There's Nothing Wrong With NOT Having Kids!


There are seven billion people in the world...

This is enough already. The Earth is finite and can only support given amounts of people, just common sense really...

There's Nothing Wrong With NOT Having Kids!

It's not a sign of failure, despite what religious people say...

Muslims and Christians reckon it's a sign of failure, it's not. They both have traditions in which it's good to not have kids. Some Muslim clerics don't, and Catholic priest aren't supposed to (some monks don't or didn't long ago). The only REAL imperative God has of man is to worship him. I don't think He cares if people have kids or not. Who will he choose for heaven, a sinner with kids, or a righteous person who is childless?

There's Nothing Wrong With NOT Having Kids!

Having kids alone isn't a virtue.

What about ghetto parents who raise their children to be criminals? Is that good or virtuous?

Fuck no. Any man can come in a woman's pussy, big deal...

It's selfish

There's no human who isn't selfish. It's just the extent and degree. Even people with kids are selfish, it's human. People don't even have kids to "benefit humanity" it's about prolonging their progeny, or ensuring they have an heir. How the fuck is that not selfishness? Think about it, in forty years or so, there may have been a King William V of UK and King George you think Prince Willy/Kate had a kid out of "joy" or "happiness", or to ensure the House of Windsor continues? hmmmmm...

There's Nothing Wrong With NOT Having Kids!

It adds to the world

So does having a job, so does volunteering, so do people without kids who made great scientific discoveries like Einstein. Or Tesla. Or Caesar, who was never Emperor, but then made sure the foundations for the Roman Empire were laid.

It's largely conservative people who say that having kids is good, but it's not. They're sucked in by their religion, their church, or their elders and stuff.

There's Nothing Wrong With NOT Having Kids!
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  • 1truekhaleesi
    I wish I could like this more than once. I don't want kids and don't give a damn what my ancestors or anyone has to say. There's 7.5 billion people on this planet, the human population is more than fine. However something that is selfish and isn't mentioned enough is when people have kids when they can't afford them. Or when people have kids because they think it will save a relationship or marriage.
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    • Unit1

      I wish I could upvote this more than once. You. Are. On. Point.
      In fact we are overpopulated. We got heavy traffics, unemployment, homelessness, lack of medical care and education, lack of sufficient financial resources and we have spread across the entire globe.

      And who thought, that having kids would save a relationship or marriage? That only adds to the suffering of another person, who never asked for this. Am I right, @JudgmentDay?

    • @Unit1 right? Everybody is freaking out over problems like homelessness, lack of resources, or climate change when overpopulation is the root problem. You'd be surprised how many people have kids when they can't afford them or because they think it will save their marriage. According to society, having a baby brings two people closer together and that's what saves the marriage. The good news is that about 15% of millennials don't want kids, so we will see a population decrease.

    • Unit1

      I find it hard to believe to be honest. Yes, I do agree, that humans are the root cause of our problems.
      But people keep multiplying like rabbits despite unsolved issues, which leads to increased issues.
      I have yet to find a woman, who is unwilling to have a child and I would be content! :(

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Most Helpful Guy

  • cth96190
    The problem is that the people who should be having children (high IQs and white civilisation builders) are the ones who have not having children.
    The people who are breeding like sewer rats at the low IQs, who have nothing to offer the planet.
    The logical end point of that course of action is a planet inhabited by retards who devolve back to a pre-industrial society that cannot feed itself.
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    • Unit1

      Damn. This is so true!

    • Kirah

      That's quite pretentious. Are you saying average IQ is decreasing? Because it isn't. Idiocracy is a movie, it isn't real.

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  • musicbrain5
    There's nothing wrong with not having kids, I agree. But there's something wrong with having kids? I'm confused by the end of the MyTake.
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    • mixinUP

      because i say what i want.. you cannot shut me up without receiving a punch in the face in return.

  • Blitzkrieger
    my ancestors would turn in the grave if i didn't have kids. it is my moral responsibility to bring my parents grandchildren.
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    • mixinUP

      that's nice... though not everuybody cares about the conservative church you grew up in.

    • zagor

      There are a lot of societies where there is pressure to have a lot of kids that has nothing to do with religion.

    • Unit1

      So you are going to procreate only because your parents and ancestors want you to?

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  • MiniGinny
    It's a nit-pick, but Caesar isn't an actual persons name, it just means king.

