Top 5 Place/Countries I Want To Visit Someday


1. Morocco

Morocco is so beautiful. Not just physically but environmentally as well. I have had a few Morocco friends and am currently learning Arabic with a Moroccan.

Almost every Moroccans I have spoken with so far have made me feel awe at their friendliness.

Top 5 Place/Countries I Want To Visit Someday

2. Switzerland

I have been seeing so many travel pictures of Switzerland on Instagram! It looks beautiful.

Top 5 Place/Countries I Want To Visit Someday

3. London

Every since I was 9 I have been intrigued by London. However, I heard that it is very similar to New York which makes me want to re-think about London since I am not a fan of New York.

Top 5 Place/Countries I Want To Visit Someday

4. Indonesia

This is a recent favorite. I have a pen pal from there and she has mentioned a few things about the country and her favorite hobbies. One of them includes hiking. It's the way she described it, that if I want to try hiking, it has to be there. : D Kind of silly.

Top 5 Place/Countries I Want To Visit Someday

5. Dubai

Even since I was 16, Dubai intrigued me. Not the fancy side of it because first it's way too expensive for me; and second I am more into nature. However, whenever I was in the Dubai airport, I had the urge to get out even if for a second.

Top 5 Place/Countries I Want To Visit Someday
Top 5 Place/Countries I Want To Visit Someday
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  • spuitkaas
    1. Been there, never want to return. I went to Marrakech and 1 day Casablanca and I've never been treated so hostile and rude. People pulling your arms, groping in big crowds and just constantly harassing and lying to you. I had to become rude later because they won't leave you alone. Casablanca was a lot better, but still not the greatest city ever. I recommend Turkey more. If you don't have a tough skin and you're not going with a tall man, I don't recommend going there.
    2. Switzerland is a really cool country but expensive.
    3. London is okay, but kinda boring in my opinion. Nothing special.
    4. Never been there
    5. Never been there, but it doesn't look good in my opinion.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • BlueCoyote
    They are all very nice places except from Dubai. Sorry Dubai people but I don't get what's cool about it. I don't get why people go there. It's literally a bunch of skyscrapers built into a desert. The only thing you can do there is shopping expensive stuff and maybe go on a desert tour (but you can also do that latter thing in Morocco). There's no beautiful old architecture, no impressive nature, no interesting culture (museums etc.)... it's literally just a bunch of very rich expats and local oil sheiks showing off their wealth.
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    • YaBaba

      you are right. I don't find dubai interesting in that regard but it's kind of this silly thing with me where when I was 16, my friend made a joke that whoever sits next to me on the plane would be my husband, but no one did. So ever since that every time I have stepped into Dubai's airport I get this "gut" feeling that he is there.

    • BlueCoyote

      Haha, that's actually quite adorable :-). Maybe he's just waiting for the right moment to come out and get to know you...

    • YaBaba

      hahah thank you ^_^ = D

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  • madhatters4
    aside from london i agree i want to visit all those places... only reason i say aside from london is because i've been there

    morocco is very high on my list as is indonesia and switzerland
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    • YaBaba

      Did anything stand out in London? I mean environmentally?

    • it's an interesting place. tons of history in parts but also a lot of that history was destroyed so it's sort of a tale of two cities. one that is hundreds of years old and one that is very modern.

      parts are extremely expensive but you can find areas that are more reasonable... they are more fun to me but it's always changing since as soon as a new neighborhood gets popular it becomes expensive.

      i like the weather there, if that's what you mean by environment. it's typically fairly mild. similar to weather in the northeast US (like NY, NJ, PA) although often cloudier due to it being an island

    • YaBaba

      oh wow sounds cool ^_^ Thank you!

    that picture of switzerland makes me want to go there. london look nices too, especially the architecture.
  • Katerina_Belle
    London isn't like New York... New York is very flashy and in your face in my opinion (I'm not hating, I love it!) but London has more traditional style buildings and there's a lot more culture there, also London is huge, Central London is where you'd get your Big Ben, parliament buildings, London Eye, extremely busy shopping Oxford Street etc and then you have you Norht, East, West, and South... the West end and Central is the rich and posh areas.
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    I already visited Switzerland. It was fun. I'd also like to visit the others safe for Dubai. As @BlueCoyote said, nothing "much" about it. I'd rather visit Abu Dhabi to see why Garfield always sent Nermal there. Man I watched a lot of cartoons in my youth.
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    • YaBaba

      Did you go solo in Switzerland?

