America, R-E-L-A-X!

America, R-E-L-A-X!

Today, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. While this is a great day to some, to others it's a nightmare. (Now, I do not like Donald Trump. I didn't even like Hilary Clinton. I just preferred Clinton over Trump.) People are so upset that Trump is our new President, that people have begun to protest. While most protests are peaceful, many aren't. Many have turned into riots. You're mad, I understand that. But guess what America?

Donald Trump is our President.

It's hard to digest, I know. But it is what it is. He won the election. He may have gotten some help form Russia, but he won nonetheless. I don't want him to be the President, but there isn't anything we can do about it. There is something we can do in the meantime...

America, R-E-L-A-X!

That's right. R-E-L-A-X. Just like Packers QB Aaron Rodgers famously said back in 2015. Relax. Instead of stressing out over something you can't change, try going into the next 4 or 8 years with an open mind. Because you know what? Donald Trump MIGHT be a good President. We just don't know yet. I get that he doesn't seem like a nice guy, but instead of doing this..

America, R-E-L-A-X!

Let's try doing this instead...

America, R-E-L-A-X!

I believe the next 4 years will be great. Wanna know why? Because I believe in the American people. There was once a time when Black people had to drink from "colored" water fountains. We had to sit in the back of the bus. There was a time when women couldn't vote. There was a time when two men couldn't get married. But things have changed for the better. I believe that if America comes together, it doesn't matter who's the President. America can stand together and be stronger than ever.

God Bless America.

America, R-E-L-A-X!
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  • BlueCoyote
    What's wrong with protesting if you disagree with something? I thought that was a constitutional right in the US?
    You know, the right wingers are so funny. They always talk shit about how they get a hard-on over democracy and the constitution and freedom. But every time they get a chance, they kick all these things with their feet. The only times they love freedom is when it's the freedom to carry and shoot their guns in public and the freedom to be selfish pricks. Other than that, they hate freedom. That's why it was always Trump supporters to jumped on liberal protesters at Trump rallies and beat them half to death. Never the other way around. These people feel strong when they're in a big group or behind the anonymity of the internet but alone they're miserable little losers who are willing to suck the dick of any big, authoritarian master who swings it in front of their face.
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    • JCPD14

      I don't have a problem with peaceful protests, but rioting will only make things worse.

    • BlueCoyote

      The women's march to Washington had something between 500,000 to one million participants, depending on whose numbers you believe. Personally, I haven't heard ANYTHING about violent protests there. But even if there were, it was a tiny minority. Say if 500 people were protesting, that would be 0.1% (or even 0.05%). I think it's disgusting and incredibly undemocratic how some right-wingers act as though half a million people came and turned Washington D. C. into something like Hiroshima after the bomb. I'm so sick of all this twisting of the facts by the Trumpsters. Besides, there have been violent protests by Trump supporters during the whole campaign and by the Tea Party in earlier years. When you have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people protesting, it's hard to make sure every single participant remains peaceful. That doesn't mean however that the majority or even a significant minority is violent.

    • BlueCoyote

      Sorry, I mean 500 violent protesters

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  • madhatters4
    i think it's easy to say relax... and i am relaxed but speaking for some who many not... when a candidate doesn't come out and take shots at specific members of the constituency they are being tasked with representing.
    -if i'm a mexican American i could see being incensed by a president who labeled mexicans as being primarily rapists, drug dealers, and disease carriers (especially when it is factually untrue)
    -if i'm a muslim i could see being incensed at the proposition that i may be asked to register OR that people like me from around the world would be categorically banned from entering the country
    -if i'm a woman... well you see where i'm going

    i don't think we should dismiss people as needing to relax when the most powerful person in the country (and probably the world) labels them in a way as being undervalued, worthless, a terrorist, or any other prejudicial statement.
  • Phoenix98
    All I have to say to them is get the fuck over it.

    And the liberals behavior throughout this whole ordeal is honestly disgraceful they acted more like children throwing temper tantrums and bullies then grown adults. Not that I am surprised they are only the party of tolerance, acceptance and unity when they get their way. But boy when they don't hide your children and lock your doors because they are coming for you.
    • pavlove

      oh, sorry, i misread that as hide your chickens because I assumed you live on a farm based on your little speech

    • Phoenix98

      @pavlove *rolls eyes* don't start anything, pavlove.

