MGTOW was created by women

MGTOW was created by women

There seems to be a lot of criticism of MGTOW, so I would like to explain why MGTOW is logical and why it is needed.

A lot of people claim that men who are MGTOW are angry and bitter because they can't get a woman. I do consider myself a MGTOW, and I'll be honest with you. Deep down I do want a woman, but it's just not worth the hassle. It's natural for a man to desire a woman, for sex, love, and being a happy family. For thousands of years men have crossed seas, have climbed mountains, and have fought in battles, just to get access to women. It's normal for heterosexual men to want women. But unfortunately, modern day women have made dating for men a hellish battle. So it's not that MGTOW don't want women, they just don't want all the aggro that comes with them. It's a bit like someone who is going to commit suicide. Deep down they do want to live, they just don't want to live in the circumstances that's causing them so much pain.

Modern day women, along with the divorce laws, have made life a misery for nice guys--the kind of men who still believe in love, commitment, and marriage. Imagine having a constant desire for something, but at the same time you know there's a good chance it will eventually end up screwing you up. I think this is the reason so many men are bitter towards women. On the other hand, it's a paradise for the selfish men, the men who use women for sex and treat them badly. For for the good men, the nice guy, it's a living hell. The only logical solution is MGTOW, but it's women who created it.

MGTOW was created by women

The morality of modern day women is just awful. You just can't trust them anymore. Another growing problem is women lying about who the father of their baby is. This is becoming more common. We also have a government that panders to women, just to get the vote. The family unit is being torn apart, and love and commitment is becoming extinct. For the last few decades, women have been treated like spoiled children and have been given special privileges. This is the main reason for MGTOW. MGTOW is a response to feminism and the selfishness of modern day women.

MGTOW was created by women
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  • Izumiblu
    I dont understand why MGTOW is such a big deal to MGTOW guys... i mean really, it says..."going their own way"... i dont see anyone up trying to stop you... just go. Do your thing. Its almost like you are trying to threaten someone with the theft of nothing.
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    • It's because a lot of women misrepresent us or complain about us, so we respond.

    • Izumiblu

      Well, its kind of like this:

      MGTOW: Women are crazy so we are leaving!!!
      Women: huh?
      MGTOW: You are not listening, we are leaving now!!!
      Women: ok...
      Women: yah...
      Women: ... drinking coffee...
      Women:... k bye

    • It's nothing like that at all. We make internet videos exposing the evil of women and how women can screw men over through the divorce laws, child support, etc. We give our reasons, and then many women start complaining about us or misrepresenting us, and so we respond. I wrote this take as a result of seeing a lot of MGTOW bashing on here.

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  • Waffles731
    I support MGTOW,
    They take themselves out of the gene pool and dating pool and that means more for me to pick from
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    • Mrwoo99

      You obviously no nothing about the mating paradigm if you actually think that's how it works. I doubt your the top 20% higher tier males in the dating game that women are chasing.

    • Akill3s

      How many men say such things then post-divorce are among the largest proponents of MGTOW, it's a staggering number.

      As for the unaware, it is a philosophy, we still very much date, we are just very and I mean VERY cautious. Oddly, YOU will pander to them as YOU get excited for their attention. They will think it is sweet, possibly date you the perceived "nice guy", THEN your personality will become boring and we swoop in. Eventually your girl will be out with us while you think she is with friends, but since we do not wear crap saying MGTOW, they don't know if we are. We are seen as the difficult and mysterious guys that become the challenge they want to fix and mold, they leave you for us, you get mad and become MGTOW and realize its a more logical life, we leave them before laws dictate responsibility or whenever really. Rinse Repeat.

      This is what they built for themselves. This is what they created. The truth hurts, let the female thumbs down commence!

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  • TheInvisibleMan
    Mgtow is not a solution or a response to feminism. Its a whiny bitchy group with no purpose. So you say you guys want love and you can't have it because of feminists and other retards. While I am 100% against love, I get that some guys want it, but as you said yourself - you can't fucking have it. I want a hot blonde with big tits and ass who will want to fuck me every day, never look at another man, and fart 1000$ bills. But I can't have that. So accept the facts. Mgtow will NOT change anything. Ever. Instead of forming a group that openly speaks about discrimination towards men and the ways feminism is destroying society, you guys created a "group" (more of an online trend really) where guys just cry about how women are evil and this world is cruel. There is no action, its just whining about things. Thats why it will never affect society in any way. And all the mgtow guys I ever saw were whiny little bitches, instead of "men". So no, no respect for this online trend or its members. Its just pathetic and completely useless. I hope you get what Im saying, I tend to use a lot of insults, but I am honestly trying to explain the basics if this. If mgtow guys were successful with women and in other aspects of life and then talked in public about feminism and other awful shit thats going on, you would get a lot more attention and people would hear you out. Because people respond to successful people. Its kinda like leading by example. If a weak pussy of a guy cries about how women are mean, nobody will ever listen. Thats why nobody takes you guys seriously. I get that you want to change the reality we live in, but in order to change reality, first you must adapt to it. There is even a quote (I think its Hitler's quote) - "if you don't like a rule, follow it until you get to the top, then change the rule". Something like that. Either way, I hope you understand my point
    • It's white knight manginas like you who are the pussies.

