Why as a Man with Leftist Values, I Hate the Modern Left


Why as a Man with Leftist Values, I Hate the Modern Left

A little background. I grew up in a largely fascist town. And I don't mean "fascist" in a mocking sense, but were literally 7 families out of 10 have various pictures of Mussolini all over their houses and stores, who are not afraid to declare themselves as nostalgic of the Fascist Totalitarianism and to declare themselves as intolerant and other things of this kind.

I have personally being part of this culture, even as a child, I remember thinking that their thoughts were insanely inhuman, so naturally, when I was very young I was dragged towards Extreme Left (meaning Marxism, not modern day definition of Communism). I remember debating in 5th grade about the assassination of Matteotti, while I was saying that the Senator was an hero, everyone else claimed his murder to be an act of justice, as his speech could have had put a premature end to "Italian best historical period".

With the year passing, I started abandoning those extreme points of view, starting to think of them as overly optimistic and impossible to apply in an individualistic society. Especially after reading "I Malavoglia" I started to think that people of low or mid-low classes never had and never will have a role in society. I still think so.

Now, why this whole introduction? Well. Let's take a look to all what the one that I call "Internet Left" has to speak of, as the following two points are the major cause of my hate.

1 - Lack of actual interesting point of view

I honestly do not recollect any of the speeches in favor of the masses through their words, all I can read are...personal issues?

Seriously, aside for MAYBE public instruction and public Healthcare those things they claim have nothing to do with economy, nor with societies's problems. I'm quite sure many of those "liberals" have not any actually interest in Economy in general, actually.

Why doesn't the Left members speak of the "Class Struggle" any longer? Because workers situation is not half as bad as it was in the 1800s? Well, guess what? Sexism, racism and homophobia or any kind of discrimination are not as bad as they used to be as well! Why are those things, which were just satellite problems to the major points of Hegelian Left, became predominant with the time? I'm not saying they shouldn't be discussed at all, but not every fucking things should be about them. You cannot use "discrimination" for excusing every single of your problems, because guess what? Overusing something makes it worthless :)

2 - Elitist attitude

Thankfully this does not apply to everyone, but I would say with no problem to at least 40% of "liberals" I know in person. They just feel superior. And they also need to show to be superior to you. WHICH IS THE FUCKING OPPOSITE OF BEING IN FAVOR OF THE MASSES.

There is this one guy I'm thinking of which has made of this attitude his living cause. Whatever you are speaking of, you will start mock the argument or people who are particularly able to speak about it, he will start quoting some Philosopher or some Author, etc. Also, and this class is the worst one, he is a "radical chic" or, as I call it, a "radical shit", people who just take clothes at random to show how much they don't care what your inferior mind think of them.

I could list many, many other reasons for my hate towards Left, but now let's get to the point and the end of myTake

I criticize the Left because I'm part of it and I wish it to become more similar to what it is in my vision.

Why as a Man with Leftist Values, I Hate the Modern Left
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  • madhatters4
    examining point two and obviously what you consider left and right as an italian tends to vary to degrees with what we consider left and right in the US.

    in america strangely Liberals have been labeled by many of the opposition as elitist while Conservatives labeled as for the people. this seems to fly in the face of liberals trying to increase minimum wage, provide healthcare to those who can't afford it, increase social welfare programs, lower taxes on middle and lower class... countering that with conversative (in america) who seek to (not all of course) get rid of social welfare programs, keep minimum wage below $10 an hour, and not have a socialized healthcare system. continuing that (liberal elitism vs conservative whatever) our last three democratic parents were born to single mothers who lower socioeconomic status. our last three democratic presidents have all been (by demographic measurement) born poor whereas the last 4 republican presidents have been born into wealthy families, are celebrities, and/or from families of the political elite

    it just strikes me as a strange disconnect between perception and reality
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    • Giacomanzo

      Clearly I cannot speak for the U. S., not living there, but I wouldn't have put on the table the politicians, which are of course another pair of hands :) I was just referring to people in general.

