Wearing Glasses as a Fashion Accessory is Screwed Up and Insulting!

Wearing Glasses as a Fashion Accessory is Screwed Up and Insulting!

Using glasses as a fashion item(not sunglasses but clear lenses) is screwed up. I'm sorry if I would prefer people not use the device I medically need as a fashion device. How do you think people stuck in wheelchairs for life would feel if a new fashion trend comes out that involves using a wheelchair? Do you think people who have to carry an oxygen tank with them everywhere would appreciate it if that became a fashion trend? Wearing glasses just because you think it looks good when you don't actually need them is insulting just like wearing other disabilities as a fashion accessory is. Ok, rant over. What do you girls and guys think about this?

Wearing Glasses as a Fashion Accessory is Screwed Up and Insulting!

Wearing Glasses as a Fashion Accessory is Screwed Up and Insulting!
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  • Miyumi
    I guess what anonymous said about it being a good thing how glasses are now fashionable and not so much nerdy anymore. But I personally find it shitty that you decide one day to wear glasses because it's fashionable. I mean.. I guess it's kind off like wearing a ring or necklace then, while glasses are meant to be attributes that increase your vision. Somehow I find it a bit offensive to glasses wearers/contact wearers. But then again.. if they are okay with it, then who am to cause a scene about it.
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  • John_Doesnt
    I've found that mostly blonde chicks wear them to try and look smart. But they're not fooling anybody the moment they open their mouths.
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  • BronzedAdonis
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  • YaBaba
    It's not as extreme as wheelchair example.
    Though I don't use glasses as fashion, I think it's whatever.
    It's not a huge deal to get upset about in my opinion.

  • abundantlyrich
    What's wrong? I wear it to disguise myself when i'm in public
  • TadCurious
    You should lighten up.
  • Anonymous
    I've been wearing glasses since I was 9 and can't see a thing without them. As far as fashion goes, glasses themselves totally can be fashionable. That's why sometimes I wear contacts and sometimes glasses. I think if you want to wear glasses because you think they make you look good, go for it. Personally, after having been made fun of for wearing them as a kid, I think it's awesome that they are now fashionable.
    • Anonymous

      I'm just a little bit salty because the same people I see around me now using prescription glasses as a fashion accessory when they have perfect vision are the same people who used to laugh at me for wearing glasses. I have no problem with wanting your glasses you need to look good on you or wearing sunglasses but when they make fun of people and then turn around and wear them themselves it pisses me off.

  • Anonymous
    Yeah it is