    • Yeah, this is your problem. I explain it all in detail and you pussies just write insults. Its my own fault for expecting any signs of intelligence from a mgtow pussy.

    • Go away mangina and grow some balls.

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  • Mrwoo99
    I'm a loyal MGTOW and red pill follower on reddit and ROK, none of these lot on here know what they're are talking about so don't listen to them. What you need to know is there is different levels of MGTOW from 1-5. Obviously stay away from levels 4-5 as they're pretty similar to monk mode, level 3 is debatable for each individual depending on their personal circumstances.

    Me personally I was level 1 MGTOW (socially aware + swalled the red pill) at one point few year back. Then eventually became level 2 MGTOW (no marriage or long term relationships), which I'm staying with. At Level 2 MGTOW I can still happily date women for sex, have short term relationships, friends with benefits, pay for high end escorts/hookers and ONS just for the leisure of having sexual relations with a woman which I can benefit from as heterosexual man. Although that is all I would want from a woman, as all the other aspects like marriage, long term relationships, children or cohabitation with a woman would be out of the window for me as I'm discriminated against when under these martial statuses.

    Yes I agree I did at one point wanted a family and a wife but feminism has made it too dangerous for me to even consider this anymore as an option. The way I see it OP is have short term girlfriends on the side and no more than that between you both but remember to get on with your OWN life and follow other passions.
  • 2231443
    No amount of shaming language is going to work - you can try to argue that MGTOWs are only basement-dwelling losers when in fact many of them are divorced men who lost their kids, life savings through the courts and now a new generation of young men have seen what their Dad's have had to go through and they are wisely opting out of marriage.

    In 2011, The Economist (June 23rd issue) reported that only 45% of all households include a married couple, according to the U. S. Census Bureau. 57% of adults got married ten years ago, but only 51% are getting married now. In 2016, only 9% of 18-to-24 year olds in the U. S. were married, compared to 45% in 1960. And the Pew Research Center reports that from 2009 to 2010, 13 percent fewer people in this age group got married. Facts don't care about your feelings - MGTOW has organically gone mainstream if not in name but by direct statistical results. The last thing women will do is look at their own behavior or how men are treated in the courts because it's easier to dismiss them and continue to treat them as utilities. The only rational response for men is to starve the beast of their tax dollars and leave for more traditional countries at the earliest opportunity. Japan was ahead of the curve with the "Herbivore Men" movement by 10 years. It can't be be stopped because you can't stop an idea. Good men have had enough and unsurprisingly, women don't care. But they will when all of the free Govt women's programs become impossible to sustain - not my problem. Enjoy the decline, ladies - we're outta here.
  • BronzedAdonis
    so you're blaming your inadequacies on women instead of being a man and bettering yourself?

    you'll fit right in with MGTOW
    • I'm bettering myself by avoiding women and building my financial income.

    • perfect. Its best your weak genes do not spread.

    • silly white knight

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  • MisterSir
    yeah, i don't care much for MGTOW and will still enjoy the company of female (s), but i want to point this out...

    >"MGTOW was created by women"
    >"MGTOW is a response to feminism and the selfishness of modern day women."

    ... how does a woman create something if someone else made it in response to what they supposedly do?
    • Mrwoo99

      What he is trying to say is, if feminism didn't exist then mgtow wouldn't either.

    • MisterSir

      @Mrwoo99 then he could have just said that instead of trying to sound smart with the click-bait title and contradictory ending, no?

    • Mrwoo99

      Well they both basically are meaning the same thing except his is shorter than mine. I dont think there's anything wrong with his title, it actually says it as it is. Women did create this problem.

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  • HookedOnSalt
    MGTOW focuses on the negative aspects of girls and feminazis and doesn't acknowledge that there are awesome girls out there.
    • There's also a lot of bad women who destroy men's lives.

    • True, but this is the male equivalent of a woman saying "you men are all the same!" You should be smart and cautious but still open minded. That's my opinion anyway.