    • Went with parents when I was 23. Next time I want to go with the gal I'm in love with. Now if only she would be a perminant fixture in my life.

    • YaBaba

      ah cool :D good luck!

  • 1truekhaleesi
    These all sound like great places. I've been bit the travel bug so there's a ton of places I want to go. I actually went to London last year and I would say it reminds me of San Francisco but it's smaller and I felt safer. I felt safe enough to go out by myself but I was taking that trip with my sister and wanted to spend time with her. I've never been to New York so I can't say it's not like New York. But I've heard New Yorkers are rude and people from London were super nice. My sister and I were staying in Westminster which was near Buckingham Palace. And when we came back to London, we stayed in the Soho district and they were just as nice there.
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    • YaBaba

      thanks for sharing that :)

  • loveisbeautiful
    Indonesia, is a place I would pick as well. I also have a friend who lives there and I've always been into Asian culture and the more he teaches me about it the more interested I become. So, that would be on my list as well.
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  • curiousnorway
    Countries I wants to visit.
    - Venice, Italy
    - Wien, Austria
    - Lego land, Denmark (Due childhood memory)
    - China (Even though it's a communist country. I'm born there. So why not? It's not the worst country though.)

    I wouldn't visit Dubai, since United Arab Emirates have screwed up laws that discriminate women etc. and have very strict laws. I've been in London before and I do recommend it strongly. Paris is also a very beautiful place.
    • YaBaba

      I am cool with the laws. It doesn't bother me.
      And awesome, London is on my list 8)
      I am not that into Paris for some reason

    • K.

      For me human rights are very important and therefor I doesn't want to support a country I'm strictly disagree with like UAE. They have a lot of money, so you're not going to boycott them if you doesn't travel there. But you do "promote" the country and make it look good with your tourism, something it doesn't deserve in my opinion. Women have very few rights there and it's very strict rules there. Watch out what you eats, drinks, wears etc. and you would be fine. I recommend you to have a male relative with you who can follow you, in order to avoid trouble. Don't travel there alone.

    • YaBaba

      the women don't there seem to complain. If you mean burkha, or whatever, then those who practice Islam actually PREFERS to have that law of covering up.
      It's those who loves to show off skin that think those women are being oppressed.

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  • Cloudy25
    I haven't traveled much, so my destination list involves practically the entire world lol just looking forward to being an exchange student in a few years or maybe I'll try studying abroad for real hmm. For vacation i guess first destination would be somewhere in Spain. Oh i've already been there now when i think about it, but I'd still go there again anyway. After that I'd probably try Russia or something.
  • kitty71
    My top 5 are the same as yours but I will lke to add more though such Greece, Colorado, NYC, Singapur, New Zealand and Australia (although the idea of being in a plane like 15 hours is not something I like to do), Hawaii,
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  • JoyGirl
    Yes, those look nice.
    I want to go to...
    •Sydney, Australia
    •Paris, France
    **The list goes on**
    @skeptic002 Your paying. = )
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  • Iraqveteran666
    I've seen the middle east it's just sand and more sand. Scandinavia would be good though
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    • Not really. Well, maybe Saudi is, but some of the countries have mountains, forests, ancient ruins and even snow.

    • @RichardWilson lots of camels too

    • YaBaba

      yeah camel is true.

  • JustCallMeLeon
    1-Las Vegas
    2-New York

    Basically everywhere the culture is really different.
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    • Why would you visit Dubai and Russia? They doesn't have very good human rights there. It's not exactly unsafe for tourists, but it do unconsciously "promote" the country and gives it a better appearance than necessary.

    • @curiousnorway can't be that dangerous. Plus i won't start exploring the dark corners...

    • In Russia you're safe as long you doesn't discuss politics or are a LGBT person. If you're one, don't come out in that country.

      In Dubai you would be safe as long you're following dress codes, doesn't drink alcohol and watch out what you're eating, following all the rules, and you're especially safe since you're a guy. Women doesn't have the same rights or safeness as men. Recommend you to do a lot research before traveling.

