Technology and Birth


As the pace of technology continues to increase, we've already begun to see serious advancements in the world of birthing and pregnancy. Bone marrow kits allow women to have children with one another, without the involvement of men in the process, and artificial wombs, while only in their prototypical phase, show great promise for men to do the same without women.

Technology and Birth

This logically leads to a looming question; if gender interdependence continues to wane, as it has done for years, and technology kicks its final crutch, children, out, how will men and women interact?

Studies have shown that humans are tribal by nature. We identify most with those of our own race, sex, and orientation. We all understand this, as well, from our own life expiriences. Look at your group of friends and you'll likely notice a pattern. My earlier mytakes reflect the influences of MGTOWism, 3rd wave feminism, and technological advancement on our current society for men and women. I'm afraid there are two main futures possible, and if things continue as they have, the future of humanity appears grim.

Possibility 1: Current trends go on, and animosity between the sexes grows as time marches on. Androids fulfill sexual needs, and artificial births allow people to completely block the other sex out in childbirth. Tribal biology and institutes of thought such as MGTOW or feminism consistently grow in power and severely damage the ability of either sex to interact, sexually or otherwise.

Possibility 2: A resurgence of social conservativism and traditional gender roles commences, allowing for the gentle slide back into traditionalism concerning sexual interaction and relationships. This would resolve most issues MGTOW and other constituents of sexual partisianism in our modern world, and most would slowly be integrated back into mainstream society.

Something must be done to prevent Possibility 1, or, I fear, society will continue down a path of decay and degeneration.

Technology and Birth
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