    • The difference is that the legal system and divorce laws are set up to protect and benefit women, not men, so there's always going to be that risk.

  • CasaNorba
    Amen Brother!

    I would not worry about those folks who call us "bitter and miserable people who can't get a girl" and whatever. those people who call us these things are in fact the true losers themselves and I can give you a perfect example of a user in this site. till then I have come across a lot of out fellow who in fact wish they never had any girlfriend in the past because they are now suffering the consequences of divorce and child support. but i bet those losers who shame us aren't brave enough to point that one out ey?
  • Mr-Kabuki
    MGTOW is just too cynical. I would suggest Neo masculinity. it actually has very little to do with dating. Its about redefining what it means to be a man. For a long time masculinity has been demonized as being aggressive and perverted. We were told that own our lack of masculinity was masculinity. turns out that bullshit. Neo masculinity is about personal development and becoming the responsible, disciplined and self reliant, as a means of becoming an attractive masculine man.
    • Mrwoo99

      Neo masculinity won't change much, be both instead. MGTOW has greater impact... proof is the herbivore movement in Japan. Neo masculinity will only get labelled as sexists, misogynistic and rapists.

    • Mr-Kabuki

      @Mrwoo99 but i dont want to abandon relationships. In stead i jsut want to redefine my position as the dominant male in the relationship

    • Mrwoo99

      Yeah and you will be labeled as a chauvinist and misogynist. You only want a relationship because your under social pressure because why else would a man benefit by long term, cohabitation with a woman or marriage. Men are at a disadvantage by being in a relationship because you csn go to jail if you can't pay alimony and she will take half your resources that you've worked for. Do you want to be laid out on park bench like most men who have been financially raped?

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  • PatriarchalOppressor
    Marriage is a man-trap. Don't do that chit, bruhs. Hundreds of thousands of men, in the US alone, wake up to financial and legal destruction every single year - and have been doing so for many, many decades. Why do you think they have to sell that chit to you from birth? Because it takes that long to entirely brainwash men into acting against their own best interests. Not having kids = winning the lottery.

    Avoid the suffer-ring like the black plague! Getting married is like working for a dude with short-man-syndrome. Cra, cra. MGTOW is spelled FREEDOM. Never give a woman any level of financial or legal power over your life. It's like pseudo-crack to those bishes. This is your final warning, until I warn you next. Always maintain your personal sovereignty. Don't buy the bool chit of wedded bliss. It's a deal with the devil herself.
  • John_Doesnt
    Women create a lot of dumb shit that hurts themselves. But I don't think MGTOW is as bad as when they created the concept of a thigh gapy.
  • ptstat
    those of you who can get a woman (so not me) can't you simply not marry? so when the woman leaves you are free again, no divorce laws.
  • HarryBenton
    Some guys aren't satisfied to bitch about what women did to them. They also need to bitch about what women made them do to women. Or not do. lol
  • Anonymous
    Stop being a nice guy. Be a bad guy and fuck them rough.
  • Anonymous
    I don't get why mgtow are so butthurt all the time and have such a fear of vagina-possessing. Like I'm sexist and believe a Christian patriarchy is the way to go with women back in the kitchen and raising babies for a happy successful society but until women realise the bullshit of feminism I'm prepared to just keep self improving and find a girl with traditional values.
    • Would you prefer a Islam patriarchy instead? And by the way, only weak manginas hate the patriarchy.

    • Anonymous

      No this is the first time in centuries Islam has seriously challenged Christianity in 500 years, they seek to convert, kill or replace us in our own nations, the softer library's are the more aggressively they attack. We must once again beat the Islamic world down.

  • Anonymous
    and what about guys' morality. what about manipulators and serial cheaters?
    • Anonymous

      could ALL women be so tainted, wicked or crazy and untrustworthy?

    • 2231443

      The difference is that those types of men (who are scumbags) do not have a legal system to back them up as an equivalent women does, so when the relationship goes south, the legal system doesn't sweep in to destroy the woman like it is set up to take men's children, assets etc.

  • Anonymous
    Okay, bye. :) I hope you don't call girls who give up on men bitter who can't get no man.
    • Anonymous

      Who am I kidding, you probably do and that makes you a hypocrite.

    • Mrwoo99

      All you women are just being irrational as your nature goes. At least explain your reasons for being a dirty whore?

    • Anonymous

      @Mrwoo99 haha. What's your reasoning for being studs?

  • Anonymous
    MGTOW is a natural, logical, unavoidable and necessary reaction to modern day feminism. People who criticize it are just plain dishonest.