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  • ArabianPwincess197
    Nice Take, Morroco and Switzerland are on my lists too :)
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  • RichardWilson
    Those are some great choices.
    Mine would have to be

    1. Turkey
    2. Italy
    3. Morocco
    4. India
    5. Southern Mexico (Chiapas and Yucatan)

    We should go to Morocco together. LOL
    • Not a huge fan of megacities like London. I wanted to visit when I was little but not anymore, especially after I heard how rude the people are and all the ridiculous things that can get you in trouble.
      Dubai, I never had any interest in, but my crush is from there (the one I told you about with green olives), and the way she describes it, it actually sounds interesting. Contrary to popular belief, it's not actually that expensive. I too am interested in the "other" side of Dubai.
      Americans need a VISA to the UAE, but I read they'll issue you one at the airport.

    • YaBaba

      I want to go to Italy and India too but India is kind of same as my own country, and the only thing I know about Italy is the little square where they sell gelato. :D

      lol sure :D I will introduce you to my moroccan friend : D

      I thought people were nice in London. I want to go there mostly because of the ground. They have my favorite ground all around the city I believe.
      omg omg are you serious? She lives there? So is she an arab or something? Do you know what's so cool? My crush kind of lives there too. ^_^

      That's what he said too, but still sounds kind of intimidating whenever I search about Dubai and its cost.

    • I see. What country is THAT? I am afraid that I would get sick in India. I would maybe visit the southern states, where there are less people. I wanna go to Ladakh too, but Ladakh isn't really typical India. Rajasthan is also cool. And I have a bit of a thing for Indian girls. LOL

      LOL. Don't know the gelato square. Can't believe you know nothing about Italy. Research it NOW!

      Oh no. Most English are already rude, and Londoners have a reputation of being the rudest. Even English themselves admit they are rude. An English lady once told me in London you can get the cops called on you for saying "Good morning" in the tube.
      Most of the Brits I met abroad were REALLY cool. But they are completely different over there.

      She's half Arab half Pakistani. WOW! Are you serious? That's crazy! What ethnicity is he?

      My crush said if you're going there for the luxury tourism it's REALLY expensive, but food and transportation is actually really cheap. The exchange rate for Americans is REALLY good.

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  • John_Doesnt
    I've been to all of those places and they are very dangerous for tourists. Bring some protection like a gun or bodyguard.
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    • BlueCoyote

      I doubt you're telling the truth about having traveled to these places. If you had been to Switzerland, you'd know it's one of the safest countries in the world, far safer than the US will ever be.

      London and Cambodia aren't dangerous either.

  • Secretgardenblood
    I invites my country (in Turkey)
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    • YaBaba

      oh yeah Turkey seems interesting too

  • Bluemax
    I would very much like to visit Dubai.
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  • Hollywood-Glam
    Switzerland 😍😍
    I want to go there too.
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  • Decentguy
    Awesome Take
    i want to visit Morocco someday
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  • SuitAndTie
    If you ever reach London, holla!
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  • Cowboy6666
    Dubai, England, Canada, Netherland, Norway.
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    • Norway, yes! I do definitely recommend it. :) Netherland and England is also a nice place. I've never visited Canada before (So I've no idea how it's there), and I don't want to visit Dubai. Dubai have screwed up laws, discriminate women and the human rights aren't quite good there.

  • BronzedAdonis
    good luck saving up for Switzerland
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  • cupidkisses
    ı want to go to dubai too
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  • Anonymous

    the city is beautiful, the skyline is breathtaking. it also one of the most cleanest countries in the world. its modern and sleek but there's also greenery and trees everywhere. Also, people from all around the world live in singapore so you're able to encounter the different cultures everywhere. i loved it there. try searching up pictures on google and you will see a little peek of singapore but trust me, there's so much more than what the pictures portray.

    i really hope you have the chance to go visit singapore. its fantastic.
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    • YaBaba

      oooh sounds interesting. I will research more on it :)

  • Anonymous
    Too boring, sucks
  • Anonymous
    1. Thailand
    2. Japan
    3. China
    4. India
    5. Russia
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  • Anonymous
    WHAT ABout canada? wow why is Canada not in there. you're so rude
    • YaBaba

      I like Canada but not on the top 5 list

  • Anonymous
    Is that an ocean in Dubai? In the middle of the desert? It's not man made is it?
    • YaBaba

      I think it is

    • I'm not sure about the ocean. But some of the sand island in Dubai are man made.

  • Anonymous
    Switzerland is so beautiful but damn expensive. Only retired people with wrinkled skins and penises and some money to spend can go there to enjoy the country fully.