    • pavlove


  • Unorthodox91
    it's true: america could relax and take the trump d up their buttholes, or they could do everything in their power to prevent this douchebag from getting detrimental legislation through the whitehouse (a bit like how the republicans fucked up most of Obama's plans).
    • JCPD14

      I just don't think we can do anything about it. He got voted in by the Americans, it would be hard to kick him out.

    • you can't kick him out, no. that doesn't mean you have to sit back and let him make devastating changes in policy and legislation. if more Americans had protested against iraq war rather than sit back and let bush do his thang we might not be in the situation we are with the middle east today.

  • Curmudgeon
    I may disagree with you and I think the next four years will be ones of incredible serendipity, even for those who initially opposed "The Donald", but your point is well taken.

    No Republicans staged riots when Obama, Clinton, Carter, etc. were inaugurated... and when they DID protest (Tea Party), they assembled peaceably in front of their state capitols and county seat buildings, and actually *picked up after themselves" and left the grounds around them in better shape than they found them.

    • Jager66

      lol that is actually true too, never thought of that. good point.

    • Kirah

      No kidding. Just look at this mess!

    • the Boston Tea Party was a destruction of property, just saying.
      People protested Obama. Out of every protest, some people will riot.
      Peaceful protest is fine, but rioting ends up discrediting the protest as a whole

  • danyalovettie44
    Exactly... protestors just need to get their shit together. Just freaking deal with it!!!
    • pavlove

      hey everybody a seventeen year old on the internet thinks that people should just deal with it. Call off all the protests immediately!!!

    • j8k322597

      @pavlove lol, she's right though, he's president, so stop bitching about it, nothing is gonna change that. all these people saying "not my president" are ignorant as hell, because as long as they live in the united states he is. So they need to just leave, or get over it.

    • @pavlove Back off. You're really ignorant to judge me by my age and to complain about Trump being president. He's been in office for two days, not even a year! Judge him only until he's been in office for a while.

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  • John_Doesnt
    The shit hit the fan before this. He already elected corrupt officials from Goldman Sach's to run the treasury. He elected Rick Perry to run the department of energy (the man who couldn't remember the department of energy when he said he'd eliminate it among 3 branches of government).
    He illegally elected his son-in-law with a special interest.
    He's still holding onto his corporations to be run by his family.
    And let's not forget he's in bed with Putin.

    How fucking retarded are these people to think that everything is okay?
    • Bobbyhill1

      hilary was no different, in fact worse. I'd rather trump be ''in bed'' with putin then having no fly zones enforced by Hilary in SYRIA. although trump is not the best, you should be happy that hillary did not get elected.

    • @Bobbyhill1 typical Trump supporter logic "Durp trump is better because hilary was evil".
      That doesn't answer for your corrupt fureur.

    • There's a furore over the Fuhrer.

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  • pavlove
    All i can say is that there are consequences to every action. It's naive to think any one person is so infallible that he can say the things he's said, continues to say even more strongly in his inaugural speech, and then proceeds to do mere hours after becoming president and think that oh well he's our president.

    he changed the rules with succeeding to become elected as president and now is the fallout.
    • Yep. If people are happy that he's our president, that's great for them. But people who are unhappy should speak up. It's their right and their responsibility. Protesting and demanding to be heard is how we create change. Telling people to sit back and relax because there's nothing they can do is not only pessimistic, it's downright inaccurate- and, frankly, rather unpatriotic.

    • pavlove

      @samhradh_leannan it's just so interesting that no one was really saying all that much while Trump was running for president. if anything they were talking more crap about Hillary Clinton. Yet now SO much seething hatred for the man. It's like there's this guilt that they didn't speak up earlier or maybe resentfulness that he got to be President and be such a horrible person. i thought it would slow after he won but its multiplied ten fold

    • Maybe that's what it is. People didn't want to vote for Hillary- which is understandable- but it's like they totally forgot that not voting for Hillary meant voting for Trump. I think they voted for Trump as some sort of protest vote, but they didn't expect him to actually win.

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    You believe in the American people, yet we collectively voted him in in the 1st place. The same people who voted for the collective options of trump and Clinton... seems a counterintuitive and extremely ironic, in my opinion. With that said, I agree. I think he's an idiot and doesn't know how government works, but whats done is done. move on. people need to get over it. Blowing up cars and rioting isn't going to do anything. People need to get real and get a life
  • Intraluminal
    Your MyTake is absolutely, fucking, fantastically spot on.

