Microbiology and I intend to do PhD in it in future. I play tennis and I like hiking. I don't want to brag, but I have been a helpful and kind person to whoever has approached me for any kind of help. I never bitch about others and I think I am very down to earth person. All the things I mentioned above DON'T matter and it all boils down to something that I have no control over- my looks. It is as if all of my achievements don't matter because of it.

Guys have it slightly easier because they can compensate for their average looks by getting muscular, rich or high qualifications. That is not the case with girls.

Some of you may suggest I use makeup or get surgery done etc. But I don't want that.

That's what leaves me to deal with the fact that, looks matter way more than you think.

Looks Matter Way More Than You Think, if You Are a Girl


Looks Matter Way More Than You Think, if You Are a Girl
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  • UnknownReflection
    Life is about how you live it and like it.
    I can post a picture of myself and everyone brag about rates and comment different downwards. But with all due respect, my middle finger is flying above the sky for the society. I live my life for myself, do for myself and achieve for myself, i believe in myself, i love myself. Thus i have a healthy active social life and many compliment me as well besides that i have my girl.
    Life is not only about what you experience. There are wider perspectives. You don't meet everyone and you don't interact with everyone. There are billions of people on this planet. Don't put all the guys in the same room and claim a subject to be "Untrue" (sorry for the language) but i don't give a single fuck about looks. To me everyone are beautiful and all the terms such as below, average or up can kiss my ass.
    Those who attend to talk to you because they think you are good looking, the only final destination of their attention is bed and nothing else.
    About followers here, who cares about followers? they don't mean anything. The people you talking about, those people only looking for body parts to observe over their screen, they don't hold any value upon them. Just sexual attraction and sexual attraction means nothing. An empty feeling pumping out of the pants because of the hormonal mosh pit.

    Beauty does not hold a particular standard. You can believe however you wish so. But society is bigger than G@G community or the places you lived and visited.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I agree looks are important but who cares what society thinks and tbh most people are only pretty because they wear makeup even if it's a bit. Without makeup everyone is average and it also depends if you're good at it or not. But just wondering but how does being good looking get you more friends/more people talking to you?
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  • AleDeEurope
    Oh shit, a girl telling us guys how we work? Haven't seen that before... xD

    Looks matter, but no matter how hot you are, if you're a bitch, or boring af, no one's gonna want you.
    And yes, as a girl you can take control of your looks. Go to the gym, get a flat stomach, nice toned legs and ass, and you will get more attention.
    • Anonymous

      I do work out. As I said in my take, I'm actively pursuing a sport as well. It is not as if I'm fat or something.

    • You should have guys tripping over themselves to talk to you but like my dad always likes to say, life is a bitch then you die.

    • @LiveFreeorDieHard you gotta get high, cause you never know when you gonna go

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  • Scrambledagain
    😂 guys have it easier? Have you seen how big the prostitution industry is? It's almost a "male only" demand industry. It's there for a reason.

    Then looks. All a girl needs to do is hit the gym and doll up. As Marilyn Munroe said: there is no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one. Maybe wear a short skirt to show off those tennis legs? Dress and style also play a part. You don't want that? Well that's your choice.

    For men, to get muscular is a mission. It's gym and a strict diet. It's harder to do than what women have to do to look good. Then you say men can compensate? Yes if a man makes money, that helps him. But not too many men are going to do this in today's world. So a man has to worry about looks and something to offer a woman over and beyond his looks. Degrees don't count either for a man unless it contributes to money. Then to do well a man has to focus on that rather than a girl losing his social skills in the process. It doesn't matter how successful a man is, if he doesn't have game, he isn't getting any. I know for a fact I could take your pic, put it online, and out there in your bio "looking for casual relationship" and you will get guys going for you. Most men won't have this privelage. And if a man is born short, he is in serious shit and there is nothing he can do about it.
  • Sonjita
    The fuck... of course you have control over your looks and yes, you are bitching.
    • Ow shit you rock 😂 Yes Taker you are bitching

    • Anonymous

      In what way? Working out and all, I'm already doing it. Taking care of skin and hair, done. Despite of all this, you can't really replace your shitty genes.

    • Sonjita

      There. You named some of the things. If your genes are really so shitty as you say maybe you need a bigger effort but it's still in your control.

  • Intraluminal
    Tbh, you are completely right, but a) That's absolutely true for both sexes, it's just height more than face for guys. b) surgery is the modern equivalent of makeup. It is no more of less honest than using make-up, it's just more permanent. If I were younger and rich, I would invest in well thought out cosmetic surgery.
  • JohnDoe3000
    "Guys have it slightly easier because they can compensate for their average looks by getting muscular, rich or high qualifications."

    Muscles barely make a difference if your face isn't up to par, becoming rich is very difficult (and mostly a matter of luck) and to be smart enough to have awesome qualifications you need to win the genetic lottery just as much as you need to be very pretty. Plain girls can also compensate with confidence and seductive personalities.

    Ugly and plain people have more hurdles to overcome, that's a fact, whether they're male or female, you've just only experienced it from a female perspective.
    • Anonymous

      Guys can get away with average looks I think. Girls have more pressure from society to be good looking.

    • I'm not so sure about that: studies have shown taller men with sharper jawlines get higher positions in corporate management.

  • SlightlyCrazy
    This is all 100% true.
    Looks aside you sound like a really cool person
    I wonder if I'd find you hot
  • candyaurora
    I agree with you. People saying looks dont matter are either lying or are very spiritual/religious but it is mostly the former case!
  • Anon-ymous1
    Looks do matter a lot, yeah. But uh... saying that us boys can just "get rich" to gain status like it's easy or even possible isn't actually true. Because it usually isn't possible.
  • cupidkisses
    yeah it matters no one want to know someone they dont like the look
  • loneman
    Just because society says one thing and does another doesn't make it right...
  • Adigelunar
    it is important for all of us
  • Anonymous
    agreed. If you're not supermodel fresh, lower standards and get lost. But guys seem to be able to get anything they want, even if they're not in the same league, or at least I feel its easier for a guy to jump leagues than a girl.. But thats why marriage is shit and people get together for shallow reasons or money, and we actually believe its for love. So the hottie hooks up with someone who is definitely not in her league but they're both getting together for shit reasons so..

    Meanwhile us girls who aren't crazy hot but decent are sort of like okay, what's left? Should I act like a shallow girl to get a relationship?
    • Anonymous

      Also another thing I noticed that guys like girls who are kind of ditzy. They are too intimidated by smarter women😶
      Sometimes I feel like acting a total bitch and ditz (because that's what guys seem to like)

  • Anonymous
    I agree. You can only alter your looks by either losing weight or makeup. Losing weight helps your body more than your face. If your face isn't good looking then girls cake on a shit ton of make up.
    • Anonymous

      Yup, you can't do much if your face is not so good.
      And I am not fan of putting tonnes of layers of makeup

  • Anonymous
    Kinda true, don't wanna lie. I don't know what more to say, but coming from an average looks guy, it isn't so much more different for me.
    • Anonymous

      At least someone agrees 😥

    • Anonymous

      Why are you sad tho😅

    • Anonymous

      Look at other opinions

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