    The name is Gaius Julius, and Caesar is his title. He was the last of the republicans and first of the empire so yes he was actually emperor.

    Another example would be Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus

    Nero Claudius is the name, and Caesar Augustus is "king above all"

    Sorry I know it's petty but I just had to tell you🙂
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  • Dog19
    Everyone is so judgmental. They think if you don't have kids you'd either failed at life, or your strange. My older sister is 27 and has no kids and she's happier than most people. Would you consider a person like her a failure because she has no kids and keeps her legs closed?
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  • alice55
    "Enough people" Just think if there's no young people nobody would be here to pay for your retirement. This is a stupid argument.
    Even though it's true people shouldn't having kids because they're expected to have but because they want one. It's really not good to be an unwanted child and be here just to be here.
  • BrittBratt2416
    Meh. m if you don't want kids this fine.. I do want them.
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    • I hope to God my future kids want kids. I want to a grandmother and have a little piece of me on this planet when I'm gone.. that way somebody will look back and remember me.

    • mixinUP

      haha... ok. many people end up faceless, we're nothing special.

  • art84
    I don't think I am ever going to have children. Not against it but I think my life would be happier without children it. I just feel that my nephews and nieces are enough and that I don't need to have children. I just hope that no one asks me why I never had children or got married when I get older.
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  • BuchitaBuchys
    I wonder if you men hear as much shit for not wanting kids as women do...
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    • lumberman9

      my brother gives me a hard time about it

    • @lumberman9 you don't ever want kids?

    • lumberman9

      no I don't

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  • MarkRet
    Muslim girls don't have that option. If fact, they probably don't have ANY options, other than to be married and produce an army of children.
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  • lumberman9
    I'm glad you said this I've been called selfish, weird, and lonely simply for not wanting kids but there's nothing wrong with it and I'm certainly not obliged to have children
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Nope, kids aren't for everybody. Raising kids is a 2nd time job and some people shouldn't be having kids anyway.
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  • walnuts
    I want as many kids as possible. Any woman who doesn't value her ability to conceive has lost her womanly charm. It's sad how many women today don't care about being a woman and a mother. It should be her will and instinct to bear kids.
  • ad48hp
    Stop now, Europeans are resorting due to those people like you.
    Those 7 billion people, about 4,5 billion of them are black or yellow.
    Not like racist or something, but do you all want white race to disappear or something?
  • John_Doesnt
    Not having kids violates the bible. You can't call yourself a Christian and you admit to devil worship if you don't abide by the bible's rule to multiply with many babies.
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  • natured
    Sure this might be your opinion and I think there is nothing wrong with it at all, everything makes sense, but me personally i would like to have kids someday and im sure a lot of people do, and im sure they will not think about what you have said after all.

    Does that make us selfish? Well maybe yes maybe no...

    I personally don't like the idea that religion TOLD YOU TO DO SO, i'd like do have kids for my OWN pleasure and my OWN reasons not because i own it to society, or to god... :)

    <3 good luck
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  • Sweetie3423
    I personally wouldn't mind having a family with someone but if that doesn't happen i am fine being alone.
  • HeckYeah
    I agree, not sure if I want kids. If I want kids, I will have zero hate towards people who do not kids
  • LoveHorses
    I'm not sure if I want kids, I just want to live life
  • Teenagekid16
    It's sad because most people mostly women give in and have kids anyway.
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  • Fox_McTag
    *cough slowly*
    think about it
  • Anonymous
    High number of people not having children = the death of that culture. This is why the West will eventually be a Muslim country.
  • Anonymous
    yeah you are right
  • Anonymous
    That selfish bs is ridiculous. I think its selfish and pretentious to think you're good enough to create another you.
    Like seriously. If people looked in the mirror and made a honest private judgment about their worth in the scheme of things and if their offspring would be of benefit to the world the answer is likely no.
    I've never seen a happy married man with a family. Shits for the birds.
  • Anonymous
    Nope!! Not having kids is a great decision for a lot of people. I wish people were more excepting of ti and didn't push the idea of kids because then you have people feelign that's the next step and having them and never really connecting with them because that's never what they wanted or the kids were just a big accident. It's sad.
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  • Anonymous
    What gets to me is why people who don't want kids... just don't grow some thick skin and move on with life. Don't want kids great... screw what society thinks... just do the shit you want.
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