An open letter to the one term President

An open letter to the one term President

Dear Trump, You WILL be a one term president, right no I'm going to point out why.

First you claim that people like you, we don't, in fact you already have the lowest approval ratings in history. Most Americans think you suck complete and utter ass.

An open letter to the one term President


He had a chance with his Cabinet Picks. He only gave ONE decent one. One person who I trust, General Mattis, which he obviously did so he claim to be 'bi-partisan' Now when a Man who Foreclosed on an innocent 90 year old womans home over a 27 cent bank error is going to be secretary of treasury. When a climate change denier is going to the head of the EPA. When Rex Tillerson who has never done an honest days work and built a multi-million dollar fortune on the backs of the average person is going to be head of State. That shows that you had you're chance and you completely and utterly fucked up.

An open letter to the one term President

Now lets get to the fact that 3 million people more people voted for someone else, the fact is that Unless presidents are fucking amazing they LOSE supporters which you've shown to be horrible by you're cabinet choices. You will lose A LOT of support in the next four years to the point of unelectability. Then add in the fact that in the past fifty years we haven't had more than three separate presidents (F.D.R is a single president) without having a one term. Guess what asshole, YOU ARE THE FOURTH.

The people who don't approve aren't going away, we are going to get stronger, This is a Nation of Immigrants, a Nation that is proud of its diversity on the whole.

We are going to come at you with everything we have. You aren't going to know what hit you, We are going to crucify you, Trump. WE ARE GOING TO SKIN YOU ALIVE!

Enjoy you're next four years asshole, cause you won't be president for eight.

An open letter to the one term President


An open letter to the one term President
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  • RhythmBlack
    Both sides picked horrible candidates for some god forsaken reason. I have nothing against Republicans since I lean more Democrat/Libertarian and wouldn't have minded a Republican president, to be honest. The only people I didn't want to see the Republican nomination were Trump and Carson but for some reason, they picked Trump as their champion

    As for Clinton, the democrats would have had a better shot with Sanders. I only supported Clinton due to the fact she had actual experience in politics. I don't mind who is in charge as long as they have experience and a sensible head on their shoulders.

    Is it possible for Trump to have 2 terms? Completely, Bush Jr. got it and he practically was a puppet and his VP was running the show. Either way, the economy was seriously fucked up under the Bush administration.

    Frankly, I don't agree with anything Trump says and what he stands for, but unless the Democrats can find a qualified candidate the makes Trump looks like an idiot to his supporters, Trump needs to slip up big time so those who blindly follow him see the truth. I don't like Trump and I don't want to see him reelected.

    The good thing is that there are enough people that despise his existence to do something about it. I attempted to give Trump a chance, but his hate rhetoric and his Cabinet picks (over the fact I never liked him in the first place) blew all that out the window. #Alternativefacts #BearsInSchools #CleanCoal

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  • OlderAndWiser
    This song says it all:
    • Waffles731

      I prefer Elton John to Billy Joel

    • And if I had posted an Elton John song. . ?

    • Waffles731

      You might have gotten a post about how great elton john is,
      Billie joel is good, but Elton john is better, and you're right I'm a young man and I'm angry, and I've got plenty of good reasons tobe

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  • madhatters4
    that's some vitriol.

    i tend to agree. more people than not did not support trump. and i think a lot of those who voted for him will soon realize that they were duped and that will be enough to end his reign in four years

    you omitted some anger at DeVos his education nominee. a woman who has led michigan public schools further into the crapper. a person who didn't know the difference between proficiency and growth. a person who's only qualification is that she is related to one of trumps closest advisors
  • Phoenix98
    If you could please deposit your tears into this cup I'd appreciate it.
  • JCT666
    This whole take reeks of bitterness... It's like as if a screeching angry child banging his fists on the keyboard that typed this.

    So you're gonna crucify him and skin alive? Get some help. He's the president whether you like it or not.
    • Waffles731

      Yeah, we are going to Crucify him and skin him alive.
      Do people seriously not get metaphors?
      is the British Education system that bad?
      I'm not bitter, I'm pissed, which unlike where you limey's live that means angry not drunk

    • Waffles731

      at least I still won't be living in a country where the only thing keeping people from killing each other is a lack of access to firearms

    • JCT666

      I see you reported my comment and now it's been removed. Guessing the bitterness from you didn't like what I have to say.

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  • FallOutBoy2001
    Agreed! I'll be old enough to vote, as will my boyfriend, and both of us are so dead set against Trump it's not even remotely funny
    • I take it your boyfriend likes being the woman of the relationship.

