Islam = Death Cult? Let's Take a Look at the Facts...

Islam = Death Cult? Let's Take a Look at the Facts...

This take is completely based on REAL FACTS and isn't meant to discourage or offend anyone. I've seen many people saying Islam is a religion of terrorism. There people who still think that all Muslims are terrorist and vice versa. I'm not gonna debate with you but I want you to see facts about is too.

While writing this take I choose to stay unbiased and hence I'll use some counter facts too and I'll bring another side to your notice as this is STRICTLY AN INFORMATIVE TAKE.

Please note that Author of this take is NON-MUSLIM, I'm Hindu by birth and Atheist by choice.

So here are some facts about terrorism and its connection with Islam. Judging by them, you can reform your opinion and comment down below if you wish.

1) Global Terrorism Index

According to Global Terrorism Index, The countries to suffering the highest impact of Terrorism are the Muslim Majority Countries. The top six countries are Iraq, Afganistan, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, and Yemen are Muslim majority. Even if you take a look at top ten, these are Muslim countries too except for India but due to its population, even 13 percent population is higher than other countries.

My point in adding this fact is not to tell you that innocent muslims are getting killed you but to tell you that Muslim people are killing their own population too. The terrorist from these countries are Muslims and victims are also Muslims. by the way, our beloved US stands at Thirty-second Position

2) FBI Database for terrorist attacks on US soil 2002 - 2015

You don't need me to explain to you who is FBI. The same FBI has published its Database on terrorism 2002-2005. According to this database, Only 6% of Terrorist attacks in the US were by Islamic Extremist.

With Latino ranking top, Islam inspired attacks rank 4th on this list.

But there is counterpoint for this from my side. Islam is only RELIGION on this list. if you observe this list again, there is no other religion here than Islam.
Islam = Death Cult? Let's Take a Look at the Facts...

(image credits:

3) EUROPOL's Data

Europol is a website which publishes an annual report entitled EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report and much more crime based data.

Concluding from data given by them, 99.6% of terrorist attacks in Europe were by non-Muslim groups; 84.8% of attacks were from separatist groups completely unrelated to Islam. Only a measly 0.4% of terrorist attacks from 2006 to 2008 could be attributed to extremist Muslims.
Islam = Death Cult? Let's Take a Look at the Facts...Islam = Death Cult? Let's Take a Look at the Facts...Islam = Death Cult? Let's Take a Look at the Facts...

4) There are More Mass Shootings Done In the US than Terrorist attacks

According to Washington post, 355 Mass Shootings took place in the US alone (2015). Please note that killing more than 4 people is considered a mass shooting.

Some Basic Statistics

Many people do call all Islamic people terrorist. Here are some statistics you need to know before doing so.

There have been 140,000 terror attacks committed worldwide since 1970. Even if Muslims carried out all of these attacks, those terrorists would represent less than 0.00009 percent of all Muslims. It is like a ball in a football stadium.

Our Take ends here. I found a funny but real Image about terrorism and how we discriminate / Judge people based on their religions or race. check it out.Islam = Death Cult? Let's Take a Look at the Facts...

So here we are. I've made my presentation in front of you. This might be confusing which side I'm on but I'm simply unbiased. I think all of the sources I've linked are legit and credible. I hope you like it. :)

And Do mention your views in comment section about this take.

I know I should not disable anon option for this take, I'm disabling it because I don't want a random anon to read mytake and comment *Islam is only cause of terrorism. Fu*k you assho*le * xx


Most Helpful Girl

  • It absolutely is the religion of terrorism. The reason that only 6% of the terrorism on US soil is of Islamic origin is because we're doing a pretty good job at keeping Muslims out. That is why those numbers vary so much. If you look at the terror attacks on a global scale for instance over the past 10 years on Wikipedia... you can see with your own eyes that pretty much over 90% of all terrorist attacks are of Islamic origin.

