Prom Do's and Dont's


The prom can be a very stressful time, between the dress, corsage, hair, photos, parents, transportation, shoes, jewelry, nails, curfew.....the list goes on and on! But it does not have to be. The following tips will help make the prom a magical experience!

Find the right fit: It is important to find the right shoes and dress. The dress does not need to be expensive, nor does it need to be a certain style. It is important to have a dress (and shoes) that fit properly. As the night goes on, the body will swell and if a dress is tightly fitted at the beginning of the night, it will be very uncomfortable by the end of the night. Shoes are also important when it comes to fit. Do not get heels that are too tall for comfort. It doesn’t matter if someone’s date is a foot taller than them. Walking and dancing in 4 inch heels will leave you limping towards the end of the night.

"Find the right shoes and the dress that fit!"
Prom Do's
  • Get a dress and shoes that fit
  • Go with someone who will make the night enjoyable
  • Bring a disposable camera
  • Go and have fun!!

Speaking of dates, it is not important that someone has a date for the prom. It is important to go with someone with whom they will have a good time. Do not hang onto a boyfriend or girlfriend that should have been dumped two months ago, just to have a date to the prom. Go with friends and have an amazing time instead. After all, hanging on to the soon-to-be-ex to ensure a date to the prom may cause more drama than good time. Bring a disposable camera to capture all the fun! It is better to bring a disposable camera in case you forget is somewhere on a table or lose it through the night.

"Don't spend too much. You'll have the same experience without the limo or the 5-star restaurant."
Prom Dont's
  • Don't get heels that are too tall or shoes that don't really fit
  • Don't go with someone because you feel obligated
  • Don't spend too much money because you think you're supposed to
  • Don't skip out on it - you don't want to regret missing your high school prom
Do not spend a ton of money on prom. You will have the same experience without renting a limo or going to a 5-star restaurant.(And even more, you will have more money in your pocket). Do not expect for the guy to pay for everything. He is probably sweating the event trying to come up with how to pay for tickets, dinner, flowers and pictures. That is a ton! Help him out with going dutch on the cost.

Most importantly, go to the prom! Many people think that they will not have a good time by going to the prom and skip it. Everyone will have something to remember from the prom night and frankly, it is an amazing experience.

There is no need to have a date, the best dress or to spend a ton of money on prom. Go with friends, be yourself, dance your heart silly and make memories that will last a life time. That's what prom is all about.

Prom Do's and Dont's
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