    • @PurpleTeardrops2 Aww, poor snowflakes. You're all melting today, aren't you?

    • SuperBryan

      @BeJustOrBeDead LOL

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  • Death_of_rats
    the tears keep flowing. im so surprised these special snow flakes haven't melted with the amount salt there is.
  • LoloWaye
    I can't wait for him to get out of office and take his cabinet members with him. They're clueless and can't relate to a majority of America, much less run it. How do you expect to oversee programs set in place for the people when they don't even apply to you? And I'm so tired of people telling me to get out of the country because I don't support him. Newsflash, I don't have to support him. All I have to do is be black and die.
    • I'm very sorry for you. Your words touched me
      I pray for your safety and the rest of America

    • Shutupman

      omg... be black and die... really? Did you just...

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  • BeJustOrBeDead
    Are you going to cry like this all four years?

    You said you're going to come at Trump with "all you have". Well, what is that? Do you think simply protesting him will end the Republican dominance over the White House, Congress, and before long, the Supreme Court?

    Your plea-to-emotion arguments and whining about the wealthy really won't accomplish much. This is going to be a long presidency for you, so you might want to spread out the impotent tantrums a bit more.
    • i think you should give this guy the benefit of the doubt, it's his opinion after all, and many people don't feel safe with Trump, after all, your country is your home, some people like it the way it is, some people don't, you keep telling him to get over it, but i would say your lashing out at him shows you're not entirely comfortable with the situation yourself, either that, or you see Trump as either a deity, or a good choice for America, and i'd be concerned if you saw him as a god, because that's dictionary definition Fascism right there. Trump is a human being, he's not a superhero, not a god, and not someone who can fix your complex problems, he is but a man.

    • @VictoriousSausage Fair enough. I'm not really telling the Take author to get over it, just mocking him for being such a baby.

  • likitb4istickit
    LOL already declaring 1-term on Day I. I'll say what I did before Election Day when you were declaring Hillary the victor: Dream On. Same deal next election day when I vote for him again in 2020 if I'm still alive.
  • CT_CD

    All I know is that Trump is gonna make America great again.
  • LittleSally
    It's terribly refreshing reading this in a casual, non-formal format. I liked this a lot. It was funny too. "This is a Nation of Immigrants" - literally every person in America is NOT originally American except the Native Americans (hence the 'native). Haha Very nice.
  • menina
    I love the corn picture LOL

    I really hope he will be a one term president. I know there's nothing I can do, but I'm afraid of what he and his Cabinet will do. Their actions might affect the rest of the world, since the US is an influential country.
  • chico800
    So they have internet access up at the nuthouse? Well that's nice.
    • Waffles731

      the fact that you are being sarcastic doesn't change the fact that many psychiatric hospitals in the U. S actually do give patients internet access, even furthermore some patients even take college courses online when in the hospital

    • rjroy3

      ... you validated his insult waffle lol.

  • oddwaffle
    Who knows? I am waiting for the 2-trillion dollar coin solution from Trump for his government debt.

    Obama started somewhere around 10 trillion. He got the economy out of the sink hole but is leaving the new guy with 20 trillion debt. There will. be a lot of savings ahead as government cut down spending.

    We will be in for a really rough time ahead.
    • this debt will only get worse. he who believes otherwise is delusional imho

  • HarryBenton
    If you're saying there's a good chance Trump will be the first one-term President since George HW Bush, guess what? I think you're probably correct.

    That whole thing about nailing him to a cross and peeling his skin off though? I think you'll find that's unconstitutional.
    • Waffles731

      I meant to go back enough to include Jimmy Carter but yeah the the pattern goes back fairly long and trumps going to be one term

  • Lucifer_666
    So do you support Hilary? I personally don't believe in elections so Trump will have no power. The money masters are the ones with power
    • Waffles731

      I would have rather had her as the lesser of two evils but no I'm not a fan of her,
      I voted for sanders in the primary, then in the general election I couldn't decide between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein so I tossed a coin to see which one to chose

    • Do you really believe in elections? I mean, Obama made plenty of promises, but they remained promises

    • OMG! Why did I get 3 thumbs down? I never said I liked Trump!