    So while you might have written your mytake to push a counter-narrative, sorry. Facts are facts. If we allowed Muslims to openly immigrate to the US that percentage would go from 6% to 90% and we'd be like Sweden who is now the rxpe capital of the world ever since they let that religion in.

    • /wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents
      That is what I'm referring to.

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    • @more2life

      **I'm new here"*

      Welcome in G@G community.

    • @More2life: Straight facts. Nothing but the truth what you said.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree with @CubsterShura

    This take must be in the List of best my takes of Month.

    I am not a historian but I can briefly describe what I understand from the history I have studied. The three fundamental factors that helped Islam to spread rapidly in its early days were the following:

    1. Islam presented a rational faith that was simple to understand, simple to practice and free from the institution of clergy. It freed people from weird mythologies and cumbersome rituals imposed by other religions as well as from the clutches of the exploitive clergy.

    2. Its focus on law, order and justice as well as on the utmost care of general public’s basic human rights, their welfare and establishment of social justice, human equality and human dignity provided relief and redemption to general masses. In tribal areas, it established peace and justice by making all tribes equal, and ending inter-tribal rivalries and wars of revenge. In the areas governed by kings, it liberated people from the tyrannies of kings and emperors. The slaves, the peasants and the downtrodden masses flocked to Islam wherever the Muslims went because of the instant recognition of their human dignity and equality with the so-called elite of their societies. The Islamic tax system for both Muslims and non-Muslims was also very fair and the burden was much lighter as compared to the existing governing structures. The poor were helped from the treasury, instead of being taxed. The public eagerly welcomed this relief and emancipation.

    3. The simplicity, honesty, high morals, graciousness, kindness and humbleness that Islam had inculcated in early Muslims, whether caliphs, governors or general public, also played a major role in attracting people to Islam that had made those people into such an excellent individuals.

    Then after about two generations, Muslim population started degenerating like all other people and nations, ignoring Islamic commands and attitudes, abandoning the pursuit of excellence. Their caliphs became kings for all intents and purposes, behaving like any other kings of the world. That process of degeneration continued over centuries, making them the way they are now. They will not become better without going back to the basics of Islam that had made them so superb in the first place.

    • This is my honest perspective that I have developed on the basis of my studies. I realize that there will be others presenting different views, some may be mistaken, some may be ignorant and some may be outright anti-Islamic.

      This Honest Opinion is also written by Hindu ( Religion : Humanity)

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    • That's Good that you had mentioned your Religion. Weakness is what brings ignorance, cheapness, racism, homophobia, desperation, cruelty, brutality, all these things that will keep a society chained to the ground, one foot nailed to the floor. Thanks for joining G@G again.

      See you soon.

      *Lmao. 🤔😊

    • I don't think I got mention there. Lol. I was checking out your profile and found this reply as most upvoted.

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What Girls Said 8

  • I encourage everyone to google search the website, thereligionofpeace. com

    Islamic terrorist attacks have been going on even before the US invaded/interfered in the Middle East.

    Islam is unlike other religions because Islam advocates a political system aka Sharia law.

    • I know that site: it's committed to fighting Islam

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    • but still he will opt to bad side and fall desire will go to HELLLLLLLLLL.
      You will decide your own fate one day and it will be proved to you otherwise but you will give in bad side by your own willl get you to HELLLLL, so that you can't lie to GOD and say I have not given Chance but in the mean time WE MUSLIMS will be punished for putting bad image of Islam in front of non-Muslims by serving its punishment in the Hell.
      STILL the non-Muslims who is good person and still being non-Muslims his Goods habits outweight his sins will not go to Heaven or Hell but a middle place b/w both that is not good like heaven and not bad like Hell.
      Its wrong to call anyone will go to hell even the non-Muslims with out their track record or WHO the Hell we are judge, its the GOD Job and He knows WHAT HE WILL DO.
      this is real Sharia law or Islamic system and those suicide bombers are ticket straight to hell.

