Who are we? What are we? Do we think on our own or are we swayed by friends or society in making decisions on anything?


Yes you. You are an individual.

Who are we? What are we? Do we think on our own or are we swayed by friends or society in making decisions on anything?

You wake up in the morning, do what you got to do in the morning

And you got your friends

people who stand by you with your decisions and what you want to accomplish in life.

But do you do what you did in high school and growing up. Did you go for someone or something because your friends told you to do so, or what you thought was right ?

Growing up you had your bullshit student elections. It was a popularity contest. Why was the jock, who was the the cheerleader, who was the looser who you felt sorry for and voted for them.

That was then.. This is now. You still have that same group of friends, or a new group of friends. Are you voting with what is in your mind or are other influences telling you who or what not to believe.

Now I am sure we have one of these or many of these in our houses, apartments, man-caves, and trailers.

We probably have these channels at our disposal:

But one of these is usually on 24/7

But one is claimed to be "Most Americans Trust"

So we take an example. We are told that a person who isn't born in the country of origin, wants to run for a certain office.

This certain news channel says "This person is not a citizen here, and he also does not have the same religion as us.

Is this true?!

You get many others wondering. Is this really true??

But if a news reporter, of a well reputed news channel tells us that "This person wasn't born here then it MUST be true"

so we take it at that.

But when..

upon real research from other channels state that XYZ is wrong and ABC is right. Those people who believe what was told them to be a lie, will still belie a lie because someone else, other than the person they like, shows that it is a lie and the person who stated the lie is not going to come out and say" .. WE ARE LYING"....

facts and figures show you that the person lied, yet you will believe that lie.. And you use that lie to capitalize on the thoughts of those who were already lied to and continue to lie to them to benefit your agenda.

No one facts check things. If a entity of a certain organization, department, or body of power, shows that a lie had been bestowed upon you, you need to either listen to the person who is telling you what the deal is, not the unrepeatable person.

And if you believe the liar over the truth, and you belie the truth to be a lie (without doing your own fact check) then you are living a lie yourself.

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