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  • TripleAce
    The fact that there is so much hostility - will honestly just fuel him even more. Now he has something to prove

    A man like Donald will rather die with a legacy that is remembered than a few steps forward in the political world. He will try his best to do well and get in for another 4 years. I think he will make it because he will do the best he can given the circumstances
  • Curmudgeon
    Good luck with that. All you just did was "double down" on typical Leftist tropes and Big Lies, and you did nothing to honestly address why Trump's message had appeal, without resorting to the same old Cultural Marxist drivel. Trump had the sense to put himself in the shoes of working class people, but you cloistered media, academia, and entertainment industry Leftists STILL can't do that. Which is really odd given the Democrat Party's ostensible roots.

    Be prepared for eight years of The Donald, and at least four of another Republican after him, depending upon whether or not the GOP Establishment, who Trump *also* ran against, has learned its lesson or not.
  • Iraqveteran666
    Was that you crying and screaming like a baby outside the inauguration lol?
    • Some veteran you are. Show some respect for people who are against a tv show host making a mockery of our countries highest office.

    • @The_flying_Frenchman but you'd prefer a criminal lol

  • NeighbouringGoat
    A lot of people skipped third period to debate about this guy.
    I feel bad for you Americans.
    If anyone wants to come over to Canada, shoot me a text and I'm smuggle you over into an igloo, where you may eat moose covered in maple syrup while killing bears with your bear (get it?) hands.
  • helloitsmethere
    My classmates had no chill today watching the Inauguration. :D :D :D
    • SuperBryan

      Same! People are such fucking crybabies 😂

    • @SuperBryan Nah, they were insulting him and I was enjoying their reactions. Such savages lol

    • Lol, they didn't even show it at my school. 😂

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  • SuperBryan
    Lol this is definitely coming from one of those leftists that up until Election Day was like "Trump literally has no chance of winning. He's a clown. He won't even get 100 electoral votes." And look! "Oh my god! He's president! We're all going to fucking die!" Why don't you go crawl into a feeble position and suck your thumb. You're either going to do that or openly riot and go "not my president" and "he's corrupt" bullshit. What do you really expect by putting out shit like this? And rioting? Individually you guys are fucking cowards. Putting on masks and shit. Go out and try to chance the fact that he's president. I fucking dare you. I mean come on, you guys aren't even giving him a fucking chance and even before he was elected you guys were screaming to murder him and rape his wife. At least HIS supporters didn't go beat up and riot against his supporters. So ignorant. Enjoy these four years, cuntbag. :)
    • This is not about liberal vs. conservative. Strip away the fact that he's running as a Republican and you'll see he's just not fit to be president. He has numerous lawsuits against him for fraud, many women have come out to say he sexually assaulted them (true you can't prove it, but with his grabbing pussy comment, it doesn't seem that far fetched), US banks won't touch him because he's gone bankrupt so many times, there is evidence from the intelligence community that he colluded with Putin to win, he's turning on our long held allies in NATO, he's openly lied about so many things even on the campaign trail, he won't give up his business dealings completely, etc... I doubt any conservatives would still say to give him a chance if he were a liberal candidate with this record. We need to get away from this team D vs. Team R mentality and just judge people based on principles and values.

  • Dred1614returns
    Can I buy your mineral rights?
    I want to start a salt mine.
  • 1truekhaleesi
    He's been in office for four days and he's been signing multiple executive orders. He's a tyrant. I don't feel optimistic at all.
  • PT1911
    • rjroy3

      People that don't pay attention won't truly understand this.

  • John_Doesnt
    He's already elected the most corrupt people imaginable: the secretary of education wants to teach creation in schools, he hired Rick Perry as the secretary of energy who didn't even know the department existed, he hire FIVE people from Goldman Sachs (the company he said he'd drain the swamp) and he's hired more people with a conflict of interest than I can count.
    The most corrupt president in US history and he hasn't even entered the white house yet. Nixon will look like a boy scout compared to Trump.
  • TheDevilInside
    To me, he looks and thinks like an orange raisin with a sushi salmon for a hairpiece.
  • ColinHarvey
    Dear, it seems as though Mr. Waffles is upset. Again.

  • Mr-Kabuki
    He probably won't be a 4 term president. Look at the unrest going on in the country right now? As the tolerant left continues to resort to violence without any arguments, you are just going to get more and more people supporting trump. the harder they push, all they do is get more and more to join the alt right. more and more people are going to hate black people the country will be divided. The elites want this divide though.
    I don't think he's going to make a full term. That asshole is probably going to get impeached before four years finishes.
    • vonasaurus

      then someone needs to get rid of pence first; he's even scarier than drumpf.

  • goaded
    The small loan of $1M is the equivalent of $6.8M today.
    • SuperBryan

      Um. Your point?

