Dubai in 1991 vs 2017

Dubai in 1991 vs 2017

From the above picture showing Dubai in 1991 (left) and Dubai in 2017 (right), the two pictures just show/tell us the different between developed and undeveloped Dubai. Development is really a good thing. But the lesson here is that you can transform your dream into reality. The key is in your hands, use what you have to start the transformation you want.

Motivate yourself positively and do your best. STAY POSITIVE

Dubai in 1991 vs 2017
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  • FakeName123
    The key is in your hands if you have billions of $ and you don't need to give a shit for being profitable.
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  • ArabianPwincess197
    Wow, feels like a whole different country. They managed to accomplish that in 25 years.. incredible
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  • pervertedjester
    Last time I was there it looked like this
  • Phoenix98
    They've defiantly made a lot of strides in that area and for that I applaud them but it's still a bad place for a lot of reasons that I am never going to set foot in.
    • yeah coz Arab people live there . right

    • Phoenix98

      @YOussefElAdl Nope not at all, the things wrong with it have nothing to do with the race of people but rather the law and how they do things.

      Like the fact that they exploit poor foreign workers to the point were it is basically modern slavery. And the companies these workers work for take control of their passports and stuff and take them away from the workers which is actually illegal in Dubai. Which by their law the workers can be fined and jailed. And they are treated horribly as workers, like slaves pretty much.

      This also causes a problem because it makes it so they can't leave the country and these guys are so poor that they can barely afford a taxi much less to go to court and get their documentation back. Which is what the police tell em to do, go to court.

      There is also the issue that women who are raped in Dubai who are actual victims are instead jailed and sent to prison and fined because they had premarital sex even though they were assaulted and raped agaisnt their will

    • Phoenix98

      @YOussefElAdl That's just two things that are very wrong with that place.

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  • quantized
    hmmm... I think you did not mention how their monarch is in rule of everything and dubai is a paradise for marketing wahabism and slave trade. So I wish dubai were still a barren land.
    • I don't know why people talk about other countries history and forget about their own

  • ILoveChicks
    Dubai looks nice, but U. A. E. has conservative religious views.
  • Blitzkrieger
    the left pic looks like tattooine while the right pic looks like corrusant.
  • John_Doesnt
    It looks the same to me.
  • Bobbyhill1
    human development is not good for our climate.
  • helloitsmethere
    That's amazing!
  • PoohBoy38
    Dubai was so much different 30 years ago!
  • Anonymous
    thats where all the oil money is going to i see