    • @AlphaGhost In old testament there is all kind of cruelty. Blaming religion is as stupid excuse and actually creates more extremists.

  • This has to be in the list of best myTakes next month!

  • ISIS is 100% a death cult, but very few muslims support them. Islam is no more violent than other religions, the difference is they had a cultural revolution that fucked up the middle east.

  • I almost stopped reading after the inconsistency between "if you observe this list again, there is no other religion here than Islam" vs. the graph showing Jewish extremism.

    What is Judaism? Potato type? Or a toothpaste brand?

    But I did read, good research.

  • I don't care what anybody says, that is not the works of God but the works of the devil.

  • Umm.. Islam isn't the only religion in the pie chart. Aren't Jewish extremists driven by their religion?

  • that pie chart has jewish extremism on the list as well
    and you're right

    islam is not a death cult...
    it's a theocratic ideology - light on religion, heavy on (subversive) political action

  • "Religion of peace" my ass


What Guys Said 26

  • Latino terrorism? What?
    Jewish extremists? What?

    What per are the percentages of terrorist activity relative to population size in each country?

    Also you need to be able to make a *really* strong point if you're going to use data that's older than 3 years. All this terrorist activity has only boiled up again since 2015.

    • I agree. But recent stats aren't released yet

    • Wikipedia has an international "List of Terrorist Incidents" that has been compiled for years. Most are Muslim. Vast majority.

  • facts?
    your facts are laughable my friend, they are as accurate as my equation to launch a rocket into space... hint : i suck at math and physics.

    the religion itself encourages violence, and all these stastistics are either outdated or way too biased, just go live in france for a year and see how its like there.

    • Even if you're bad at maths and physics, Equation for launching rocket simple. You just need to calculate escape velocity XD

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    • 😂😂
      Alrighty there kiddo... you won this one... lol
      True a simple rocket isn't so bad

    • @TripleAce We're discussing rocket science on a terrorism vs Islam thread lol can't believe it. einstein would be proud of us lol

  • In fact i believe, religion is the worst thing. Especially when u real comments of people blaming each other


    No religion is a support​ terrorism.

    Its the false perception of people.

    For example, A person says that Hinduism supports war

    Second exple,
    A person says that Goddess Kalu loves a killed person to be offered to her

    Islam good. it is just perception of people. What cam anybody do if they are taking wrong things from good things mentioned.

    There is a complete book written on terrorism and Islam "Dark Side of Islam". It emphasizes on the issue in a detailed way

    Well, then we can also see things like "Women are snakes " in hindi scripture

    People even say that it is a bad side of Hinduism that Vishnu is considered a hero when he rapes a woman.

    Ell e should take good good things out of everything.

    Like Christianity and hindu scriptures ,, Islam is also related to science

    Things like water cycle also mentioned in the Quran.

    No religion support evil activities like terrorism. These are only Islamic extremists who forced and killed people for conversion in history.
    Hope this should not happen in future

    After reading so many comments on religion, I tguess, he 4th world war will be for religion. .

    But certain things in Islam need reform as I believe.
    I mean, god is one. isf i mot calling him Allah then i k not an animal lol

    If such things Tain there, then how will respect other religions?

    If Bible keeps on saying that it is the only way to God then I think these things are wrong

    • Tbf every religion does that as it is important to kill other religions to make own religion strong ( common ideology) hence you'll find it every religion is ordering to kill non followers

