Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language


Foreign Languages

Nowadays, we live in a world where media and communication are essential. A lot of communication happens through the internet. Learning a foreign language will make you smarter and improve your memory. Of course, it’s not an easy process and it does take time and effort. The investment will be worth it!

Foreign languages

In our daily life we are confronted with English more than French. You must be motivated, because it’s an important factor to be able to speak a language. It's true that English has become a universal language over the past years. This fact, however, really should have little effect on your decision to learn a foreign language.

It could be useful if you speak and understand the language when you go on holidays, because regular contact with native speakers is insurmountable. Being able to talk to them in their own language, will help you to communicate with them. Speaking the foreign language will add a new dimension to your holiday. Besides the inhabitants will really appreciate it.

If you have a more advanced knowledge of the language, you should be able to have real conversations with the people you meet, which can be very interesting. Or you can understand what the native speakers are saying to each other in their own language. So you can just sit there without talking and completely understand what they are saying.

The drawback is that we mostly don’t use the difficult vocabulary we learn at school. It’s too bad. The quantity of subject material plays an important role in what we are capable of. Too many subjects for tuition at once won’t help you. Try to separate it. Don’t see studying languages as an obligation. You can learn languages in a playful way like playing games, watching shows, ... Try to often listen to music in several languages. You will see it’s fun! At the same time you also practise your pronunciation, when you sing along with your favourite songs. It’s a very convenient way to improve your languages for example your English.

Last but not least, the only way to learn a language is to speak it out loud. But don’t forget that practise makes perfect! Everyone makes mistakes.

~ A/N: I'm sorry if there are any spelling/ grammar mistakes, English isn't my mothertongue haha. I wrote this a while ago and thought I'd give it a shot. Belgium has 3 official languages: French, Dutch and German. During high school we have to learn them all + English. Later German, Latin and Spanish are optional. Just thought I'd share this :) ~

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Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language
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    Today more than ever before it is really important to speak more than your native language. I'm from the USA, but have been living in Ecuador for over 3 yeas so I also speak Spanish. English is not spoken here very much at all, but now it is starting. One can sometimes hear English spoken on the street on some occasions. I also teach fellow students at the local colegio (high school) where I attend. Also learning Portuguese,. as Brazil is close by.

    The reason it's so important is we live in a global community, and everyone needs to be able to communicate with each other. Plus it adds a cultural dimension to your personality. It's also beneficial in the job market as well.

    In my country, the govt. is emphasizing the need to learn English... We get a lot of tourists from North America (US, Canada) Technically Mexico and Central America are also part of North America, but they have more English Speakers than anywhere in South America.

    Just as I learned Spanish, and felt so uncomfortable with speaking, out of fear of sounding stupid, I share the same story to the kids I teach. I know it helps them build their self-confidence. Another means to better learn a foreign language, is after you have developed some vocabulary and grammar skills, try thinking in your newly learned language. In doing so, it really helps quite a bit. because It helps to further develop your vocabulary skills.
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    • " The reason it's so important is we live in a global community, and everyone needs to be able to communicate with each other. Plus it adds a cultural dimension to your personality. It's also beneficial in the job market as well. " → I totally agree !

      It's good that the govt is emphasizing the need to learn English, especially if you get a lot of tourists from NA. In my opinion, it's so strange to think in the newly learned language.

      Here, we learn French when we're at primary school, at the age of 10. When we are 13, we get English, at 14 German and at 16 I got Spanish. I do think that it's "easier" to learn a language when you are younger.

Most Helpful Girl

  • TheDevilInside
    Learnign a foreign language helps you understand different dimensions and mentalities. It's like developing a second personality. If you speak 3 languages quite fluently and you understand the culture and the people, then it is pretty much like having 3 personalities between which you can switch back and forth depending on the situation. It is very fascinating. Learnign a new language opens up your mind. Which is why the less intellectual usually cannot speak any other languages other than their own.
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  • FatherJack
    Згоден з вами / Egyetértek veled !! ( agree with you in Ukrainian & Hungarian , my part ancestral languages ) Fairly multi lingual to varying degrees , also serving with the British Army with multinational forces / based in Germany also helped , also ex wife Italian , picked up quite a bit of Italiano , also makes Spanish & Portuguese easier to learn.
  • MSari
    Foreign language, specifically English, yes? :) I believe so too, that people, especially the non-English speakers must learn the English language because everything has become global. Tourism is at its peek, foreign investments and overseas employment are now booming. Every now and then, we will get to meet with people of different languages. We should at least try to learn the universal language that connects us all.

    From where I come from, most of the people are fluent English speakers. The people are also taught the National Language, and the regional dialect. So basically, we are bilingual. :)

    Anyway, I am teaching myself to learn Spanish. :)
    • That's great that most people are fluent English speakers where you live !
      How's that going for you, Spanish? :)

    • MSari

      I hail from the Philippines. :)

  • OliviaSkumps
    To sing foreign songs)
    it seems to be amazing but I love chinese music!
    • Never heard of that app before, thanks ! :)

  • Dred1614returns
    I only learned Italian because it is spoken by my family. Also, I took Spanish in school and I was always quite good at it.
  • John_Doesnt
    The language of love is English.
  • cupidkisses
    i like learning new languages
  • Lucifer_666
    I agree. I'm currently learning a 3rd language
  • Anonymous
    Love it !