    • well the politicians were just part of it. but speaking to what you said about caring abotu the working class and what not being values of the right which many in america would agree it just seems like a disconnect from the actions we see in politics. for example the simplest instances to look at is taxes. conservatives/righties tend to believe in giving taxes breaks to the rich while the lefties/liberals tend to believe in taxing the wealthiest more and giving a break or maintaining the same tax code to the middle and lower classes.

    • Giacomanzo

      Well, those would be the things I would agree on discussing actually [Even though I think they are more applicable in Italy than U. S., having an Economy built by a shitload of small companies instead of huge corporations like you do) :) Those are the Left values I care about, because they actually have a point in economy, and in people status in general, they are not just whines that a person should learn to laugh about in High School.

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  • Anonymous
    what "leftist values"? the exiles in siberia. the gulags and the concentration camps of the read plague? the paidomazoma of young boys and girls? the slaughters. the church persecutions. the genocides? divide and conquer. another preaching of hatred. thats all leftism is in its marxism form.
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    • Giacomanzo

      Sure, please tell me, how much of those things have spoken of can you find on any Hegelian Left philosopher book, aside for the exile of religion? You are speaking about Dictatorship, which has nothing to do with theoretical Communism nor Socialism.
      As I said, I am no longer a communist since I was 12, but those things are just called communism for no reason at all, since they have nothing to do with it.

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  • BlueCoyote
    I think I can see where you're coming from. I agree with your first point but not really with your second.
    One of the problems (if you will) about the "internet left" is that it's highly influenced by US-American ideas of what liberalism contains, just like most of the internet is strongly influenced by US-American culture and mentality. This means that people on the internet tend to argue about things that aren't necessarily a big issue elsewhere on the planet. Great examples for this are abortion or gun laws. Both are extremely controversial topics on the internet because they are extremely controversial in the US. However, most non-Americans (not only Europeans) would probably agree that these things aren't a serious issue in their country. The last time abortion was seriously controversial in my country, I wasn't even alive.
    The same is - though to a less degree - also true for other topics. For example Europe does struggle with xenophobic people too but we're nowhere close to the racial tensions that America experiences.
    However, what you should also understand is that the left isn't just one monolithic ideology. Even outside of America, the left has always been split into different "streams" (the same is also true for the right). For example urban left people tend to be part of the socio-liberal wing, while rural left people tend to belong to the more traditional left that mainly cares about economics and workers' rights. None of these two directions is wrong or stupid, they simply take different approaches and deal with different social problems. So for example I would count myself as a relatively typical socio-liberal leftie. I care about gay rights, drug politics, internet privacy, educational policies and all these kind of things. I am a member of a left party and this is what I fight for. However, that does NOT mean that I'm indifferent about economic issues. My party has very close ties to all the major workers' unions in my country. It's simply not the topic that I'm outspoken about - and that should be okay. There are lots of other people for this.

    As for your second point: if you're talking about economic elitism, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Luckily, I come from a country where we don't have super-wealthy pseudo-left people like in America. When it comes to education however, I completely disagree with you. PLEASE don't let yourself be fooled by the hateful anti-intellectualism of the extreme right. Education is something for (cont.)
    • BlueCoyote

      everyone and it is something to be proud of. Every person (including normal workers and poor people) should have the chance to get a great education. And if they don't, they should still try their best to acquire it in on their own. Today we live in a sad time where working class people are proud to be ignorant because intellectuals are seen as "the enemy". This is tragic and horrible in my opinion. They're letting themselves be used as pawns on the chess board of the extreme right. This is why the left has traditionally always cared to educate people (including the poor), be it during the Russian revolution or in Cuba. In the early days of the Soviet Union, it used to be popular for normal steel workers or coal miners to come together 1-2 a week and discuss works of philosophy or Russian literature. Some of these people had no formal education but they were extremely well-read. That's something to be proud of. There's nothing admirable about being deliberately ignorant.

    • Giacomanzo

      Oh no, I wasn't implying "Do no have an education." What I meant is they act like they are the only ones who are cultured in this World. Being an intellectual and brag about it are two completely different things. Is just as stupid as if you are a body builder showing off your body just to let others feel miserable.
      What are you talking about, bragging about being ignorant, has nothing to do with the Left or the Right, is just a populist bias that politicians of both sides do to get the votes of the masses.