    • goaded

      @SuperBryan What do you think you could achieve with a small loan like that?

      You could be reckless with your investments with $4M and still have enough to live a happy normal life without worrying about cash for the rest of your life.

      Also, it wasn't the only advantage Trump had, his father guaranteed his loans and left a lot of money when he died, not to mention the illegal loan of $3.5M when his casino was going under (because he chose to open a second casino in the same town which just doubled the costs and split the profits).

      My point is that he's not really been successful in anything but spending huge amounts of other people's money for no return.

    • rose004b

      Not successful? With the "small loan" of $1M he built a multi million dollar empire.

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  • chigurl33
    Meh it would have been the same either way because if Hillary had won she would have been the most hated too. Two scrappy candidates, one with a media no one trusts behind her, a known liar and a hypocrite and another a big businessman with a potty mouth, an orange head and a deep dislike for illegal immigration which strangely a lot of people like. It was a hard choice to make but people chose the orange guy because the other side had been infringing on their free speech and were turning America into a meme generator.

    You think they voted trump in? That wasn't the point, they were just trying to get the left out and they felt trump was a stupid orange guy who wouldn't do as much damage because he doesn't know the ins and outs of politics.
  • dartmaul15
    good, good, continue

    Anyone want some popcorn with that salt? Or maybe some chips?
  • rjroy3
    Well... someone has some emotional stability issues lol.
  • SlightlyCrazy
    The grey weather is fitting for such a dark day
    Nothing more need I say
  • Izumiblu
    Well, i love your corn picture.
  • sp33d
    Oh my god that first picture has such a striking resemblance. Laughing so hard at it haha. Thanks (Y)
  • Trestolone
    Imma come back in 4 years when he's still president
  • echoaj
    New York
    Los Angeles
    San Diego
    Washington D. C
    New Orleans
    Kansas City
    Las Vegas

    Outside of USA
    Mexico city
    Hong Kong
    West Bank
    Tel Aviv

    Over 350 cities around the world protesting your Inauguration. This never happened with the inauguration of Obama, Bush W, Clinton, Bush H. W, Regan, Nixon, Johnson etc. You have a record low approval rating for an incoming president 40%. Maybe if you didn't act like such an asshole during the campaign trail this would never happen. Didn't happen to any of the other candidates did it? If you haven't gotten the message yet, we don't fucken like you.
  • YourFutureEx
    Go to Mexico before the wall is created.
  • godfatherfan
    A- Fucking - Men
  • Hidden_P
    I'm still hoping Vanga is right.
  • girlinthemirror
    corn is prettier
  • jjesica346
    Excellent take
  • Unorthodox91
    headline: donald trump nukes iran
  • lumberman9
    Trump and Dump is here at his finest lol.
  • Anonymous
    Watch as he slowly tears apart this country, and all the Trump supporters will be turning against him too. Just you wait. :)
  • Anonymous
    waffles, I already shut down your ''arguments'' once. Why do you keep making posts like these? Its nothing but a bunch of utter crap.

    ''First you claim that people like you, we don't,''

    who is ''we''? liberals? trump has many supporters, and although I am not one, I dont choose to hate him just because everybody else does. People who are easily influenced are the most dangerous people on this planet as we can see with the riots that you so called liberals displayed just because the election was lost. Some of you even went as far to attack and shout at anyone who was a trump supporter. You are not self righteous in fact you seem to be less tolerant to opposing opinions more than any other group which I find ironic.

    ''He had a chance with his Cabinet Picks''

    he has crappy picks, yet that does not mean hillary was a valuable option or the next best thing, in fact her plans for this country was arguably going to do more damage. One example? no fly zones in syra for their own government or russian planes. That is basically her just begging for a world war, yet you said in your other post '' russia is egging on the world'' when america has done nothing but provoke others, in hope of a war. Russia isn't doing any of that, just more American propaganda that you are spewing. I'd rather have a bunch of idiots in office than a lying, psychopathic war monger. hillary also had a chance, in fact more than trump and her history is worse than anything associated with trump.

    ''We are going to come at you with everything we have. You aren't going to know what hit you, We are going to crucify you, Trump. WE ARE GOING TO SKIN YOU ALIVE!''

    and here is the quote, that displays how sick you liberals truly are. I have nothing else to say to that because its clear how vile this is.
  • Anonymous
    he also file for chapter 11 multiple tmes, and had to have his daddy save him. the guy's a failure and people believe what he says. his supporters and he, are a joke