  • Islam is not a inherently violent religion anymore then any other religion. The issue however is that the middle east has bred a culture of violence, mainly because of political instability which creates power vacuums (which of course those who wish to have power want to fill (this is why most of the violence stays within their own country). These groups use violence outside of their nation as a way to legitimize their strength, a way of saying they struck the "mighty west" and made us fear them thus they must in turn be a group worth fearing in their own countries. The other issues are economic and infrastructural collapse, this has pushed people into a position where they value security over all else so they will side with whom ever they believe will provide it (which again is exploited by these groups) and in turn they blame the west (half truth. We did over throw governments and did cause a lot of damage in the middle east HOWEVER the middle east was already beginning to weaken thanks to the fall of the ottoman empire and the reason why the west, especially the US got involved in the middle east to begin with was to stop Stalin and the USSR. They had mass murdered many people, taken over many countries and they where a huge danger to the world (ask any country that was formally occupied by them (for instance the reason why the previous pope John Paul did not persecute priest who where sexually molesting children was probably because this is what the soviets would accuse priest of in soviet occupied Poland (when John Paul was a kid) in order to destroy any influence they may have had (as they where usually the center of the community) preventing a potential backlash against them)). So that is also the reason why they target the west. However as you pointed out that's not all muslims, in fact its a small group. That said we should not let our guard down either. For instance in Europe they found that 50% of all rapes/gang rapes where done by afghan reffugees. The reason was because they looked down on the west, they looked at us as if we where weak (which to be fair its hard to argue when many of these countries refuse to stand up to them to the point where their are no go zones where even the police will not enter that are controlled by these muslim refugees, their rape is excused as being "culturally differences" even though its illegal to rape most anywhere and its so bad that one victim even apologized to her rapists.)

    • However this has nothing to do with Islam in and of itself and that needs to be noted. The problem is both sides are taking the wrong approach, the right is blaming all of Islam which we know is not only not true but they are ostricising people who would otherwise be allies to us (look at turkey which has a lower crime rate in all catagories comparative to most western countries, laws banning the hijab in certain proffesions and is seculer and very much anti communist and anti terrorist. They are surrounded by ideological enemies and would make a great alley for the US but we tend to ignore them because they happen to be muslim) meanwhile the left is pretending like their is no problem at all to the point where they won't hold some one accountable if they happen to be non white. Both extremes are going to be damaging.

  • Israeli soldiers cut pregnant women's stomachs for the sake of "democracy" and "freedom". Jewish communists killed millions of eastern european people in the most horrible ways you can imagine. Many German people, including women and children, were raped and killed when the allies captured Germany because they were Germans and they lived in the National Socialist Germany. Soviets didn't even have mercy for small children, reading through all the witness accounts and evidence makes you hate the hypocrite so-called democratic countries, they just overlooked all these crimes and those people who were killed in agony are forgotten. Nuclear bombs were dropped on two cities of Japan and about 200,000 people were killed and experienced a painful life as a result of radioactive effects. This is for Democracy. It was not even needed, many American military officials at that time agree that it was not needed to drop the bombs on these two cities. The perpetrators were not even punished. Do you really know anything about Lavon affair? the truth about 9/11? Polard affair? USS liberty? Terrorist crimes committed by Israel against the USA, I bet you Americans don't even know about them, in reaction to these crimes they just sent much more money to Israel. All of these crimes are justified by a big lie "the holocaust". I bet you, if you know enough about this lie, no one can really defend it, and you'll be victorious in every discussion about it. ISIS and al-qaeda are inventions of Israel and USA, that so-called "War on terror" is actually "war on humanity", they create the terrorist groups to destabilize the region, what is the goal? So Israel can annex it to its own soil. I recommend you to read Oded Yinon's plan, and you'll see what I'm talking about. In a dirty world like this, do you really want to defend your religion this way? Do brainwashed people really accept it? No, the most effective way is to expose the reality, the Jewish crimes against humanity, their role in black slavery, communism, feminism. All of the world must know about the crimes of these fake democratic countries!

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    • Both Stalin and Truman started as religious people.
      I don't know if they stayed religious. (Stalin started Roman Catholic, ended cooperating with the Orthodox Curch)

    • @jacquesvol Mass murderer is a mass murderer, whether he is religious or not, however a person who is really faithful to God can't be a mass murderer.
      People who support communism fall into two categories they are simply ignorant or a bunch of monsters!