    • Giacomanzo

      Marx, just to take use the name I've already used, was clearly an intellectual man, but I don't think I've ever read about him saying something that sounded like "I'm way better than you people".

  • chigurl33
    I think I'm more right leaning in some of the more popular issues and left leaning in some of the deeper issues but I can't identify with the left simply because it's most publicised views don't represent mine... I so much wish I could be part of the left but I can't.
    • Giacomanzo

      It's not like it is a bad thing to not be on one side...

    • chigurl33

      The stigma that goes with being more right leaning in discussions is something I wish I could avoid... I already done have a lot of friends, why would I want to lose some more?

      So I really do wish I could be on their side in some certain issues but I can't and I'm not the kind of person to fake it... ain't nobody got time for that.

    • Giacomanzo

      You have lost friends because of different opinions? That sounds ridiculous, I know in teenage years talking about politics gets you on the nerves, but still..

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  • RasmusAiken
    Fascinating viewpoint. The US Democrat Party now in shambles would do well to take note as they try to rise out of the ashes of the November 8 election. Republican leadership will have to make good on its promises of reduced taxes, smaller government and more jobs.
    • Giacomanzo

      As long as it doesn't destroy the economy of the nation, good thing if they manage to. Italian centrist party "Democrazia Cristiana" did those things between the 60s and the 70s, but it was done without any control, and by indebtment towards basically anyone, especially U. S. and Germany. As a results, now there are no new jobs at all, because they tried to increase the national product too fast and with no control over the other problems.

    • The challenge to the new Republicans will be to pay off National Debt by growing the Economy (jobs). If they can't achieve that they are no better than the charlatans who created the debt to begin with.

  • Jamesol1
    The left are cancer these days. I listen to the right more and agree with some of the stuff they are saying. Funnily enough i did a test and I'm a socialist... unless im mistaken that is left wing... but i bloody hate the sheer arrogance and white male hating.
  • PT1911
    The Facists of the future will call themselves anti-facists.

    After living with a roommate who was liberal, and me a conservative, I brought him more to the right, he brought me more to the left. Still on opposite sides, but we're closer to the center now
  • KnightCross
    Left in western world is pretty fucked up and you have a point... Left could be a better position it didn't try to push an anti-christian agenda
  • Centurion20000
    Modern liberalism has basically told the working man (white, brown or black) to basically fuck off.
  • John_Doesnt
    You're bashing extreme leftists. Just like I'm sure conservatives hate KKK leaders.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I am a conservative who doesn't like things about the modern right, so yeah, it happens
  • SlightlyCrazy
    This post is brilliant but st the same time I can't agree
    • Giacomanzo

      May I ask you what do you disagree on, more precisely?

    • Well it seems you offer a lot of criticism on current issues but you don't offer a solution. It seems like you've become content with change and that is not in the leftist spirit

    • Giacomanzo

      Oh, I do have many solutions, I just do not wanted to speak about 'em on this thread. If you want , you can pm me, and I'll give you my points of view.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I know what you mean, original leftists never supported perversions like "same-sex marriages". As a leftist myself, I also can't stand modern day leftist parties.
    • Giacomanzo

      No, I'm okay with same-sex marriages. I just think it shouldn't be the main focus.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, that's understandable.

  • Anonymous
    You make two good points. I think both come from what is known as "the Third Way" (also known as Gideon's Third Way, Google it!) which was a leftist strategy adopted in the US/Britain in the 90s and spread throughout much of the world with regards to left politics. Basically it adopts the elitist, power hungry financial, policies of the political right, and only focuses on "Social Issues". However the people have long since spoken on these social issues so now the left has nothing to differentiate itself from the right, since it refuses to go back to fiscal policy that benefits everyone.

    The result is what you have observed, lack of a different or "interesting" point of view combined with superiority/calling anyone who does not identify with name names, such as "stupid/sexist/racist, etc."

    What you have noticed appears to be a global problem, it has happened here in the US and Canada as well as UK, and many other parts of the world.