    I hated Hilary, but I hated Trump just a *little bit* more. While my expectations are low, it's not impossible that he'll do a good job, and I'm willing to watch for a while before I make up my mind. I'm not happy about the repeal of Obamacare, but it was a very poor compromise anyway.
  • Jager66
    I'm sooo happy Trump is fucking over Political Correctness! All those fascist special snowflakes are finally being put on display for the world to see.
  • samhradh_leannan
    Telling the citizens of our country to just sit quietly and deal with every atrocity that is thrown that them because "it happened, he's our president" is possibly the worst advice I've ever seen in my entire life. I'm not saying that violent rioting (where people are getting hurt) is justified, and I agree with you that people need to stand together in order to build a strong country. But protesting when we're unhappy and making our voices heard is necessary for making progress and ensuring that our government is serving its citizens, not itself. If people are upset, they have a right to show it. Holding hands and singing "Kum ba ya" is is a fun way to spend an afternoon, but it doesn't force the government to listen.
  • echoaj
    I don't mind the protests as long as they don't turn out violent. The women do a much better job at protesting than the men.
    • Kirah

      Too bad they littered the streets with their garbage. They didn't even bother throwing their signs away once it was over, they just threw it on the ground. Disgusting.

    • echoaj

      Kirah, that's not them littering. They purposely placed their signs in front to of Trump Tower as you can see in the photo. It's statement to send Trump a message from the people he represents.

    • Kirah

      That's no excuse. Littering is littering.

      The poor oppressed wimminz, now the "privileged" men have to clean it all up.

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  • HarryBenton
    Trump is the one who should relax. His feud with the media is only going to have one winner.
  • Kirah
    You don't get it, you guys! Le Drumpf will *literally* put gays in prison amirite?
  • oddwaffle
    Since you are going to be screwed whether you want it or not then you might as well RELAX and hope it's not going to be as bad when you bend over?

    It's not time to relax or protest. It's time to make preparations for the other shoe to drop. Stock up gold, food, blankets or whatever you need because things are going to get really rough. Find ways to be frugal, save money until it hurt so much you are bleeding. Don't have babies for the next couple years because diapers are going to get expensive.

    Obama got the last laugh after he left Trump 20 trillion of debt. Trump is going to extort some of the money from every banks and lenders if he is following his old book. "Reduce the debt, no interest, extend the deadline or I go bankrupt and give you an old hat to liquidate!"

    Then he would stop paying people and make some people quit. There will be a big squeeze in spending somewhere down the road and a slow down in the economy in the next couple years.
  • CT_CD
    Cam Newton is better
  • Anonymous
    I agree with everything you said expect the whole gay marriage. But like you said there is not much we can do about it but relax.
  • Anonymous
    Um last time I checked we have a right to protest against a man who represents hate. And personally I think it's great that's we're showing him that we're not gonna take his shit and if he's gonna run our country, it's gonna be our rules. And we don't owe him a chance because he has clearly demonstrated to us his backward and rasicist views and that doesn't change all of a sudden just because you won an election. So stop trying to tell others to stop protesting because guess what it's gonna happen whether you like it or not so give it up already and stop wasting your time.
    • JCPD14

      I don't want people to stop protesting, I want them to stop rioting. I don't want him to be the President either, but he's the President. Sadly, no matter what we do, it will stay that way for a while.

    • amphet11

      Most people you know have said worse, he just isn't politically correct, these riots and protests show more hate than he ever did.

  • Anonymous
    "There was once a time when Black people had to drink from "colored" water fountains. We had to sit in the back of the bus. There was a time when women couldn't vote. There was a time when two men couldn't get married. But things have changed for the better."
    Trump was elected by a numerical minority who wants to undo this evolution.

    That's why the US have a problem now. A BIG PROBLEM.
    • Anonymous

      Trump was elected using just two arguments: nationalism and hate.
      A bad receipe.

  • Anonymous
    I also believe in the American people, it is interesting though, how much media attention these protests are getting. I think it's just more media hyperbole, because their pet candidate lost.

    God Bless America.

    But not biased politics or biased media outlets.