  • I guess it would be called an atheist revolution... westerners as a whole had to get rid of what was standing in the way of science research and basic concepts like evolution and dinosaurs... no the world is not flat. Those retards still exist without their religion... and still sound crazy.

    Here though... we have a religion that is based off of being a highway robber. War basically. Their countries economies are welfare states that would eat themselves if we'd stop buying oil.

    Fanatical Jihad is the gasps of a drowning mindset system set in place by a child molesting blood thirsty old man that thinks he talks to angels and can't even read or write about it himself... a religion based off a guys life where he was having to hide from people and sacrifice family members... he was a ghetto 50 cent of his time... not exactly a great religion unless you think the rants of homeless people have tons of merit.

    Thus a religion with a different set of retardations. It doesn't just get in the way of being able to acknowledge dinosaurs, it gets in the way of anything outside of expansion through war and deceit.

  • 1. Well that's cool and all but let's not bring their problems over here and make it our problem.

    2. Did you read the report yourself or did you just use that website's image? The site itself seems to have a very clear bias on the subject, and of course the chart only accounts for the US.

    3. I looked on the site and couldn't find these tables, could you please update that link?

    4. This is just a wordplay thing because logically any terrorist attack committed with a gun would likely be a mass shooting. Furthermore, most of those mass shootings are gang related. Finally, it's kind of comparing apples and oranges.

    As for the statistics, how did you come to that number? The image is really just a strawman.

    I appreciate your efforts to bring light to an issue, but the fact of the matter is that this religion offers comparably little in comparison to many others, has not undergone any real reform, is responsible for terrorist attacks at a significantly higher rate than other religions, and is connected to things like anti-semitism, child abuse, and abuse of women. Consider, for instance, that many Arab nations didn't outlaw slavery until the 1960s. No, not the 1860s, the 1960s. I'll sum this up by saying this: what you've said is fine and all, but it proposes no real solutions for very real problems. Getting Islam out of the West, while certainly overly broad, and heavy handed, is a better solution for Islamic terrorism than just saying, "not all X." You've said a lot but unless you propose a solution yourself, well... it's just food for though.

  • Doesn't #1 just prove that civil war is violent and war in general is political? In fact the most interesting thing about this MyTake is that it ignores the largest glaring problem with the whole argument:

    People tend to kill other people over political views. Religiously motivated murder is extraordinarily rare and of course the largest groups are going to have the most kills and of course Islam is about 1/3 of the planet coupled with it's Abrahamic cousins.

    • If you read the take or it's title, I'm showing you facts with related to Islam plus terrorism. What you're saying is exactly my point. Religiously motivated murder is rare

  • Well the islamic terrorists sure not forget to yell 'allahu akbar' when they killing.

  • Point 2 and 3 are simply wrong.

    For point 2) you say that islam is the only religion on this list while right next to it is jewish extremism. Additionally you fail to put those numbers in relation. 6% is low. 6% of a minority that is only 1% of the total population isn't low anymore.

    For point 3 you take a date that ends 2008 when the islamic-motivated terror-attacks started only fairly recently. Essentially you are cherry-picking a timeframe.

    • Quick google search you can find the 2016 data here:

      Page 23: From 2011 to 2015 the number of islamic, religiously inspired suspects being arrested increased by over 5 times.

      Page 44 gives off the same graph you have posted. Especially in combination with the next page you can see that the "not specificed" are mostly from the UK who doesn't specify at all and thus need to be substracted as these could have any motivation.
      What you are left with are 104 attacks. 17 islamic motivated, 13 left-wing motivated, 9 right-wing motivated and 65 seperatists. Thats a good 17% of terroristic attacks in the EU.

    • It gets more spicey on 47-48 where actual court-results and convictions are listed.

      Everyone can make up their own mind on that. But islamic motivated terrorism is definitely not as low as you are describing it by any means.

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